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Best Christmas Tree Topper Ideas in 2021

Between ornaments, lighting, and tinsel, there are a lot of decorations to handle when it comes to your Christmas tree, but the most important by far is your Christmas tree topper. It sets the mood for your tree, being humorous, elegant, rustic, beachy, or whatever else you are looking for. When it comes to Christmas tree toppers those categories are just the tip—or should I say top?—of the iceberg. Below are 31 Christmas tree topper ideas to buy, make, and inspire you this holiday season.

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Elegant Christmas Tree Topper Ideas

If you love classic Christmas decor, then these elegant Christmas tree topper ideas will be right up your chimney.

Classic Glass Star Tree Topper

This Beveled Glass Christmas Tree Topper is absolutely gorgeous. It’s made from thick, quality glass lined with soldered copper, which gives it a rustic appeal. If you are looking for an elegant, understated star on top of your tree, this is a wonderful option.

    Simple Classic Beveled Glass Star

Buy at Etsy
    This Beveled Glass Christmas Tree Topper would be a wonderful family heirloom and will last many decades if well taken care of. This topper is meant for a large sturdy tree 6-9 feet. It will be a little on the larger side for a 5 foot tree, but not too overwhelming.

Joy! Tree Topper

This elegant tree topper will bring you so much joy! It spells out “Joy!” with quality stainless steel wire that you can choose to be painted either copper, silver, gold, white, or black. Because of its customizability, you can ensure that it matches your other elegant Christmas decor.

    Wire Joy Christmas Tree Topper

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    We hand bend and weld the wire and we then paint on top. Choose from copper, silver, gold, white, black. The wire Christmas tree toppers are strong stainless steel wire, powder coated. Each wire copper tree topper is H18x W15X D5cm.

Scroll Star Tree Topper

This beautiful Renaissance Star tree topper is a show stopper with warm gold wire outlines, and gold scroll detailing. This star will be a treasured family heirloom for years to come.

    Kurt Adler 10 Light Indoor UL Star Treetop

Buy at Amazon
    This Kurt Adler Star Treetop is a beautifully classic way to decorate your Christmas tree. Gold in color, this star is accented by gold trimming in a pattern on each of the 5 points of the star. Indoor only, it comes with a lead wire, 4 spare bulbs, and 2 fuses.

Willow Tree Starlight Tree Topper

The Willow Tree Starlight Tree Topper is a piece of art, with a serene, hand-carved figure that holds a beautiful metallic star. The contrast between the simplicity of the woman, and the ornate, sparkly star gives this tree topper an elegance that is perfect for trees with minimal, classic decorations.

    Renaissance 2000 Gold Metal Tree Topper

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    Starlight Tree Topper holds a delicate, pierced metal star encrusted with glitter that catches the light and sparkles at every angle. The inside of the figure is hollow to accommodate the top branch of the tree. Packaged in fitted box ready for gift-giving. Artist Susan Lordi hand carves the original of each Willow Tree piece from her studio in Kansas City, MO. This piece is cast from Susan's original carving and design, and painted by hand.

Whimsical Christmas Tree Topper Ideas

If you love Christmas for the whimsical characters it has inspired, then these tree toppers are absolutely perfect for you!

Hugging Reindeer Tree Topper

This adorable Hugging Reindeer Tree Topper is sure to delight children and adults alike. Its scarves and mittens are enjoyable, whimsical touches, and the way it interacts with the tree really brings it to life. It’s easy to assemble, simply stuff its head, place it on top of your tree, and wrap its arms around it.

    Moon Boat Christmas Tree Topper Reindeer Hugger

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    This smiling reindeer tree hugger must be the most eye-catching decoration of your Christmas party. Bring it home now, have an impressive Christmas!

Small Santa Hat Tree Topper

If you are looking for a touch of whimsy, this Small Santa Hat Christmas Tree Topper is perfect for you. Although it may be too small to fit Santa’s head, it’s perfect for elves or trees. A bonus is that it is extremely soft to touch, and is guaranteed to be loved by kids.

    Handmade Santa Hat Tree Topper

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    This Christmas tree topper will be the real eye-catcher among Christmas decorations. The Santa hat is so cute and so pleasant to touch. Your Christmas tree will be modern and beautiful looking. Children will be delighted - this is verified.

