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75 Beautiful Christmas Outdoor Planter Ideas for Your Porch

There are a few things that will instantly jazz up any space like a well-styled planter. Since we’re getting into the Christmas spirit over here at Backyard Boss, it’s about time we put together a listicle on Christmas outdoor planters. Your porch is the perfect place to add some Christmas cheer through well-styled planters. Take a look at the best outdoor planter for Christmas if you’re ready to make a purchase. Your neighbors and visitors alike will love the festive welcome that a decked-out porch will provide. So let’s dive into 75 ideas for a beautiful Christmas outdoor planter for your porch.

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1. Classic Christmas Planter

Christmas or Winter planter
Image credits: Mary Baratto via Canva

To start things off, we’ve got the classic Christmas porch planter. This is a great way to add that seasonal touch to your porch. Grab your favorite planter and fill it up with seasonal foliage from birch logs and leaves to pinecones. Throw in some poinsettias for added Christmas cheer. This is the perfect DIY project to get the holiday season rolling. Check out our guide on how to make your own Christmas outdoor planter for a full tutorial.

2. Porch Christmas Tree

Evergreen Branches and Rustic Driftwood
Image credits: tab1962 via Canva

No need to put a traditional Christmas tree on your porch, but you can put up a paired back version. Grab some shapely evergreen branches and prop them up in a large vase on your porch. Add string lights and other Christmas decorations for a pop of Christmas cheer.

3. Galvanized Tub Planter

Galvanized tubs being used as planters for bright pink petunias
Image credits: Kristen Prahl via Canva

These old wash tubs of times past make excellent, rustic planters for any season. To dress them up for Christmas, add evergreen leaves and birch branches. Foliage from any conifer tree will do. Add some red accents, like red Christmas decorations or a red bow, for the perfect Christmas color palette.

4. Old Milk Can Planter

vintage milk cans
Image credits: jirkaejc via Canva

While we’re on the subject of old vessels as rustic planters, why not use an old milk can as a planter if you can get your hands on one? You could plant a small pine tree in a milk planter as a mini Christmas tree. Add some empty boxes wrapped in wrapping paper around the base of the milk can for extra points.

5. Giant Lantern Planter

Lantern on Wooden Surface and Winter Background
Image credits: pixelshot via Canva

A quick and easy way to get your existing planters into the Christmas spirit is by decorating them. Find an oversized lantern, add a tea candle, and you have a  lovely decoration that will jazz up any planter you put it in. Add some baubles and a Christmas hat for color.

6. Christmas Decoration Spiral

Christmas Garland
Image credits: GMVozd via Canva

For this one, you need a green garland and a metal rod of some sort. Drive the metal rod into the soil, and use some fishing line to tie the garland in a spiral up the rod. Add some lights or trailing plants around the edge of the planter and you have yourself an eye-catching porch planter.

7. Pine Planter Display

Christmas Planter
Image credits: LOVE_LIFE via Canva

Why not give the humble pine tree some spotlight this season? Start with a small to medium sized pine tree to be the center piece for this planter. Then gather some extra pine cones to add texture and interest around the base. Wrap the whole thing in string lights or Christmas decorations and you have yourself a beautiful pine focused porch planter.

8. Tomato Cage Christmas Tree

Colorful tomato cage
Image credits: Kameleon007 via Canva

If you’re after a perfectly conical porch decoration, put your tomato cages to work this winter. Fix the tomato cages into a large vase, then wrap the tomato cage with green garland, spiralling all the way to the top. Add in your favorite decorations, plant a poinsettia for color and Christmas cheer, and you’re done.

9. Hollowed Out Pumpkin

Hollowing Out Pumpkin
Image credits: pixelshot via Canva

Do you have any hollowed out pumpkins lying around at this time of year? You could throw them away, sure. But why do that when you can turn them into outdoor planters? That’s right, hollowed out pumpkins make excellent outdoor planters. They won’t last forever, but you’ll get more mileage for those Halloween pumpkins as they transition into the perfect outdoor Christmas planters.

10. Scarecrow Planter

Pumpkin and Scarecrow
Image credits: m.kucova via Canva

While we’re on the topic of Halloween decorations pulling a double shift, why not turn your terrifying homemade scarecrow into an adorable Christmas planter? That gives you an excuse to bring your scarecrow in for the winter and set them up on your porch. You’ll have to use different methods depending on what kind of scarecrow you made, but we love it when a scarecrow has a flower planter in the top of their head; as if they have a beautiful bunch of flowers as a Christmassy hair do.

11. String Light Lantern

golden christmas ball and candel in a lantern with christmas string lights
Image credits: Rene Gamper via Canva

String lights are one of those decorations that just look good anywhere. For this planter decoration, bunch them up inside a glass lantern instead of a tea candle. You could then add them to a planter with evergreen branches and pine cones for a simple yet beautiful Christmas planter.

12. Evergreen Mashup

Evergreen plant in winter
Image credits: Pannonia via Canva

For a truly local feel for your Christmas planter, use a variety of evergreen leaves and foliage that you find in your neighborhood. Most evergreen foliage has that wintery feel to it for a season-specific planter. Look for leaves with different textures and shades for visual interest in this easy DIY planter.

