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6 Outdoor Plants That Are Hard to Kill

Tranquil garden landscape

If you’ve been dreaming of a lush and colorful garden but have struggled with a not-so-green thumb in the past, it’s time to check out these six outdoor plants that are hard to kill. Some options can survive in low-light while others are on the more drought-tolerant side of things. Regardless, these plants are any …

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How to Grow and Care for Boston Ferns

The florist gardener hid behind pot of ferns. SHe holds it with his hands in front of her

A Boston fern is a beautiful plant for your porch, underneath a gazebo, or in a shady area in your backyard during the warm seasons. Its lengthy green leaves and arching shape make the plant ideal for hanging baskets, though it is also a stunning houseplant, especially in cooler climates.    While Boston ferns are …

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10 Plants To Plant in August

radish sprout on the garden bed

Most plants grow best when temperatures are high during the hottest months of summer. But when you think that you’ve enjoyed all the fruits of your labor for the year, you’ll be happy to discover that many August plants will thrive and continue to grow late into the season. From short-season veggies and fruits to fast-growing plants, there’s an …

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6 Steps To Creating a Backyard Meadow

Urban gardening with a wildflower meadow in the own garden, insect and wildlife animal protection

A backyard meadow is a beautiful, natural alternative to a traditional lawn and can provide you with a low-maintenance landscape that is full of wildflowers and other native plants. But, make no mistake, there are three years of work involved in successfully establishing a meadow garden from seed. The first year is spent on site …

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10 DIY Greenhouse Ideas for Your Backyard Garden

Polycarbonate greenhouse in the garden for growing your own fresh food with doors open and a watering can

Greenhouses are a must-have for every backyard gardener. This is especially true for places with short growing seasons. Germinating seeds early in the greenhouse before planting them in the ground gives your plants a head start. This can help to increase yields and will allow you to plant a wider variety of crops. Greenhouses also …

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