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Convert Your Garage To An Outdoor Living Space With These 55 Amazing Ideas

Rental Home for Extra Income

small studio apartment space
Image Credit: Изображения пользователя Iuliia Palanskaia on Canva

With the rise of interest in Tiny Homes, many people are looking for creative ways to downsize their lives and save money in the process. If you have a detached garage sitting on your property unused, this may present the perfect opportunity. This is a larger conversion than most of the ideas highlighted on this list, but it also has a sizable reward with the ongoing income that it can generate. You will need to consider the different areas needed for this tiny home to be a complete living space including a kitchen, bathroom, bed, and main living space. With a project this large, you should always take the time to investigate the building code requirements and any rules or restrictions in your area that may prevent you from moving forward with the project before getting started.

Short Term Rental Space

blue couch and bed on wooden floor
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If you aren’t ready to commit to a long-term rental agreement, another trend that has been seeing significant growth is the rise of short-term vacation rentals. This idea will be especially profitable if you live in an area with attractions that draw tourists to visit. Your garage conversion range anywhere from a basic hotel room style set-up with a sleeping space, a desk to work at, a bar fridge, and a television, or you can take it a step further with a tiny house design with all the additional features that a full house would provide. Check the rental listings in your area to get an idea of which rental styles are most popular as well as the average rental rate.

Spacious Sunroom

sunroom space with chairs and a couch
Image Credit: wollwerth on Canva

Did you purchase your home after falling in love with your yard and the view that extends beyond it? If so, why not have a space where you can enjoy that view regardless of the weather? Install large glass windows all around your garage to create a beautiful sunroom. A versatile space, your sunroom can be a go-to space for relaxing, doing crafts, reading, dining, and more. The windows will allow for plenty of natural light. It’s the perfect location to kick back and safely enjoy a thunderstorm if that’s something that you’re interested in. During the winter months, you will need to either spend more money heating the space or cover the windows with insulated curtains to keep the cold air at bay.

Library and Reading Nook

library with shelves of books and a comfortable chair
Image Credit: CarlaNichiata on Canva

Book lovers unite! If you grew up dreaming of someday owning your own library with book-covered shelves as far as the eye can see, this is your opportunity. The work involved in converting your garage into a home library is relatively simple compared to many of the ideas on this list. After finishing the walls and flooring, install shelves around the room. Finally, create a comfortable place to sit and read for hours on end. You’ll be able to escape to the creative and exciting worlds described in each of your books in style. Parents, add a ‘kids corner’ to your space to help foster a love of reading from a young age with all of your favorite children’s books.

Photo or Video Studio

photo studio with professional lighting and backdrop
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As any photographer can tell you, having a proper studio setup can be a game-changer! Whether you’re a hobby photographer just learning how to frame your subject in the most flattering way or a professional looking to take your photography business to the next level, your unused garage space may be the perfect solution! Not only would this conversion project allow you to create a beautiful space for taking pictures, but you can also factor in strategic storage options for backdrops, props, and more. If you are looking for an ‘all-in’ solution, add a small office space with a desk and computer for editing photos right on site.

Home Business Space

three women running a home business
Image Credit: Jupiterimages on Canva

Speaking of professionals, what about all you hard-working small business owners? One of the biggest struggles faced by small business owners is finding the balance between work and home, especially when your work is all over the house. Using your garage conversion to create a home business space allows you to separate the two, a move that makes it easier to relax and enjoy your time off. For those that are running a clothing-based business, you can add change rooms to your space making it easier than ever for your customers to shop. You may even wish to add a small washroom so that you can separate the two spaces completely with no reason for customers to ever enter your home.

Mud Room

mudroom with dark brown wood storage space
Image Credit: PC Photography on Canva

Rather than viewing your garage conversion as a separate space from your home, you may be interested in designing the space to create the ideal entryway. A mudroom will help you to keep the dirt, mud, and grime from your kids, the family pets, and more. The overall design and layout of your mudroom will depend on your needs. If you have children, consider creating individual locker spaces for each child to hold their coats, boots, mittens, school bags, and more. Dog owners, a built-in doggy shower space will make it easier than ever to clean the mud from your pup’s paws before he goes running through your house. You can also include built-in storage for your winter coats and accessories during the off-season.

