65 Fun & Creative Christmas Decorations Made From Pool Noodles
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65 Fun & Creative Christmas Decorations Made From Pool Noodles

23. Woody Wall Hangers

Woody Wall Hangers
Image credits: stux via Pixabay

In case you have blank walls that need to be filled this holiday season, you don’t have to stress about it! This wall hanging decor is a bunch of pool noodle logs strung together using twine and forming the shape of a Christmas tree with unique ornaments. This makes entertainment areas that don’t have any Christmas trees feel more festive and inviting.

24. A Christmas Message

A Christmas Message
Image credits: JillWellington via Pixabay

Who doesn’t love a good Christmas-themed sign in their decor? If you want to hang up a sign and have trouble finding a specific word, you can simply shape your pool noodles into the message you want. Since you’re already doing it yourself, you could also customize it to match your decor perfectly such as making it look like wood or wrapping it in yarn.

25. Christmas Countdown

Christmas Countdown
Image credits: Nicole De Khors from Burst

Make your experience more exciting with a Christmas countdown! You can make it yourself with felt fabric cutouts and fill it with foam noodle scraps to make it look soft and plush. Although pillow stuffing is usually used for this, pool noodles give it a very reliable and full look that won’t flatten over time.

26. Happy Knit Ornaments

Happy Knit Ornaments
Image credits: Joanna Malinowska via freestocks.org

Knitting and crochet crafts have become extremely popular in the past few years and many are joining the trend of making their own Christmas ornaments with this yarn art. To help your yarn art keep its shape better, you can mold them around pool noodles! This works best for circular and elongated ornament designs.

27. Christmas Pet Beds

Sweater & Pool Noodle Pet Bed
Image credits: krivas via Instructables

Even your animal companions should get into the Christmas spirit! Give them a holiday pet bed made from a pool noodle and an old sweater that matches the merry vibes. It’s a simple project that helps add another interesting detail to your home and helps every member of the family, human or otherwise, get ready for Yule.

28. Festive Fake Candles

Festive Fake Candles
Image credits: Jupiterimages via Picspree

The fake pool noodle candle projects continue with this craft. Cut up some pool noodle pieces in different heights, decorate them to match your home, and add some electric tealights to the top to make it look like a traditional Christmas candle. These faux candles are much easier to camouflage when grouped and staged like traditional candles!

29. Yuletide Arch

Yuletide Arch
Image credits: TheAtelier via Instructables

Welcoming people into your home for the season’s celebrations doesn’t start at your front door, it starts in your yard! Welcome them with a gorgeous Christmas arch made from a pool noodle structure and decorated with garlands and lights. It’s a fuss-free outdoor design that makes your home easier for guests to find and gets everyone in the mood to celebrate.

30. Window Pane 

Window Pane 
Image credits: brillianata124685 via Vecteezy

Don’t limit your Christmas arches to your yard, you can also add similar garland-wrapped pool noodles to window panes, garden pergolas, and patios. This pool noodle garland is an easy way to tastefully fill your yard with holiday cheer and make it look classy without spending much time or money on your decorations.

31. Not so Dwarfed

Not so Dwarfed
Image credits: Samantha Hurley from Burst

If you have some ordinary gnomes or dwarves in your home, have them join the merriment with tall Christmas hats! This smoothly transforms your ordinary yard features to match your holiday look. Help them look fabulous with a tall, structured, pool noodle inserted into your old Santa hats. It grabs everyone’s attention and helps your usual lawn ornaments stand out.

32. Glow in the Dark

Glow in the Dark
Image credits: MattHurst via CreativeCommons

Looking for some fun pool noodle crafts? If you love having fun with Christmas lights, you can add some lovely LED candle posts to your yard. Do this with the help of some pool noodle posts outlined in red and green strip lights that give your home a festive ambiance. To finish it off, these are topped with a teardrop-shaped orange light, making a nighttime statement that looks bright and lovely at all times.

33. Holiday Lights

Holiday Lights
Image credits: Rahul Pandit from Burst

To make everything cohesive, you can also use pool noodles to help your outdoor lamp posts fit the merry theme. Decorate pool noodles to match your Christmas decor, slice it open on one side, and slip it over your lamp post pole. If you don’t have lamp posts in your yard, you could also create your own holiday lawn light posts with a structured pool noodle and your favorite light bulbs.

