53 Amazing Chicken Coop Nesting Box Ideas

53 Amazing Chicken Coop Nesting Box Ideas

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Nesting boxes are typically part of a larger chicken coop, but they can also serve as standalone structures that allow your hens to lay eggs on special bedding that acts as cushioning for them and protection for the eggs. For the most part, nesting boxes are rather simple structures that contain just a few basic elements.

That doesn’t mean they can’t be fancy, but the point we’re trying to make is that anyone can build a nesting box from scratch if they wanted to. With that in mind, today we’re going to explore a list of all things nesting boxes to offer, and hopefully you’ll find some ideas of items, boxes, or components that you can buy, or even nesting boxes that you can build yourself.

Brower Poultry Nest

Brower 406B 6-Hole Poultry Nest

Let’s start off with a very basic, yet practical nest option. All you need to put this baby together is a wrench and some pliers. We’re talking about a product that comes with a removable bottom side, being therefore easy to clean. Each compartment has a ventilation hole that allows your poultry to breathe.



Boddie Roll Out Nesting Box

Boddie Roll Out Nesting Box in the garden

Here is yet another wonderful option for those of you who are looking to free up some space in their chicken coop and provide the hens with extra nesting place. It’s made from stainless steel and comes with a slanted design, which helps prevent chicks from standing on the roof and making a mess.



Nesting Pads

Chicken Nesting Pads with Aromatic Nest Herbs | Natural Excelsior Aspen Fiber Poultry Bedding | 13 x 13 Inches | Pack of 10

You can’t actually have a nesting box without the right bedding, so here’s an option that will help you set up your chicken nesting boxes. These will cushion your eggs until they’re ready to be collected. They will also draw moisture from droppings, making it easier to clean the nest whenever needed.



Large Chicken Coop

Large Snap Lock Chicken Coop

Nesting boxes for chickens come in all shapes and sizes, but they’re also attached to ready-made coops. This is a large plastic chicken coop that’s water resistant, and it includes nesting boxes as well. This simple coop idea can house up to 12 chickens and hens, with plenty of space for them to live comfortably and hang out on a roosting bar.



Roll Out Nesting Box

Roll Out Nesting Box with Curtains and Removable Nesting Pad for Chickens

Here is a very practical idea of a nesting box that provides space for one hen. It comes with a curtain that grants your chickens privacy. The top side is sloped so your chickens won’t get on top of it and make a mess. The nesting area comes with adjustable slopes to make sure that all the fresh eggs end up in the special collecting box.



Nesting Box Attachment

black Nesting Box
Image Source: www.flickr.com

The design of a nesting box is pretty basic, so it should be fairly easy to make one from scratch. You can cut an opening into one of the walls of your chicken coop and make a nesting box as an attachment to it. With the right type of wood, some hinges, and the right tools, you should have this done in a couple of hours.

Terracotta Nesting Boxes

flower pot Nesting
Image Source: www.backyardchickens.com

Did you know that you could make individual nesting boxes with from a terracotta pot, some bedding, and a rod/stick of wood that your hens can sit on? It’s really that simple, and you don’t have to spend too much money to make one, especially if you already own some unused terracotta pots. There’s actually tons of cool projects you can do with these pots.

Eggs Holder

Chicken eggs in chicken shaped basket in nesting box.

Looking for an original way to store the eggs collected from a nesting box? How about this metal holder that’s shaped like an actual chicken? You can leave it inside the coop and use it whenever you’re ready to collect fresh eggs.

Bucket Nesting Boxes

Bucket Nesting Boxes on the ground
Image Source: www.instructables.com

Do you own some large buckets that you could possibly repurpose? Then how about turning them into nesting boxes?  Just flip them to the side, punch some holes in them so your chicken can breathe, and you’re good to go.

Wooden Chicken Coop

LAZY BUDDY Chicken Coop, 41” Wooden Chick Cage with Egg Box, Indoor and Outdoor Use Chicken Coop with Waterproof Roof for Chicken and Other Pets (Medium)

Finding a chicken coop that comes with nesting boxes is pretty easy, especially if you’re willing to spend good money to do it. This is a wooden chicken coop that provides nesting and resting places for your chicken, but also comes with a nice little ramp that grants access to an enclosed “outdoor” space for your chicks to get some sunlight.



Eggs Collecting Basket

A bucket filled with grains and chicken eggs

You can pretty much turn any old bucket into a basking for collecting eggs. If you have a large bucket, you can fill it with grains so you can feed your chickens and collect eggs at the same time, as the grain provides cushioning for you to place the eggs in the bucket.

Single Nesting Box

Miller Manufacturing 163620 Single Chicken Nesting Box for Birds

Made from HD polyethylene, this nesting box provides space for one chicken. It can be mounted on the wall, which grants you a lot of flexibility in terms of where you can place this. This is a pretty solid solution for people looking for a corrosion and rust-resistant nesting box.



