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78 Inviting Christmas Walkway Ideas to Wow Your Guests

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Create Simple Tin Can Vases

Tin can with flowers
Image credits: fotoedu via Canva

Have you ever considered turning an old tin can into a beautiful decoration? If not, you’re not alone. This is an item that’s often tossed aside without a second thought but after reading this, you may think twice! All you need is a tin can, fully cleaned out and dried, a holiday ribbon in the color of your choice, and a wooden board to act as a backdrop. Spray paint your tin can and the board to fit into your decorating color scheme. Wrap your ribbon around the center of the tin can, tying a large decorative bow in the front. Finally, attach your tin can to the backing board using either hot glue or nails. This simple vase can be hung on your door, on your porch, or on the existing light posts lining your walk. Place some evergreen boughs, festive flowers, and holiday decorations in each vase.

Make Ice Lanterns

Ice lantern
Image credits: molka via Canva

A beautiful touch that can only be enjoyed during the cold of winter, ice lanterns are a great way to light up your walk with a soft, festive glow. These budget-friendly lanterns are incredibly easy to make. All you need is two containers, one slightly smaller than the other, something to weigh down the smaller container, a battery-operated tealight, and any seasonal decorations that you wish to include.

Fill your larger container approximately halfway with water. Taking your second container, place it in the middle of the first and weigh it down enough that it’s almost all the way to the bottom of the first container, leaving a small layer of water at the bottom to serve as the bottom of your lantern. If you are going to decorate your ice lantern with evergreen boughs, holly berries, or glitter, add these items in at this point. Set your lantern outside overnight, allowing the below-freezing temperatures to freeze them through completely. Carefully remove your lanterns from the containers and set them out along your walkway with a battery-operated tealight in the center of each.

Craft Rustic Wooden Reindeer

Wooden reindeer
Image credits: JakZim via Canva

Holiday reindeer are a popular decoration to display in front of your house for all to see. However, the grapevine and fairy light sculpture that can be found in most big box stores aren’t going to match with everyone’s décor. If you prefer a more whimsical and DIY approach, why not transform some wood from around the property into adorable decorations that will bring holiday cheer to every guest that sees them.

For each reindeer, you will need a larger round log for the body, a smaller round log for the head, 4 thick branches all cut to the same length for the legs, a shorter thick branch for the next, two thinner branches for antlers, 3 smaller pieces of wood to use as ears and a tail, two large google eyes, and a round ball in red or black for the nose. When assembling your reindeer, drill a hole large enough for each of the branches and secure them in place using wood glue, so that they don’t fall apart over time. Don’t worry about minor mistakes or imperfections, for these reindeer, that just adds to the character!

Use Animated Lighting

Christmas Laser Lights
Image credits: XVDZS via Amazon

If you’re looking for a fun way to incorporate some movement and personality into your outdoor decorations this holiday season, why not incorporate an animated light decoration? These decorations are made entirely from lights and create movement by having different lights turn on and off in succession to show slight movements. These decorations are generally flat, making it easy to fit them into smaller spaces, and are designed to be viewed from one angle. For this reason, they are a great choice to line your front walkway, offering some entertainment for family and friends as they are making their way up to your door.

Showcase Your Sweet Tooth with Giant Foam Candy Canes

Group of Children with Giant Candy Cane
Image credits: Gpoint Studio via Canva

There are many ways that you can incorporate candy canes into your holiday decorations, from purchasing candy cane-inspired solar lights and large wooden cut-outs to more subtle displays of the red and white spiral design. If you are on the search for a way to really incorporate your sweet tooth this holiday season while sticking to a budget, you can create brightly colored foam candy canes to display all over your front yard using pool noodles. The best part? This doesn’t ruin the pool noodles at all, so you can set them aside when the holidays are over and pull them back out in the summer.

