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60 Christmas Ribbon Decoration Ideas

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Tie A Small Decorative Bow Around Wine Glasses

Two Glasses of Red Wine Tied Together with Bow
Image credits: ChristinLola via Canva

Whether you’re hosting a Christmas cocktail hour or a full holiday dinner party, you may be looking for a way to help guests identify their wine glass from that of the other guests in attendance. Create your own simple wine charms by tying a small piece of ribbon around the stem of each wine glass. You can either use just the ribbon, tying it in a bow to create a finished look or add miniature ornaments to each glass, stringing them on the ribbon before tying it. Give each guest a different color of ribbon or a different ornament that indicates which glass is theirs.

Create a Bundle of Firewood Ornament

Cinnamon Sticks Tied in Checkered Ribbon
Image credits: natalyadanko via Canva

This easy-to-make tree ornament will not only add a fun and festive touch to your Christmas tree, but it also includes cinnamon sticks, giving it a pleasant smell. All you need to make this is a piece of a wide ribbon in your color or pattern of choice, two small wooden dowels, several cinnamon sticks, and a narrower ribbon to hang your completed ornament. Cut a large notch at each end of the ribbon, leaving two bands of ribbon on the sides. Take one of your small wooden dowels, wrap the bands of ribbon around it, and secure them with a hot glue gun before doing the same on the other end of the ribbon with your second dowel.

Lay your mini firewood carrier down flat, place 4-5 cinnamon sticks in the middle of the ribbon before bringing the two wooden dowels together. Create a loop of ribbon with the thinner ribbon that you selected, securing it around the center of both dowels. This will hold them together, holding the cinnamon sticks in place. Each year, replace the cinnamon sticks before hanging your bundle of wood to keep the scent fresh.

Finish Table Settings with a Holiday Menu and a Big Bow

Blank Menu Sheet of Paper with Bow Copy Space
Image credits: pixelshot via Canva

Smaller gatherings of friends and family don’t often include leaving a menu at the table. However, if you’re planning a larger holiday dinner or event, this is a quick and easy way to decorate your table settings while still making them look clean and polished. Fold your napkin into a rectangular shape and place your menu on top. Using a ribbon in the color scheme of your event’s decorations, tie it around the center with a simple decorative knot or bow. Place this on top of the plate, leaving the menu and napkin close at hand for your guests when they sit down. You can add a seasonal touch by tucking a small piece of evergreen or holly berries into the ribbon. This is also a great choice if you’re throwing a wedding during the holiday season!

Display Your Christmas Cards

christmas card
Image credits: stoeckle via Canva

One of the fun holiday traditions that many of us look forward to each year is the sending and receiving of Christmas cards. Families get dressed up for holiday photo shoots, creating custom cards to send to friends, family, and other loved ones. But what do you do with the cards when you receive them? One great way to put your cards on display uses nothing but a long piece of your favorite ribbon and some clothespins or paperclips. Whether you set up your display vertically or horizontally will depend on the space that you have available.

Cut your ribbon into a long piece that will stretch the height (or width) of your desired display. If you are hanging your cards on a vertical ribbon, place a single decorative bow on the top. For those that are doing a horizontal display, place a bow on each end of the ribbon. Space out your clothespins or paperclips along the ribbon on both sides. When a card comes, simply secure it onto the ribbon. Before long, you’ll have a festive display of pictures and images from all of your loved ones.

Decorate Your Kitchen by Adding Ribbon to Jars and Canisters

Clear Glass Mason Jar With Red White Ribbon
Image credits: Leroy Huckett from Pexels via Canva

Do you store your coffee, tea, or baking supplies in jars or canisters on the kitchen counter? If so, here’s a small detail that will add some extra holiday cheer to your kitchen. All you need is a spool of ribbon in your color of choice and some small pieces of evergreen. Tie a piece of ribbon around each jar or canister with a bow in the front. Tuck some evergreen into the ribbon so that it peeks out from behind the bow. This can be done around the body of the canisters, or on any handles that the container may have. It may not look like much, but when you take the time to add this little detail to each piece around your kitchen, you’ll be surprised how much it can add to the festive feel of the room!

