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7 Easy Ways to Create an Indoor Vertical Garden Wall

Who doesn’t love the sight of vibrant green hues indoors? Well, the concept of a garden wall is a great way to spruce up the interior of your home. A wall of blooms not only makes the living space come alive but also adds a lovely natural element. Fortunately, modern planting systems and a slew of hanging planters make it extremely easy to create vertical garden walls. Assembly is super convenient and so is plant maintenance. 

Vertical garden walls can be grown in any region. Whether you live in a warmer atmosphere or experience harsher winters, you don’t have to be worried. Indoor vertical gardens are just right for every home. So, without further ado, here are some of the easiest ways to create an indoor vertical garden wall.

The Old-school Shelves

urban jungle bedroom with many flowers
Image credits: maramorosz via Shutterstock

If you love the old charm of mounting shelves on a wall, then a simple shelf system is a great way to house your vertical garden.

Simply mount as many shelves as you would like against the preferred wall. Depending on the vibe of your home, you can go in for wooden shelve units or fancier metal shelves. Next up, place as many planters as you would like and watch your space come alive!

Hanging Plant Holder

Six jute twine macrame plant hangers are hanging from a driftwood branch.
Image credit: TippyTortue via shutterstock

Hanging plant holders have become extremely popular now and for good reason. The rope-suspended planter can hold a myriad of pots that include flowers, herbs and creepers.

Decide on a planter with a length of at least 20 inches and suspend it from the top of the wall or ceiling. You may choose to hang it in your kitchen or beside a window to add a lovely touch of color. Where ever you place your plant, just make sure it has proper lighting. 

Stacked-up Pots

Succulent plant tower made of stacked ceramic pots and large white gray stone potter
Image credits: Omi Works via Shutterstock

Stacked-up planting pots are yet another beautiful way to create a vertical garden wall. The planters are placed at different levels and each level allows you to grow plants of different types.

Whether you like to plant blossoming seedlings or fragrant herbs, each planter comes in accommodating sizes. This garden setting is wonderful if you want to get creative with different kinds of planters or designs.

Repurposed Ladder

Decorative ladder shelf with pots of flowers and textile party flags in wooden wall background
Image credits: Aleksandra Belinskaya via Shutterstock

If you have an old ladder that has been lying around your home for a long time, it is now time to repurpose it for a beautiful cause. Place it vertically against the wall and use the rungs to suspend potted plants. A ladder-planter can also be used to hold your vertical herb garden as a practical and pretty addition to your kitchen.

Stacked Crates

Hyu Phan via pexels.com

Do you have some crates lying around your outhouse? Well, it’s time to put them to use.

Stacking crates on different levels allows you the opportunity to create a vertical garden that houses plants with different needs. Plants that need more sunshine must be placed on higher levels, whereas plants that require shade can be placed lower down.

Your stacked-crates planter setting is sure to come together in the most pleasing design!

Succulent or Moss Wall Frame

Moss wall art
Image credit: SoulFullGrows via Etsy

If you believe that you don’t have the greenest thumb to keep your plants thriving, then the succulent/moss vertical wall frame is a good pick. Succulents do not demand high maintenance so they’re easy to forget about. They pack immense visual appeal, making your space come alive.

Simply build a long vertical frame and place your pretty succulents inside. Place the frame against the wall and watch how your vertical garden turns radiant. Remember to lay your frame flat on the ground and water once a week.

Vertical Herb Pockets

Vertical wall pocket garden with lemon balm (melissa officinalis) and rosemary (rosmarinus officinalis prostratus), with name tags
Image credits: Pietro Tasca via Shutterstock

Imagine having a whole bunch of herbs to pick from when you are on a cooking spree. Sounds exciting right? This makes a vertical arrangement of herb pockets a must-have addition to your home.

Hang a string of pockets made from organic material and plant your favorite bunch of herbs. Ensure that the material is breathable and allows for excess water to drip down. The plants may be watered once every two days to ensure optimal health.

Reach For The Sky

The above picks are a great way to bring about a green touch to your indoor space. They add to the charm of your living quarters and brilliantly work to naturally beautify your surrounding.

An indoor vertical garden is also practical as many plants carry beneficial properties for air quality. Vertical indoor gardens indeed allow you to get creative. If these ideas have appealed to your green thumb, check out these great outdoor planting ideas.

 So, how do you plan to create your indoor garden wall? Let us know in the comments below!