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16 Ways to Decorate Your Front Porch This Christmas

Living in a house is awesome because of so many different reasons, and one of them is being able to showcase your Christmas decorations talent by making the outside of the house as festive as possible. From playful lights to decorative wreaths, the porch is your canvas and you have a chance to highlight some real skills and creativity when it comes to porch decorating but if you’re not sure where to start, we have some ideal to fuel that engine.

Christmas Greenery and Flowers

Poinsettia Wreaths

poinsettia green and red christmas front porch decor
Credit: Cherished Bliss

When you think of Christmas and plants, there are three common first ideas: trees, mistletoe, and poinsettias. Also known as the Christmas flower, the poinsettia is a magnificent red masterpiece of nature, with perfect fierce pointy leaves and an overall appearance that’s just stunning. As you can imagine, wreaths made with poinsettia are as beautiful as can be, so hanging them on your front door is one way to bring the colorful elements of nature to the sometimes dreary days of winter.


christmas front porch decor mistletoe

The beauty of mistletoe is not so much about its appearance—even though it’s quite pretty—but about its symbolism. While we should probably avoid kissing random strangers for all the safety reasons, it’s a nice reminder that the reason for the season is caring and sharing joy. Best of all: Mistletoe can fit in just about any space, and costs very little (or is free if you have some growing nearby), and only ever means “Hey, have a merry Christmas season.”

Little Trees

decorating front of house with stoop steps and no porch with small trees

Whether you put up a tree indoors or not, there’s always room for another little lighted tree outside. A mini tree in a small planter will work for a stoop or small porch, or a narrow pencil tree for narrow-but-tall enclosed spaces. And if you’ve got the room, why not go wild and put up a full-sized front porch tree? There are no rules for Christmas decor.

Banners and Signs

Purchased Christmas Banners

front porch decorated with banners and garland

Whether you opt for these Merry Christmas banners, some other model, or customize your own at a print shop, these welcoming Christmas messages can really liven up the porch, especially when they’re made in vivid colors like red. The idea is to make the porch as welcoming as possible, showing visitors and those who are just passing by that your house is one filled with love and kindness. Shatterproof ornaments piled in planters with evergreen branches make a nice addition to the festive atmosphere, as well as a flocked spruce garland strung with lights and ornaments.

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    Dress up your front porch/entryway/gardens and get visitors into the Christmas spirit in an instant with these fun and festive Christmas signs.

DIY Christmas Banners

christmas front porch decor DIY banners
Credit: A Beautiful Mess, All Free Christmas Crafts, Paper Trail Design

Banners are a quick craft that you can make yourself in an hour or two, or let the kids help with for an afternoon of fun crafting time ahead of the holidays.

Handmade Christmas Sign Decorations

christmas front porch decor handmade signs

Spruce up your front door space with a handmade sign. There are so many ways to make your own, but the basics involve little more than choosing a sentiment or phrase you like, painting it on a piece of wood or another surface, and hanging or leaning it near your front door. Use your imagination, make something unique, and light up a little every time you step outside.

Farmhouse Christmas Porch Ideas

Farmhouse style is all the rage. You know the look: buffalo plaid, stag head silhouettes, birch bark and red berries, woodland chreatures, handpainted and weathered wooden signs and plaques. Bring a bit of the cabin life into your Christmas season with these great Farmhouse Christmas decorating ideas for your front porch.

A Wagonful of Cheer

farmhouse christmas front porch
Credit: The Sage Project Blog

Having a farmhouse is nothing short of a dream come true for a lot of people, especially families that don’t want their children growing amongst blocks of concrete on the streets of big cities. But this isn’t about that, it’s about how you can turn your farmhouse porch into a winter wonderland. Blending in red with green is one way to decorate the porch, and any potted plants that you may have (and that can withstand a harsh winter) should definitely be on display here.

Pull Up a Chair

christmas front porch decor farmhouse

Wooden décor elements definitely belong on the porch of a farmhouse, and if you find some that have a Christmas-centered theme, even better. You can also get playful with some buffalo prints, whether it’s for throw pillow or a decorative banner. Wooden logs, metal lanterns, wooden signs with warm Christmas wishes, potted fir trees; these are just some example of decorations that would perfectly fit a farmhouse porch.

Colonial Christmas Porch Ideas

Colonial style homes present their own decorating opportunities for the holidays, with tall columns and narrow spaces, the shapes of many traditional elements can become elongated, or can be layered to fit the shape of a traditional porch footprint. Try some of these great Colonial Style Christmas decoration ideas for your front porch this season.