Outdoor Washroom

outdoor kitchen space with sink
Image Credit: JR-stock on Canva

Homeowners that enjoy spending as much time as possible outdoors are often looking for solutions to avoid running in and out of the house constantly, tracking in dirt and grime. The biggest reason that people need access to your home is to use the bathroom, so the obvious solution is to move the bathroom outside. You can always rent a portable outhouse for your next event OR you can build an outdoor washroom using the available space in your garage. Place the toilet in an enclosed room while setting up the sink outdoors for easy access for washing your hands. Incorporate an outdoor shower for easy outdoor cleaning of the kids, the family pet, or yourself, if necessary.

Winter Retreat

sitting area with fireplace and green chair
Image Credit: tulcarion on Canva

There are few sights as beautiful and peaceful as freshly fallen snow, however, the cold temperatures keep many of us indoors. If you live in a location with a significant stretch of winter to survive, why not create a beautiful winter retreat? To truly appreciate the beauty of the season, you will need to include some strategically placed windows, showcasing the best view from your space. However, if you limit the number of windows to one area it will be easier to keep your retreat feeling warm and cozy. Of course, what’s winter without a fireplace? You can install a traditional wood stove or, if you’re not interested in the work involved with bringing in wood for the fire, a gas fireplace insert will provide the right ambiance.

Study/Homework Room

girl doing homework at a wooden desk
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This space may not be the biggest hit with your children, but parents everywhere will love the idea of having a designated study and homework room for the kids. The idea is simple – Include everything that your children need to stay on top of their school projects and assignments while removing unnecessary distractions. As your children get older, the space can mature with them by adjusting its contents to meet their needs at each stage. If you have multiple children, the space can be set up as a single open room where they can all work together or use room dividers to create individual study areas for each child.

Luxury Catio

silver tabby cat laying on scratch post
Image Credit: Olga Yastremska’s Images on Canva

We’ve already talked about how to spoil the dogs in your life, but what about our feline friends? Catios are fully enclosed outdoor patios designed for your cats. They are sometimes built as indoor-outdoor spaces incorporating both an outdoor area for your cat to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air as well as a sheltered area for bad weather or simply when they don’t want to be bothered. After all, cats are known for being divas! Give your cat the palace that he deserves complete with outdoor hammocks, scratch posts, cushioned perches, comfortable indoor beds, a litter box, and a dining space.

Indoor Garden Area

a person watering potted plants
Image Credit: baranozdemir on Canva

Bring your backyard garden space indoors so that you can enjoy it year-round by creating your own indoor green space. There are many ways that you can convert your garage into an indoor garden area including adding a lot of windows for a greenhouse-style aesthetic, building large planter boxes indoors, or embracing the fun and quirky appearance of bringing together potted plants of all different sizes, colors, and styles. If you’re a gardener that longs all winter for the opportunity to work in the garden once again, this is designed with you in mind!

Outdoor Diningroom

dining room space with glass doors to patio
Image Credit: Jodie Johnson on Canva

Why host all your dinner parties indoors when you can create a beautiful dining space that opens up to your backyard? This relatively simple garage conversion idea can be accomplished with minimal work required. Embrace the brick design of your garage space by either leaving it natural or whitewashing it to give your walls character. For furniture, you will want to include a large table with seating around it and additional seating options for larger gatherings. Finally, don’t forget the lighting! An illuminated ceiling fan will light up the area while helping to introduce airflow on the warmer days, or choose a decorative light fixture to make your space one of a kind.

Relaxing Meditation Space

man meditating on yoga mat
Image Credit: Veles-Studio on Canva

With researchers investing time and finances into better understanding the benefits of mindfulness for our overall health and well-being, it’s no surprise that many people are working to incorporate meditation into their daily schedules. If you live in a busy home, the biggest challenge is finding a quiet place where you can focus on clearing your mind and creating that calming environment. This conversion project doesn’t require too much space, meaning that it could be incorporated as part of a larger garage conversion. Decorate with relaxing natural colors, include some potted plants, and add a yoga mat or cushion as needed for your meditation time.

