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4 Best Peppers to Grow in Containers

A Person using Shears in Getting Chili Peppers

Peppers are a zesty ingredient that can add immense flavor to many dishes. From spicy to tangy to sweet — peppers are tasty and make for a nutritious snack. Having said that, if you wish to have fresh peppers, container gardening is an option that you should consider! Growing a variety of peppers in containers …

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4 Tips For Making a DIY Terrarium Garden

Florarium - composition of succulents, stone, sand and glass, element of interior, home decor,christmas deror, new year present

Terrariums are a fun way to bring nature’s beauty into your home. You can make your own unique terrarium by arranging plants and decorations that you adore to create a miniature ecosystem. Once your terrarium plants become established, they won’t require much watering or extra upkeep. With proper care, your terrarium will flourish and provide …

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6 Best Indoor Plants for Your Kitchen

Real photo of a kitchen cupboards, countertop with plants, food, and shopping bag, and window with blinds in a kitchen interior

You probably spend a lot of time in your kitchen, so why shouldn’t it be just as green and lovely as the rest of your home? When choosing indoor plants for your kitchen, there are key things to remember. Is it low-maintenance? Does it provide aesthetic value? You can even consider its functionality. Below you’ll …

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4 Ways to Fertilize Houseplants Naturally

cup with green tea and teapot on white wooden table background. over light

Do you ever worry about harming your houseplants by feeding them with synthetic chemical fertilizers? Fret no more! There are many safer options available for your plants and the environment. Most chemical fertilizers contain a ratio of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. The problem with these fertilizers is you need to replenish your soil quite often …

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The Most Aesthetically Pleasing Houseplants to Add to Your Collection

Fittonia with bright green leaves and pink or white veins in a white and yellow flower pot. Indoor plants on a windowsill on a spring day.

Outfitting a room with stylish furniture and art is all well and good, but odds are you’ll still feel like something is missing. Nothing adds vivacity, texture, and warmth to an indoor space quite like houseplants. To keep things interesting try one of these seven houseplants that will make your home feel extraordinary, whether you …

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10 Best Vegetables to Grow in a Greenhouse

Greenhouse in back garden with open door

Growing vegetables in a greenhouse can be a great way to get fresh produce all year round, even in cold winter climates. But not all vegetables are created equal when it comes to greenhouse growing. Some varieties simply don’t do well in confined, controlled environments. These vegetables grow better outside in the open air and …

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How To Harvest Sweet Potatoes

Male farmer hands holding harvest of orange sweet potato and part of green leaves on a soil background.

Sweet Potatoes are delicious root vegetables that hold a sweet and starchy flavor. These vegetables are easy to grow at home and yield a great harvest in autumn. Once harvested, sweet potatoes can last from four to seven months if stored properly. Harvesting and storing sweet potatoes is easy, and taking the right steps can …

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7 Trap Plants for Pest Control in Your Garden

Caterpillar on yellow sunflowers. Sunflower pest.

Think of trap plants as your garden martyrs. The term refers to plants sown early and grown expressly to be eaten by those pests that would otherwise chow down on your favorite garden fruits and vegetables.  Trap plants should be planted well in advance of any other garden vegetable and, once infested with pests, can …

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How To Grow Brussels Sprouts

Brussels sprouts are growing, close-up

Brussels sprouts are a wonderful cruciferous vegetable that can be planted during mid summer months. Cooler temperatures enhance this vegetable’s flavor and they can even be harvested after the first frost. These vegetables are packed with protein and can make a wonderful addition to salads and power bowls.  This guide will teach you everything you …

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