65 Fun & Creative Christmas Decorations Made From Pool Noodles
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65 Fun & Creative Christmas Decorations Made From Pool Noodles

Who said you can’t have stylish Christmas decorations and ideas on a budget?

Although the cost of festive decorations is known to easily add up in dollars, you can still have the best home on the block without breaking the bank. All you need are pool noodles and some creativity.

Doing this helps you switch up your home for the holidays and, in case you need some help imagining what you can do with it, here are 65 fun and creative Christmas decorations made from pool noodles!

1. Noodle Rays

Noodle Rays
Image credits: Unskinny Boppy via CreativeCommons

When we come home during the holidays, it’s typical to find a gorgeous wreath hanging on your door. While wreaths are typically made with natural pine tree branches, this sets your home apart. Its very simple design uses a circular pool noodle base covered in hemp fabric and cut-up pool noodles arranged like sun rays. Even without any traditional Christmassy design elements, this is undoubtedly festive and creative!

2. Bubbly Christmas

Bubbly Christmas
Image credits: Sam Howzit via CreativeCommons

This wreath is designed with sparkly white tinsel and colorful Christmas balls. It’s a fun and festive piece to have for your home and can be made easier with a trusty pool noodle! To create this pool noodle craft, you don’t need new and pricey items, just use what you have and glue it all over a pool noodle that’s been lopped into a circle.

3. Giant Wreath

Giant Wreath
Image credits: JamesDeMers via Pixabay

If you like the design of traditional evergreen wreaths, give your house an edge by upsizing them and hanging them on a large gate or fence this holiday season! These giant wreaths are only made possible thanks to a huge pool noodle circle frame that gives it a ton of structure without any added weight. Who would’ve thought that pool noodles covered in Christmas garlands could look so impressive?

4. Wreaths of the Same Feather

Wreaths of the Same Feather
Image credits: stux via Pixabay

For a more sophisticated and elegant approach, this feather wreath stuns everyone in your home without spending a fortune. All you need to recreate this is a circular pool noodle base covered in gorgeous multicolored feathers. Unique wreaths like this are hard to find commercially and can be pricey if you do see one for sale but, fortunately, you can build this luscious wreath yourself!

5. Emergency Scrap Wreath

Emergency Scrap Wreath
Image credits: Sarah Pflug from Burst

If you’ve started the holiday decor a bit too late in the season, this deceptively easy scrap fabric wreath is for you! With all your materials on hand, it shouldn’t take you more than half an hour to complete this pool noodle craft. Take an old pool noodle and liven it up by tying strips of fabric around it. Cutting up your old clothes, curtains, or beddings for this helps create a wreath that’s custom to your home.

6. Ribbon and Fluff

Ribbon and Fluff
Image credits: Joe Shlabotnik via CreativeCommons

In case fabric scraps aren’t your cup of holiday tea, try the same technique with ribbons instead! Ruffle your ribbons (or even some coffee filters) before attaching them to your pool noodle wreath base, giving it an overall textured 3D effect. These wreaths look fun, fluffy, and way classier than anyone would expect from something made with a pool noodle.

7. Spun Like Yarn

Spun Like Yarn
Image credits: ShardsOfBlue via CreativeCommons

Although this particular wreath is meant for a different holiday, you can use the same techniques for the Christmas season! It’s one of the easiest and most child-friendly designs on this list and can be made by simply spinning yarn around your pool noodle base. Jazz it up further with Christmas-themed felt fabric cut-outs to fit perfectly into the crafty vibe.

8. Christmas in Tulle

Christmas Tulle Wreath
Image credits: ChristopheLedent via Canva

This lovely wreath looks incredibly striking yet unbelievably effortless to make. It’s another quick Christmas decor fix that’s great if you want something delicate, soft, and feminine in your home. It’s a lovely wreath for your front door— and no one needs to know that it’s only made from a looped pool noodle wrapped in tulle fabric!

9. Snowy Days

Christmas wreath and light
Image credits: Zhenikeyev via Canva

The beauty of pool noodles for your Christmas wreath is that they’re perfect for quick, easy, and affordable decor— just like this simple festive holiday wreath! It’s essentially a pool noodle wrapped in white-tipped evergreen garlands, giving it a fresh snowfall look. This makes it look full, lively, and versatile enough to seamlessly fit into most holiday decoration themes.

10. Yarn Charm

Yarn Charm
Image credits: Arina Krasnikova from Pexels

This pool noodle wreath needs more involvement than others on this list but for very good reason! Its foam noodle base is covered in soft yarn plush crafts, wrapped in twine, and decorated with cute cottage accents. All of these combined make up a charming rustic Christmas wreath. It’s wonderful for anyone who loves to DIY things, especially if you want to go for that soft and sweet look this holiday season.

