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15 Ideas for Chicken Coop Run Plans

If you’re planning on building your own chicken coop, it can be relatively overwhelming. Don’t panic though, take a deep breath and you’ll have all of this sorted before you know it. To get you started, we’ve helped to curate a total of 15 chicken coop run plans. From plans for large structures to extensions or add-ons with step-by-step instructions, we’ve got you completely covered.

By the end of this article, you should have enough inspiration to get started on building your chicken house with absolutely no issues at all. At the end of the day, building a home for your chickens isn’t that difficult. Armed with a detailed plan and a proper idea with what you’d like, your perfect chicken house will be ready in no time at all.

So, check out this list and you won’t be disappointed! At the very least, you’ll have some fantastic ideas on how to get started with these chicken coop run ideas!

Backyard Coop Plans

Backyard Chicken Coop Plans with Kennel / Run, Salbox / Lean-to 4 ft x 10 ft Two-in-One Plans , Design 60410SL

If you want to have a DIY plan that’s nicely designed and written out for you, this is the exact plan that you’re looking for. Either than being able to easily order this plan with the click of a button, this beautiful coop can also house up to ten chickens and even has a window for you to keep an eye on them. There are even detailed drawings along with tool lists as well as safety and helpful hints.

Get The Plans Here


Building a Chicken Run

Chicken Run for Beginners
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It can be intimidating learning how to build a chicken run from scratch. This free plan is great for beginners as it provides you with step-by-step instructions with some attention to detail and only a few key tools required. By the end of it, you’ll have an adequate habitat for about 4-5 birds. Keep in mind that for this, you should already have an appropriately-sized coop.

Urban Coop Plan

Chicken coop with chickens on the ground
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This house plan provides a cozy home for your chickens throughout the year. The coop even has a cute big “human door” that can be used for easy access and cleaning. On the left side, there’s a door for the chickens that even comes with a ramp. With the way, the chicken house is constructed, you’ll also be happy to know that not a drop of water will get into the coop.

Chicken House Extension

Chicken inside the chicken House Extension made of wires
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Have a coop already in place for your chickens? This extension will help to extend your chick’s home and ensure that your birds are allowed to roam in a larger area. Not only will your chickens have more interaction throughout the day, but the welded wire is also extremely secure. What are you waiting for? Go on ahead and build your nifty extension!

Building a Chicken Run

Chicken run space
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The most important thing when it comes to building a chicken run is for it to be safe, secure, and predator-proof. While the size of the run depends on the size of your flock, there should be a sufficient area along with a little door on the side. You’ll also need to incorporate a frame, but building a chicken run should be an easy task that isn’t overly strenuous.


A-Frame Chicken Coop on the backyard
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A chick house with an a-frame plan just means that it’s built around a right triangle. After assembling the frame and sheathing, you’ll just need to go ahead and put some finishing touches and you’re good to go. These instructables are also inexpensive, and you’ll have an awesome chicken house all ready to go.

Watch Run Plans

This is different from the rest of the chicken house plans as it actually comes in video form. It’s also a double structure that comes in a beautiful blue along with a separate run section for your chickens to roam about. It’s a fantastic combo for those looking for something pleasing to the eye but also efficient in cost.

Large Plans and Designs

large wooden chicken coop with chicken inside
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If you have a large chicken flock, you’ll want to have a spacious coop that’s able to incorporate all of them. With this large homemade chicken house design, you’ll be all set with a beautiful and secure chicken coop that can hold at least 16 hens. This design is also integrated and has a garden loft open-air design. What more do you need?

3D Guide

Chicken Coop Run Plans in 3D
Image Source here

This chicken coop run plan has clear instructions and even has graphics along with material cuts and dimensions. It’s also a simple house plan that comes with a side door for your chickens as well. With the step by step 3D assembly diagrams, you’ll have a proper coop constructed for your chickens in no time at all.

Backyard Coop Idea

Backyard Coop with chicken inside
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Fancy a cute backyard chicken coop that’s painted red with a striking white door? This house idea doesn’t require expensive materials and incorporates the main door to access the coop as well as a small door for the birds. Do note that this particular design can be pretty heavy after you’re done building it, so either get some help or have a hand truck help you wheel it.

Custom Chicken House

Chicken House on the woods
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This one is absolutely gorgeous and super cute for any property. With the mesh sides, you get a full view of your birds, but it also provides some privacy and shelter for them on the side. And not to mention that adorable flower box under the window. I’m convinced it’s a must-have for any chicken house. Keep the traditional red, or switch it to match the color of your home!

Plans and Flowers

chicken coop at the backyard
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This snazzy looking plan for a chick house is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it also has a complete instruction manual so you can easily replicate it at home. Either than having a full door with mesh at the bottom to prevent the chickens from running out, it also has a little window with a flower box and another door on the side.

The Palace

wooden chicken coop with brown paint
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This palace chick house plan is as good as it gets. Its large size means that it’s more highly visible and visually appealing. To top it off, it’s also sturdy, resistant to summer rain, and has good ventilation and air movement. There’s also more than enough room to hold five to seven hens and yes, it will be a palace for your chickens.

Hoop Coop

Hoop Coop for chicken on the woods
Check out this designed plan at: www.backyardchickens.com

A hoop coop is just a differently designed version that is somewhat of a curved enclosure. You still get everything you need in a hoop coop though from the sturdy structure to the door opening. Perhaps what’s a little different is that a tarp comes with a hoop coop to protect the structure from rain. There’s also an electric fence to keep the predators at bay.

A Home with a View

Chicken Coop With Run
Check out this designed plan at:  www.unboundroots.com

This idea is great for those wanting to go all out for a more elaborate structure. The floor is insulated, and this chicken coop also comes with a run, which means more additional space. There are even four windows installed – two in the front, and two in the back. With this chick house, your feathery friends are sure to happily roam your property.

The Bottom Line

There you have it! I hope that these incredible ideas will help you get started on building your chicken coop. All you need to do is identify which chicken coop plan suits you best, and head out to purchase the required resources. There are all sorts of chicken coop plans covered in this list so you’re sure to find out that suits your liking. But before you buy, be sure to check out our reviews on a popular chicken coop. Comment and share which ideas you did and feel free to suggest your own as well!