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Chainsaw Ratings: Best Chainsaws

Whether it is to fell trees for a new project firewood or clear out the remnants of a storm felled tree, a chainsaw has become a must-have tool. Chainsaws come in two flavors, electric or gas. Before acting on on chainsaw recommendations or going through our chainsaw reviews, knowing whether to purchase an electric chainsaw or a gas powered chainsaw boils down to the size of tree you’ll be cutting, your physical limits and ultimately the budget you have set for the tool.

Electric Vs Gas Chainsaws

Electricity Powered Chainsaws


  • Light: The lack of a combustion engines allows the saw to weigh much less than its gas counterpart
  • Safe: Due to the power being much less than its gas counterpart, kickback can be reduced. Also, exhaust fumes from the hot engine can cause health issues over time.
  • Cheap: Electric chainsaws require many less components as such will come at a much cheaper price(as low as $40). Also, electricity is always much cheaper than gas as such the electric editions have a much cheaper cost of running too


  • Weak: Electric chainsaws CAN cut big trees, however they will never do it as well or as fast as gas powered chainsaw.
  • Limited Mobility: Unfortunately for the electric chainsaw, they are limited by the length of their cords and as such they can only be used around areas with an available power outlet. They also cannot be moved to remote areas where you could use them to downed trees.

 Gas Powered Chainsaws


  • Powerful: The best gas chainsaw can produce amazing rpm and torque that will cut through a tree no matter its size like a hot knife into butter
  • Mobile : Due to the fact that you can work as long as you have fuel, gas chainsaws can be taken and operated anywhere.


  • Expensive: Gas powered chainsaws are usually larger and contain an engine, this usually adds to manufacturing costs which means a more expensive product for us the consumers. Furthermore, gas is still relatively expensive compared to electricity. Gas chainsaws also require constant maintenance which can add to operating costs overtime.
  • Heavy: The presence of the engine and the safeguards added to keep the user safe can add to the heaviness of the chainsaw. This can tire users out quickly and stop work long before anyone yells timber!

Best Electric Chainsaw

The best electric chainsaw ratings were given to the below machines based on their performance, safeguards and ease of maintenance. The best chainsaws should easily provide stable performance while keeping maintenance to a minimum and ensuring maximum chainsaw safety for the operator.

Remington Limb n Trim 14-Inch 8 Amp Electric Chainsaw

Quick Info:

The Remington is the cheapest of the 3 chainsaws but that shouldn’t put any doubt in any one looking to purchase it. The safeguards added like the low-kickback bar and chain, the cord lock prevent any accidental disconnections and works well as the hand guard to prevents any other accidents. The Limb N Trim also gives a smoother cut thanks to the low-kickback bar while the compact, lightweight design lets users continue their arboring tasks until they are done. The push-button oiler gives the chain enough oil to keep it well lubricated through continued operation and the external chain tension adjuster allows the chain to be tensioned easily and hassle free. This keeps the incidents of chainsaw repair to a minimum. To sweeten the deal, this saw comes fully assembled and back by a 2-year limited warranty and this makes this saw a great choice for any beginner.

Worx WG303.1 16-Inch Chainsaw, 3.5 HP 14.5 AMP

Quick Info:

Even though the WORX WG303.1 isn’t much more than the Limb N Trim, the performance it outputs actually puts it on par with many gas chainsaws. Fitted with a built-in safety chain brake, the chainsaw can eliminate almost all instances of kickback. Adding to this a rubber rear handle that has been over-molden and an ergonomic handle that keeps the operator comfortable throughout operation to minimize any accidents. WORX also added a tool-free chain replacement feature so any mishaps can easily be fixed hassle-free. Maintenance has also been reduced through the over-tightening prevention chain mechanism and the automatic lubrication of the chain and bar to keep the saw at top shape throughout its repeated usage.

Makita 5012B Commercial Grade 11 3/4-Inch 11.5 AMP Electric Chainsaw

Quick Info:

The last chainsaw to get our best electric chainsaw ratings is the Makita 5012B Commercial Grade 11 3/4-Inch 11.5 amp Electric Chain Saw. Boasting safety features such as the ergonomic double-insulated rubberized grip handles, a built-in current limiter that prevents saw overload and an electric chain brake that keeps the operator safe during the wood cutting process. The Makita also includes an oil reservoir with a viewing window to gauge oil levels and an automatic oiling mechanism to keep constant heavy work as hassle-free as possible. Should the chain or blade fail, the UC3530A comes with a tool-less adjustment and replacement mechanism to make chainsaw repair as easy and convenient as possible.

Best Gas Chainsaw

The top rated chainsaws in this category were selected based on the same criteria as above, performance, ease of maintenance and safety. Powerful gas chainsaw are no joke and any mistake can cause bad injuries, we choose the chainsaws that abide by all our criteria so the operators of these machines can enjoy them at their different experience levels.

Remington Rodeo 18-Inch 51CC 2-Cycle Gas Chainsaw

Quick Info:

The Remington Rodeo is an 18-inch pack of joy, bigger than any of its previous electric counterparts. The Remington has many innovative features such as the QuickStart which starts the saw easier, electronic ignition for any difficult conditions and a crankcase, sprocket and die-cast chassis so the end result is a very sturdy and dependable saw. Coupled with a low-kickback bar to dampen any kickback, the Rodeo comes with a heavy duty hand guard and a handle that is anti-vibration thus scoring high in the chainsaw safety category. The automatic oiler can be adjusted to provide the right lubrication for the mode of operation. This is a great starting gas saw for anyone looking to make the jump from electric to gas.

Husqvarna 440E 16-Inch 40.9CC 2-Stoke X-TORQ Gas Powered Chainsaw

Quick Info:

The Husqvarna 440E is an adjustable (goes all the way to 18-inch bar length) bar gas powered chainsaw that is backed by a name known to all in the outdoor equipment market. Performance wise, the X-Torque engine allows for fuel efficiency and reduced emission levels while the Smart Start, fuel pump and return stop switch start the engine very easily. From a maintenance perspective, the chain saw comes with a tool-less chain tension mechanism, and forged crankshaft that keeps the saw durable to minimize the maintenance. As for safety, the Husqvarna comes with an anti-vibration handle and has a two safety switches to keep any mishaps from popping up, while using its sturdy design and light weight to keep cutting steady and safe.

Husqvarna 460 Rancher 20-Inch 60.3CC 2-Stoke X-TORQ Gas Powered Chainsaw

Quick Info:

This is at the highest end of the consumer level, where professional gear meets with consumer gear. Everything about this chainsaw screams professional. From the side-mounted manual tensioner to regulate the tension to your liking, the 20-inch bar that can cut through the toughest of trees or even the 3-piece crankshaft that adds durability and makes performance better, safety first and maintenance less of a headache. Additional features include the Air Injection for easy maintenance, Smart Start for a quick and hassle-free start, the LowVib feature for a vibration free operation and the choke-stop combined control to give you full control over the saw and reduce the chances of any accidents. Combining all this with its 12.79 pound weight, the Husqvarna 460 will give you the performance you want, when you want it and in the most comfortable way possible.

After reading the chainsaw reviews and picking the best chainsaw for you from our list of top rated chainsaws, we recommend you view the below video from Husqvarna. Safety is always paramount when using a chainsaw:

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