Animated Reindeer Tree Topper

Have you ever seen reindeer fly? You will with this Golden Star Animated Reindeer Tree Topper. It’s glittery star center is sure to draw eyes which will then be utterly delighted by the reindeer circling your tree’s top. It’s easy to get working and to attach to your tree. Simply plug it in and let those reindeer fly! Better yet: You can replace the reindeer with other items (the topper comes with two sets) or family photos, heirloom ornaments, or… anything!

    EAMBRITE Christmas Golden Star Tree Topper

Buy at Amazon
    Innovative Christmas tree topper with merry-go-round design has been applied for appearance patents, available only from the EAMBRITE. Hanging accessories of two optional sets included, also you can DIY the Topper ideally with your memorable photos (wallet size), cute gift cards, Xmas baubles and other lightweight ornaments.

Santa Claus Tree Hugger

Similar to the reindeer tree topper mentioned above, this Santa Claus Tree Hugger will bring fun and whimsy to your holiday season by interacting with your tree. Santa looks so jolly you can practically hear him laughing, “Ho! Ho! Ho!” His delight will be mirrored by all of your guests who visit your home during the holidays.

    Moon Boat Christmas Tree Topper Santa Hugger

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    Let this happy Santa tree hugger into your house this winter! Decorate the Christmas tree and greet your guests, bring your house a sense of Christmas! Have it on your Christmas tree this winter, your tree will be the most unique one in your neighborhood. Have it in front of your house to greet your guests, kids will love it!

Rustic Christmas Tree Topper Ideas

If you typically have country-style Christmas decorations, these tree toppers will fit right in with natural and industrial flares that make them perfectly suited for a down-home Christmas.

Rattan Natural Star Tree Topper

This natural star tree topper has a rough, rustic look that is accentuated by the warm, yellow lights that glow from within it. It gives a country flair to the classic Christmas star that will look seamlessly beautiful on a Christmas tree with other natural decorations like berries and pine cones.

    Kurt Adler 10 Light Indoor Rattan Natural Star Treetop

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    This Kurt Adler rattan natural star treetop is a beautiful, unique way to add to the lighting and décor of your Christmas tree. This treetop has a simple, natural-looking five-point star design, perfect for bringing a warm, rustic feel to your home.

Tin Star Tree Topper

This Tin Star Tree Topper is made from white-washed sheet metal that has been flawlessly bent and punched to make an attractive dot and dash design. It’s absolutely perfect for any country Christmas tree and will look wonderful with other rustic, metal decorations.

    Park Designs White Star Tree Topper

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    A classic punched metal Star in a White finish make this tree topper a timeless holiday accessory. Perfect for rustic, natural and country-themed holiday decor.

Moon Tree Topper

You have seen star tree toppers, but have you ever seen a Moon Tree Topper? This unusual decoration is hand-made. The pattern is drawn on metal with soapstone and then is cut out with a handheld plasma cutter. Because of this, every moon is slightly different, so your tree topper will truly be one-of-a-kind.

    Reclaimed Metal Moon Christmas Tree Topper

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    Finish off your beautiful Holiday tree with this lovely handmade moon! This moon is made with reclaimed metal. The pattern is hand drawn on the metal with soapstone and cut with a hand held plasma cutter. Each moon will have subtle variations. They are cut by hand and each piece of rusty metal has slight color differences.

Beach Christmas Tree Topper

If you would rather spend Christmas in the sand than the snow wave goodbye to classic Christmas tree toppers and say hello to these beachy ones that are guaranteed to make a splash.

Driftwood Tree Topper

You may be used to metallic stars, but they have nothing on this beautiful natural driftwood tree topper made from real salvaged driftwood. You can choose to order the star in its natural white or in a painted aqua color. You can even add a little sparkle if you want this wooden star to shine for more than its unusual look.

    Driftwood and Pencil Star Tree Topper

Buy at Etsy
    This is a beautiful natural driftwood tree topper, it is topped by a pencil Star, which comes in either natural white or a beautiful aqua. It could come with a little Angel dust on the pencil Star. Please specify your choice when ordering. The Star measures approximately 12”.

