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40 Awesome and Cheap Landscaping Ideas

Cheap Garden Landscaping Ideas

Organic Pallets

Pallet collar gardening
Image credits: Reimphoto via Canva

Wooden pallets are seriously nifty to have on hand. If you have any leftovers after making some sweet patio furniture, you can easily use them to create some adorable garden boxes, too! Plant tomatoes, herbs, squash, onions, or whatever you want!

You can create your vegetable patio without going to the store to get fresh veggies. Add some wheels to the bottoms of the boxes for easier mobility and to prevent your plants from flooding or getting too much sun.

A Gateway To Nature

Purple Flowers On Metal Arbor
Image credits: gmc3101 via Canva

Adding a garden structure such as this steel arbor is a great way to incorporate focal pieces into the landscape without buying something expensive. You could even create your arbor like this one by using any kind of scrap metal or piping.

Of course, please use caution before deciding to construct something out of metal. If you have a friend or relative that does metalwork, you could either have them help you create something like this or just buy something handmade. Buying local is always better!

Drop Like A Stone

Garden Stepping Stone Path through Green Grass Lawn
Image credits: Supersmario via Canva

Using stone or concrete slabs like the ones depicted is great when creating outdoor paths. Stone or concrete slabs shouldn’t cost you that much to purchase, but if you have a larger outdoor landscaped area, odds are you might already have some extras on hand.

If not, you can easily find materials to create walking paths throughout your outdoor space at garden centers or home improvement stores. You may even have some friends or relatives getting rid of older garden materials. You can use virtually anything when it comes to constructing garden paths.

Eat Out

Patio and outdoor living space, with dining table
Image credits: Eirasophie via Canva

Make your outdoor space your dining room by adding some great chairs and a table. Who says picnics are meant for summer? With an outdoor dining area, every meal could be eaten outside! 

Even if you have a smaller patio area, you can easily incorporate a dining set. It can be made adorable by table settings, funky plants, and even some hanging string lights. Add some comfy outdoor pillows for the chairs, and you’ve got a ready-made party place just for you and your friends!

White Gold

White wooden flower box
Image credits: Ju_Serdiuk via Canva

It is a super cute idea that can be manifested in any sized yard. Even if you have a smaller fence, you can easily create tiny wooden flower boxes out of spare wood or particleboard.

If you plan on making these garden boxes, you can prevent the wood from becoming soggy from water by lining them or placing individual flower pots into the wooden box. You can make these any color you’d like and even mix and match colors and shapes for an even more interesting approach.

 Planter Pallets

wood pallet wall planter
Image credits: psching via Canva

Make easy hanging wall planters by using wooden pallets. Since wooden pallets are typically already sectioned out, you can easily just hang half of a wooden pallet up on a brick or sturdy wall to create your hanging greenhouse!

You can put all sorts of tiny plants or herbs into the boxes and create a live growing space you and your friends will surely enjoy. If you’d rather use the wooden pallet for something other than a growing spot, like maybe a garden shelf, you can just as easily do that too!

Rolling Plants

wheelbarrow planter
Image credits: NNehring via Canva

With so much refurbishing and repurposing going on these days, you can pretty much make a cute little garden planter out of anything. Take this wheelbarrow, for example, you can use it to fill with actual dirt and seeds, or just use it as a holder for other pots or planters.

Not only is it adorable, but it’s a great way to find new life in something either old or just worn down. Again, a little paint or wood stain goes a long way, and you can easily recreate this to look fantastic in any landscape.

Old But Gold

Danish Rustic Landscape
Image credits: zhekos via Canva

Have some broken-down furniture you don’t know what to do with? Use them in the garden to create a rustic landscape! You already have the stuff – so you might as well put them to good use. 

Anything from broken wooden benches, stools, or wagon wheels (like the ones depicted) can easily create some character in any sort of garden setting. I can imagine a steer or longhorn skull somewhere in this scene – so if you by chance have one lying around, that could also be used! Don’t go and kill a steer, though. That would defeat the purpose of “refurbishing!”

Tiny But Mighty

Wall planters decoration
Image credits: Kanawa_Studio via Canva

It is a super cute idea for someone who wants to add some planters to an especially small space – like an apartment balcony or tiny side garden. I’m not sure what these tiny planters are exactly, but they look like tiny little buckets.

Whatever they are, they’re adorable, and you can use anything that can hold some dirt for a plant in it as a planter. Since these containers are especially small, make sure to use plants that can live in a smaller, more cramped space like tiny cactuses or vibrant succulents. It is a low-maintenance way to bring some plants into the scene!

If It Works It Works

Galvanized gutter pipes and planters
Image credits: hilAugustavo via Canva

It is another great example of how you can bring some plant life into even the smallest areas. Plants not only make an area vibrant, but they add so much character to a space, too. As stated before, you can virtually make anything into a planter just as long as it’s big enough to hold some dirt and plants.

Just make sure your irrigation system is sufficient for the types of plants you are planning on using. Overwatering can easily kill plants if there aren’t holes at the bottom of a planter.

Driving Force

Brilliant idea for tires used as planters
Image credits: marianceccarelli via Canva

Tire planters are just about the cutest thing you can repurpose. They are just so versatile and look super great set up. You can paint the tires to create funky planters throughout the landscaping area, stack them up upon each other to create a cascading planter setup, or even create a retaining wall just using these nifty things!

