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How To Care For Your Lawn In Winter

ice crystal of hoarfrost on a grass

While winter is generally a time of rest when it comes to lawn care, maintenance is still necessary. Although you don’t need to mow or weed as often (or at all), there’s things you can do to keep it healthy during the cold months. Though turf grass tends to go dormant in cool winter temperatures, …

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When and How to Cut Back Ornamental Grass

Woman cutting ornamental grass in the garden - trimming miscanthus in the spring - garden cleaning

Ornamental grasses add unique texture and shape to your garden, whether you place them carefully around an entryway or use them to fill in empty space in your garden beds. These grasses are also perfect for providing shade and privacy, especially when planted around wide open spaces or near windows and doors. Plus, perennial grasses …

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How to Care for New Sod

Landscape automatic garden watering system with different rotating sprinklers installed on turf. Landscape design with lawn and fruit garden irrigated with smart autonomous sprayers at sunset time

Fall is the perfect time to lay new sod, especially if you’re installing cool-season turf grasses. Laying sod in autumn ensures the grass has ample time to grow and develop new roots, and extreme cool or warm temperatures won’t damage it. With that said, it’s crucial to properly care for your new turf so you can …

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