All you need to make your festive pool noodle is a thick gauge of wire (or a wire clothes hanger), a wooden dowel, a red pool noodle, and white electrical tape. Taking your wire, bend it carefully to create the shape of your candy cane with the bend in the top. Carefully slide your pool noodle over the wire, allowing it to the shape that you desire. If you’re worried about your wire slipping, you can secure it just inside the edge of the pool noodle with a piece of electrical tape. Taking your white electrical tape, spiral it around the outside of your pool noodle to create the traditional candy cane appearance. Your candy cane is now ready to display! Hammer your wooden dowel into the ground where you want your candy cane to stand, with a large portion of it sticking up out of the ground. Slide the bottom of your pool noodle onto the dowel, step back, and enjoy!

If you are looking for a more non-traditional decorating idea or trying to embrace a creative color scheme the breaks away from ‘the norm’, you can easily change the color of your candy canes by selecting a pool noodle of a different color or using brightly colored electrical tape in place of the recommended white.

String Up DIY Lighted Burlap Garland

Christmas garland with bokeh lights
Image credits: StephanieFrey via Canva

Embrace your love of all things rustic or boho by incorporating burlap into your holiday decorations this year. Creating your own DIY lighted burlap garland is easy and all you need is a string of LED Christmas lights and burlap fabric. The fabric can be in the standard tan color or even a variety of different fun colors to match your décor. Cut your burlap into strips and one at a time, tie the strips onto your light string, allowing the ends to hang free. You can add as many or as few strips of burlap as you like to fill your garland to suit your preferences. When you’re done, string up your garland along your porch or frame your walk using shepherd hooks and plug it in.

Hang Brightly Colored Ornaments from Nearby Trees

Colorful ornaments hanging from a tree
Image credits: Donte Tatum via Canva

For those that have trees on their property, framing their front walkway, you have the perfect structure already in place for some fun, colorful decorating. Rather than stressing out over elaborate or expensive decorations, you can make a big impact on the space by simply collecting a variety of brightly colored Christmas ornaments and suspending them from the tree branches at different heights. Experiment with different colors, patterns, and sizes to create depth and match the rest of your décor. When hanging ornaments directly over your walkway, be aware of the clearance for any taller guests.

Set-up Mini Christmas Trees Along the Walkway

outdoor christmas tree
Image credits: Petr Smagin via Canva

A simple way to decorate your walkway is with mini-Christmas trees. This is a decorating idea that’s super easy to customize to suit any space or style. Depending on the size of your walkway, mini trees can be found at most big-box stores or even at the dollar store for the smallest sizes. They can be decorated with soft white lights for a traditional look or use bright, bold colored lights to bring a pop of color. If you do change your mind in the future and no longer want your trees along the walkway, they can easily be repurposed as decorations indoors or on your porch.

DIY Concrete Steppingstones

Painted stones
Image credits: Richard-P-Long via Canva

Rather than just decorating the sides of your front walkway, why not incorporate the walkway itself by making some festive concrete steppingstones to add to the path (or create a new path in your yard)? This is a great activity to get the kids involved in your holiday decorating plans. To begin, for each steppingstone you will need a pie tin and a small piece of chicken wire cut to fit inside the tin. Mix up some quick-dry concrete-based, following the instructions on the bag. Spray your pie tins with cooking spray, before adding the concrete. Carefully place the chicken wire in the middle to give it added support.

Once the pie tins are full and you have leveled them off, it’s time to decorate! This is where you can give your child(ren) full creative control. They can draw pictures or write their names with their fingers or a stick, add a handprint, or embellish the steppingstone with holiday-themed decorations like brightly colored marbles, small ornaments, evergreen boughs, and more. Give your new steppingstones a minimum of 48 hours to dry completely before removing them from their tins and placing them on or around your front walkway.

Place Lighted Snowballs Along the Way

Image credits: Anney_Lier via Canva

Are you a fan of thrifting or garage sale shopping? If so, collecting the materials for this DIY may be even more fun than putting it together and putting it on display! To create your own festive lighted snowflakes to place along your walkway, you will need to go on the search for the traditional globe-shaped light covers. These bulbs we placed in the snow with the opening down overtop of a battery-lighted tealight to give it a festive glow. These lighted balls can be placed alone on the sides of your walkway, or grouped together with real snowballs to make decorative snowball piles.

