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78 Inviting Christmas Walkway Ideas to Wow Your Guests

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Make Use of Large Galvanized Utility Pails

Christmas Apples in a Bucket
Image credits: pixelshot via Canva

Are you drawn to some of the planter-based decoration ideas, but you can’t find a planter that first your rustic décor? Trade in the standard pots and planters for a galvanized utility pail. Not only do these pails stand up well to being outside in the elements throughout the winter season, but they are also highly versatile with the ability to be customized to match nearly any décor. Wrap a colorful ribbon around the pail and tie it with a bow to tie in your color scheme or incorporate brightly colored ornaments into your holiday display. Consider placing a small spotlight in the bottom of your pail planter, aimed up to light up your display and add a little holiday flair.

Get Creative with Your Wheelbarrow

Retro Wheelbarrow with Christmas Decorations
Image credits: dashapetrenkophotos via Canva

Another fun planter alternative, pull your wheelbarrow out of your garden shed and put it to use this holiday season. Create a beautiful holiday display with a large base of evergreen boughs. Incorporate decorative accents such as pinecones, branches, bright red holly berries, Christmas ornaments, and fairy lights. This is where you can customize your display to suit any style through your choice of colors and decorative elements. Does your wheelbarrow need a little sprucing up? Use this as an excuse to pull out the paint and bring it back to life. Not only will it look sharp for the holidays, but it will help to extend the life of your wheelbarrow moving forward.

Make a Statement with Light Balls

Hand Pointing at a Light Ball
Image credits: sambarfoto via Canva

If you are working with a long walkway surrounded by a large yard, you may be looking for some easy ways to create a big, dramatic statement. Rather than just stringing lights up this holiday season, why not make some beautiful light balls using chicken wire and LED Christmas lights? These holiday decorations look impressive, but they are surprisingly easy to DIY. To begin, you will need a rectangular piece of chicken wire cut in a 2:1 ratio. The size of your chicken wire will determine the size of your finished light ball. Bring the ends of the chicken wire together and carefully wire them in place creating a cylinder shape. Carefully fold the ends in turning your chicken wire structure into a ball shape. When you’re happy with it, grab the lights and string them all around the ball so that the entire surface glows in your color of choice.

Stack Decorative Presents to Make a Holiday Display

sleigh with gift boxes, presents and decorations
Image credits: pavel_balanenko via Canva

Create a fun display to welcome friends and family to your Christmas party this year by incorporating decorative presents. For a short-term decoration solution, wrap empty boxes with a weight inside to keep them from blowing away. If, however, you plan on leaving your decorations out longer than a single day, you may want to use something that is better suited for the weather like brightly colored wooden blocks tied with ribbon to create a present. Place your presents around your front porch, yard, and walkway as a simple decoration, or stack them to create a taller statement piece. These stacked presents are a great option for highlighting your front door or the entrance to your front walk.

Light the Pathway with DIY Wine Bottle Lights

Wine bottles with Christmas Lights
Image credits: bauhaus1000 via Canva

Repurpose your empty wine bottles this holiday season by creating glass bottle lights to accent your front walkway. This is a great choice for wine lovers, tying your drink of choice into your holiday décor. Alternatively, these can also be made using glass soda bottles or beer bottles if that’s more your style. To assemble these simple lights, you will need a collection of glass bottles that have been washed and allowed to dry out fully, a string of LED Christmas lights, enough corks for each bottle, a hot glue gun, and something decorative that will help to weigh your glass bottles down.

Start by adding the weights to all your bottles. Some great options for weights include copper-coated BBs, decorative aquarium stones, heavier vase fillers, or even sand! Cut two notches into the sides of your corks directly opposite one another, large enough to accommodate the light cord. Starting at one end of your lights, tuck a couple of lights into the bottle before putting the cork in place and adding a couple of beads of glue to keep it from coming out. Skip 2-3 lights before adding the next bottle and continue in this way all the way down your string of lights.

Place your lighted bottles along the sides of your walkway, spacing them out as your string of lights will allow. Plug it in and watch as your DIY wine bottle lights come to life. This is a great way to welcome your guests while also hinting that there’s a glass of wine waiting for them when they make it to the house!

