13 Cheap Garden Ideas
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13 Cheap Garden Ideas

Most people who’ve done some gardening know it can be a pricey hobby. A fulfilling but expensive hobby – and not everyone can afford it (or want to invest the cash in it). So, instead of getting all the fancy doodads and costly gardening props, you can use easy, fun, cheap gardening ideas instead for the most bang for your buck.

The ideas below are all inexpensive and easy enough that you should be able to do the project by yourself or with the help of the kids or partner for a fun together activity. Enjoy!

Cucumber Pallet Trellis

If you love cucumbers and want to grow them easily and cheaply, then this pallet trellis idea is the perfect way to do it. You’ll just need the pallet and seeds, maybe some gardening wire and rescued wood. It won’t take long, and you’ll give those cukes an amazing place to grow all season. No tools are required!

DIY Concrete Block Raised Garden Bed

For those looking for a raised garden bed without the expensive boxes and other materials typically used, consider this cheap concrete block bed. You can find the blocks at Home Depot, or if you have a little time and patience, you can find a bunch for free on Craigslist or Freecycle. The other items needed are cardboard boxes and soil. Voila – raised garden bed!

Inexpensive Vertical Garden

To create a cheap vertical garden space – whether on your patio or in a larger garden, grab some concrete blocks and boards and some potted plants. You can spray-paint the construction materials like in this photo or let them be au natural, depending on your taste. Quick, easy, and super cheap.

Layered Tree Base Flower Beds

Whether you find some cheap pavers at Home Depot or recycle some from Freecycle, you can build up a lovely flower bed or two at the base of your favorite tree. You’ll need some mulch and soil, seeds or seedlings, and those edging stones. It should take a few hours, and you’ll have this amazing-looking concept in your front or backyard.

Pallet Planter Upcycle

With a few simple tweaks and a coat of paint, you’ll have a nice little pallet planter shelving unit to place on the patio, front porch, or basically anywhere you like. You can get most or all of the supplies from Craigslist, too – making it a super cheap and easy project fit for any budget.

Recycled Lettuce Table

Growing your lettuce is a great way to save money and have the best, freshest greens for your salad any time you want. This lettuce table helps you do that in a convenient way, elevating the lettuce plants to an easy-to-work-with height, protecting them from some of the insects and critters that would love to munch on it, and lets you recycle an older kitchen table all at once. Plus, if you’ve got the space on your patio or deck, you can even use the table right outside the kitchen for a super-convenient kitchen garden.

Recycled Tire Tower Garden

A tower herb garden? Yes, please! Using recycled materials to do it? Even better. Check out this YouTube tutorial to build your recycled old tires into a tower or two for your new herb garden. They save space, too, being a tower garden.

Recycled Bucket Hanging Garden

If you pop over to some free sites or drop by construction sites, you’ll find some old plastic buckets and barrels you can turn into a recycled bucket hanging garden. You’ll need some established plants (i.e., not suitable for seeds or brand new seedlings) to grow in them, but once you’ve got those and some soil, you’ll be all set.

Recycled Plasticware Mini Greenhouses

A great way to get your garden started is a cheap, indoor greenhouse you can use to grow your seeds and seedlings until they’re ready for outdoor plantings. Use these ideas to create some cheap mini greenhouses you can fit anywhere, out of stuff you’d typically chuck out without thought.

Upcycled Wagon Wheel Succulents Garden

Here’s a fun one – using an old wagon wheel to create a creative and unique succulents garden. You can find some free plants and hit up thrift stores and flea markets to find your supplies.

Vertical Tulip Garden

Grab some tin cans, a drill, some screws, soil, and tulip bulbs, and you can create a beautiful, simple vertical tulip garden anywhere you can affix some cans. It’s a great space-saving idea that’s also cheap, colorful, and easy to care for.

Dollar Store Shower Rack Planters

Run to your nearest dollar store, grab some shower hangers, cheap flowerpots, and get planting. With this simple, easy design idea, you can grow your garden quickly, easily, and cheaply for a great look and not a lot of effort.

Raised Bed Pallet Planters

Another great way to recycle old pallets is by turning them into simple raised beds for your flower, veggie, or herb garden. It’s easy, simple, and super cheap – and you can find pallets practically anywhere for free.

Cheap and Easy Gardening – a Great Way to Go

These cheap garden ideas will definitely do the trick for your garden projects this year. Find some great supplies to recycle or upcycle, grab some soil, seeds, and bulbs, and in no time, you’ll have a beautiful garden space that won’t cost a fortune.