More Wooden Nesting Boxes

Wooden Nesting Boxes, chicken
Image Source: www.flickr.com

Since nesting boxes are fairly small constructions, you should find it pretty easy to make one for your particular setup, as it is quite a low-cost DIY project. This particular one is made from wood and has a wooden top lid that opens to grant you access to the eggs inside.

Pallet Nesting Box

Pallet Nesting wooden Box
Image Source: littlehouseinthesuburbs.com

Did you know that you could easily turn pallets into nesting boxes? By deconstructing a wooden pallet and with a few other extra tools that you surely have lying around the house, you can make individual nesting boxes for your chickens at basically no extra cost. You could even get some free pallets at your local supermarket.

Nesting Buckets

Nesting Buckets with hays
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Here is yet another example of how you can group some buckets in order to create an organized little place for your chickens to nest. You’d be using a wooden platform and repurposing some buckets by flipping them to the side and filling them with chicken bedding, which should be pretty easy to accomplish.

DIY Nest Boxes

Nest Boxes with hays and eggs inside
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Looking for a step-by-step tutorial that will teach you how to make your own custom nesting boxes for next to nothing? With some buckets, nesting, and the right space to place them, you can have a very cozy space for your hens to lay delicious eggs, and maybe get some rest in the meantime.

Straw Hat Nesting Box

Few white eggs lays in the yellow straw hat as a nest with dry hay inside on the wooden aged board

Got any straw hats around the house that you’re not planning to wear anymore? Here’s an idea: how about you flip them over, fill them with bedding or some hay and turn them into nesting boxes? They’re comfortable, provide cushioning for hens and eggs alike, and they look pretty chic as well.

Greenhouse Chicken Coop

Placing a chicken coop inside a greenhouse is a wonderful idea because your birds will get double the protection by being confined inside the greenhouse. It’s quite a complex configuration, but it has some really neat nesting boxes that collect the eggs in a concealed box.

Easy DIY Nesting Box

wooden Nesting Box on the grass
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Remember that old nightstand that you wanted to throw out? Or perhaps those pieces of wood or lumber that have been lying in the shed since forever? You can easily repurpose old furniture or wooden pieces and make single nesting boxes, like this one over here. It’s a simple DIY project that shouldn’t take you more than a couple of hours.

Liquor-Box Nesting Spaces

wooden Liquor-Box Nesting Spaces
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If you happen to have some wooden boxes that were used to store wine or bottles of liquor, you can easily turn those into (quite the fashionable) nesting boxes. Just nail them onto one of the walls of the chicken coop, add some bedding to create cushioning for the hens, and there’s your 30-minute DIY nesting box project!

Nesting Box Plans

wooden Nesting Box Plans
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Pay no attention to the title (or the man behind the curtain!), as this “duck” nesting box project can easily be crafted for chickens as well. It’s a three-slot nesting box that requires a minimal material investment on your behalf, and a few nails or screws here and there to put the pieces of wood together.

Milk Crate Nesting Boxes

Milk Crate Nesting Boxes, chickens outside, hays
Learn more at: simplelivingcountrygal.com

As you might have guessed up until now, there are a million things that you can turn into a nesting box because it is, after all, a simple box with some added bedding. Here is a project design that shows you plans for how to build nesting boxes out of old milk crates which you were probably going to throw away.

Multiple-Floor Nesting Box

Multiple-Floor Nesting Box, chickens on the ground
Learn more at: flickr.com

If you’re into a more complex project that combines a brooder and laying boxes, you’re in for a treat. When you’re ready to increase your family of birds with baby chicks, you can use the top side of the construction, while the bottom side is reserves for adult hens that are ready to produce some fresh eggs.

Simple Nesting Box

Simple Nesting Box made of wood with blue paint
Learn more at: myoutdoorplans.com

We bring you yet another simple DIY nesting box project that can be a standalone structure or an appendix to an existing chicken coop. If you have more available space and more materials to work with, you can upgrade this three-slot nesting box to provide more nesting room, as the construction and plans are pretty intuitive.

Wooden Half Barrel Nesting Box

Wooden Half Barrel Nesting Box with hays and eggs inside
Learn more at: www.grit.com

Don’t be fooled into thinking that you can only use rectangular pieces of wood to make a nesting box. Here is how you can repurpose an old wooden barrel and create the perfect nesting place, one that even comes with a customized wooden plaque, just for the sake of it.

Stylish Nesting Box

Stylish Nesting Box attached to a wooden house with red and black paint
Learn more at: www.thegardencoop.com

How’s this for a stylish nesting box? While it may seem like a lot of work, this project is actually more about paying closer attention to the details and looking to balance a practical nesting box construction with good looks that are an absolute must in a farm or a yard where everything is properly organized and aimed at being aesthetically pleasing.

