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80 Cheap & Easy Outdoor Christmas Decorating Ideas

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Build a Festive Fence from Pallet Wood

Festive decoration of red picket fence by light bulbs
Image credits: Svetlana Khoroshilova via Canva

Create a statement piece for your holiday porch display by building a decorative fence out of pallet wood. For this project, you will need to start by taking your pallet apart right down to the individual boards. You will need 2 long support beams and a series of smaller planks (6 or 7 in total). Your smaller planks will serve as your fence posts. They can be cut all the same size, or you can add some character to your display by cutting them at different heights.

Lay your fence posts down slightly spaced out with the bottoms all in-line with one another. This is important as it will create a flat surface on the bottom for standing your fence up. Place your two support beams horizontally across the fence posts, centering them before nailing them in place. Paint your new festive fence to match your holiday decorating style. This could be all one color or get creative with candy cane stripes and other festive patterns. When the paint has dried, stand your fence up on your deck before decorating it with lights, garland, or decorative bows.

Decorate Your Childhood Sled

Decorative wooden sled for decoration
Image credits: VIKTORIIA DROBOT via Canva

Do you still have your childhood sled sitting in the garage? Have you recently purchased an antique sled from your local thrift store? While most kids today would happily trade in the older wooden sleds for a new, modern alternative, these older sleds can make a great addition to your holiday décor. Simply set your sled out on your front porch, beside your front steps, or anywhere else in your yard where it can be seen. String lights around it, hang a wreath on it, or add some garland to give it a festive makeover.

Show Off a Pail of Faux Snowballs

Hand crafted snowballs, winter seasonal
Image credits: MelissaAnneGalleries via Canva

There are a few different ways that you can approach the decorations in your yard this season. While some people enjoy all the glitz and glam, creating a large and elaborate display, others prefer to stick with a more traditional aesthetic. If you like a more subtle and cute decorating style, this is a cute little detail that you should add to your porch for the holidays. All you need is a metal galvanized pail, a string of battery-operated LED lights, several Styrofoam craft balls, and a small wooden sign. Place your string of lights in the bottom of the pail before covering them with craft balls. The lighting will shine around the balls creating a subtle glow. On your sign, write something cute to reveal what’s inside, such as ‘Let it Snow’ or ‘Snowball Fight’.

Turn Old Tires into Holiday Ornaments

Snowmen and a wreath made out of recycled tires
Image credits: Michael-Tatman via Canva

Transform your old tires into cute holiday ornaments with this DIY project. Cut a circle out of wood or plastic that is slightly smaller than the side of your old tire. Glue this down, covering the large hole in the center. Using an outdoor spray paint suitable for the different materials that you have used, paint the front and sides of the ornament in a color that will complement your outdoor décor. When the paint has dried, you can then decorate the front with a large festive image like a Christmas tree or a snowflake. To create the top of your ornament, you will need a galvanized metal pail, or a small plastic pail painted silver. Using E5000 glue or super glue, attach the pail with the open side down onto the top of your ornament. For the final detail, attach a small piece of wire to the top like an ornament hanger. These oversized ornaments will look adorable leaning against your fence, porch, or the side of your house.

Gather Wood Scraps for Rustic Christmas Trees

scrap wood pile
Image credits: krajidrid via Canva

Woodworkers and wood crafters, this is a great way to repurpose your wood scraps. Gather up every little piece of wood that you have kicking around your workshop, no matter how small they may be. Using an antiquing technique, paint your pieces of wood in 2 or 3 complementary colors. After they have had a chance to try, start laying your pieces out in the shape of a tree. You will want to choose a couple that are approximately the same size to create a trunk while the rest can be positioned diagonally above like the branches. Don’t be afraid to overlap branches and don’t shy away from uneven pieces. After all, you are looking for a more rustic aesthetic. These pieces can be secured using a glue gun or super glue.

Hang Frozen Fruit Ornaments

Frozen fruit salad
Image credits: DHuss via Canva

We already discussed hanging popcorn strings to feed the wildlife, but you don’t have to stop there. Why not complement your edible garland on your outdoor Christmas trees with edible ornaments. To make these, you will need a series of small containers and a selection of fruit and plants for decorations. Fill the containers with a small layer of water before adding your decorative elements. Finally, take a loop of ribbon, string, or twine, placing the ends in the water. Leave your ornaments outside in the snow overnight or place them in your freezer until they have frozen all the way through. As your new tree ornaments start to melt, they will reveal snacks for the wildlife. Anything that isn’t eaten is 100% biodegradable making them a great environmentally friendly option.

