65 Fun & Creative Christmas Decorations Made From Pool Noodles
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65 Fun & Creative Christmas Decorations Made From Pool Noodles

45. Cactus in Christmas

Cactus in Christmas
Image credits: YuesFoodStory via Instructables

Who said that your Christmas tree needs to be modeled after a pine tree? It’s almost 2022 and there’s no better time than now to explore other, quirkier Christmas tree options, especially if you’re not too keen on a traditional holiday celebration. One thing you can do is this cactus Christmas tree made from pool noodles and decorated with colorful pom poms! It’s great for compact homes and children’s playrooms!

46. Fuzzy Puppets

Fuzzy Puppets
Image credits: Wendy Piersall via Creativecommons

If you’re looking to start a new tradition, why not make a Christmas puppet show with your kids? These puppets are made with pool noodles and use pipe cleaners to make them look like popular children’s characters. Recreating scenes with their favorite characters can help occupy their time and can make for a heartwarming family bonding activity!

47. Owl House

Owl House
Image credits: jeniffertn via Pixabay

Another fun winter decoration add-on would be some DIY owls! Owls are wonderful to see during the winter months but, if you can’t go bird watching, you can just use pool noodles to make some winter birds of your own. You can either use foam noodle scraps to stuff an owl plushie or glue some wings with a hot glue gun onto a pool noodle piece.

48. Permanent Snowman

Permanent Snowman
Image credits: pasja1000 via Pixabay

Looking for festive porch decor ideas? No winter wonderland is complete without a happy snowman in the yard. Even if your snowfall isn’t thick enough to create a lifesized snowman, you can decorate your porch with some of these mini snowy features instead. Using white pool noodles, colorful markers, and some tiny snowman clothes, you can litter your home with these permanent snowy friends.

49. Dwarf Details

Dwarf Details
Image credits: lovini via Pixabay

If you don’t have any lawn gnomes but want to add some cute little helper elves to your home, this is what you can do! Take some small Christmas hats and fill them with a pool noodle to help the fabric stand up. You can then glue on a pompom nose and a fluffy elf beard made of cotton or faux fur with a hot glue gun to complete the look and add to your home for a bonus playful touch.

50. Sweet Holiday Bouquet

Sweet Holiday Bouquet
Image credits: RedBoy [Matt] via CreativeCommons
Looking for some awesome projects to make this holiday season? Make a holiday bouquet with the help of some fake flowers, a pool noodle, candy canes, and a bright red ribbon. Your pool noodle will be a base that holds your flowers and makes them stable. You can then arrange your candy canes to form a wall around the foam and finish it off with a big bow to give you a lovely formal Christmas flower arrangement!

51. Backyard Moose

Backyard Moose
Image credits: Samantha Hurley from Burst

Another popular animal to see in the snow are moose. While DIY plushies are generally easier to make nowadays, it’ll be hard to recreate moose antlers unless you use pool noodles! You can easily recreate moose antlers using pool noodle cut-outs and burlap or felt fabric. Use these as decorative holiday cushions to keep any seating arrangement adorably festive.

52. Festive Trampoline

Festive Trampoline
Image credits: NErDy NErDs via Instructables

If you have a trampoline in your backyard, your guests might want to play on them, especially if you live in warmer climates. Make a great impression with your trampoline by cutting up pieces of red and green pool noodles (or any color that matches your decor), and use them to cover its springs. Not only does this tie it into your decor, but it also improves its safety.

53. Cozy Fireplace

Cozy Fireplace
Image credits: Lynda Hinton on Unsplash

If your fireplace needs a little more jazzing up, use pool noodles for bonus Christmas trinkets and faux candles. These little items look great scattered around the fireplace and help it look fuller, cozier, and more inviting. This is particularly helpful if you need some last-minute decor and can’t run out to the shops!

54. Mini Tree Stands

Mini Tree Stands
Image credits: omhamada276758991 via Vecteezy

If you find some pine tree branches or want to make a Christmas tree out of wires, you can use a pool noodle for your base to display it. The foam base keeps it very stable and, thanks to its lightweight quality, you can easily switch it up or move it around your home to decorate areas that need it most, depending on the celebration.

55. Reindeer Riders

Pool Noodle
Image credits: fotovampir via Canva

Santa can’t complete his Christmas duties without his trusty reindeer. For your family to have a special reindeer, make one with pool noodles! Having pool noodle reindeer in your kiddie areas helps entertain children during your holiday celebrations and would look incredibly adorable by your Christmas tree, even for the child-free dinners.