13. Rustic Willow Basket

Old vintage rustic retro willow vine basket
Image credits: PaRo via Canva

For this planter, you’ll need an old wicker basket. Place some floral foam in the bottom of the basket, and then ‘plant’ your various vegetation in the foam. We like the look of curly willow branches on a ‘bed’ of pinecones. Don’t forget the greenery to bring it all together and you could even add Christmas decorations to the willow branches.

14. Green And Red Berries And Seed Pods

Branch of Red Berries
Image credits: Floral Deco via Canva

While foliage and greenery are usually the star of any planter, don’t forget about the aesthetic quality of berries and seed pods. Go for the bright red winterberry for a pop of Christmas color, any traditional green foliage, and seed pods for texture for something a bit different this Christmas.

15. Change Up The Color Pallet

Blue Christmast Ornament and Silver Pinecones on Blue
Image credits: amykerkemeyerphoto via Canva

Red and green are traditional Christmas colors, but that doesn’t mean you have to stick to this color scheme. Why not go for a winter palette with white, blue, and silver? Silver baubles and painted white pinecones would make a statement next to blue flowers and grey foliage.

16. Change It Up Again

yarrow flower
Image credits: Gorand73 via Canva

For a more neutral color palette, go for the simple elegance of white and green. Use some cedar or willow branches to frame your planter in foliage. Next, use an assortment of white flowers like elderberry and yarrow for an elegant winter planter. A light dusting of snow on this planter will make that dark green foliage pop even more.

17. Colorful Fruit Planters

Granny Smith Apples
Image credits: jfjacobsz2 via Canva

There are many ways to pull off this planter. If you already have a fruit tree in a pot, why not decorate? Add some tinsel and string lights, and line the pot with any long-lasting, winter fruit and you’re good to go. If you don’t have a fruit tree in a pot, you could make a garland with seasonal fruit and wrap it around a shrub instead. Try bright orange clementines and light green Granny Smith apples for a burst of delicious color.

18. Mix Dry And Fresh Foliage

Baby’s breath
Image credits: shironagasukujira via Canva

It’s no secret that fresh flowers are in short supply in winter. So why not dry some beforehand to use in your Christmas planters? Some flowers that are good for drying include Baby’s Breath, Globe Amaranth, and Hydrangeas. Juxtapose these with evergreen foliage that can stand the cold, and you have a beautiful planter to last you through the winter.

19. Small Statement

dry flower in steel can decoration in coffee shop on wood table
Image credits: Slonme via Canva

When it comes to outdoor planters, bigger is not always better. A small planter can be the detail that makes all the difference to your outdoor table. To convert an old coffee can into a planter, poke holes in the bottom, fill with soil, and plant. Try a low-growing shrub-like “Blue Star” juniper. Add some pinecones and decorations for an easy, small outdoor tabletop planter.

20. A Planter For The Whole Season

Wooden Box with Willow Branches on Windowsill
Image credits: pixelshot via Canva

Seasonal planters can be earthy and neutral too. If you want a planter that’s seasonally appropriate from fall through winter, give this one a go. Use dried magnolia leaves and decorative willow branches for a tan and brown base. Then use yellow dogwood branches and one or two orange flowers for a planter that will be appropriate for months.

21. Faux Snowman

snowman standing in front of the house on the Christmas holiday
Image credits: oksana_nazarchuk via Canva

Are you ready for a snowman on your porch? For this planter, you need 3 moss balls of various sizes. Stack them on top of one another with the biggest at the bottom and the smallest at the top. Add evergreen foliage and pinecones to the base for a green snowman that won’t melt when things start warming up.

22. Deciduous Star Of The Show

Christmas lights on deciduous tree
Image credits: Jacob Nichols via Canva

Do you have a deciduous tree in a pot on your porch? No need to hide the bare tree when it loses all its leaves in the winter. Dress it up with some string lights and baubles, and line the base with Christmas foliage. An added benefit here is that the decorations could act as a mulch to protect your tree’s roots over the winter.

23. Planter Gifts

Festive outdoor Christmas decoration
Image credits: fotostorm via Canva

Are you ready for one of the easiest Christmas planter ideas ever? For this one, you need to already have outdoor planters on your porch. Instead of planting additional things or decorating what’s already planted, decorate the vessel! The easiest way to give any planter an instant Christmas makeover is to wrap it up in Christmas gift wrapping paper. Perfect for the last minute decorators or those looking for the biggest effect with the least effort.

24. Height And Trail

Ivy in a Vase
Image credits: Elise Obstancias via Canva

For maximum drama in a planting arrangement you want to juxtapose two things; height and trailing plants. Ivy is a good choice for a trailing plant if you prefer living things. It grows well in containers and is hardy. The height in your planters can come from any assortment of plants you love. But you’re not limited to plants. The height could come from any architectural element you want to add to your planter, like a trellis for example.

25. Winter Flowers

Red Cyclamen
Image credits: firina via Canva

Flowers are beautiful and are often the centerpiece in any floral arrangement. This doesn’t have to change in winter. Plant your porch planters with winter-blooming flowers for a natural pop of color. Try a red cyclamens planted with juniper for a Christmas planter that can live on your porch all year round.