30-Minute Nesting Box

chicken getting inside to the chicken coop on the grass ground
Learn more at: ana-white.com

Here’s riddle for you: what can you do with a 1 x 12 board, some 1 x 2 scraps, and a bunch of cedar fence pickets? Why, a nesting box for your hens, of course. Don’t sound so surprised, building a nesting box is ridiculously easy, unless you want to make about 10 of these because you have a lot of chickens. Just one of these can be done in just about 30 minutes.

Plastic Bucket Nesting Boxes

white Plastic Bucket Nesting Boxes
Check out more ideas at: fivegallonideas.com

Over the past years, you’ve surely gathered your fair share of large plastic buckets or barrels that you knew you’d use sometime in the future. And if you haven’t, just pick up those your neighbor was planning to throw away, because these can make some means chicken coop nesting boxes. The proof is in the pictures!

Rustic Nesting Boxes

Rustic Nesting Boxes with curtains
Check out more ideas at: cluckwildhomestead.blogspot.com

There’s something very cozy about these nesting boxes. It could be the fabrics in playful colors that are used to make the curtains on these babies. If you already have nesting boxes with no privacy for your chicks, you can use fabrics, a staple gun, and a few pieces of thread to set up with cute little décor.

Plastic Bowl Nesting Boxes

blue and red Plastic Bowl Nesting Boxes
Check out more ideas at: kraftykritters00.blogspot.com

This is probably the cheapest solution anyone could ever give you in terms of DIY nesting boxes. You can buy (or repurpose) some larger plastic bowls, buy some line shaving or use hay to add some nesting material and you’re good to go. For the sake of adding more color to your chicken coop, you can also opt for multicolored bowls.

Container Nesting Box

Feast your eyes on a project so simple, it could take you less than 15 minutes. It’s basically a large plastic container, like the ones you use to store away things in your garage, with a rectangular section cut in one of the sides to allow chickens to get in and out of the nesting area, some bedding, and there you have it!

Triangle-Shaped Nesting Box

wooden Triangle-Shaped Nesting Box on the ground
Check out more ideas at: farmnatters.blogspot.com

Here’s another example of what you can do with a few pieces of wood, some hinges, screws, and a screwdriver. Designed to be different and to occupy as little space as possible, these nesting boxes were originally designed as shelter for wild geese, but who says your hens can’t use them to lay a couple of eggs?

Old Drawer Nesting Box

wooden Chicken nesting box
Check out more ideas at: theownerbuildernetwork.co

As we’ve said time and time again, just about anything can be turned into a nesting box, and especially old pieces of furniture that have plenty of drawers. Here is how you can redistribute them to create comfy spaces for your hens. Bet you’ll never throw out an old dresser any time soon.

Additional Nesting Box Area

Let’s assume that you already have a large-size chicken coop. What if you were to cut a hole in one of its walls and build some additional nesting boxes that will actually leave your chickens with more space to roam inside the main room of the coop? Watch this video tutorial and see how easy it is.

Large Nesting Box

wooden Large Nesting Box on the backyard
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The best part about making your own nesting box structure is that you can make it as small or as big as you’d like. Here you have an example of a two-level nesting box that features a wooden construction and plastic containers that serve as the actual resting place for hens. All that’s left is a little bedding and you’re ready to start your own egg production.

Old Dresser/New Nesting Box

old dresser nesting box
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Not to worry, nobody actually built a nesting box with such intricate details carved in wood: it’s just an old dresser that has been wisely repurposed to create a magnificent nesting place for your birds. Building the little ramp is easy and costs next to nothing, especially if you already have a wooden plank lying around that you can use.

Wooden-Box Nesting Space

Wooden-Box Nesting Space, chickens on the ground
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Here is a quick way to finish a nesting area by using produce wooden boxes that you can buy for a few dollars apiece at your local supermarket or thrift shop. The boxes are placed on an old wooden table, and it’s the quickest and easiest setup that you can create. No worry, you’ll have plenty of time for upgrades in the future!

Nesting Box With Ample Space

old bookcase Nesting Box With Ample Space
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Whether you’re building a nesting tower from scratch or you’re repurposing an old drawer, here is how much space you can get for your hens to do their thing without suffocating one another. This is a perfect idea for tall chicken coops that provide plenty of vertical space that you can use to your liking.

Large Tube Nesting Boxes

Large Tube Nesting Boxes with hays
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Did you know you can improvise and cut a huge cardboard tube into multiple parts in order to make your own nesting boxes? The tube in the picture did measure 4 feet in length and about 18 inches in diameter, but you can work with shorter or narrower tubes as well, just make sure that you but them so that the hens can actually fit comfortably inside.

Nesting Box Under $50

wooden Nesting Box, chicken on the ground
Discover more here

If you’re on a budget and are looking to build your very own nesting box, this project might be of some service to you. It is a rather simple project that’s designed for three birds at a time, and all the materials needed and the steps are listed so that anyone can see this project through.