34. On the Way to Christmas

On the Way to Christmas
Image credits: Nicole De Khors from Burst

‘Tis the season to give some direction! Although this might not be on your radar, this is a Christmas signpost that looks like it came straight from the North Pole. It’s a fun piece to add to your front yard that helps your home look young and inviting. It also helps direct your guests to where all the festivities will be held, whether it’s through your front door or in your backyard. Make this with a candy-striped pool noodle pole and some quirky personalized signs.

35. Classy Pond Floaters

Holiday Pool Noodle Lights
Image credits: DIY for Homeowners via Instructables

If you want something a little more sophisticated for your water features, you can add tiny evergreen sprigs and lightweight ornaments to your foam noodle floating lights. Organize them better by gluing these pieces together to make them look neat and easy to fish out. Using extras from your interior Christmas decor for these floaters also helps your home look more cohesive and chic.

36. Noodle Elves

Noodle Elves
Image credits: echilds41 via CreativeCommons

Do you have some little ones running around your house? Let them join the holiday decorating fun with these easy and fun pool noodle crafts! Teach them how to make tiny elves with foam noodle pieces, googly eyes, pipe cleaners, and other craft items they need to make their version of Santa’s little helper. Just placing these on your mantel or by your dining table will have your kids puffing up with pride at helping out!

37. Kiddie Table-Toppers

Kiddie Table-Toppers
Image credits: Wendy Piersall via CreativeCommons

If you’ve got extra time and want to dress up your kiddie tables and play areas with youthful joy, create these kiddie table-toppers with a pool noodle and fuzzy pipe cleaners. These are undeniably adorable crafts that keep kids occupied during the celebrations while adults unwind in this festive time.

38. Sweet Planters

Sweet Planters
Image credits: Baker County Tourism via filckr

Since your planters are, more or less, on a break from growing any plants during winter, include them in your holiday fun! Using a pool noodle as a base, place it on top of your empty soil and stick some Christmas lollies in it before covering the exposed foam with cotton or white mesh fabric. This gives your home a sweeter look and, thanks to your candy being kept clean by the foam base, your guest can help themselves to it while they’re over.

39. Lollipop Paths

Giant Lollipop Christmas Decorations
Image credits: LincolnsCreations via Instructables

If you can have huge candy canes in your yard and Christmas lollies in your planters, nothing should stop you from lining your pathway with these giant lollipops! These are deceptively easy to make and leave a fun impression on everyone who sees it. It’s incredibly playful and helps add color and depth to your outdoor spaces without having to think too much about it.

40. By the Fireplace

By the Fireplace
Image credits: sherbak.volodymir494933 via vecteezy

If you’re looking for something classic and chic to add to your mantel, this might help you out. Create a gorgeous and classy mantel design by filling your empty fireplace with some pool noodle logs. This is perfect if you have a faux mantelpiece and don’t want to spend extra bucks on filling it with wood. You can arrange your logs on its side, like how it’s done traditionally, or have them stand up and fully cover the wall.

41. Christmas Wall Trees

Christmas Wall Trees
Image credits: Donatella D’Anniballe on Unsplash

If you want some Christmas trees in your yard but don’t have much space to build one, use your walls instead! Cut up your pool noodles in different lengths and stick them up in the shape of a Christmas tree on your exterior wall. Doing this is an easy holiday decoration that improves your outdoor areas without sacrificing precious floor space.

42. Vase Fillers

Vase Fillers
Image credits: Anastasia Shuraeva from Pexels

Everyone loves a flower bouquet but the cold makes it hard to fill your home with these gorgeous blooms. To keep your favorite vases on display, switch to a more winter-appropriate arrangement. Simply use any pine tree branch from your home or neighborhood park and stick it into a pool noodle before inserting it into your vase. The pool noodle stabilizes the branch and prevents it from moving around. Unfortunately, this only works for opaque vases.

43. Chic Mini Trees

Chic Mini Trees
Image credits: mgattorna via Pixabay

Chic miniature trees are a fantastic way to add a subtle Christmas touch to a space and it’s surprisingly easy to make. Use your pool noodle as your tree’s skeleton and either taper its top to a point or add a mesh wire support for the tip. Once that’s ready, cover the structure with thick yarn. This helps when you need to transform less visited to add a slight touch of holiday love to less visited areas in your home.

44. Quick and Easy Nativity Scene

Quick and Easy Nativity Scene
Image credits: tsayrate via CreativeCommons

Not everyone wants a nativity scene for their home but some people love it. If you want to recreate this, pool noodles shaped like people are the easiest way to go! After positioning your nativity scene, dress them up to complete the picture. You can also use this pool noodle person technique with other popular Christmas personalities, like Santa, Jack Frost, or even Mrs. Claus!