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16 Stylish Covered Patio Ideas

A covered patio is a perfect space for outdoor entertaining, offering protection from the elements while still allowing you to enjoy the fresh air and a relaxing view of your outdoor space. There is so much that you can do with this versatile area. Are you looking for covered patio ideas?

Discover the perfect patio décor with these 16 covered patio ideas!

Illuminate the Space with String Lights

If you plan on spending any time outdoors after the sun goes down, lighting is an important consideration! String lights are an easy way to provide light for a large area while creating a beautiful fairy-tale-like space that you can enjoy. You can string your lights up around the exterior of your space or, like in this example, weave them back and forth overhead to make sure that the light reaches every corner of your patio.

Open the Space with a Clear Roof

If you’re avoiding a covered patio out of fear that you will feel closed in, here’s a solution you can enjoy. This stylish outdoor idea will allow you to embrace the sunshine and connect with the surrounding environment while still enjoying the protection offered by your covered patio space. For those that love a good storm, you can watch the rainfall and stay dry in this outdoor lounge area. Feeling chilly? The warm blankets on the couch should solve the problem!

Incorporate a Fire Pit

The idea of placing a fire pit in an enclosed area sounds like a recipe for an accident. However, there are ways that you can incorporate a fire pit without creating a fire hazard! Some homeowners will build a chimney or exhaust fan into their covered patio area. Another easy option is to place the fireplace just outside of the covered patio, as seen here, with the patio roof angled to allow any smoke to escape. You can easily sit just under the cover of your patio space while still roasting marshmallows over the fire.

Turn Up the Elegance with a Chandelier

Are you interested in creating a luxury space outdoors? One of the easiest ways to elevate your covered patio space is by adding a chandelier. There are many different chandelier options to choose from, making it easy to select something that will reflect your style. A gothic-style chandelier creates a very different aesthetic than a rustic, wooden light fixture. If this is the central point of your covered patio, don’t be afraid to go big and make a statement!

Add Greenery with Hanging Plants

One of the best things about spending time outdoors with a covered patio space is the ability to be surrounded by nature. But you don’t have to enjoy the natural environment from a distance. Instead, make your patio blend seamlessly into your backyard space and surrounding gardens by adding potted and hanging plants throughout the area. Large hanging ferns will give you the feeling of standing in the jungle, while brightly colored flowers can be used to create a gardener’s paradise. The options are endless.

Partially Close the Sides to Define the Space

There are two common styles of covered patio spaces – those that are fully open to your yard space and raised patios with railings surrounding them. If neither of those options feels like the right fit, why not consider a happy medium? By partially sectioning off the patio space, you create a clearly defined area that will function as an outdoor room. It can be set up as a lounge area, outdoor dining room, or even an outdoor kitchen. Strategically choose your openings to incorporate other parts of your yard, creating a clear path to your garden, outdoor fire pit, or pool area.

Add Retractable Walls for Versatility

While a covered patio provides a good level of protection from the elements, a roof over your head sometimes isn’t enough. If you’re looking to create additional shade or protect your outdoor seating area from wind and rain, you may want to consider adding retractable walls. These walls are available as a screen allowing for plenty of airflow or vinyl walls for the best protection from a wide range of weather conditions. These walls are motorized, allowing you to easily retract the wall with the touch of a button, opening the space back up once again.

Create a TV Seating Area

Invite your friends over to enjoy the game or your favorite movie on a warm, sunny day by creating a TV seating area in your covered patio space. Choose comfortable seating for your friends and family. A large table will give you plenty of room for an assortment of drinks and snacks when you’re entertaining. If you want to take your patio to the next level, consider incorporating a fireplace to make your outdoor seating area feel extra cozy.

Add Curtains for Optional Privacy

A budget-friendly solution for creating privacy is to hang curtains around the exterior of your covered patio. Outdoor curtains are designed to be weather-resistant and UV-resistant, meaning that they can be left outside in the elements throughout the season without risk of significant fading or damage. You can stick to a neutral color like white or a light tan or choose a bold color to accent your outdoor décor. When you aren’t using the curtains, tie them back out of the way, and they will continue to function as a decorative element.