Wrap a Frame in Holiday Ribbon to Create a Wreath

A popular DIY outdoor Christmas decoration option, wreaths are an easy way to customize your front porch or entryway. There are many different styles and approaches to creating a wreath including traditional evergreen wreaths, woven grapevine wreaths, and even wreaths made from an assortment of holiday decorations. If you’re looking forward to making your own unique holiday wreath but can’t find a standard wreath frame, here’s a fun alternative. All you need is an old frame (or one from the local dollar store), ribbon in your choice of color or pattern, and some seasonal decorations.

Remove the back of the frame and the glass, leaving just the rectangular outside portion. Take your ribbon and secure it to the back of the frame with a glue gun. Start wrapping it around the frame, working your way all the way around the outside so that you can’t see the original frame at all. When you get back to the starting point, secure the end of your ribbon on the back next to the starting point. On the front of your wreath, create a festive display in the bottom left corner with evergreen pieces, pine cones, small ornaments that match your decorating theme, and, of course, a large decorative bow.

Add Ribbon Bows to Your Christmas Tree

Christmas tree bow
Image credits: Lightguard via Canva

A cute way to incorporate ribbon into your Christmas tree decorating without fully wrapping it around the tree is to add small bows of ribbon-like decorations around the tree. This can create a very traditional aesthetic if you are using more traditional colors and fabrics like velvet, a rustic vibe if you are using burlap or more natural colors, or even a whimsical and fun pop of color with bright, bold ribbon choices. All you have to do is cut lengths of ribbon and tie them onto the branches of your tree with large bows, allowing the tails of the ribbon to hang down the sides of the tree.

Tie a Bow Around Cutlery and Napkins for Holiday Place Settings

Napkin Decorated Red Ribbon and Sprig Viburnum
Image credits: Oksana_Bondar via Canva

Are you hosting the family Christmas dinner this year? If so, here’s a fun way to incorporate a little holiday flair when setting the table. At each place setting, place your cutlery on top of your napkin and tie a ribbon around it with a small, decorative bow in the front. Tuck a couple of small pieces of evergreen or some holly berries into the ribbon beside your cutlery and place this centered on top of the plate. It’s a simple and low-cost decorating idea but the whole table will come together in a beautiful festive display when you’re finished.

Use Ribbon to Tie in Garland, Wreaths, and Other Decorations

Red Door with Garland and Christmas Ornaments
Image credits: Anderson Matos via Canva

When decorating a front porch or entryway area, there are often many different factors to consider. From the decorative wreath on your front door to the holiday planters alongside the walkway up, your holiday decorating plan should involve finding a way to tie everything in together, creating a unified Christmas display welcoming friends and family when they come to visit. One of the easiest ways to tie everything together is through the use of ribbons. Add matching decorative bows to your wreath, garland, and holiday planters. You can even tie the same color scheme into other aspects of your overall decorating plan including your front door mat or your choice of Christmas lights.

Drape Ribbon on Chandeliers and Light Fixtures

Image credits: BRecStudio via Canva

When decorating your house, do you include your light fixtures in your decorating plans? A creative chandelier decoration can really elevate your space this holiday season. The best part is that it doesn’t have to be anything extravagant or time-intensive. Gather a selection of your favorite ribbons that complement one another and match your holiday decorating theme and make large, decorative bows to hang up on your light fixture. Choose brightly colored ribbons and playful ornaments for a whimsical display or combine more traditional ribbon with evergreen boughs for a classic look.

Incorporate Ribbon into Your Evergreen Centerpiece

Speaking of the classic look of evergreen in your holiday decorating, many holiday centerpieces use evergreen boughs to make a statement. However, a successful centerpiece needs to be more than just a pile of boughs in the middle of the table. You can easily transform those boughs into a beautiful holiday centerpiece by arranging them in an oval shape, adding pinecones and holiday ornaments, and finishing it all off with a large, decorative bow on top. Just be aware that some people are allergic to evergreens – so check with your guests first or stick to artificial greenery.