Decorate a Ladder Christmas Tree

Christmas tree ladder
Image credits: Searsie via Canva

Create a fun and quirky Christmas tree this holiday season by decorating a utility ladder. Set up your ladder outdoors and anchor it down using garden stakes or weights. This will prevent it from blowing over during any winter winds. Wrap your ladder tree with Christmas lights and hang holiday ornaments along the sides. You can even add a cute tree topper to the top and decorative presents around the bottom of your tree to complete the look. Not only is this a fun choice for any home, but it would also be a great choice when decorating a shop or home improvement store for the holidays.

Line Your Walkway with Candy Cane Solar Lights

Candy Cane Lights
Image credits: JennaWagner via Canva

You can light up your front walkway with a festive glow by making your own candy cane solar lights this holiday season using PVC pipes and solar garden lights from your local dollar store. Cut your PVC pipes to the height that you want your solar lights. Using spray paint, paint all your pipes white. Using painter’s tape, block off a spiral like you would see on a candy cane down the poles before painting them again, this time using red. When you remove the painter’s tape, your pipes will be ready to be displayed. Using a large garden stake, anchor each of the pipes down on the side of your walkway. Finally, top each pole with a solar light, allowing the bottom stake to rest inside the post holding it in place.

Add Wooden Snowman Spoons to Your Window Boxes

Wooden Spoons
Image credits: Billion Photos via Canva

While most of the decorations on this list are designed for larger outdoor spaces, this is a fun one for those that are limited to decorating a window box or planter. The supplies for this DIY project can all be purchased at Dollar Tree, keeping the costs down. You will need wooden spoons, acrylic paint, and a pompom for each snowman. Paint your spoons entirely white as a base coat to start. For each snowman, you will want to choose a color for the hat and scarf and a matching pompom. Paint a knit winter hat on the top of your spoon including a cute brim and a matching scarf at the base of the handle. Between the two, paint a cute little snowman face complete with a carrot nose. Glue your pompom onto the very tip of the spoon, completing the look of the hat. These can easily be displayed by tucking them into a vase or jar or sticking the handles of the spoon directly into your window box planter.

Make Your Front Porch Bench Look Cozy

Wooden house porch decorated for Christmas
Image credits: FavoreStudio via Canva

If you have patio furniture on your front porch all season, such as a bench or a set of chairs, decorating for the holidays can be surprisingly simple. Focus on both function and aesthetic by decorating your porch with cozy, festive pillows and blankets. Choose a style and decorating theme and run with it! For example, you may adore the look of buffalo plaid around the holidays, adding pillows and blankets with that pattern on them. Tie this in with the rest of your decorating by adding buffalo plaid ribbon to your holiday wreath or placing matching decorations on any table or surface on the patio. Make your outdoor seating area looks as welcoming as possible in these cold winter temperatures.

Assemble a Christmas Ornament Topiary

Assorted Christmas Ornaments
Image credits: TryMyBest via Canva

Add a little bling to your front entrance this holiday season by building your own glittery Christmas ornament topiaries. For this project, you will need several large Christmas ornaments in different sizes (2 of each style), 2 planters, 2 large wooden dowels, 2 blocks of floral foam, evergreen boughs, or traditional evergreen garland, and some smaller ornaments to complete the look. Secure the floral foam in the bottom of your planters before mounting the dowel directly in the center. This will be the support pole for your topiaries.

Drill a hole in the top and bottom of each of your large ornaments, ensuring that the dowel will fit through. Organize these ornaments from largest to smallest, sliding them onto the dowelling one at a time so that each side would match. Tuck your greenery around the base of the bottom ornament. This will help conceal the edges of the planter and hide the floral foam from sight. Finally, take your smaller ornaments, decorating the greenery or placing them around the larger ornaments to mask any signs of the dowel.

Create White Yarn Lantern Balls

light balls
Image credits: Daria Soldatkina via Canva

These simple and adorable white lanterns can be strung up on your porch or used to create a magical table display. To make them, you will need a bottle of Elmer’s craft glue, cornstarch, a disposable plastic cup, PAM cooking spray, a balloon, white yarn, and a set of soft-white fairy lights. Mix ¼ cup of water with ½ cup of cornstarch and your bottle of craft glue thoroughly until it is a smooth consistency. Place a roll of your white yarn into the solution, allowing it to soak. Blow up your balloon until it reaches the desired size of your lantern. Tie the balloon, spray it gently with PAM to prevent it from sticking, and then balance it on the open end of the cup.