Include Fun Seating Options

For those interested in creating a unique space, consider exploring fun seating options outside of standard patio furniture. Hammock chairs or other hanging options are a great way to embrace the framing of the roof above you. You can also install a porch swing to offer a bench-style seating option. For non-hanging seating solutions, you can create built-in benches, unique statement furniture, or DIY a solution to meet your needs. IT doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your comfortable patio couch. Instead, combine standard and non-standard patio seating options to create your one-of-a-kind outdoor entertaining area.

Ceiling Fans for Improved Airflow

If you live in an area known for its warm climate and high temperatures, you may need to consider how to improve the airflow in a covered patio area. Adding a roof can give you a nice shady place to relax. However, it also limits the movement of air through space. By installing a ceiling fan (or two), you can eliminate the uncomfortable, stale air and create a relaxing breeze. If you have a larger covered patio, consider adding 2 or 3 ceiling fans spread out through the space. It may not be an air conditioning unit (and won’t come with the price tag of an AC), but the fans are surprisingly effective!

Add a Pop of Bold Color

Make a statement by strategically incorporating your favorite color into your patio seating area. Bright jewel tones will shine beautifully against a natural backdrop creating a color palette that will look both professional and eye-catching. Some ideas for incorporating your accent color include decorative light fixtures, throw pillows, blankets, potted flowers, curtains, or other decorative elements. You can even choose a larger colored piece of furniture like a statement chair or table. Just remember, if you’re looking for an “accent”, don’t overdo the colored elements.

Go Natural with the Help of Vines

Many covered patios are created using a pergola style of construction, adding a vinyl or aluminum cover to cover the gaps between boards. However, this may not be the look you’re going for. Transform your modern pergola into a magical forested entertaining space by incorporating vines and hanging plants into the wooden construction instead. If you’re looking for something watertight, you can conceal a clear vinyl with the vines for the best of both worlds. You can use faux decorative vines for a quick, ready-to-use solution, or if you’re willing to invest the time, grow your vines, training them to the space. It may take a lot longer, but the result is well worth it!

Hang a Hammock for a Relaxing Space

There are few ways to relax outdoors that are more comfortable than kicking back in a hammock. Not only does it provide you with the space to stretch out and lay down, but the fresh air and the soft rocking motion from the breeze encourage you to unwind and be in the moment. A hammock can easily be incorporated into your covered patio area by adding hanging hooks or even purchasing a standalone hammock stand that matches the space. Set up your hammock to enjoy a good book and pack it up after to clear the space when the kids are running around. It’s an easy way to customize your space to what you need from one moment to the next.

Outdoor Kitchen for Easy Entertaining

The connection between food and entertainment is an important one in our society. What is a party without a delicious menu? Unfortunately, if you enjoy inviting friends and family over to hang out outside, this often means spending time indoors in the kitchen to get everything ready, away from your guests. The easy solution is to create an outdoor kitchen area in your covered patio. The protection from the elements will help to extend the life of any appliances that you add to the space, while the convenient location allows you to socialize while preparing the meal at your next dinner party. Between events, the addition of a fridge ensures that you will always have cold drinks close at hand.

Kick Back in a Covered Hot Tub

Few outdoor features say relaxing and luxury the way that a hot tub does. It is made even better by the added weather protection provided by a covered patio. You can keep it simple with just the hot tub and a few decorative elements, or if you have enough space, turn it into a full entertaining space with a bar area next to the hot tub, comfortable seating. Don’t forget the little details like a place to hang your towel under the cover of the roof where it will stay dry. When you’re finished getting everything set up, you’ll have a hard time convincing your family and friends to go home!

Embrace Your Outdoor Space with These Covered Patio Ideas

Studies show that spending time outdoors in nature can improve our mental health. Unfortunately, we can’t always get away and spend days kicking back in the wilderness. That doesn’t mean that you can’t still enjoy the fresh air and sunshine at home. A covered patio is a perfect combination of enjoying the outdoors while still offering protection from the elements. Whether you’re setting up a full outdoor kitchen and dining area or sticking to a minimalistic seating area, the options are endless!