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How and When to Divide Daylilies

shrub splitting

Daylilies are beautiful blooms that, as their name suggests, only last a single day. Despite their 24 hour clock, most daylily varieties have an abundance of buds that will continue blooming fresh new flowers throughout their blooming season. A popular flower of choice for many, daylilies are easy to grow, tolerate most soil types and …

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How To Prevent Hydrangeas From Cold Injury

Hydrangea covered with snow

Cold weather tends to affect a hydrangea plant’s ability to bloom, so proper winter protection is crucial. While severe winter weather can do a number on your precious plants, there are plenty of measures you can implement to protect them. With the proper time, tools, and attention, preventing cold injury is incredibly easy! Below, you’ll …

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How to Care for Hostas in the Fall

Woman planting hosta bush plant on flower bed, using shovel tools, spring gardening.

Hostas are popular perennial plants that are incredibly versatile. Their stunning foliage provides a perfect backdrop for other plants and they’re often used for ground cover and borders. But, they can also stand alone as a focal point! These shade-loving plants are low-maintenance, requiring little attention throughout their growing season. In the fall, however, it’s …

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How To Protect Fruit Trees From Frost

Selective and soft focus of fruit trees wrapped in a special white covering material for the garden to protect against frost and cold weather. Preparing plants for the autumn and winter season

If you’ve got fruit trees in your garden, it’s important to properly prepare them for the cool temperatures and frosts of winter. Unprotected fruit trees are vulnerable to frost damage which can affect the health of the tree for years to come. Protecting your fruit trees falls in line with other chores you have do …

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How to Care for New Sod

Landscape automatic garden watering system with different rotating sprinklers installed on turf. Landscape design with lawn and fruit garden irrigated with smart autonomous sprayers at sunset time

Fall is the perfect time to lay new sod, especially if you’re installing cool-season turf grasses. Laying sod in autumn ensures the grass has ample time to grow and develop new roots, and extreme cool or warm temperatures won’t damage it. With that said, it’s crucial to properly care for your new turf so you can …

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Should You Cut Back Hostas In The Fall?

Beautiful Hosta leaves background. Hosta - an ornamental plant for landscaping park and garden design. Large lush green leaves with streaks. Veins of the leaf.

Most gardeners have at least one hosta in their landscape, and some, a plethora! Hostas are known for their beautiful, large leaves and tolerance to shade. While they are a low-maintenance plant, they do require some care to ensure they remain healthy and vigorous. One of these maintenance tasks is cutting back your hostas. There …

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How To Grow Zucchini in Pots

man replant a courgette seedling plant into a bigger pot, gardening

Zucchini is a popular vegetable for home gardeners because it’s easy to grow. With the proper care, you’ll see lengthy vines and plump, mouth-watering fruits. While it’s true that zucchini plants are large, you can grow them in containers. This is perfect if you’re short on space or want to continue growing your plants in …

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5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Use Landscape Fabric

Caucasian Men Planting New Plants Inside His Backyard Garden Close Up. Weed Control Fabric Covered Soil.

While landscape fabric is beneficial when used as a row cover or beneath gravel gardens, it isn’t the best thing to secure to the ground of your garden beds. When applying to garden beds, the idea is that landscape fabric controls weeds, maintains soil moisture by reducing evaporation, and offers erosion control. While it’s a …

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