The possibilities are endless when it comes to utilizing used tires in the garden because they are so versatile, so cheap and so easy to find in abundance!

Give A New Purpose

Composting Bin
Image credits: daseaford via Canva

Wooden pallets can easily be turned into super great compost bins! Instead of trying to create some sort of landscape design or layout, compost bins may be the best use of the land for the garden-centric person. 

Wooden pallets can also be made into garden boxes, so really, having wooden pallets on-hand for any gardener would be the best situation. It just showes how versatile wooden pallets are and how handy they are when it comes to gardening.

Tired Of Fishing

Plant in tire
Image credits: Dashabelozerova via Canva

If you don’t necessarily want to use old tires as planters, why not try creating your very own fish pond? Well, the fish could be completely optional, but turning a tire into a pond is super simple and a great way to add some interesting elements into a garden scape. 

Even better, they are so cheap! If you don’t have any used tires on hand, you can easily find tires at junkyards or garage sales. Creating your tire pond could be a fun, quick, and cheap way to liven up your landscape.

Cheap Landscape Edging Ideas

 Put Your Flowers To Bed

Mulched flowerbed in a neatly manicured green lawn
Image credits: Ozgur Coskun via Canva

Using simple mulch in old flowerbeds is not only good for your plants, but it also provides interesting color and texture to the landscape. The deep, fresh brown of the mulch and even the earthy tones to it can help give your garden a facelift, and your plants will thank you for it. 

Better yet, create a composting bin out of the old wooden pallets in an earlier tutorial and make your very own composting material that can easily be substituted as mulch! It would be a great hobby for someone with a very green thumb or a home gardener.

As Hard As Rock

Community vegetable garden
Image credits: HannamariaH via Canva

Creating a vegetable garden within your landscaping space has to be one of the smartest and most cost-effective things you could do. Not only does a vegetable and herb garden look impressive in itself, but the money you’d be saving on fresh herbs and vegetables, in the long run, would pay off. 

No more last-minute runs to the store, at least. When you create a vegetable garden out of recycled materials, such as using this decomposed granite as a garden filler, you’re just saving even more money and using resources effectively.

Divide and Conquer

Colorful Garden
Image credits: Naked King via Canva

Just because you want to give your landscape a facelift doesn’t mean you need to go rush out and purchase a whole bunch of expensive plants. There are so many plants you could incorporate into the scene that won’t set you back big bucks. In most garden centers, they typically showcase discounted or “out of season” plants that you could easily incorporate without spending too much money.

If you’re feeling extra garden savvy, you could easily purchase seeds to plant instead of buying already sprouted plants. It may be a bit more difficult, and it may take a bit longer, but it would be worth it in the end because you nurtured these plants to flourish and grow!

Make The Bed

Old metal containers reuse as flower beds
Image credits: Edalin Photography via Canva

You can turn anything into a garden bed. It doesn’t matter what you have laying around – if it can hold dirt, it can be a planter. In this awesome picture, these steel basins have become unique and eye-catching flower beds. 

The gravel or shale used on the garden floor surrounding these funky beds only makes that natural rustic feel come out. The basins seem to be a bit rusted over, but this only adds to the charm of the scene.

Cheap Pool Landscaping Ideas

Rock Your Pool

swiming pool
Image credits: volkansengor via Canva

There’s just something about pools and rock gardens that sync so well together. Pool areas can be a bit expensive to maintain, so to add some creative flair without having to spend a lot of money, use items you have on hand.

If you have a pre-existing garden, odds are you have some garden rocks or stones that could easily be transformed and used in a funky rock garden like this one depicted. Since this is a pool area, you’d want to steer clear from using tiny stones or pebbles since these could make their way into the pool easier.

Catch The Eye

Swimming pool
Image credits: Thanyakan Thanapanprasert via Canva

There is nothing more natural in a landscape than grass. If you’re wanting to save some money on a landscaping idea, try incorporating this natural element into the scene as heavily as possible. Grass doesn’t get enough credit.

It’s a gorgeous color, it grows easily and odds are, it’s already existent in your landscape. In this funky scene, stepping stones are used to create an interesting pattern in the grass. The brilliant green just cuts between the stones creating a fun shape that is an eye-catcher.

Blue Likes Green

Swimming pool and plants
Image credits: IvanBastien via Canva

A pool area can be tricky to repurpose, so be careful not to get too tacky. Using things you have on hand is key when trying to save money. By creating raised beds around the pool area, you add an interesting conception of height and texture.

Add deep green plants or your favorite flowering bushes to create this natural element that is both beautiful and relaxing. If you have extra wood on hand, you could easily create some fun garden boxes to place in the corners around the pool area. Your pool area would be barbecue ready in no time.


As you can see, there are so many cool ways to transform a landscaping job into a fun, cheap process everyone will appreciate. Whether you have a tiny side garden that needs a fixer-upper or a giant yard that needs a major renovation, surely some of these great ideas will spark some creativity within yourself to give it a try! So which ideas are your favorites?

You can easily pick and choose which elements from which photos you’d like to try and use them to create your awesome landscaping job. It’s not that hard, it just takes a little bit of imagination and elbow grease! Make sure to also check our awesome backyard bridge ideas and good luck with creating your perfect outdoor space!