11. Winter Wreaths

Winter Wreaths
Image credits: pixelheart via Pixabay

This is a winter wonderland in the form of an advent wreath! It’s made similar to wall-mounted wreaths but has carved in some pockets on its side to hold candles that’ll light up in the weeks up to Christmas. Using a foam pool noodle is wonderful for these wreaths because they’re easy to design and very stable for your candles.

12. Candles in Baubles

Candles in Baubles
Image credits: Hans via Piixabay

In case you have some key table elements that need help calling attention, you can frame them with little Christmas ball wreaths. They easily draw the eye to whatever you want to highlight, whether it’s a candle, a statuette, or even a yummy candy jar. All you need to have for this are your old holiday decor, a glue gun, and a few hours of free time to work on it!

13. Up to Shape

Up to Shape
Image credits: Rusty Clark via flirck

If you’re looking for something incredibly unique but still simple, affordable, and beginner-friendly, you can twist and mold your pool noodle into unique Christmas shapes! For this awesome decoration, shape your wreaths like a star or a heart and wrap them in lovely garlands. Mount these on your walls to add more glam to an area and keep it in the festive spirit.

14. Lettered Noodles

Lettered Noodles
Image credits: ProFlowers.com via CreativeCommons

Looking for awesome pool noodle crafts? You’d never expect that this holiday statement piece is made from a pool noodle! It’s made to look like the number one and covered with thick evergreen garlands. Since you can easily make this at home, take this opportunity to form any letter or number you want representing your family this holiday season for a personalized addition to your home.

15. Tinsel Socks

Tinsel Socks
Image credits: Meghna R on Unsplash

This is one of the simpler designs that people would never guess to be made from tinsel and foam noodles! To do this, cut up your pool noodles and stick them together in an L-shape before wrapping them in red and white tinsel. This gives you a lightweight 3D Christmas stocking design to hang up anywhere in your home and instantly add extra holiday cheer.

16. Candy Cane Wonderland

girl holding candy cane decorations
Image credits: sslfamilydad via Instructables

Is it Christmas if you don’t see amazing candy cane decorations everywhere? This holiday season, for an eye-catching holiday display, bring this sweet treat into your home by transforming your pool noodles into giant candy cane poles! It’s a low-fuss DIY project that you can do with your kids and use to decorate your yard to make it look like a magical candy wonderland.

17. Dainty Pond Lights

Pool Noodle Lights
Image credits: DIY for Homeowners via Instructables

When your pond, pool, or any other outdoor water feature is open, level it up with dainty lights! One of the simplest things you can do is slice up a flower-shaped pool noodle and add a tea light. When these floaters sit on your water, they add another design layer to your yard. The best part is that you can freely use them throughout the year, simply switching the colors to match the season!

18. Poinsettia Garlands

Poinsettia Garlands
Image credits: pnoeric via CreativeCommons

Whenever you have guests over for the season’s festivities, never forget to dress up your dinner table. Don’t stop at bringing out your good tablecloth, your best plates, and your fancy candlesticks— complete it with a centerpiece! If you’re rushing to complete one, wrap some garlands around your pool noodle and cover up any bare areas with jolly poinsettia flowers and other Christmassy decorations. It’s classic, traditional, and extremely memorable!

19. Tinsel Table Centers

Tinsel Table Centers
Image credits: Dr Stephen Dann via CreativeCommons

Looking for a funkier table centerpiece to match your personality? Give it a glamorous edge by making it sparkle!

Wrap your pool noodle in loads of tinsel, decorate it with your favorite holiday ornaments, and scatter some lovely Christmas crackers all over it for your guests to enjoy at the end of the night.

20. Luxury Staircase on a Budget

Luxury Staircase on a Budget
Image credits: RODNAE Productions from Pexels

Though not everyone has a grand staircase, you can transform the simplest steps into something luxurious with the help of pool noodles. Foam noodles help you create elaborate garland railing designs to level up your home. Decorating pool noodles helps you achieve a bigger and fuller design that’s easy to install, keeps your ornaments stable, and prevents damage on your railings left from tape, zip ties, or push pins normally used to keep ornaments in place.

21. Log Candle Holders

Log Candle Holders
Image credits: bernd_lindner_98 via Pixabay

If a surface in your home looks a little empty, consider adding this faux log candle holder to bring in more warmth, texture, and color to the area. It’s a pool noodle designed to look like a birch log with candle pockets cut into its side. This is a sophisticated touch to your space and helps smoothly incorporate flickering lights, even if all you use are electric candles!

22. Faux Flames

Faux Flames
Image credits: matthiasboeckel via Pixabay

Do you love candles but don’t want to risk the fire hazard? This piece is meant to imitate chunky log candles and has quirky fake flames topping it. Though it’s made similar to other pool noodle log tutorials, this is meant to stand upright instead of on its side. It’s great if you have kids around and want to bring in a kind of “warmth” that doesn’t risk anyone’s safety.