Line Your Path with Lighted Garden Stakes

Solar Lighted Christmas Garden Stakes
Image credits: MorTime via Amazon

While many garden stakes are spring-inspired, they aren’t all cutesy little ladybugs or spring flowers. There are many different garden stake designs that can easily be incorporated into your decorating plans. Colored garden spotlights can be used to add a festive glow to your walkway while colorful globes can be used to accent other holiday decorations. Pair the colors of your solar garden lights with traditional LED Christmas lights to light up your walkway, welcoming any visitors as soon as they arrive.

Incorporate Santa’s Sleigh

gifts in santa sleigh
Image credits: alamourus via Canva

Whether you purchase a large, decorative sleigh or use your woodworking skills to create your own, Santa’s sleigh is a great addition to any outdoor decorating scheme. There are many ways that you can work the sleigh into your bigger plan. Consider adding bright lights, including Santa’s reindeer, add a giant sack of gifts in the back or even include the big guy himself. Your sleigh could be a life-size addition to your yard, drawing the attention of everyone in your neighborhood, or a smaller accent to your existing décor, whatever feels right to you!

Create a Trail of Christmas Lights

String of Christmas Lights
Image credits: RaquelPaints via Canva

This is arguably one of the most basic decorating ideas on the list, but it’s one that is often overlooked due to its simplicity. This holiday season, rather than complicating your decorating plans, try stringing Christmas lights on the ground along each side of your walking path. This can be done with large LED-style lights if you like the traditional look that these bulbs bring or with simple rope lights. Either way, it will make it easier than ever for your guests to see where they are going as they carry their holiday meals or Christmas gifts up to the front door.

Build Decorative Pinecone Christmas Trees

Tree of pinecones wth shadows
Image credits: Kikovic via Canva

If you have pine trees in your yard, you may have an abundance of pinecones to use in your holiday decorating this year. While most Christmas lovers incorporate pinecones by placing them in planters and vases or turning them into holiday ornaments, this year you could take it a step further and create a full pinecone Christmas tree. This isn’t just a tree that’s covered in ornaments, this tree is made entirely from a body of pinecones. Feature a single tree as part of a larger walkway decorating plan, or line the path with trees for a fun effect.

To build your own pinecone tree, you will need a collection of dried pinecones, a base or planter, a cone made from lightweight cardboard in the desired size of your tree, and an assortment of festive decorations. One at a time, starting from the base of the cone, attach pinecones around the outside with a hot glue gun. There will likely be small spaces between each pinecone, but you will fill those spots in later. Continue this all the way up the cone, placing the last one pointed upright to represent the top of the tree. Using your glue gun, carefully secure your new tree to your base. Add decorations strategically to fill in any spaces around the tree. You can also use decorations or evergreen boughs to help fill in the planter if you are using one.

Choose Comical Lighted Characters

Lighted Flying Pig
Image credits: ATDAWN Store via Amazon

DIY decorations can be a lot of fun for those that enjoy crafting, however, they aren’t for everyone. If you’re looking for something fun and festive to display this holiday season without the additional work, you may want to add some lighted characters to your walkway. There are many different options available depending on your decorating style include your favorite movie or televisions characters, or even the big guy, Santa Claus himself! There are even some smaller character sets that are specifically designed to line the walkway, lighting the way while also bringing a smile to your face.

Transform Wooden Logs into Rustic Candle Displays

Christmas gifts, decoration and candle on wooden log
Image credits: desifoto via Canva

The beauty of rustic Christmas décor is the way that it pulls the natural world into your holiday celebrations. One way that you can do this is to create a rustic candle display using logs of wood, twine, evergreen boughs, and pinecones. To begin, you will need to choose three logs, each a slightly different height. Carefully cut the top and bottom of the logs to make them flat, allowing them to stand up on the end while supporting a candle on top. To hold your candles, mount a clear candle holder in the center of each log, either attaching them to the top or drilling into the log a little to set the candle holder in.

To create the overall decoration, place your three logs together strategically to fill the space either by your front door, the entrance to your walkway, or somewhere along the path. Create wreath-like arrangements out of the evergreen boughs, tying them with the twine. Mount these on the front of each log to decorate the front. Using your pinecones and any extra evergreen boughs, decorate the ground around the logs to complete the look. Place a pillar candle in each candle holder and your new rustic candle display is ready to add a festive glow to any space.