Starfish Tree Topper

Would you rather have a star or a starfish? If you want the latter then you will love this Starfish Tree Topper. You don’t even have to just use it at Christmas, this topper is so gorgeous and versatile you can leave it out all year long.

    Starfish Christmas Tree Topper

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    Exclusive Design from a local Outer Banks AOB artist. This stunning Starfish Topper will add just the right POP to your tree, AND it stands on its own, so it can be displayed ALL YEAR ROUND.

Bejeweled Star Christmas Tree Topper

If you are looking for a totally unique, beachy tree topper then this starfish-shaped, pearl encrusted beauty is an excellent option for you. This nautical-themed topper will bring some oceanic magic to your tree with its eye-catching colors and shiny accents.

    Star Treetop with Ivory Pearls and Platinum Glass

Buy at Amazon
    This Kurt Adler star treetop with ivory Pearls and platinum glass glitter is a beautiful and elegant addition to any Christmas tree decor. This classic 5 point star treetop includes a variety of pearls and platinum glass glitter all coming together to complete an elegant treetop.

Unusual Christmas Tree Topper Ideas

Having a totally unique tree topper is a great way to ensure that your tree is memorable and magical. These unusual tree toppers will shock, impress, and turn heads.

Unicorn Tree Topper

The most magical time of the year is Christmas, so why not pair it with one of your favorite magical animals. Put this Unicorn Tree Topper on your Christmas tree and dress it with rainbows for fun and fabulous decor. You can choose to have the flowers included, and whether you want the ears to be silver or gold.

    Custom Unicorn Christmas Tree Topper

Buy on Etsy
    This adorable unicorn tree topper would look amazing on your Unicorn themed tree this Christmas! Color choices are silver, gold or rose gold for horn and inner ear color will match horn. Flower colors are Sea foam, Light Pink & Lavender unless other arrangements were made prior to purchase. Style of flower may vary due to what is in inventory but will always match accordingly.

Owl Christmas Tree Topper

Hoot doesn’t love owls? This unusual Owl Tree Topper will bring wintery wonder and wisdom to your Christmas tree. Playing off of the snowiness of the holiday season, and the natural elements of your tree this hand-crafted owl makes an excellent topper. It is hand-blown, hand-painted, and hand-glittered with care.

    Blown Glass Owl Christmas Tree Topper

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    Hand crafted in age-old tradition with techniques that originated in the 1800s. Molten glass is mouth-blown into finely carved molds. Ornaments are all hand-painted and glittered in a series of labor-intensive steps to achieve the beautiful creations.

Animated Star and Sleigh Tree Topper

If Santa can fly around the world, then of course he can fly around a tree. This unusual Animated Star and Sleigh Tree Topper includes a light-up star and Santa’s sleigh which is animated to fly around your tree. It will be hard to take your eyes off of old Saint Nick as he makes his rounds on this eye-catching topper. It’s easy to set-up, attach to your tree, and plug-in so you don’t have to worry about anything, except, perhaps, Santa knocking off an ornament or two.

    Mr. Christmas Animated Lit Tree Topper

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    Santa is delivering presents from the top of your Christmas tree. The Animated Tree Topper - Santa's Sleight from Mr. Christmas easily attaches to any Christmas tree with a unique Velcro system. At 20 tall from base to the top of the star, he will be a big presence on any size tree. Plug in using the AC adapter and watch Santa circle around. . A lighted 8 LED star lights the way.

Humorous Christmas Tree Topper Ideas

Ho! Ho! Ho! Santa shouldn’t be the only one laughing during Christmas. Add a humorous tree topper to your tree to inspire some laughs this holiday season.

King Kong Tree Topper

He scaled the empire state building and now he’s climbing… your tree?

This hilarious King Kong Tree Topper shows that although he may be a monster, King Kong can still get in the holiday spirit, as he dons a Santa hat and holds a star in the air. This hand-painted quality tree topper is lightweight and easy to use with a magnet attachment system.

    Tree Buddees King Kong Climbing The Tree

Buy on Etsy
    King Kong is climbing the xmas tree to place the star on top! Or taking it off depending on how you look at it. Either way, he's in his classic position, just like he's holding onto the building.