Take one end of your string from the solution and tie it securely to the knot on the balloon. As you pull the string out of the mixture, wipe off any excess of the glue mixture and then wrap it around the balloon, including both vertical and horizontal lines. Continue wrapping until you have used all your yarn. This should not fully cover your balloon. Instead, it will leave the balloon available between the lines of string. After your lantern has had a chance to dry fully, it’s time to pop the balloon and remove it. You may need to use tweezers to help remove every piece. Finally, feed your fairy lights into the middle of the lantern.

Decorate an Antler or Piece of Driftwood for an Easy Wreath

Antlers decorated with flowers on rustic wooden background
Image credits: lithiumcloud via Canva

If your home is decorated with a more country or rustic décor, you may be interested in tying that same aesthetic into your holiday decorating. This holiday season, why not trade in your traditional holiday wreath and try something new. Take a large antler and tie a ribbon or a length of lace fabric near the base to hang it in place of your wreath. This is a wreath alternative that can easily be customized to any season of the year. During the spring, hang a bouquet of wildflowers from the ribbon, in front of the antler. For the holiday season, add sprigs of holly or evergreen boughs.

Paint Pallets to Make a Holiday Sign

Christmas Trees Sign
Image credits: KellyvanDellen via Canva

Do you have pallet wood leftover after making your adorable pallet fence? Don’t toss it aside just yet! Instead, secure three- or four-pieces side by side to create a custom holiday sign. Choose a single base color and paint across the full surface. This will leave you with a blank canvas, just waiting for you to create a sign to match any space or holiday décor. Paint festive imagery, like a snowman or Christmas tree, or share a holiday message. You can also incorporate lights for some extra shine. Make your sign as elaborate or as simple as you like, there is no right or wrong answer.

Incorporate Old Skis, Hockey Sticks, or Snowshoes

Snowshoe, gift and Christmas tree
Image credits: MichelGuenette via Canva

Similar to using a sleigh in your decorations, as mentioned above, your old skis, hockey sticks, or snowshoes are a great option to bring some festive cheer to your home. This is a great option for outdoor recreation lovers that enjoy winter sports. By incorporating your interests into your holiday decorating, you are really making the space personal. Transform your favorite hobbies into a festive display that will impress the neighbors by adding Christmas lights, fresh greenery, garland, and other holiday decorations. The best part about this option is that you are using items that you already have sitting around your house, making it a budget-friendly decorating solution.

Spray Paint Flowerpots for Holiday Bells

Christmas bells decoration
Image credits: Christine_Kohler via Canva

Is ‘Silver Bells’ your favorite Christmas carol? If so, you can use that as inspiration to create a fun holiday display. Most of the materials needed for this DIY project can be found at your local dollar store. You will need large plastic flower pots, plastic tree ornaments, an eyebolt with a nut, and silver spray paint. To begin, spray paint your flowerpots silver, inside and out. Create a small hole in the bottom of your pot large enough for your eyebolt. Feed it through the hole securing it inside the put with the accompanying nut. String your holiday ornament to the bottom of the eyebolt, allowing it to hang low enough that it can be seen at the bottom of the pot. Use the exposed portion of the eyebolt to hang your silver bell. Create multiple bells and hang them along with a large ribbon on your front porch.

Transform an Old Shutter into a Snowman

old shutters
Image credits: davincidig via Canva

Have you recently done any home renovations? If so, you may have a shutter left sitting in your basement or garage. With the following simple steps, you can create an adorable snowman that can be displayed for your friends and family to enjoy. You will need the shutter, a single thin board almost twice as wide as the shutter, three large black buttons, a child’s scarf, a poinsettia or sprig of holly, and paint. Draw a slightly diagonal line ¼ of the way down the shutter. Paint the top ¼ up to that line black while painting the rest of your shutter white. At the same time, paint the additional board black.

Attach the additional board across the line of the shutter, hiding the break between the two colors and creating the brim of your snowman’s hat. Directly below the brim, paint a festive snowman face with small balls of coal and a carrot nose. Tie your scarf around the shutter just below the face to define the neck of the snowman, gluing it on either side of the shutter to be sure that it won’t fall off. Finally, glue your three black buttons down the front of your snowman’s body and glue the poinsettia onto the corner of the top hat just above the brim.