Hang Festive Bells from Simple Plant Hangers

Jingle Bells on Blurred Christmas Lights
Image credits: pixelshot via Canva

Another simple walkway decorating idea for those that already have shepherd hooks in place is to use those hooks to hang large festive bells and other holiday ornaments. Choose larger ornaments that will stand out as a statement piece on their own and suspend them using colorful Christmas-themed ribbon. To complete the look, tie a decorative bow to be displayed at the top. If you can’t find a larger ornament that fits with your other holiday décor, consider stringing a few smaller ornaments together at different heights to create a fun display. Decorate multiple shepherd hooks with the same ornaments or alternate to add multiple colors to your front walk.

DIY Outdoor Candle Lamps

Lamp in the form of candles
Image credits: Iuliia Petrovskaia via Canva

Do you love the traditional look of a festive candle but need something larger to fill the space in your outdoor display? These DIY candle lamps may be the perfect solution. Made from pieces of PVC pipe, they are large enough to make a statement on your front porch or alongside your front walk. To begin, cut a piece of PVC pipe to the desired height of your candle. Drill a hole large enough for the cord of your light to fit through near the bottom. Paint the pipe with the main color of your candle and allow it to dry fully.

In a bowl, mix equal parts Mod Podge and white acrylic paint. Add glitter to the mixture to give it a little shine and paint this around the top of the pipe to create the icicle look. If desired, you can add extra glitter to the wet paint before allowing it to dry fully. If you do add additional glitter, take the time to paint a layer of Mod Podge on top to create a protective barrier and keep the glitter in place. Take a light socket from your local hardware store and feed the cord through the pole so that the socket sits on top of the end with the icicle painted on. Glue this socket in place to keep it from moving. Feed the cord at the bottom through the hole that you previously drilled.

To display your large candles, you may choose to add a garden stake to the bottom or attach the bottom of the pole to a larger base such as a block of wood. The use of a base will allow your candle to be displayed on a porch or other solid surface. To play into the candle look, choose a candle-style lightbulb to represent the flame. Decorate around the base of your candle by placing it inside a wreath, adding evergreen boughs, or stacking decorative presents.

Enjoy a Light Show with DIY Sparkle Balls

Christmas Plastic cup light ball
Image credits: tommaync via Creativecommons

Sparkle balls are hanging decorations constructed from cheap plastic disposable cups and LED Christmas lights. While the materials for this project are incredibly low-cost and readily available at your local dollar store, the end result is one that will impress your visitors as it lights up your front walkway this holiday season. To make your own LED sparkle ball you will need a string of 50 LED Christmas lights and 50 clear plastic cups.

Carefully drill or cut a small hole in the base of each of the cups just large enough for the bulbs on your string of lights. Taking 12 cups, create a circle with the base of the cups in the center, stapling them all together. Add a second circle on top of the first, this time using 9 cups, stapling these cups both to each other and to the first circle. Fill the center of the second circle with 4 cups creating a dome of cups all stapled together. Repeat the same process to make the second half of your sparkle ball.

One at a time, poke the bulbs of your string of Christmas lights through the holes in the bottom of each cup. Bring the two halves of your sparkle ball together stapling them so that the end of your light string hangs outside of the ball to power the lights, but everything else is securely tucked in the center. When you plug in your lights, the light from each bulb will reflect off the sides of the cup creating a unique sparkly effect. These can be done all in one color or using multi-colored lights for some additional holiday fun. Hang your sparkle balls from trees, posts, or shepherd hooks along your walkway, or display them across your front porch to welcome any visitors.

Purchase a Bold Christmas Runner

Merry Christmas Door Rug (Doormat)
Image credits: MajaArgakijeva via Canva

Many of the options on this list are designed to bring some holiday cheer to long walkways with plenty of space for elaborate decorations. But what about homeowners with a smaller area to work with? Whether you have a short front pathway or live in a shared living situation where your only ‘front walkway’ is the hallway outside of your apartment door, holiday area rugs are a great solution. They are available in a wide variety of different sizes from small front door mats to long decorative runners, making it possible to find a rug to suit just about any space. This is a great way to decorate with minimal effort while still celebrating the holiday season.