Additional Bedroom

bed, mirror and chair on wood floor
Image Credit: pixelshot on Canva

As your family grows and expands, it’s not at all uncommon to find yourself searching for opportunities to incorporate an additional bedroom or two in your home. Most homeowners look to the basement for this extra living space, but that’s not your only option. Transform your garage into a beautiful bedroom space for your family or to use as a bedroom for guests. If you have a large garage available, you could divide the space to allow for multiple bedrooms. Your garage is a blank canvas just waiting for you and your family to infuse the space with your style and personality. Just be careful to fully insulate and heat the space if your garage wasn’t already winterized.

Add a Loft Sleeping Area

loft bedroom with brown bedding and black iron banisters
Image Credit: jhorrocks on Canva

While this option isn’t a complete conversion all on its own, it’s a great way to incorporate a bedroom without giving up your entire garage space. If you have a tall enough garage available, a loft bedroom can be incorporated over almost any other room or living space such as a dining room, entertainment room, library, study, or even above a functional heated garage. Your loft can include open railings with a clear view of the space below or, if you’re looking for a little more privacy, choose a more structured railing to function as a partial wall. This is a great option for those trying to incorporate a bedroom for guests without completely sacrificing living space.

Indoor/Outdoor Patio Space

indoor outdoor patio and entertaining space
Image Credit: JR-stock on Canva

An indoor/outdoor patio space is a great opportunity to create a blended living space with your garage conversion. Use the available space to lay out a seating area, bar, and dining space for a fully functional entertainment space for your next get-together. Using large glass doors, this indoor space can then open to a concrete patio with your grill or outdoor kitchen. Use stylish outdoor furniture choices both indoors and on the patio to tie the two together such as dark wicker furniture or a more rustic wood design. You may also want to add a simple 3-piece bathroom, allowing you to host a party without giving your guests access to the main house. The end goal is to create an indoor-outdoor space that flows and functions as one.

Woodcarving Studio

man doing wood carving
Image Credit: GeorgiNutsov on Canva

One hobby that deserves its own specific mention is woodworking and carpentry. A highly creative form of artistic expression, those who love creating elaborate creations out of wood need a wide variety of different tools and the space to store them safely. At the same time, it’s an activity that creates a significant mess. This renovation project needs plenty of space for your tools, built-in storage, and proper ventilation for working with stains and other chemicals. Take a moment to consider the atmosphere that you enjoy most when working on your projects such as the ideal lighting, whether you listen to the radio, and any seating that you may require. This is your space and can be easily customized to your preferences.

Wine Cellar

wine bottles in storage
Image Credit: Ramsey on Canva

A wine cellar may look like a simple project; however, wine lovers know just how much careful planning goes into creating the perfect space to store your wine safely. This conversion project is going to require a highly sensitive cooling system that can keep your wine cellar at the ideal temperature of 55 degrees Fahrenheit as well as maintain the optimal level of humidity. Many wine cellars incorporate elaborate monitoring systems to catch any changes early. If the temperature isn’t maintained properly, it will have an impact on how quickly the wine ages making it difficult to assess when it should be opened to enjoy it at the perfect time. While there is a lot of work involved, anyone that truly appreciates good wine will recognize the value of a well-constructed wine cellar.

Gaming Room

home gaming setup
Image Credit: mixetto on Canva

Take your garage conversion high-tech by creating an elaborate gaming room. If you enjoy playing video games and streaming with other gamers, this is the garage conversion that you have been dreaming of! The first thing that you will need to consider is the electrical needs of the space, strategically placing electrical outlets during the renovations. Next, you will need to ensure that you have strong internet available in the room. Finally, you can move your gaming setup into your new gaming room complete with all your favorite computer and gaming accessories, a comfortable gaming chair, and fun lighting.

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