Spotlight the Walkway

Electric Pathway Lights
Image credits: via Amazon

Do you have a walkway that’s slightly uneven? Are you worried about the risk of a slip and fall from an ice walk after the natural light has faded and night has set in? Rather than focusing on creating decorations that simply make the space look nice, why not focus on spotlighting the walk in a way that your guests can see where they are going. You don’t have to sacrifice the holiday fun to keep everyone safe this season. Set up colorful outdoor LED spotlights and set the colors to fit with the rest of your outdoor décor. Stick with a single color or alternate colors along the path.

Fashion a Gumdrop Trail to Your Gingerbread House

Image credits: JenniferRae via Canva

We have already looked at several different ways that you can incorporate candy into your holiday decorating, embracing the gingerbread house aesthetic. But what gingerbread house is complete without gumdrops? While it wouldn’t be advisable to use real gumdrops in your decorating plans, you can make your own using plastic sand pails or wastebaskets, Mod Podge, and clear glitter. Select pails that are all one color to match your décor or mix it up and include all the ‘flavors’ by using a variety of different colors. One at a time, cover the entire outside and bottom of the pail with Mod Podge before coating it with clear glitter. The glitter will give your gumdrops the texture and appearance of sugar. When they have completely dried, place them along your walkway and secure them using garden stakes.

Incorporate Seasonal Garden Flags

Christmas Garden Flag
Image credits: Acedining via Amazon

Garden flags are a fun way to decorate your yard or walkway for any season. With minimal effort, you can switch from one holiday to the next by simply changing the flag that you display. You can display a single flag, marking the start of your front walk, or frame the walkway with flags on each side. There are many different flags on the market to match any style or theme, from a flag featuring Santa Claus himself greeting your guests to a holiday-themed flag that wishes every person that walks past a Merry Christmas. When the holiday season ends, trade out your Christmas flag for something flashy to ring in the New Year.

Create Lighted Presents to Line Your Walk

Christmas elements and backgrounds
Image credits: Paola Giannoni via Canva

A fun way to incorporate lighting into your walkway decorations without the standard solar lights or decorative light posts is to line the path with lighted presents. While you can purchase your presents, the cost can add up quickly. Luckily, this is a simple DIY project that anyone can tackle confidently – even the first-time DIYer. All you need is PVC piping, elbow connectors, sheer fabric or sheet vinyl, LED Christmas lights, and ribbon.

To begin, cut your PVC pipes to the desired size of your present and assemble them into a 3-D box using the elbow connectors. When you’re happy with the size, you can use a little hot glue to secure everything so that it won’t fall apart while you’re doing the rest of the steps. Attach your string of lights with a small piece of electrical tape to one corner of the present and start stringing the lights across filling the center of the box. Use tape as needed to secure the sides while you go. Continue until your entire light string is suspended inside the box with the exception of the power cord.

Carefully wrap your present using the fabric or vinyl sheeting. This will be the main color of your present, so choose something that will match your holiday décor. Make sure that it’s thin enough that the lights can shine through when they are plugged in. Finish the look by tying your ribbon around your present and topping it with a large, decorative bow. Make a full set of matching presents to line your front walk or change it up by creating different sizes or colors.

Include the Whole Family with Giant Stockings

Christmas Stocking
Image credits: USGirl via Canva

Wooden cut-outs are a fun way to add some festive cheer to your walkway décor, providing large, colorful images for your guests to enjoy. A fun way to incorporate the whole family is by creating a row of oversized stockings along one side of your walkway. Add the names of your family members to each stocking and you can even customize the decorations to suit each individual personality. Don’t forget to include the furry family members, they are looking forward to getting something special on Christmas morning as well! If you host a holiday party every year with the same guest list, you may even want to welcome your guests by displaying stockings with their names. Imagine the joy as they discover their stocking while walking up to your door.

Showcase Santa’s Elves Hard at Work

Elves Christmas yard decor
Image credit: VictoryStore via Amazon

Holiday displays often feature the image of Santa and his reindeer, delivering presents to all the good girls and boys around the world. But what about the work that happens behind the scenes? This year, showcase the hard work of Santa’s elves by setting up your own version of Santa’s workshop along each side of your front walkway. You can include various stages of the process from elves working hard at a workbench, building toys, to an assembly line of elves transporting wrapped presents from the workshop to Santa’s sleigh ready for delivery. You can even invite your guests to join in the fun by setting up a festive photo prop for your guests to take pictures of themselves as a member of the elf team. Purchase lawn decorations of elves or create your own using wooden cut-outs or dressing up figurines to position where needed.