Go Traditional with a Wooden Fence and Fresh Greenery

Wooden fence with festive garland covered in snow
Image credits: Jason Finn via Canva

If you have a wooden fence already in place along the side of your walkway, why not embrace the aesthetic in your holiday décor? One of the easiest ways that you can do this is to decorate with fresh greenery. Traditional holiday garland and evergreen wreaths will make your front walkway look like a scene straight out of a Hallmark holiday movie. Tie it in with the rest of your holiday décor with a matching wreath on the front door or holiday garland strung along your front porch railing. Add a little holiday magic by including soft white fairy lights or create a more rustic appearance with buffalo plaid ribbons and pinecones.

Craft a Peppermint Pathway

Peppermint Candy
Image credits: LindaJoHeilman via Canva

Lead your guests up to your front door with a peppermint pathway that will appeal to their sweet tooth. These simple holiday decorations are surprisingly easy to make and budget-friendly. All you need for supplies is a roll of cellophane, small pieces of ribbon, wooden skewers, plain white paper plates, and a red marker. On the back of your paper plate, draw and fill in the red stripes on your peppermint candy. Cut a piece of cellophane large enough to wrap around your candy with enough hangover on each side to represent the candy wrapper. Tie a piece of ribbon on each side to hold it in place. Finally, hot glue one end of your wooden skewer to the back of the candy and use the other end to stake it in place alongside your walkway.

Pumpkins Aren’t Just for Halloween

White Decorative Pumpkins
Image credits: natashabreen via Canva

A fun way to incorporate your love of Halloween into the holiday season is to decorate pumpkins to add to your Christmas display. Paint your pumpkins using bright, bold holiday colors that compliment your outdoor décor and add festive images or messages. Alternatively, if you really want to embrace the Halloween spin, carve your holiday pumpkins with festive imagery. You can create a Santa pumpkin, Frosty the Snowman, a reindeer, and more. Light up your holiday pumpkins by placing a string of LED Christmas lights inside or use color-changing LED tea lights to give a festive glow that matches the color scheme that you’ve incorporated into the rest of your holiday decorating.

Make Simple Mason Jar Luminaries

Still life of Elegant Autumn decor on a stone hearth with heirloom pumpkins
Image credits: Jennifer Blount via Canva

Line your front walk this holiday season with a festive candlelit glow by making your own mason jar luminaries. This is a simple DIY project that can easily be customized to match any decorating color palette or style. To create your own, you will need mason jars, battery-operated candles, and vase filler in your color of choice. If you’re unsure about what color to incorporate, a white vase filler can be used to create a beautiful snow-like effect. Space your luminaries out along the side of your walkway to guide your guests towards your front door with their festive glow.

Paint Branches White for a Festive Display

Modern White Painted Branch Christmas Tree
Image credits: Изображения пользователя Вячеслав via Canva

A beautiful holiday display doesn’t have to break the bank. This holiday season, decorate your walkway by collecting branches from the trees around your yard. To make these decorative planters, you will need a selection of branches, white spray paint, soft white fairy lights, evergreen boughs, pinecones, and other rustic decorations, and a large vase. Paint all your branches white and allow them to dry fully. Placing the branches into your vase, carefully arrange the evergreen boughs around the outside. String your fairy lights in and around the branches, tucking the battery pack into the boughs where it won’t be seen. Finally, complete your display by adding decorations to the evergreen boughs including pinecones, Christmas ornaments, and stems of artificial red berries.

Get Creative with Light Projectors

projector lights
Image credits: aerogondo via Canva

Light up your walkway this holiday season with the help of festive projection lights. While these lights were designed to project festive images onto the walls of your house, but they can be repurposed in new and creative ways if you’re willing to think outside the box. Mount your light projector up off the ground in a tree or on a wall, directing the light down onto the surface of your front walk. You can choose a static lighted design or change it up with twinkling lights or other movements. Just be aware of where you are mounting the lights in relation to the faces of your visitors so that you can avoid shining light directly into their eyes.