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6 Best Flower Seeds to Start Indoors

View from above of female gardener working in home garden holds seeds in the palm and sowing seeds in peat pots in wooden table indoor.

Starting flower seeds indoors is a great way to get a jump start on the growing season! While some seeds need direct outdoor sowing, there are plenty of flowers that benefit from an early start indoors. Not only do you enjoy blooms earlier, but you can also choose flower seeds for plants not readily available in your …

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Should You Prune Hydrangeas in the Spring?

Woman in gardening gloves pruning hydrangea bush with secateurs outdoors, closeup

Spring is a time of renewal and growth, so it’s no surprise that gardeners around the world use this season as an opportunity to get their hydrangeas in order. Whether you have just a few potted plants or an entire hillside covered with bushes, pruning should be one of the most significant gardening tasks. Pruning …

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7 Tips for Growing Cucumbers From Seed

Men a farmer plants a sprouted cucumber seed in a pot with land for growing seedlings. The concept of eco-products and gardening. Close-up, macro photography.

Growing cucumbers from seeds is a great way to enjoy the freshest, most flavorful cucumber plants in your garden. Cucumbers are easy to grow and maintain, but there are some tips you need to keep in mind to help ensure your crop reaches its full potential. From selecting and preparing your soil correctly, providing adequate …

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Best Vegetables to Grow Together in Pots

Companion planting with tomatoes and marigolds.

Are you interested in growing vegetables in pots but unsure which ones to plant together? Growing vegetables in pots offers many advantages, such as the convenience of moving your plants around easily or growing them if there’s limited outdoor space. Growing plants together (companion planting) is an age-old practice that involves placing different plants close …

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8 Beautiful Trees That Bloom in Spring

Beautiful magnolia tree blossoms in springtime. Jentle magnolia flower against blurred Background. Romantic creative toned floral background.

Trees have the power to uplift any landscape, including your garden. They add depth, richness, beauty, and the kind of natural structure that inspired the likes of Emily Carr, Cezanne, and English painter John Constable. However, trees also provide as much function as they do ornament. They absorb carbon dioxide and purify the air, dampen …

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6 Tips for Growing Cucumbers in Hanging Baskets

Green cucumbers that grow in hanging pot.

Not everyone has access to wide-open spaces with raised garden beds. For some, an apartment balcony or small deck is all that is available, which are perfectly suitable for growing a variety of fruits and vegetables, including cucumbers. Common space-saving solutions include growing cucumbers in containers or pots. But why not grow your garden off the ground? Plant your cucumbers in …

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7 Best Privacy Hedges

"Green fence ' from evergreen plants dividing the street and private property. Keeps privacy and security. Landscape trimming design.

Whether you’re looking to create a personal oasis in your backyard or block out the noise from the street, planting privacy hedges are an ideal solution. With its thick foliage and height, a privacy hedge makes all the difference when transforming your outdoor space. From easy-to-care-for trees to evergreen shrubs, these seven best privacy hedges will …

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9 Small Storage Sheds You Need Now Under $300

fenced in backyard with lawn and shed

A storage shed is a top priority for those serious about their backyard. What’s the use of collecting all those tools and gadgets if you don’t have somewhere safe and dry to store them? You might think that all storage sheds are pricey and that they can affect your budget, but it is not exactly …

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