Full Chicken Coop Plans

wooden Full Chicken Coop Plans on the backyard
Discover more here

This project will show you how to build a chicken coop from the ground up, but you can skip to the nesting box building part if that’s what you’re mainly interested in. The nesting box is designed to house three hens, and it can be placed both inside the coop, as well as outside, provided that you can offer some shelter from birds and egg-stealing predators.

Recycled Nesting Boxes

plastic Chicken house “recycled”
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One man’s trash is another man’s treasure (of course, even your own trash could be turned into a treasure) if you have the right project in mind. These plastic dairy boxes have been stacked and repurposed in order to create 12 slots for egg-laying, with the added benefit of occupying little floor space.

Chick in the Big Screen

old tv nesting box
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Couldn’t help but use this title when I first say this improvised nesting box idea. It’s basically the ultimate way to recycle the plastic casing on a giant old TV. It offers the perfect nesting spot for an adult hen, and it has a very original feel to (although, to be honest, I would paint that to make it look snazzier).

Hung Up on Nesting Boxes

nesting basket on the wall
More awesome concept at: www.thisoldhouse.com

I feel like I’m getting creative with these titles, but it’s only because the ideas themselves are so original! Here you have repurposed baskets that have been hung up on the wall and provide the cutest and most rusting nesting boxes for someone who wants a cozy chicken coop.

Custom Nest Boxes

Custom wooden Nest Boxes
More awesome concept at: tbnranch.com

One more for the road? Of course! Here is yet another DIY chicken coop nesting box project that implies putting together a few pieces of wood and coming up with a small structure, but one that’s very generous in terms of how many hens it can hold at a time.

Sloped-Roof Nesting Boxes

Sloped-Roof Nesting Boxes in the backyard
More awesome concept at: gardendaddy.blogspot.com

Let’s welcome a project that’s a bit more complex than some of the others we’ve seen today, but still fairly easy to put together. It’s a nesting box with plenty of housing space, a sloped roof, and a wooden perch as a finishing touch.

Walk-In Nesting Area

Walk-In wooden Nesting Area
More awesome concept at: keepingitcozy.blogspot.com

The best part about a project like this one is that the nesting boxes are concealed inside a closed space that will prevent predators from stealing the eggs and the birds. You can easily walk inside and collect the eggs when need be.

Astroturf Lined Nesting Boxes

Astroturf Lined wooden Nesting Boxes
More awesome concept at: www.hawk-hill.com

Now this is a fancy project indeed! We’re talking about a nesting coop that was designed to solve the broken egg problem and replaced the regular choice of bedding that you normally see in a nesting box with astroturf, making this not only a very practical solution to the initial problem, but also something that looks like it was made by a professional chicken coop brand.

Chicken Tractor

Chicken Tractor on the grass ground
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If you have chicken, you know they need their daily dose of fresh air in a space that can protect them from predators. So, how about nesting boxes that are half-covered and half-enclosed in order to make sure your hens are kept safe? With this solution, you can leave your birds unsupervised while they lay their eggs and get some sunlight when need be.

Flea Market Nesting Boxes

Flea Market Nesting wooden Boxes
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If you happen to walk through a flea market and find boxes or shelves at a really good price, all that’s left is to put your imagination to it and you can end up with a cool-looking and very practical nesting box. Don’t shy away from old or ugly-looking options, because you can make anything look good with some polish and paint work!

Double Nesting Box Area

Double Nesting wooden Box Area
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Talk about creating all proper conditions for your birds to lay eggs! This is basically a double suite at a Hilton as far as nesting boxes go. Each nesting box comes with its own ramp, there’s a light installed in there, and you can get easy access to clean the dropping and collect the eggs when the time comes.

More Container Nesting Spaces

More Container Nesting Spaces, chicken
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If you have a tall metal structure with rails that would allow you to slide in a few plastic containers one on top of the other, you’d have a generous vertical tower to serve as a nesting area for a number of hens. Consider adding a ramp to reach the upper containers and that’s basically all you need in terms of nesting boxes that don’t occupy a lot of space.

Nesting Box Rehab

Nesting Box Rehab made of steel
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I just love the name of the project and it’s just another perfect example that you can recycle stuff and turn it into nesting boxes. This is a galvanized nesting box that may be filled with rust, but it’s nothing that a little polishing and a fresh coat of paint can’t fix.

Bottom Line

When you think about nesting boxes, you’re most likely picturing very basic structure, but the truth is there’s a lot of playground when it comes to these small spaces. Whether you make them from scratch, buy them, or upgrade them from more basic models, you can fiddle with nesting boxes quite a lot. Would you be willing to make your own chicken coop nesting boxes from scratch or would you rather buy a ready-made one?

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