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12 of the Best DIY Christmas Tree Garland Ideas

There’s nothing quite as festive as a house filled with beautiful Christmas decorations during the holiday season. One of the most iconic sights during the holidays has to be homes with windows open wide that showcase glowing, fully dressed and decorated Christmas trees. Not only are fully dressed Christmas trees gorgeous and very aesthetically pleasing, but they’re also quite a lot of fun to set up. Especially if you have a family with children.

One common component of the dressed Christmas tree is the garland. Traditionally, garlands for Christmas trees are made from a classic thick mesh ribbon which is simply wrapped around the perimeter of the tree’s branches. However, you definitely don’t have to take the traditional route when it comes to choosing a Christmas tree garland idea.

We found a few of the most interesting, beautiful, unique, and family-friendly garland ideas out there for dressing your tree this upcoming Christmas. Check out what we found and get inspired for your own Christmas tree garland decorations!

3 Christmas Tree Mesh Garland Ideas

Mesh is probably the most traditional material used to make Christmas tree garlands. These garlands are typically made from burlap, cotton, plastic, or polyester. However, the only real requirement for a garland to be considered “mesh” would be an element of transparency. Mesh isn’t an opaque material. This type of material looks quite lovely on a Christmas tree and balances out the harder, brighter elements of a Christmas tree like ornaments and string lights. Mesh is also very lightweight, so it isn’t difficult to work with when wrapping it around a Christmas tree.

Burlap and Mesh Tulle Christmas Tree Garland

tulle and burlap garland mosaic wide
Credit: DIY Divas

Burlap and ribbon look beautiful together. This combination can either look very rustic, very traditional, or very romantic. In this guide, you’ll learn how to use mesh tulle and burlap to make beautiful and unique garlands for your tree. You might need a little bit of sewing machine know-how, however.

Simple Mesh Ribbon Christmas Tree Garland

How to Decorate a Christmas Tree with Ribbon
Credit: Kelley Nan

Sometimes, simple is best. However, not everyone knows the best way to use mesh ribbon as a Christmas tree garland. Luckily, this handy little guide from Kelly Nan breaks down how to use mesh ribbon to decorate a Christmas tree. She breaks down how to fluff your tree, cut and tuck your ribbon, and experiment with different types of ribbons.

Copper Mesh Christmas Tree Garland

copper mesh diy christmas tree garland tutorial mosaic images
Credit: My Dear Irene

Copper is quite an underrated material when it comes to Christmastime decor, This DIY copper mesh Christmas tree garland is extremely easy to make an has a rustic, slightly industrial vibe to it. All you need is a dozen or so Scotch-Brite copper scrubbing pads and an old pair of scissors or metal plyers.

3 Christmas Tree Ribbon Garland Ideas

Ribbon is another classic material to use when decorating a Christmas tree. We use the term “ribbon” pretty loosely here as well. Christmas tree ribbon can come in a wide variety of material components and sizes. It’s a versatile Christmas tree dressing material that can be styled to match virtually any possible aesthetic out there. Whether you’re interested in creating a more modern Christmas tree, a country-style Christmas tree, or an extremely traditional Christmas tree, a good set of ribbons are a must-have for making that tree pop.

Thick Ribbon Christmas Garland

wide ribbon garland diy tutorial christmas tree
Credit: Remodelaholic

Very thick ribbons may seem difficult to use when it comes to Christmas tree garlands. However, when styled correctly, thicker ribbons are beautiful focal pieces that anyone could add to their own tree. We recommend using 5-inch wide ribbons that are opaque, as they tend to look very eye-catching.

Ruffled Burlap Ribbon Christmas Tree Garland

ruffled burlap christmas tree garland tutorial diy
Credit: Simply Notable

Burlap makes another appearance on our list, this time all on its lonesome. This entry could have easily been put into the Country Christmas Tree Garland Ideas section, as it’s perfect for creating a rustic or vintage feel. You don’t need a sewing machine for this project– just a lot of burlap ribbon, linen string, and patience.

Basic Ribbon Christmas Tree Garland – 8 Ways

ribbon garland 8 ways wide
Credit: Interior Design Info

Are you completely in the dark about how to use ribbon as a Christmas tree garland? Have you been attempting to add ribbon to your tree, but it just doesn’t seem to look right? You’re in luck– this tutorial from Interior Design Info breaks down eight different methods for using any kind of ribbon to dress a tree. Educate yourself!