Assemble Festive Hanging Baskets

Hanging basket
Image credits: Pauws99 via Canva

We have explored many different ways to incorporate shepherd hooks into your holiday decorating, but now we’re going to take a moment to go back to the basics. Why not use your shepherd hooks to hang decorative planters as you would all year long, but with a holiday twist? Arrange a set of holiday planters using evergreen boughs, pinecones, Christmas ornaments, and battery-operated LED Christmas lights hanging baskets. They can all be identical or slightly different with a unifying factor of some sort, like matching color schemes. Hang each planter from one of the shepherd hooks along your walk and allow the lights to shine. Your arrangements can be super traditional with soft white lights and gold ornaments or experiment with color to give them a unique personality.

Construct Large Ribbon Christmas Trees

Christmas ribbon tree bulb ornament lights
Image credits: idesignimages via Canva

Ribbon is arguably one of the most versatile holiday decorations available, and yet it’s often overlooked outside of adding bows to wreaths and garland. For this project, you will need a roll of sheer, extra-wide ribbon, a tomato cage, LED Christmas lights, and small pieces of thin gauge wire or pipe cleaners to connect the various elements. To begin, turn your tomato cage upside down so that the round opening is on the ground and bring the stakes together, securing them with a piece of wire. This will create the cone shape that is often associated with Christmas trees. Wrap your string of LED lights around inside the cage, using the wire to help hold them in place. Leave the power cord out to make it easy to plug your tree in when you’re finished.

Starting at the bottom of the tree, tie off the edge of your ribbon with your wire. Make a loop with your ribbon, bring it back to the base of the cage again, and secure it. Push this secure point closer to the first one so that it gathers relatively close together to give it a full appearance. Continue doing this all the way around to complete the base of the tree. Continue this process up the tree, creating loops and even twisting the ribbon to give it volume. Tie off your ribbon when you reach the end of each roll and secure a new one to keep going. Complete the top of your tree with a loop or two that points upward to cover the top points of the tomato cage. When you plug your tree in, the lights will shine through your sheer ribbon to create a beautiful glow.

Set-up Multiple Lighted Archways

Christmas Light Walkway
Image credits: JosephZahnlePhotography via Canva

If a tunnel of lights is a little too much for your taste, there are ways that you can scale it back slightly to still make a bold statement with your holiday lighting along your walkway this season. This is also an important consideration for those that may feel overwhelmed by being surrounded by lights as they would in a tunnel, like those with sensory sensitivity. To do this, you would create your archways just as you did in the light tunnel using wood or PVC piping, but they are not going to be connected. Create several individual archways and place them spaced out along your path. Using standard LED Christmas lights, decorate each archway by wrapping them with lights, hanging a lighted wreath at the top, or incorporating holiday garland. You can make your archways identical, or get creative with each individually, there is no ‘wrong’ answer.

Repurpose Stair Rails to Make Festive Candle Holders

Stair Railing Closeup
Image credits: ChristianChan via Canva

Homeowners that have recently undergone some sort of renovation may be intrigued by this DIY option. All you need to create a set of beautiful festive candle holders is old stair rails or porch railing, wooden boards to make bases, battery-operated pillar candles, evergreen boughs, and decorative red bows. To begin, separate out your rails so that you have the individual spindle for each candle holder. Attach a board to one end to create a base that it will sit on. Paint or stain your candle holder to complement your outdoor décor. You can also try doing an antique technique when painting to give it a little extra character.

After your candle holder has dried fully, stand it up on the base ready to be decorated. Arrange the evergreens on top of the candle holder so that they extend out on each side and secure them using a hot glue gun. Be careful to leave enough space for your pillar candle in the center of the boughs, so that it can sit securely on the wooden base. If it helps, you can set it there and decorate around it, but make sure that it can be removed to turn it on/off or change the batteries. Finish the look with a red bow on the front center of the evergreens and light it up! These will create a magical pathway evenly spaced leading up to your front door.