56. Step into the Holidays

Step into the Holidays
Image credits: Ryutaro Tsukata from Pexels

If you’ve got some old and unused Christmas boots and socks at home, give them another chance at life as part of your decor. Use your pool noodles to stuff them and look like an elf’s boots that you can display anywhere in your home. To make it more endearing, cover a long pool noodle in some festive long socks and stick them into the shoes to make it look like someone’s wearing them. Finish the effect with a Christmas hat or by having the feet peek out from under your curtains!

57. A Sack of Fun

A Sack of Fun
Image credits: congerdesign via Pixabay

It’s hard to picture Santa going around the world on Christmas without a reliable sack holding everyone’s gifts. Recreate this in your home by stuffing burlap sacks with pool noodle pieces and cutouts to make them look full, structured, and bursting with joy. This is also a great temporary filler for advent calendar sacks if you don’t have any gift for that day prepared yet.

58. Custom Ottoman

Custom Ottoman
Image credits: Olivierbricole via instructables

A little extra furnishing never hurts, even if it’s made out of scrap materials in your home. This ottoman is crafted from coffee pod tubes with a pool noodle cushion. It’s a wonderful idea to lessen your waste and add temporary seating to your home. Make it look more high-end by covering its body and foam top with extra fabric in your home that matches the Christmas season.

59. Crochet Curtains

Crochet Curtains
Image credits: Markus Spiske on Unsplash

The holidays usually invite lots of people into your home but there might be some places you don’t want guests to find. Ward off these places with a holiday curtain barrier made from strung together pool noodles pieces. Whether you cover the foam to look like traditional ornaments or you choose not to, it’s a great way to section off private areas without interfering with the flow of your house!

60. Tree Candles

Tree Candles
Image credits: Thomas Kelley on Unsplash

Although lighting candles on your Christmas tree has become less common in recent decades for obvious reasons, it’s still a wonderful traditional tree decor. To get this look without the fire hazard or added weight, use pool noodle crafts that make it look like candles. Just remember to add an electric tealight on top for a safe and classic holiday tree!

61. Festive Obstacles

Festive Obstacles
Image credits: waylightcreate on Instructables

A holiday gathering is incomplete without some fun games! To keep active and tire out your more energetic visitors, build an obstacle course in your yard with pool noodles. Even without guests around, this can help you, your family, and your pets exercise and bond during the season of giving. This is best for spacious yards and areas with warm weather.

62. Dancing Santa Hats

Dancing Santa Hats
Image credits: guvo59 via Pixabay

Make your Christmas hats dance with the help of some pool noodles! Insert different-sized pool noodles under your Christmas hats to give them various heights. When laid well, the pointed and folded hats look like they’re dancing and would be a great way to add flare to empty windowsills and shelves in your home.

63. Santa up on the Wall

Santa up on the Wall
Image credits: Craig Adderley from Pexels

Have Santa peak into your home through a magical window! Loop a pool noodle into a circle and cover it with fluffy cotton, imitating Father Christmas’ trademark white beard, and painting his face inside. Top it off with a bright red hat and put it up on your wall to invite him to your holiday festivities.

64. Ring Toss: Holiday Edition

Ring Toss Holiday Edition
Image credits: 682800 via Instructables

If you love holiday activities but don’t have the yard space or the right weather for a large obstacle course, you can create a ring toss game with pool noodles! Follow this tutorial for you and all your guests to join in some lively games as you celebrate the season. To help it fit the occasion, stick to holiday colors that match your home.

65. In a Festive Cloud

In a Festive Cloud
Image credits: Thuyen Vu from Pexels

You can make your buffet table or beverage display look magical with pool noodles. Stick some fluffy cotton or mesh to your pool noodles and use it to dress up your food for dinner. This makes your menu look like it’s floating on clouds and, since it’s all already stuck in as a single piece, it helps you effortlessly assemble and disassemble your dinner display when hosting guests.

In Summary

Just like Santa Claus, the sky is the limit when imagining everything you can do with pool noodles when it comes to indoor and outdoor decor.

Although your creativity will be tested, the results are incredibly rewarding, especially when no one can tell what’s actually underneath all your most unique pieces.

As you go forward, don’t be afraid to experiment and try all kinds of techniques to transform your pool noodles into impressive Christmas decor for your home. So what are you waiting for? Get those pool noodles out and start crafting!