Build a Christmas Tree with Old Tires

Old tires
Image credits: Alisa Gabliya via Canva

If you have several old tires in a variety of sizes, hold off on sending those tires to the landfill. Instead, you can use them to create a unique Christmas tree. Stack your tires up from largest to smallest, creating the body of the tree, and spray paint them all green. Wrap LED Christmas lights around your new tree, hang ornaments and decorations by attaching them to the surface of the tires and top it all off with a festive Christmas tree topper. This is a fun yard decoration that will add a festive touch to any farm, garage, or other outdoor space.

Decorate Windows with Window Markers or Acrylic Paint

Female Hand Painting Christmas Deer Painted on Window Glass
Image credits: Анастасия Янишевская via Canva

A decorating option that has been popularized by retail stores and coffee shops, you too can transform your window into a fun holiday display using window markers or acrylic paint. If you aren’t an artist, don’t worry, you can do this! Print off a holiday design on plain white paper. If you are including any writing, you will want to print a mirror image of your desired result. Stick this paper to the outside of your window with the printed image facing in. You can now trace the design onto the window from inside, adding as many or as few colors as you desire. By putting the image inside, you are protecting it from the elements. When the holidays are over, simply clean your display off your window.

Wrap Your Door with an Oversized Tag

Christmas Sign Front Door
Image credits: TriggerPhoto via Canva

One of the easier options on this list, all you need is a large roll of ribbon and a piece of poster board. Cut your poster board into the shape of a giant gift tag and decorate it with markers or paint. You can stick with a simple message, like ‘Merry Christmas from The Scotts’ or really embrace the gift tag concept, including a ‘To’ and ‘From’, gifting your holiday display to your neighborhood or to Santa Claus himself. With the ribbon, wrap your front door as though you are wrapping a Christmas present, bringing it all together with a bow in one of the upper corners. Hang your gift tag on your door as if it’s attached by the bow. It’s a quick and easy decorating idea with a surprisingly big impact!

Create a Wreath Out of Mittens

Holly christmas wreath with mittens on wooden table.
Image credits: Massonstock via Canva

There are many fun alternatives to traditional holiday wreaths, as you have already seen with the options included on this list. Another option, this wreath alternative uses mittens instead of ice skates. To start, you will need two traditional woolen mittens. They can be a matching set or two mismatched mittens that you have sitting around your house. Using a needle, thread a string or a ribbon through each of the mittens, attaching them together. The loop between them should be just long enough to hang your mittens where you want them to rest on your door. Take some fresh greenery, pinecones, holly berries, and other seasonal decorating options and arrange them like a flower arrangement inside each of the mittens. You can also include some Christmas ornaments or fairy lights, if that helps to create your desired look.

Hang Oversized Ornaments in Your Entry Way

Big Christmas Ornaments
Image credits: steverts via Canva

If you have a covered entryway leading up to your front door, then you have the opportunity to create a beautiful seasonal display using oversized ornaments. The number of ornaments that you need for your full display will depend on the size of the space that you’re decorating. Using ribbon, string each of the ornaments up so that they hang from the edge of the entryway at varying lengths. Keep in mind, however, that this is an entryway and don’t allow any ornaments to hang low enough that they could get in the way of your guests arriving.

Stack Flowerpots to Build a Cute Snowman

red christmas star flower in a angel flowerpot
Image credits: Charlotte Bleijenberg via Canva

This adorable snowman is easier to make than you may think and sure to make your guests smile! You will need five terra cotta pots, each a different size. Paint the smallest pot black and the rest white. Secure a ribbon around the black pot just below the rim of the pot. Glue a sprig of holly or a couple of small evergreen branches to finish your snowman’s hat. Turn the smallest white pot upside down and paint a snowman face on it with a cute smile and a carrot nose. Stack your pots from largest to smallest upside down. To complete the look, tie a little scarf around your snowman, at the base of the smallest white pot and glue buttons down the front.