Stage a Festive Scenario in Your Yard

Fairytale house decorated for winter holidays season
Image credits: Alyona Bidnenko via Canva

Do you enjoy setting up large, over-the-top holiday displays? If so, here’s a fun challenge to consider when deciding how to decorate your front path this Christmas. Rather than just bringing together beautiful decorations, why not tell a story? By staging a full scenario (or several scenarios) alongside your walk, you can entertain your guests during their short walk to the front door. This could include creating a little holiday village, offering a look indoors as a family decorates and prepares for the holidays, a holiday celebration in the forest with all the wildlife, or anything else your can dream up. Include festive signs, holiday lighting, animated figures, or whatever your heart desires! The secret to success when decorating in this way is to pay attention to the fine details so that friends and family can discover something new every time they come to visit. The only problem that you may run into is convincing your guests to come indoors.

Craft Paper Luminaries

Christmas Candle Illuminated Paper Lanterns
Image credits: Willowpix via Canva

It’s an incredibly simple DIY project and one that has been used for different holidays and events over the years. The best part is that it’s incredibly budget-friendly for those that are looking for a way to save this holiday season. To get started you will need a package of paper bags. You can stick with the normal brown paper bags or add a holiday twist by incorporating colors such as green or red paper bags. Cut a piece of cardboard the right size to slide it inside the bag, protecting the back. Draw or print a design onto a sheet of printer paper and set it on top of the paper bag. Carefully poke holes using a small needle along the lines of the pattern, making sure that each hole goes through the bag into the cardboard. When you’ve completed your design, remove the cardboard, stand your bag up and place a battery-operated candle inside. During the dark of night, the candle will shine through the holes in the bag revealing your design. This is a fun DIY project that can be enjoyed by the whole family, lining your walkway with a variety of different designs and patterns.

Embrace Holiday-Themed Flowers and Plants

An Outdoor Holiday Planter covered with Snow
Image credits: James Andrews via Canva

Rather than repurposing your planters this holiday season, why not use them for exactly what they were designed to do? There are many different plants that will continue to grow throughout the holiday season if cared for properly including Winterberry Holly, Japanese Yew, Christmas Cacti, Winter Heather, and the Christmas Rose. These hearty plants are able to stand up to the elements during the colder winter months, adding a pop of color and life to your outdoor garden or to your festive planters while still giving the gardening lover an opportunity to grow something year-round. If you’ve never grown a winter garden, reach out to your local garden center to discuss your options and which plants are most recommended for your area.

Create a Whimsical Candy Cane Archway

Festive Candy Canes Background
Image credits: via Canva

Set the tone the moment that your guests arrive by creating a large candy cane archway to mark the entrance to your front walkway. There are different ways that you can make this work, depending on how crafty you’re feeling and what budget you’re working with. If you’re looking for something that’s quick and easy to set up with minimal effort, a simple inflatable archway is a great solution. While these decorations can be a little pricy compared to a DIY solution, they can be set up in just minutes.

If you prefer something a little more cost-effective and are willing to put the effort into a DIY, why not make your own candy cane archway using PVC piping. Combine straight pieces of piping with 45-degree elbow connectors to create an arch shape to extend over your walkway. Paint your entire archway white to hide any marks or writing on the piping. You can either add the red swirl pattern for your candy cane arch with red duct tape or tape off the white areas with painter’s tape and add your red with an additional coat of spray paint. Add garden stakes to the base of each side to secure your archway and keep it from being carried away in the next big wind. You can decorate with light-up candy canes, snowmen, or any other holiday décor around the base of the arch on each side.

Include Some Practical Pieces

Ice Bucket
Image credits: tzahiV via Canva

Decorating your home usually involves focusing 110% on the overall appearance, but what about the practical items that you need for your home to function properly from day to day? Get creative and tie these necessities into your overall decorating plan to create a beautiful and cohesive design. When discussing walkway decorations, the necessity that instantly comes to mind is a de-icing product. After all, you don’t want your guests to fall or get injured when they are visiting. No one wants to see a bag of de-icer taking away from the festive vibe, so why not make a decorative place to store what you need. This could include a galvanized pail with a large decorative bow, an old milk jug, or a planter with built-in storage. You have put so much time into planning out and creating your holiday décor. Take the time to remove the eyesore and allow your creativity to really shine.