Yoda Tree Topper

“Luke… I am… your topper!” Okay, okay, Yoda wasn’t Luke’s topper—er, father. But the force is with your tree, or rather on your tree, with this Yoda Tree Topper. Yoda looks absolutely adorable suited up in Santa’s robes and hat. He is sure to make an impression on you and other star wars fanatics.

    Kurt Adler Classic Yoda Treetop Figurine

Buy at Amazon
    Take the force home with you this Christmas season with this Kurt Adler 10-inch Classic Yoda Treetop Figurine! Featuring Yoda in a Santa suit and hat, you can put this force on top of your Christmas tree as a treetop or you can display it as a table piece. Either way, may the force be with you.

Labrador Retriever Angel Tree Topper

What’s more angelic than a Labrador retriever? This Labrador Retriever Angel Tree Topper is perfect for people who love dogs and humor. It’s hilariously dressed up in an outfit made with white silk, gold trim, and lace. The wings and halo beautifully top this topper off. It turns out that all dogs do go to heaven.

    Conversation Concepts Labrador Retriever Yellow Angel Tree Topper

Buy at Amazon
    These Angel Tree Toppers will be the highlight of your tree or mantle. They stand 11 inches tall and are made of a beautiful silk, trimmed in a gold lace. Heads are made of lightweight unbreakable polynate with a gold plated halo. At such a heavenly price, how can you go wrong!!

Christmas Tree Toppers With Projectors

What will they come up with next? The newest Christmas craze is tree toppers with projectors built-in. These gorgeous projector tree toppers are perfect for people who go big when it comes to Christmas lights.

Silver Star Snowflake Projector Tree Topper

This Silver Star Snowflake Projecting Tree Topper seems simple enough until you turn on its lights and see the beautiful snowflakes it projects onto the ceiling above you. Between silver, stars, and snowflakes this tree topper is really hitting all of the important Christmas motifs. And no worries, it’s totally safe and easy to use.

    OurWarm Christmas Tree Topper Lighted Star

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    This star tree topper features 3D hollow-out design with sparkling silver powder. Create magic and shining star for the top of your Christmas tree. With snowflake LED projector inside. Project high-definition snowflakes and neat effect

Golden Star Projector Christmas Tree Topper

The golden glow of this Golden Star Projecting Christmas Tree Topper would already make it a lighting must-have, but the white stars it projects on to the ceiling above it really put it over the top. The projector slowly rotates so the stars move around providing warm Christmas ambiance.

    YUNLIGHTS Lighted Christmas Tree Toppers with Rotating Star Projector

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    Four different patterns in warm white lights keep directional movement regularly. The LED projector lamp inside the star reflects at different angles for a neat effect. Not only for Christmas—also ideal as LED night light projector for children.

Angel Rainbow Light Projector Tree Topper

This angel s anything but serene. The rainbow colors that this Angel Rainbow Light Projector Tree Topper throws onto the ceiling above it are truly heavenly to look at. The multi-colored water ripple effect draws eyes as does the glittery angel who projects them. You will be so mesmerized by looking up at the lighting you may even forget to look at your actual tree!

    Praying Angel Tree Topper with Built-in Rotating Ripple Projector

Buy at Amazon
    adoo Angel Tree Topper Projector is designed for Christmas decoration use. There is a rotating ripple effect optical ball inside the topper, shining with a multi-color water ripple effect. Have a beautiful and happy Christmas!

Snowflake Projector Tree Topper

This beautiful Snowflake Projector Tree Topper looks like it is made from sparkly crystals. Not only is it unusual in its shape and shimmeriness, but it also projects smaller, white snowflakes onto the ceiling above it. The virtual snow is well-defined in its shape and mesmerizing in its movements. It moves and swirls in patterns that real snow would. You will absolutely love this wintery tree topper.

    Yostyle Christmas Tree Topper with White Snowflake Projector

Buy at Amazon
    A nice glittery addition to your Christmas tree. Built-in snowflake projector, project high-definition snowflakes and perfect dynamic patterns. Shining snowflakes moving crazily on the ceiling of your house.

Christmas Tree Topping Bows

Why let presents have all the fun? You can also top your tree with a beautiful bow.