DIY A Festive Farmhouse Christmas Tree Ornament

Homemade Ribbon Sticks
Image credits: KathyDewar via Canva

This incredibly simple Christmas tree ornament only requires three items. Despite being so easy to make, this cute ornament is a great addition to your tree, or a beautiful accent to include with your holiday wrapping. All you need is a roll of ribbon, a cinnamon stick, and a piece of twine. To begin, loop your twine and attach it to the back of your cinnamon stick. This is what you will use to hang your ornament. Cut your ribbon into a series of pieces, tying them one at a time onto the cinnamon stick with a simple knot in the middle, allowing the ends to extend out on each side. As you add more ribbons, push them close enough together to completely cover the stick, continuing down until you’re left with a small part on the bottom that will serve as a tree trunk. Carefully cut the length of the ribbon ends to create a triangular tree shape and you’re finished!

Create A Centerpiece with Ribbon and Ornaments

Antique Christmas Ornaments Centerpiece
Image credits: Funwithfood via Canva

Are you stuck for centerpiece ideas, and not necessarily the craftiest person? Here’s a simple DIY idea that anyone can throw together for the holiday season. All you need is a clear glass vase or fishbowl, a selection of Christmas ball ornaments in different sizes that match your holiday color scheme, a roll of curling ribbon, and some branches or evergreen sprigs spray painted to match your décor. Fill the vase or bowl with the Christmas ornaments, carefully securing the branches or evergreen sprigs in the middle so that they stand up and add some height to your display. Cutting your ribbon into varying lengths, curl the ribbon and secure it to the top of the vase around the center branches. Continue adding ribbon curls until you fill the top of the vase all the way around.

Use Ribbon with Some Added Bling

Image credits: Jarrycz via Canva

Is your inner diva looking for a little glitz and glam this holiday season? It’s easy to add a little bling to your holiday décor, you just need to incorporate a crystal ribbon into your decorating plans. There are many different colors and styles available depending on your holiday decorating theme, each featuring rhinestones on a mesh backing so that it can be used on your vases, centerpieces, and other decorations. If you purchase extra, you can also use this decorative ribbon to add some bling to your holiday party outfit!

Add Ribbon Scarves to Your Favorite Lawn Characters

sculpture art
Image credits: Pix Lane via Canva

The secret to easy and effective holiday decorating is to take advantage of the opportunities that are already available to you. A great example of this is to work with the gnomes and garden statues in your yard rather than simply trying to work around them or even hide them. If you have a garden full of little friends, you can use ribbon to help them stay warm and show off their festive side. Simply tie holiday-themed ribbons around the neck of each garden ornament to create a scarf. You can pair this with little Santa hats or reindeer antlers for even more holiday cheer.

Create String Art Displays with Ribbon

Christmas in the office concept
Image credits: Natalia Van Doninck via Canva

String art has been gaining traction in crafty circles. The technique involves hammering nails into a board in the shape of a specific design and then wrapping string around the nails to create lines and fill in spaces. This is a little more challenging with ribbon as it’s a bigger medium to work with than string, but it can still be done! The result is a beautiful piece of artwork that can be displayed throughout the holiday season. For your first string art piece, stick with an easier festive design such as a star, a Christmas tree, or a holiday present. As you gain experience, you can start incorporating more detailed designs as well as ribbons of different colors.

Accent Your Stair Railings

Stairs Decorated with Christmas Lights
Image credits: Maria Sbytova via Canva

Decorative bows and holiday garlands are often paired together when decorating stair railways, however, placing bows all the way up the stairs can feel like a little ‘too much’ for those that prefer a simpler style. One way that you can still enjoy this combination while toning it down a little is to keep the ribbon placement to two large bows at the bottom of each railing. You can make your decorations one step simpler by scrapping the garland altogether in favor of a large decorative bow on each side with a few evergreen boughs.

Hang Ornaments Indoors with Ribbon

Christmas Holiday Ornaments Hanging from Red Ribbons
Image credits: PeskyMonkey via Canva

Did you know that your favorite holiday ornaments don’t have to be restricted to just the Christmas tree? This holiday season, showcase your ornaments by suspending them from the ceiling, light fixtures, door frames, or window frames using holiday ribbon. Tie a bow right at the top of each ornament while a large loop for hanging extends up from there. Choose ornaments of different colors or designs, or hang your ornaments at different heights to add another layer of dimension to your display.