Go Long

christmas porch decoration colonial style red and white
Credit: onekinddesign

Colonial Christmas porches usually mean that you have a tall space to decorate, so taking advantage of this vertical space is something that you should consider. In this example, we see how red and silver tree ornaments are hung from the roof of the porch, whilst surrounded by a garland with more ornaments tied to it. The medium-sized potted firs are located on both sides of the entrance, inviting visitors to a festive home.

Wrap Every Column

christmas front porch decor wrapped columns colonial style with garland
Credit: Southern Living, Cute DIY

If your Christmas porch has columns, then you have the opportunity to spruce them up by wrapping garlands or string lights all around them. Colonial house with entrance columns definitely leave a lot of room for extra decorating, allowing you to play with both the colors and the diversity of things that you can actually wrap around them.

Wrap-Around Porch Decorating Ideas

Oooh, the wraparound porch. What real estate for building a welcoming winter wonderland right at your front door! If you’ve got porch to spare, check out these ideas perfect for the vast opportunities of a wraparound porch at Christmas.

A Well-Lighted Line

wraparound porch lights christmas decor idea
Credit: Christmas Lights Nova

Wrap-around porches are probably our favorite when it comes to outdoor Christmas decorations. While they usually require a larger amount or string lights (or really long ones, rather), the visual effect that you get is stunning. It’s almost as if the house look bigger. You can choose simple of colorful Christmas lights that go all around the porch, but you can get playful with other decorations as well.

Drape Everything in Green

wraparound porch railing decorations for christmas with lighted spruce garland
Credit: Zassy’s Treasures & Design

Wrap-around porches give you a lot of space to play with, which automatically translates into more of the Christmas decorations that you like so much. As you can see, despite the size of such a porch, you don’t need to invest in fancy Christmas decorations, as you can make the house look beautiful with a couple of basic things and plenty of imagination. Here we have warm Christmas lights that showcase the beauty of fir branches placed on the railing. Simple, but very effective.

Large Front Porch

A large front porch is great to have, but can present some unique challenges for decoration at Christmas. Check out these ideas for making the most of ample space without cramming it all in.

Tie It All Together

large front porch decoration ideas grandin road
Credit: Grandin Road

I love large front porches as much as the next person, but for some people, it’s a hassle having to decorate that entire thing every winter. The truth is that you don’t need a lot of decorations for a large porch if the ones you have are placed intelligently. Just divide up the entire space to the number of decorations you have (in this case, outdoor wreaths) and place them evenly to fill up the entire space. As you can see in the picture, the center theme is mostly natural and there aren’t too many elements placed on the porch.

Keep It Simple, Santa.

decoration ideas for large front porches
Credit: hgtv

When you want to decorate a large porch, you can’t go wrong with garlands and Christmas lights. These two items are probably the cheapest way to decorate a large space, so they are perfect for people who don’t want to spend money on giant nutcrackers and large wooden reindeer. Opting for hanging Christmas lights is an excellent idea if you have a porch because it creates a beautiful visual effect, almost as if glowing icicles were hanging from the roof.

Balconies and Small Porches

Houses don’t get all the Christmas cheer, of course! Jazz up your apartment, townhome or condo with these ideas for balconies and small porches.

Go Clark Griswald

christmas balcony decoration idea with lights
Credit: Outdoor Theme

The funniest thing about trying to decorate something as small as an apartment porch (at least small compared to the porch of a house) is that you can easily go over the top if you want to. Since there are few decorations that can be seen from street if you live above the third floor, Christmas lights are often the most sought out decoration for people living in apartments. If you have a balcony that’s located outside the structure of the building itself, you can play around with neat decorations like Santa climbing the rope.

A Little Goes a Long Way

simple apartment blacony christmas decor brick facade white lights
Credit: 24homely

If you think there’s a chance you might overdo it, you can always stick with more basic decorations. It this example, you can see how a few string lights blend in with the beautiful brick exterior of the apartment building. Just make sure that the lights are waterproof and suitable for outdoor use.

Bottom Line

It’s never too early to start planning your home Christmas decorations. After all, the planning for the Brazilian carnival starts as soon as this year’s edition is over. Contrary to what some people might think, the fact that you live in a house and have a porch to decorate for Christmas doesn’t have to be expensive or too much of a hassle. Just think smart, plan in accordance with your budget, and put some heart into it. That’s how you know it’s going to look magical.