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5 Cheap Ways To Fence In Your Backyard

Are you looking to fence off your backyard because you’ve got a new pet you want to keep safe? Maybe you’re trying to keep unwanted animals off your property or, simply, you like the look. Whatever the reason, it can be very expensive.

Luckily, there are several different materials out there that are cheaper then buying a whole set up. You can still create a nice-looking fence without spending the big bucks.

Check out these five inexpensive ways to fence in your backyard:

1. Chicken Wire

roll of chicken wire
Image credits: ands456 via Canva

Chicken wire fences are probably the most common inexpensive fences you will see out there. They are very easy to make on your own and are known for keeping unwanted animals out of your garden or backyard.

You won’t need a lot of supplies when making these fences, just the chicken wire, gloves to protect your hands, and poles to hold it into place.

They may not be the best-looking fence but you can add beautiful wood or bamboo as the posts to make it look nicer. If you are bordering off a garden, try adding some climbing plants to encase the wire.

They are very practical and chicken wire can be bought at just about any hardware or gardening supply store for as cheap as 15 US dollars at well-known hardware stores like Home Depot.

2. Living Fences

boxwood headges
Image credits: Pattern Pictures via Pixabay

A living fence can be made of up many different plants, trees, flowers, or shrubs but the most common and cheapest would be boxwood hedges. When it comes to creating your living fence, you’re going to need a decent amount of bushes to create the privacy you desire. Remember that some plants are more expensive than others.

Boxwood hedge plants can be bought at most gardening supply stores and are not difficult to plant and maintain afterward. Make sure when you are planting to place them 2 feet apart so they can grow to their full potential.

For this fence, all you need is the plant itself, gardening gloves, gardening tools, a shovel, and water. Plant your boxwood shrub accordingly.

Pro Tip: You can even turn boxwoods into topiary pieces to spice up your homes curb appeal.

3. Pallet Fences

reclaimed pallet wood fence with many American flags surrounding
Image credits: Deborah Jackson via

Pallet fences are becoming more common to see in backyards. They are a cheap and easy solution if you need a quick fence. Just grab some planks and you’re halfway there! Line up the planks using a level and connect them with nails. You can now paint your fence or use wood stain to get your desired aesthetic.

These fences can be very strong and last a long time because they are made to withstand heavy loads and different weather conditions. If you need a strong fence, pallets would be a great choice for you.

4. Chain Link Fences

chainlink fence through which forest can be seen
Image credits: freestocks via Unsplash

Another very common fence are chain link fences. They are practical, inexpensive, and long-lasting. It may not be your first choice but it does come in a variety of colors if you want to add a little extra touch to your new fence.

Chain link fences are very low maintenance and won’t need additional work after the installation. The installation of this fence is fairly easy but it is better to seek out a professional for this project.

They are water resistant, plus, repairing them is as easy as cutting out a new piece of fencing and connecting it to the existing fence.

5. Recycled Material Fences

House fence made of colorful bicycles.
Image credit: GELEFIN via Shutterstock

Recycled material fences are very inexpensive because you can use items already in your yard. Items like rakes, shovels, blooms, or any gardening materials that have long handles can form a fence. You can create eye-catching pieces with some nails or zip ties to hold them together – Not to mention a little creativity.

It doesn’t need to just be old gardening tools, any leftover scrap metal or wood can easily be used to build a cheap but beautiful fence.

Get Creative

Having a fenced-in backyard does not need to be expensive, there are many inexpensive materials you can use to create an eye-catching fence. Materials like chicken wire, chain link, and recycled materials are easy to find at just about any gardening or home improvement store.

Fences provide many benefits for a backyard including privacy and safety, so there must be ways for anyone to build a fence.

Let us know if you used any of these methods in your yard!