Welcome Guests with a Gingerbread Family

Christmas Festive Greeting Card
Image credits: Marcin Jucha via Canva

Are you looking for a way to represent the whole family in your holiday décor, but the stockings that we previously shared just aren’t fitting with your holiday décor? Why not create a festive gingerbread family to welcome your family and friends. You can create your own wooden cut-outs, or purchase pre-cut gingerbread men to decorate. Plan a fun family night with Christmas music, hot chocolate, and all the supplies necessary for each family member to decorate their own gingerbread man (or woman). This includes paint, fabric accessories, glitter, and more. This could be the start of a fun holiday tradition where you place your gingerbread family outside together each year, adding to it or updating them as needed throughout each stage of life.

Light the Space with Elegant Ice Globe Lanterns

Candle through ice
Image credits: otme via Canva

Ice globe lanterns look beautiful at night, glowing along your front walk, but did you know that they are incredibly easy to make? You wouldn’t think it, to look at them. This holiday season you can impress your guests by lighting their way with these elegant ice globes. To begin, fill a series of water balloons to the size that you want your finished globes and set them outside in the snow. Check them periodically to see how far they have frozen. The goal is to allow the outside edges to freeze thick enough to stand up on their own, but not to freeze through entirely. Pop your balloon carefully, as the center of your globe will be freezing cold water, allowing the water to pour out. Carefully remove all the pieces of the balloon and clean up the bottom opening, if needed, to remove jagged edges and make it so that it will sit up. Line your walk with these globes, placing a battery-operated candle inside each, and watch the magic come to life.

Purchase Oversized Christmas Lights

Christmas Lights on Table
Image credits: pixelshot via Canva

Is your favorite part of holiday decorating the brightly colored lights? If so, embrace this love and go all out with your light display this season! We have discussed many different lighted pathway markers, but this set of oversized Christmas light bulbs might be the perfect solution for you. Mounted on top of each secure garden stake is a 6.5-inch-tall Christmas bulb, glowing and lighting the way for your guests. Each connectable string is over 6 feet long with wiring connecting them to make powering your lights easy. The end-to-end connection makes it easy to accommodate longer walkways, bringing the bright colors of the holidays into any space.

Set-Up a Playful Christmas Tree Lot

Christmas tree lot
Image credits: Jupiterimages via Canva

Turn your yard and walkway space into a fun and whimsical area this holiday season by transforming it into an adorable Christmas tree lot. This will require a little scouting on your part, to find a variety of different Christmas tree decorations. You can include any type of decoration, mixing and matching them to add to the fun, including an inflatable tree, spiral lighted Christmas trees, miniature lighted Christmas trees, and more. To tie everything together, assemble a wooden booth with a sign announcing your Christmas tree lot, wrapping it in LED Christmas lights to help it stand out and be noticed. Your guests will love walking through your lot, checking out all the different trees. This is an idea that can be made as big and elaborate, or as simple and quaint as you prefer.

Candles, Candles, and More Candles

christmas candles outdoors in snow
Image credits: SilviaJansen via Canva

While most people prefer the bright, bold display created by Christmas light strings, those who are drawn to a more traditional look may enjoy the subtle glow of candles above all else. If this sounds like you, don’t fight it! With battery-operated candles now widely available online and in your local big box stores, it’s easy to enjoy the magic of candlelight without worrying about the potential fire hazards. There are even remote-operated candles that will make it easy for you to light/turn on your candles from a distance without having to go candle to candle turning them all on. Create clusters of candles along the side of your walkway or display them with evergreen boughs in planters, wagons, and other features.

Define the Space with Decorative Fencing

Picket fence and Christmas decorations
Image credits: CBCK-Christine via Canva

Decorative fencing pieces are small sections of fencing that are designed to be displayed for a short period of time. Unlike normal fencing, they are specifically focused on your holiday theme, not on containing your dog in the yard. One great way to do this is by repurposing pallet wood to create a small display. Combine 10 or fewer boards with vertical support boards to build a fence display that can be put up during the decorative season. It can be made even more festive by incorporating holiday colors or creating a candy cane-like red and white display. Add holiday garland or LED lights to really tie in the holiday spirit, setting your fence up as a dividing point to separate your holiday walkway from the rest of your property.

Ring in the Holidays with Your Festive Christmas Walkway Ideas

Whatever your style or holiday décor, your walkway is the perfect opportunity to create a festive display to welcome friends and family. Light up the pathway, tell a story, or simply shock and awe your guests this holiday season with our many fun and festive walkway decorating ideas. Whatever you choose, your guests are sure to be impressed b your creativity and holiday spirit!