Create a Countdown Wreath with Chalkboard Paint and a Plate

Decorated Wreath with White Roses and Blackboard
Image credits: Masson via Canva

Are your kids regularly asking how many sleeps are left before Christmas morning? Why not create your own personal countdown. This could be the start of a fun family tradition, changing the number on the countdown each day as you wait for Santa Claus to arrive with his sack of toys. You will need a frame and a thin wood sheet cut to replace the glass of the frame. Paint this wood sheet completely with chalkboard paint and allow it to dry. On top of your chalkboard paint, use acrylic paint to add the words ‘Countdown to Christmas’ and a large wreath circling the spot where you will be writing your countdown. If you have a vinyl cutting machine, you can use this instead of the paint. Finally, attach a ribbon to the back to hang your frame on your front door.

Make a Wreath out of Pinecones

rustic pinecone wreath
Image credits: cjmckendry via Canva

Craft your own traditional-looking holiday wreath using a wire wreath frame and pinecones. Before building the wreath itself, tie a ribbon through the wreath frame to hang it from. One at a time, glue the pinecones onto the wire wreath frame using a hot glue gun. Make a row around the inside edge of the frame and then a second row on the outside edge of the frame before filling in the center. The center row will sit slightly higher, attaching the pinecones to the other pinecones instead of to the frame below. Add fair lights and small pieces of evergreen, tucking them between the pinecones to fill the wreath out and add to the festive feel.

Create Oversized Lollypops with Cellophane and Pool Noodles

Lollypop macro
Image credits: jodie777 via Canva

No gingerbread house is complete without a trail of candy leading your guests to the front door. Picture giant lollypops lining your walkway. Does that sound like the perfect touch for your holiday décor this season? If so, you’re in luck. You can make your own oversized lollypops quickly and easily using pool noodles and duct tape. To begin, you will need two pool noodles of the same color, the main color of your lollypop. Glue them together end to end and secure this connection with duct tape in your chosen accent color. With your colored duct tape, start at one end and work your way down creating a spiral pattern across both pool noodles.

Take your pool noodle and start to roll it up on itself, creating a flat candy. As you roll, secure your candy with hot glue to make sure that it doesn’t come apart. You may need to stop periodically to give it time to dry before moving on. When you reach the end, make sure that it is secure and not going to unroll with extra glue. Cut a small hole in the bottom edge of your pool noodle, large enough for a thin wooden down to fit. Glue the dowel in place as the stick of your lollypop. Finally, using a large piece of cellophane, wrap your candy carefully and secure it with a piece of ribbon tied at the base of the stick.

These are quick and easy to create, meaning that it won’t take long to make enough to line up and down the full length of your walkway. Try using different colors of pool noodles or pairing them with different colors of duct tape to create a wide variety of candy flavors. You can also add some fun variations with your choice of ribbon. These would look great paired with the lighted candy garland and paper plate candy decorations, both mentioned earlier on this list.

Build a Snowflake Wreath

Paper Craft Snowflakes Wreath on Blue Background
Image credits: katerinamorozovaphotos via Canva

Fully embrace the Winter Wonderland theme this holiday season by creating a beautiful wreath using plastic snowflake decorations from the dollar store. The process is surprisingly easy, you don’t even need a wreath form. To begin with, lay your snowflakes out to make a circle the size that you envision your finished wreath. With a hot glue gun, add a second layer of snowflakes offset between the first, gluing them down as you go. You can stop here or add a third row with some smaller snowflakes to fill it out further, depending on the look that you want. Finally, add a white ribbon to the top of the wreath to hang it. You will leave your guests wondering where you purchased such a beautiful wreath.

Swap Out your Patio Light Bulbs for Festive Colors

Christmas festival light garlands decoration on house porch in city
Image credits: JANIFEST via Canva

Finally, and arguably the simplest decoration option on this list, don’t discount the impact that your outdoor lighting has on the overall aesthetic of your holiday display. You can purchase smart lightbulbs that allow you to change the color of the light using an app quickly and easily on your phone or stick with a budget-friendly option by simply picking up colored lightbulbs that match your holiday color scheme. Light up your entire house in a single color, like a beautiful royal blue for a Winter Wonderland display, or alternate colors to add some more holiday fun. Don’t forget, you aren’t restricted to a traditional color scheme. If you feel that purple lights are the best option for your décor, run with it.

Holiday Decorations Don’t Have to Break the Bank

Whatever you decide for your outdoor decorations this holiday season, remember that you don’t have to spend a fortune. The costs associated with Christmas can add up quickly from buying gifts for our family and friends to picking up all the groceries needed for your big holiday feast. By making some fun and festive DIY decorations, you can keep your holiday budget in check while also adding a personal touch to your outdoor space. Get started with your cheap and easy Christmas decor today!