Add A Bow for A Simple Window Decoration

Image credits: jerryhopman via Canva

Decorate your windows? With the exception of using festive window clings, this concept may be a new one, but it can add a very beautiful touch to your overall holiday display. This season, try using an extra-wide ribbon to ‘wrap’ your windows. Don’t forget to add the finishing touch to your holiday gift by tying a large decorative bow. This can be done on your outside windows to complement your outdoor décor, or indoors in a room where you plan on hosting a holiday party or gathering.

Create a Minimalistic Ribbon Tree

Ribbon Christmas Tree
Image credits: Adyna via Canva

Living in a smaller space shouldn’t stop you from celebrating the holiday season. If you don’t have space to set up a full Christmas tree this holiday season, you can create a fun and festive option using a string of LED Christmas lights and a roll of decorative holiday ribbon. Hanging your ribbon from your wall, form the shape of a holiday Christmas tree. This could be a modern tree design with a triangular shape filled in with random lines or a more traditional zigzag style tree. When you’re happy with your wall-mounted ribbon tree, add LED Christmas lights. Create ornaments by cutting them out of decorative paper or using flat wooden designs. It may not be a traditional tree, but it’s sure to help you embrace the magic of the holidays!

Make a Simple Wrapped Ribbon Wreath

Wreath with ribbons
Image credits: majorosl via Canva

Holiday wreaths are often made from tulle or burlap ribbon, but those aren’t the only options if you’re feeling crafty this holiday season. You can make a beautiful wreath using any wide holiday ribbon that brings you joy this Christmas, and it’s surprisingly easy! All you need is a foam wreath form, a spool of ribbon, and a couple of holiday decorations to create a festive accent in the bottom corner. This can be made with any ribbon design including basic solid-colored ribbons, plaid ribbons, or striped ribbons for a candy cane effect.

The wreath is assembled in the same way as the frame wreath that we discussed above. Attach the ribbon on the back of the wreath form and start wrapping it around the form covering the foam entirely. On the top of the wreath, create a large loop of ribbon for hanging and a decorative bow. With a hot glue gun, attach your decorations to the bottom corner. Some examples of decorations that you could use include holiday ornaments, small festive figures (like a snowman or an elf), or a sign wishing your visitors a Happy Holidays.

Mix and Match Colors and Patterns

Balls and Ribbons on Christmas Tree
Image credits: Изображения пользователя Vera Aksionava via Canva

When selecting ribbons to decorate your Christmas tree or holiday dinner table, don’t limit yourself to a single color or pattern. In fact, mixing and matching colors and patterns is a great way to create a unique aesthetic that represents your personality. If you have fallen in love with a patterned ribbon that has an overly busy design, consider pairing it with a solid color to help tone it down and tie it in with the rest of your holiday décor. This approach will help you to tie together different decorations and ornaments for a more cohesive holiday display.

Add Ribbon to A Block of Wood to Create Decorative Presents

Gift on wooden background
Image credits: mattjeacock via Canva

Are you looking for a decorative present to display in your home or on your front porch this holiday season? While there are many different holiday decorations that can easily be purchased at your local big-box store, this is one that you can make at home with minimal effort, adding a personal touch to your holiday décor. Take a block of wood cut to the desired size of your present and paint it to represent the wrapping paper. The color you choose for this will depend on your overall decorating theme ranging from using a rustic antiquing paint style to a bright, bold color. Take your complimentary holiday ribbon and wrap it around your present tying a large bow on the top. Add gift tags, holiday ornaments, or even a couple of small evergreen pieces to give your present the perfect finishing touch before putting it out for display.

Include Vertical Ribbon Strands when Decorating Your Christmas Tree

green, red, yellow satin ribbons on christmas tree
Image credits: IKvyatkovskaya via Canva

If you like the look of ribbon on your Christmas tree but aren’t totally sold on the look of the traditional garland wrap, there are other options available. One option that has been gaining popularity is known as the ‘waterfall effect’. This involves securing your ribbon at the top of the tree and creating loops, securing it as you work towards the bottom of the tree vertically. Do this at multiple spots around the tree before adding your ornaments to create a beautiful tree that will bring holiday magic into your home.

