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The Best Commercial Outdoor Christmas Decorations for Your Home

If you’re thinking about going big with Christmas decorations this year, you need the best commercial outdoor Christmas decorations for your home. There’s something about the Christmas spirit that makes us want to go all out with our decorations, especially the ones the whole neighborhood can see. That’s why the best commercial outdoor Christmas decorations for your home are important.

Commercial Outdoor Christmas Decorations for Homes

Unlike regular outdoor Christmas decorations, which consist of normal sized displays, commercial Christmas decorations are typically quite enormous. Commercial outdoor Christmas decorations for homes come in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes. From 5ft candy canes and reindeer to 11ft archways and 12in Christmas tree ornaments, these are among the most impressive holiday decor money can buy.

giant commercial christmas lights

In this article, we’ll review several of the best options this year. We’ll also discuss alternative options for purchasing new commercial decorations such as buying used municipal Christmas decorations.


Christmas bells are one of the oldest traditional Christmas decorations. No large sized Christmas display is complete without at least one.

This giant commercial Christmas bell by Christmas By Krebs is shatterproof, UV and moisture resistant, and is designed for indoor and outdoor use. A genuine commercial grade Christmas decorations, it’s produced out of extra-strong plastic materials. It is even more durable thanks to its protective finish. The bell is pet friendly and safe to use around small children as well.

    Christmas By Krebs Giant Commercial Shatterproof UV Resistant Plastic Christmas Bell

Christmas By Krebs Giant Commercial Shatterproof UV Resistant Plastic Christmas Bell Amazon
    Manufactured from super strong plastic material for the ultimate in durability, featuring ultra-secure screw on threaded caps and durable protective finishes. 9-inch Sonic Red bell ornament will stay vibrant and beautiful throughout the season, both indoors and out.


Archways are an ancient structural element and are often incorporated into decorative Christmas themed landscapes. They also make great holiday photo-op and Christmas selfie backdrops.

Inflatable Arch

GOOSH’s 11ft tall Christmas Archway is inflatable and designed with a Santa Claus theme. The archway is made for outdoor use and is lit from the inside with extra-bright lights for superior visibility at night. A 10ft extension cord is included. The arch anchors to the ground securely via ropes, stakes, and built-in sandbags. Eight stakes and four ropes are included with your purchase. Easy to inflate and install, and even easier to take down, few Christmas arches are as quick and convenient. The power source for the arch is 12 volts.

    GOOSH 11 Feet Christmas Inflatable Santa Claus Archway

GOOSH 11 Feet Christmas Inflatable Santa Claus Archway Amazon
    No need to worry that Christmas Inflatables Archway outdoor decorations will fly away with the wind. Outdoor Christmas decoration include 8 Stakes and 4 Ropes to secure it to the ground,Christmas inflatables outdoor Very Easy to Use. Comes in 10ft extended cord, ground stakes, fastened ropes, and built in sandbags. Plug in, everything pop s up in a minute!

Balloon Arch

These types of arches are originally intended for use with decorations such as balloons and ribbons (think arches at weddings, birthdays, and other such events/parties). That said, they work great for displaying Christmas lights and other various Christmas decorations outside in your front yard. Even more, the arch can be stood up alone or clamped to the edge of other decorations or objects.

    LANGXUN 12ft Table Balloon Arch Kit

LANGXUN 12ft Table Balloon Arch Kit Amazon
    he LANGXUN Arch Kit is 12ft in length and made with strong materials that consist of 50-percent plastic and 50-percent fiberglass. The arch is shipped to you with ten adjustable poles and two large C-shaped plastic clips. The size of the arch is adjustable by adding or subtracting poles.


Producing massive and attention-getting Christmas decorations is the business of commercial outdoor Christmas decoration manufacturers. Here are a few of our favorite pieces of oversized Christmas decor available online this year.

    Christmas By Krebs Oversized Shatterproof Ornaments

Buy at Amazon
    Individual oversized ornaments in various shapes, colors and sizes. Durable, all-weather finish.

When it comes to oversized Christmas ornaments for this year’s decorations, look no further than Christmas By Krebs. The manufacturer currently offers lovely 8in to 12in red ornaments we thought you should know about. The ornaments are strong and durable as well as moisture and UV resistant. The caps of the ornaments have screw-on caps.

These giant Christmas ornaments work both inside and outside. They look great in bushes, trees, along with front porches, and mixed in with other Christmas decorations. They’re also shatterproof, making them great for families with pets and/or children.

    Gemmy Industries 12.5ft wide Airblown Inflatable Santa Sleigh and Reindeer

Buy at Amazon!
    Santa, his reindeer, and a sleigh filled with toys are on their way to your lawn in this all-weather inflatable. The scene measures 12.5 feet fully inflated, with lighted interiors in each piece.

Santa’s sleigh, and the reindeer that pull it, are a favorite decoration of children all around the world. This oversized 3D commercial Christmas decoration is a whopping 12.5ft long. The sleigh and reindeer are inflatable, fade-proof all-weather material. The decoration is collapsible, so it’s super easy to set up and take down as well.

Aside from a fun Christmas decor statement, the reindeer and sleigh make a great photo backdrop.

Buying New & Used Municipal Christmas Decorations

What exactly are Municipal Christmas decorations, you may be asking yourself? Municipal Christmas decorations are the giant decorations purchased by local governments dressing up their town squares, parks, and city streets for the holiday season.

From time to time, whether due to age, budget, or other factors, city officials decide to sell their municipal Christmas decorations. When this opportunity arises, it is an excellent chance to buy huge pieces of Christmas decor at a fraction of the price of new commercial Christmas decorations.

commerciall christmas display santa inflatable

Below are but a few of the most popular ways to find used municipal Christmas decorations for sale.

Local City Officials

These are the first people to reach out to for more information about buying used municipal Christmas decorations in your area. If the city, or nearby cities, have any of their municipal decorations for sale, they will point you in the right direction. Some cities may have listings while others may opt for auctioning off their extra decorations from time to time.

Buy from a Specialty Retailer

Clarks Sale Display is a popular online-retailer of commercial and municipal Christmas decorations that carries used and refurbished items. You can find everything from arches and ornaments to enormous Christmas trees and fancy light displays on this e-commerce site.’lawn inflatables christmas decor

Check Social Media

Facebook is a great resource for buying used municipal Christmas decorations if you know where to look. You can also contact city officials and inquire directly with them about the possibility of purchasing their used municipal decorations, or for access to their source.

Buy Wholesale

Commercial Christmas Decorations may not provide used municipal Christmas decorations, however, they do have regular sales on their high-quality commercial Christmas decorations. If you plan on dropping a big wad of cash on large decorations, these guys are worth checking out.

Buy New

Alibaba, eBay, and Amazon are also hit or miss with used commercial and municipal Christmas decorations. That said, all three are worth checking because you never know what you’ll find.

Bottom Line

Finding the best commercial outdoor Christmas decorations for your home doesn’t have to be rocket engineering. Hopefully, our article helps you better understand all of your options.

Do you know about some amazing commercial or municipal Christmas decorations? If so, feel free to leave a comment and share your knowledge with our audience. Happy decoration hunting!