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11 Composite Deck Ideas

Wooden boards are the original material for decking purposes. It does the job, but over time, wood degrades. It begins to rot and fade, and as it ages, the chances of collecting nasty splinter increases. That being said, wood is the old classic, and there are many wooden deck design ideas for you to chill out on. 

Composite decking, on the other hand, claims to bypass all of these drawbacks. Composite decking does not degrade with age, so it should stand the test of time. It also comes in a variety of styles and colors to suit your particular aesthetic. It may be more expensive to start with, but the savings on maintenance and upkeep should make up for it over the years.

With that, let’s take a look at the 11 composite deck ideas.

1. Picture Framing

Picture framing your deck includes framing the specified area with a neat border of decking. You can use one piece to add a subtle frame around an area or double up with two pieces of decking framing the space. This will add some chunky definition to any outdoor space.

2. Diagonal Decking

While straight decking can draw the eye towards a focal point or flow with the predominant traffic across the deck, no rules say your decking should be straight. For some extra interest, consider laying your decking diagonally. It will result in more offcuts, which means you must add to the wastage allowance when ordering materials, but the results are striking.

3. Curved Edges

Straight decking doesn’t have to mean straight edges. Composite decking is easy to cut, similar to timber. What this means is that you can have any shaped deck. Add a curve to the outside of your deck for a more natural feeling outdoor area.

4. Step Up

Many deck projects require steps to and from the area. For a uniform look, extend the decking material onto the steps, too. This is an excellent way to use up any offcuts that may have been produced when laying the deck. If you factor the steps into the project from the beginning, you may use the decking material more efficiently. It means fewer offcuts, which can save you money.

5. Deck Lighting

When we think of lighting, the first thing that comes to mind is most probably overhead lighting. Overhead lighting isn’t possible when you have nothing overhead, like on some outdoor decks. There are ways around this. One way around this is to install flush spotlighting into the deck itself, facing upwards or at an angle. This will give your space a very dramatic feel.

6. Around The Pool

When used around the pool, wooden decking can provide some problems. It’s susceptible to rot, the chance of splinters increases with wet, bare feet, and it could be slippery when wet. This is why composite decking will excel around the pool. It won’t rot, you’ll never get any splinters, and you can get composite decking that is rough to the touch to avoid slips and falls around the pool.

7. Complimentary Colors

Who says your whole deck needs to be the same color? Opt for some trim in a lighter or darker shade for the rest of your deck. You can use this to define an area or draw attention to steps or changes in level for safety reasons.

8. Level Up

It’s quite a common problem to have your house sitting well above the level of the ground outside. What’s more, going straight from the lawn (or dirt) straight into your home will make your floors dirty in no time. Fix this problem with a modern composite deck in the transitional areas between inside and outside. It will raise the outside floor to the same height as the interior floor while creating a barrier that will trap dirt before it enters your home.

9. “Tiled” Deck

The great thing about composite decking is that it comes in all shapes and sizes. You can buy short little pieces of composite decking that lock together. They give the effect of a tiled deck without having to fuss with heavy tiles and grouting. This is especially useful for tighter areas on your deck.

10. Straight And Narrow

You can use straight composite decking to trick the eye into believing a space is much bigger than it seems. Try using the longest pieces of decking available to create a pathway between two outdoor areas. This will seem to stretch the space, giving the illusion of having more space available. There are many landscaping ideas for around your deck that could enhance the effect.

11. Cohesive Outdoor Room

To give your deck the feeling of being its cohesive outdoor room, consider painting your pergola the same color as your composite deck. It will allow your outdoor space to stand alone as its outdoor room. Don’t forget the best outdoor rug for your deck or patio. You might have to repaint the pergola every few years, but the beauty of composite decking is that you’ll never have to repaint it.

To Sum Up

Did you find something you love in the list above? As you can see, the flexible design and color choices available in composite decking make it an excellent choice for any of your outdoor decking projects. The material won’t degrade after being out in the elements for a long time, which means less maintenance and upkeep for you. So if you want a beautiful, durable deck that will last for ages, consider building a composite deck.