Suspend Your Holiday Tree Topper

Star Christmas tree topper
Image credits: Mary Nikkel via Canva

Another way that you can get creative with your Christmas tree this season is to get creative with your tree topper. Gone are the days that your only options were to choose between a star or an angel. Instead, why not try something fun and modern like suspending an oversized ornament to create your holiday tree topper? Use a wide holiday ribbon to suspend the ornament from your ceiling, allowing it to sit right at the top of your tree. This can be accented with a large decorative bow. Consider using the same ribbon to hang your tree topper as you are also using on the tree itself to tie it all together.

Craft a Ribbon Angel Ornament

Angel Ornament
Image credits: AnthonyRosenberg via Canva

A beautiful and simple DIY holiday ornament that you can make to add to your tree this holiday season, this adorable little angel is a decoration that you can make for yourself or to gift to your loved ones. Is this your first year celebrating without a loved one? Hang an angel to represent the fact that they are still with you. To make this angel, you will need an 8-inch piece of wired ribbon for the body, a 9-inch piece of ribbon for the wings, a small Christmas bulb or round bead for the head, and a length of twine.

Taking the wired ribbon, fold the length in half to create a loop and attach the ends with a hot glue gun. Before the glue has a chance to fully dry, pinch the ends together to create the angel’s neck. For the wings, fold the ends of the 9-inch piece into the middle, gluing them in place to form two loops. Like the body, pinch the ribbon together at the point where you have glued it before the glue has a chance to dry. Attach the small ornament and the ends of a loop of twine to the wings with your hot glue gun. Glue the body to cover the ends of the twine. Finally, tie a bow of twine around the angel’s neck and glue a small piece in a loop on top of the angel’s head to create a halo.

Add a Flash of Gold or Silver

Silver and GOld Ribbons
Image credits: jawphotos via Canva

The combination of silver and gold has long been associated with the holiday season. In fact, there is even a song by that name. You can embrace this beautiful color scheme by pairing metallic ornaments with gold and silver decorative ribbons on your Christmas tree, allowing it to shine beautifully throughout the season. This is a color palette that can then be carried into every aspect of your decorating including your holiday tablescape, your porch décor, and more. This is a classic aesthetic that will complement any home.

Create a Statement Tree Topper

Ribbon hand made.
Image credits: amornme via Canva

Embrace your love for holiday-themed ribbons this Christmas by creating a beautiful and one-of-a-kind tree topper. To start, lay your ribbon down on the table in front of you in an accordion style, making large loops of ribbon in a stacked pile. The more loops that you create, the fuller your bow will be when you are finished. For your first bow, we recommend 7-10 loops. If you are using a very thick style of ribbon, cut triangular notches into the middle of the ribbon on each side. If, however, it’s a thinner ribbon you can skip this step. Take a long piece of floral wire and wrap it tightly around the center. Take a long piece of ribbon and secure the center of it to the back of your bow with floral wire to create the tails of your bow. Finally, fluff up your bow by separating and adjusting each of the loops individually before attaching your bow to the top of your tree with another piece of floral wire.

Add the Finishing Touch to a Festive Floral Arrangement

Flower vase tied with ribbon
Image credits: Wavebreakmedia via Canva

There is something beautiful about a floral arrangement as a centerpiece or gracing a side table. If this fits your decorating style, why not embrace it during the holiday season? You can quickly add a festive touch to any arrangement by simply incorporating some ribbon and other holiday decorations with it. For example, add small evergreen boughs to your vase of white and red roses and accent the vase with a festive ribbon tied in a simple bow for a Christmas-themed display.

Get Creative This Holiday Season with Ribbon

Holiday decorating can be overwhelming, and the costs can add up quickly! However, you don’t have to break the bank just to celebrate Christmas this year. In fact, there is far more to the season than how much money you are spending to make it all happen. With a little creativity and imagination, ribbon can be used in a wide variety of different ways to embrace the magic that makes this time of year so special.

Which of our Christmas ribbon decoration ideas are you most excited about? We’d love to hear all about your holiday decorations this season in the comments below!