3 Country Christmas Tree Garland Ideas

Rustic-style country Christmas trees are quite popular. It certainly makes sense why– Country-style Christmas trees are often warm and feel like home. Traditional stylings meet rustic elements for country Christmas trees. Some country Christmas trees even have natural elements like flowers and other flora. If you’re trying to put together a farmhouse-style Christmas tree and you don’t know where to start, consider the bigger picture of how you’d like your tree to look. Do you want it to look vintage with rustic elements, or more traditional country with natural elements? Consider what you want your end result to be before buying ornaments and garlands that appear “country-like.”

Floral Christmas Tree Garland

floral christmas tree garland diy tutorial
Credit: Design Lovefest

Interested in a bright and floral look for your tree? Floral Christmas trees are great country-style additions to any rustic home during the holidays. And all it takes to make one is a set of twinkling string lights and a DIY floral garland! This is surprisingly easy to make, and you can incorporate whatever style of flower you please.

French Countryside Christmas Tree Garland

french countryside christmas tree decoration pearl garland diy tutorial
Credit: Tidbits & Twine

If you want to create a rustic, countryside-evoking Christmas tree, you don’t necessarily have to look into Americana stylings or traditional American Christmas tree looks. Rather, you can evoke a different kind of countryside—the French countryside. This Christmas tree look involves lots of pastels and wintery color schemes, along with pearl Christmas tree garlands. These garlands ban be made with simple by-the-yard pearl strings from your local craft or fabric store.

Giant Pine Cone Christmas Tree Garland

diy tutorial giant pinecone christmas tree garland
Credit: Lovely Indeed

Looking for an ultra-natural garland look for your Christmas tree? Got a huge pine tree in your yard? Get creative with some pine cones! This DIY tutorial breaks down how to use giant pine cones (harvested or store-bought, of course) to build elegant giant pine cone garlands. The end result is very interesting and will make for a very unique tree.

3 Kids Christmas Tree Garland Ideas

One of the most entertaining things about putting together a Christmas tree is when the whole family is involved. Kids love helping, so why not get them involved in the actual garland-making process? You could make a day out of building Christmas tree garlands from the tutorials below, along with do it yourself ornaments and tree toppers. The craftier you get, the more fun it is. And you don’t have to sacrifice aesthetics for some family fun. These DIY Christmas tree garland projects yield very attractive and adorable results that will really make your tree pop.

Fun ABC String Christmas Tree Garland

ABC Kids Christmas Tree garland DIY Tutorial
Credit: A Night Owl

If you have little ones, this is the perfect Christmas tree garland and craft idea to try. Not only is it a great opportunity to do some Christmas crafts with your family, but it can also be an educational moment that focuses on teaching children the alphabet. You can get creative with colors as well—either opt for a primary color scheme that your kids will love, or try a traditional red-green-white scheme to add to the holiday feel. All you need for this craft is a set of felt letters, some string, and a bit of glue.

DIY Button Christmas Tree Garland

easy button garland tutorial christmas tree DIY
Credit: One Thousand Oaks

This DIY button Christmas tree garland craft project is about as easy as it gets. Not only is it a ton of fun to make, but it also yields a garland that has a very adaptable aesthetic. It can be used for country-style rustic trees, minimalist trees, or even traditional trees. Essentially, you can make this garland by applying the same process that you would use for traditional popcorn garlands. Simply gather your buttons, find a type of string that will easily fit through the button holes while maintaining your ideal look, and start threading.

Needle Felted Acorn Christmas Tree Garland

tutorial diy christmas tree garland needle felted acorns
Credit: The Magic Onion

If you have access to a ton of acorns this time of year, you can use them to make needle felted acorn garlands. If you’re a fan of felting, this is an excellent craft to try! However, if you’d like to do this craft with little ones, simply purchase pre-made felted balls from your local craft store. Use some hemp string, a good needle, and a bit of glue to make that adorable little garland.

Bottom Line

There’s no limit to the ways you can adorn your Christmas tree. These garland ideas are among our favorite of the year, but we’d love to hear yours, too! We bet at least a few of these unique and gorgeous ideas would incorporate well into your Christmastime decor. Don’t forget to share this post with your Christmas-loving friends and to follow Backyard Boss for more excellent Christmas decorating tips for 2020!