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6 Chicken Coop Door Ideas

If you’re tired of the basic screen door on your birdhouse and you’ve been looking for a sturdy door for your chicken house for quite some time, this is the perfect article for you. Having the right door for your hen house means that you’ll not only spare yourself the aggravation of having to deal with your chickens being let out in the morning, you’ll also prevent your birds from being assaulted by predators in the evening.

Not sure where to start? The list below includes a wide variety of chicken coop doors from premium automatic ones to automatic ones that you can easily construct at home. I mean, who doesn’t want a homemade chicken coop door opener? There’s even one that you can easily order on Amazon and have it shipped right to you.

So, check out the list and you definitely won’t be disappointed. At the very least, you’ll have a better idea of what chicken house door you’d like, and where to get started.

One-Click for Your Chick

Premium Automatic Chicken Coop Pop Door Opener & Door Kit Combo | Outdoor/Indoor Auto Door Opener, Chicken Coop Accessories by ChickenGuard

Don’t want to mess around with a DIY chicken coop door? Planning on ordering a chicken coop door instead of constructing one from scratch? Just one click of a button and this chicken house door will be delivered right to your home. Not only is it easy to use, but it also not difficult to set up with instructions that show you how to build it exactly. Best of all, the door and runner kit are included along with no minimum or maximum door heights. It’s also powered electronically and you get a three-year manufacturer warranty to go along, what a win!



Automated Awesome

Automated Chicken Coop Door
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If you prefer to make your own chicken coop door from scratch, you’ll get the full instructions here. This individual constructed an automated chicken coop door for a school project, so you can do it too. Keep in mind, however, that it is a prototype, so you might want to tweak a little before deciding to use this on real chickens indoors. It’s definitely at least a great starting point though!

Keep it Traditional

Exterior of handmade chiken's coop with nests

If you’re looking for a chicken coop sliding door that has a more traditional look, this is a great exterior image to get you started. While it may not necessarily be an automatic door, it has cute wooden doors that are sure to keep the chickens and the predators at bay. They’re probably easier to make and figure out than automatic doors. Just make sure you’re able to wake up early enough to let the chickens out on time!

The Main Door

The main door of a chicken house

This will provide you with a little inspiration on how to go about constructing a chicken house main door. While not automatic, you’ll have a sturdy enough lock to keep the chickens from causing a ruckus. The mesh door will also allow you to take a sneak peek at how your chickens are doing. When the sun sets, you can cover up the mesh for an extra layer of security.

Robots for Chickens

Robot Chicken Door
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A robotic door that does what you need it to sound like an absolute dream. This idea is great for those that agree that they’re a little lazier and want a chick house equipped with a remote-control door. Just follow the instructions, and you’ll be on your way to having a fantastic home, and door for your chickens. Take it up a notch and make it eco-friendly by rigging this motorized hen house entrance for solar power. I’m sure there’s a tutorial for that somewhere!

Easy Automatic Entrance

Easy Automatic Chicken Door
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Need another idea for an automatic chicken door? This is a great one if you want to keep your chickens warm. You’ll also be able to finish this less than a week, and maybe even within three days. Put in that little bit of effort, and your backyard chickens are sure to love you for that extra warmth that you’re providing them with.

That’s a Wrap!

I hope that these awesome chicken door ideas will help get you started. They should inspire you to either start gathering up your resources to build some chicken doors, or at least give you some ideas on how you’d like yours to be. From automatic to the more traditional, we’ve got you covered in this list. Comment and share which ideas you decided to pursue, and feel free to suggest your own as well!