Elf Christmas Bow

This festive and fun Christmas bow is wintery and whimsical with traditional Christmas colors, lollipops, peppermints, snowflakes, marshmallows, and a beautiful ribbon. The best part though? In a hilarious twist, this bow has two elf legs emerging out of it like an elf jumped into your tree. The only note of caution about this bow is that it’s so eye-catching it will absolutely steal the show from your ornaments. It’s easy to attach to your tree and is even made on an evergreen base so it blends right in.

    Kaleighs Wreath Decor Elf Christmas Bow Topper

Buy at Etsy
    A beautiful “WOW” statement piece for your Christmas tree! It’s beautiful all the way around 360, which is perfect if you have a spinning tree!

Red Christmas Bow

This gigantic candy-cane striped lighted bow will look great on classically decorated trees, playing off of colors like red, white, and green. It’s 16 inches by 36 inches, which is big enough for even the largest tree, and no matter the size. its swirling ribbons would look stunning cascading around your tree. It’s easy to use and also versatile, not just functioning as a tree topper but also looking great as a door decoration, wall decoration, or as part of a wreath.

    Candy Cane Glitter Tree Topper Bow ribbon with Lights

Buy at Amazon
    One plug-in LED lighted 16-inch giant ball style bow with 50 warm white LED lights, more than 40 loops, and 4 tails each 3 feet long.

Grinch Christmas Bow

While this bow may not steal Christmas it’s sure to steal everyone’s attention. This Grinch Christmas Bow has the Grinch’s recognizable legs diving into your tree with a cascade of Christmassy ribbons around him. It’s hand-crafted, easy-to-assemble, and you don’t even have to use it as a tree topper. You can also have the Grinch coming out of the side of your tree.

    Grinch Christmas Tree Topper Bow

Buy at Etsy
    Painted topper Measures approx 22 inches in height. Light weight wood. A wire spans the back so it can be placed over the the tree top!

DIY Christmas Tree Toppers

There are so many incredible tree toppers that you can buy! But you don’t just have to settle for buying one, you can also make a tree topper of your own by using the above ideas for inspiration, or the below plans to guide you.

Patterned Star Tree Topper

patterned star diy Christmas Tree topper tutorial
Credit: Pretty & Cozy

This Patterned Star Tree Topper is absolutely beautiful and totally customizable because you can choose which patterns you want to mix and match. Try metallic cardstocks together, or mix classic Christmas colors like white, red, and green. In addition to card stock, you just need scissors, a hot glue gun, and the included template to make this gorgeous 3D star.

Disco Ball Tree Topper

DIY pink disco ball christmas tree topper tutorial
Credit: Queens Vein

It’s Christmas, so it’s time to party! Make your tree a party accessory by putting a Disco Ball Tree Topper on top of it.  All you need is an 8-inch disco ball and a Forstner drill bit to make this fun decoration. Remove the disco ball’s hardware, drill a hole in it, and then place it on your tree’s top branch. Watch your tree’s lights dance off the disco ball, and add a Christmas tree spinner for some extra movement.

Musical Star-Shaped Tree Topper

sheet music star tree topper
Credit: BHG

One of the best parts of the holiday season is holiday music. Add some music to your tree, quite literally, with this Star-Shaped Tree Topper made from sheet music. Simply take the sheet music, twist it, and hot glue it to a cardboard circle, gluing the larger pieces down first and the smaller pieces down afterward. Once your star’s structure is made, finish it off with some glitter so it shines!

Glittery Woven Paper Star Tree Topper

Woven Star DIY Tree topper tutorial
Credit: Happiness Is Homemade

Using some glittery cardstock, scissors, and hot glue, you can create this Beautiful Woven Star for your Christmas tree. Its intricate pattern and admirable shine will make it stand out on your Christmas tree. Simply cut your glittery cardstock into strips, weave and twist it into the desired pattern, and hot glue it all into place. It doesn’t take much time and looks absolutely gorgeous when finished.


Now you have more than enough tree topper ideas for this Christmas season! Tree toppers are one of the most important Christmas decorations because they really set the tone for your whole tree, and in turn, your whole home.

I hope you enjoyed these Christmas tree topper ideas! If you did, be sure to share them and comment below with any questions!