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5 Ideas for Creating a Beautiful Spring Garden

Spring is just around the corner and with it come the sights, smells, and sounds of nature renewing its presence. There is no better time to start planning your spring garden than right now.

From the layout of your vegetable garden to the types of flower seeds you want to grow, there is so much you can do! Want to make sure your yard is a beauty to behold? There are tons of flowers and plants that flourish in spring — All it takes is a bit of planning and inspiration!

Not sure where to start? Explore these ideas for creating a beautiful spring garden and get ready to grow something jaw-dropping!

Use Perennials

multicolored flowerbed on a lawn
Image credits: dvoevnore via Shutterstock

When it comes to gardening for spring, your region and climate may not allow early planting. So, what do you do if you want early blooms but the weather is not permitting it? The answer: perennials!

Choose from a range of plants and flowers that return every year when the time is right. Some of the early blooming plants include snowdrops, forget me nots, and candytufts. Or alternatively, opt for later blooming plants to ensure your summer and fall gardens are just as beautiful. These include varieties like autumn asters, chrysanthemums, and sedum.

One way to promote a vibrant garden as early as possible is to grow perennials matching your hardiness zone. This will ensure that the varieties you choose are able to withstand the climate and temperatures of your area. For those in colder climates, cold-hardy plants are a good solution. Always verify the hardiness and temperature requirements before putting plants in the ground. Is frost expected and you want to get a head start on your spring garden? Start purchasing your flower seeds and grow your seeds indoors ahead of time!

Pro Tip: Unsure of which perennials work best for your location? Find the plants that thrive specifically in your area by checking your hardiness zone.

Pick Your Colors

Spring garden showing many different colored flowers
Image credits: Vural Yavas via Pexels

When it comes to your garden’s palette, the colors of your plants and flowers are up to you!

Many get stuck in the hype of tulips and pansies for spring flowers, as they are widely sold and easily available. However, there is an endless list of other spring flowers to choose from to showcase your favorite color scheme. 

Do you love vibrant yellows and orange shades? Try planting ‘Basket of Gold,’ daffodils, or cowslips. Are you partial to blushing pinks and deep reds? Oriental poppies, bleeding hearts, and roses fit the bill. Prefer bold blues and purples? Plant ‘Grape Hyacinth,’ ‘Checkered Lily,’ or even chives!

Other plants come in an assortment of shades that allow you to pick and choose your favorites. Some of these include snapdragons, irises, or petunias. Whatever your preferences, find the plants that match your colors and get planting!

Plant Variation

Garden center displaying plants and flowers of many variations
Image credits: Em Hopper via Pexels

When it comes to landscape design, elements like height, texture, and plant size transforms a garden from alright to amazing. Having a variety of different plants bring interest to your yard and colorful blooms to your landscape!

Play with the sizes of blooms and grow small flowers like annual lobelias, or bushier flowers like hydrangeas. Apply these variations to your foliage and grasses too for a drastic change. Search for ground cover plants, tall or spiky grasses, or vining varieties.

Another way to accomplish oohs and ahhs is to add variation to your garden through spring blooming trees. Trees like lilacs, hawthorns, or forsythia improve the layout and function of your yard (i.e. adding privacy). Use these varieties to add height to your garden as well as pops of color in the right seasons.

Add Mulch to Your Garden Beds

Spring flowers coming up through garden mulch
Image credits: Cornell Frühauf via Pixabay

Looking to improve the style of your garden beds? Add mulch!

Mulch offers numerous benefits to the soil and plants within a garden bed. These include retaining moisture, reducing soil erosion, preventing the spread of weeds, and providing extra nutrients overtime. It also adds style and uniformity to your garden!

There are plenty of natural mulches that offer benefits to your plants. For those who like the rustic style, wood chips, bark, or even straw are good options. For those who admire a more modern look, select commercial or landscaping mulches. These come in a wider range of wood colors and you can even use rock as mulch in some cases.

Add in Landscaping Extras

Small bird resting on bird bath in garden
Image credits: David Levinson via Pexels

The trickle of a pond, the bubble of a fountain, and the songs of birds in the sky. All of these are sure signs of spring. They activate the senses and enhance a garden’s beauty further. To achieve this amplified experience, one idea is to add in some extras!

Increase yard appeal through the addition of bird feeders, bird baths, water features, stepping stones, and other landscaping selections. Not only do these features look splendid once installed, they enhance the visual and audial appeal of your space. Some features even draw beneficial birds!

Why attract birds? Many local species are excellent pollinators, eat the harmful pests, and spread seeds naturally. When birds are in the garden, their droppings are also rich in nutrients. Bird feces contains components like nitrogen and phosphorous which enrich the soil to promote the growth of your plants.

Find the little extras that accentuate your space and use them to compliment the foliage and flowers growing nearby.

Beautify Your Spring Garden

Whether you love spring gardens with a specific color gradient or yards with greenery of all sizes, get growing!

There is an abundance of flowers and plants to choose from that bloom and flourish in the spring. Landscaping features like mulch, fountains, and feeders also enhance a space further. Now you just need to find your favorites and get your hands dirty!

What are some of your favorite spring flowers to grow? Comment below with your best spring picks!