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10 Creative Firewood Storage Ideas

Firewood has many uses in the household. While it provides warmth and coziness on cold winter nights, it also refreshes summer evenings when the whole family gathers for bonfires and toasting marshmallows. Gone are the days when people used to stack firewood somewhere at the back of their yards. Today storing firewood is a matter of style and decor. 

With some DIY and creativity, simple firewood logs can become a garden ornament or a piece of decor in your house. Here are 10 practical and creative firewood storage ideas for you. 

Reuse Wooden Pallets 

Ignite your creativity and use pallets to build sheds for storing firewood. Place these homemade sheds in your backyard and have easy access to firewood all year. To complete this DIY firewood storage idea, you will need a tin sheet to cover the top of the storage box for moderate protection. 

Keep the firewood off the ground so it will not get affected by water, moisture, or pests and insects. Generally, keeping the firewood at least 3 to 4 inches above the ground is best. Provide some distance between the pallet boards to ensure proper air circulation to the firewood — This will help prevent the firewood from getting moldy.

DIY Metal Bin Storage 

A decorative way to store firewood is by keeping it in metal bins. To DIY this storage idea, take three to five metal bins, depending on the storage space and the firewood available. Attach the metal bins horizontally to create a decorative pyramid display. Now, add firewood logs into the metal bins and voila!

However, keep some space between the pieces of wood, or it may lead to fungal growth.

Build a Firewood Shed

Enhance the landscaping of your backyard by adding a firewood shed to it. Build three sides of the shed with adequately spaced boards and keep the front side open so that the wood gets enough air and light and dries quickly. If you want to add a door you can but make sure there’s enough ventilation.

Always keep the shed on a raised platform to prevent degradation of the firewood from the ground. Make the roofing on an incline so it gets easier for rainwater or snow to fall off. Lastly, add a coat of paint to enhance the look of the shed. It will also add a protective layer from weather and elements. 

Firewood Storage in Garage 

If you have an unheated garage, it could be a good place to store firewood. However, do not keep firewood in bulk here as it could be a fire hazard. Keeping firewood at least 30 feet away from your home is best. Moreover, large amounts of firewood in the house also invite rodents like mice, so it is better to keep it outside in the backyard. 

A garage with a temperature below 50 degrees Fahrenheit is suitable for storing small amounts of firewood in your house. The low temperature will also keep the insects dormant. 

To store firewood in your garage, you can use a metal rack with wheels. It’s not only a compact way to store firewood, but you can easily move the rack anywhere inside or outside the garage because of the wheels. 

A Tarp is Never Out of Style

Tarp or tarpaulin is a heavy waterproof sheet generally made of cloth that is used as a cover to protect and store firewood. Choose a sunny location in your backyard and stack the firewood there. You may use a rack or use ropes to tie the logs of wood together. 

Now, add the tarp on the top of the stack with only 1 inch of tarp hanging down. Cover the sides of the stack to allow air circulation through the firewood logs

Avoid applying the tarp all over the stack of firewood as it will trap moisture and will not let much air flow through the stack. Not to mention, always place the stack of firewood at least 4 to 6 inches above the ground. 

Firewood Storage Bench 

Another creative way to store firewood outdoors is to build a firewood storage bench. You can either DIY this storage bench using wooden pallets or concrete u-elements or buy a readymade storage bench. 

Just ensure that the bench should be open from the front allowing complete air circulation for the wood, and has a base that separates the wood from the ground. Keep this multipurpose bench in your backyard or patio and use it to sit, as well as, to store extra wood. 

Wall-Mounted Firewood Storage 

In the mood for some more DIY? Here is another creative way to store firewood in your backyard. Take a round metal bin or container and mount its bottom against your backyard wall. 

Keep the bins above the ground and create a beautiful display in your backyard. The bottom of the container mounted on the wall will act as a separator for the wood and the wall and protect it against moisture and insects. Do not close the container, so air and sunlight can easily pass through the firewood logs

Space-Saving Firewood Rack 

If you do not want to DIY, buy a firewood rack to store firewood indoors or outdoors. There are many design and material options available in online and retail stores. However, check the durability of the rack before buying. For instance, racks made of powder-coated iron, polymer, and steel are durable and will last longer. 

Not to mention, the rack should be open from the front and back to allow air to circulate through the firewood. You might also need to consider the capacity of the wood rack based on the storage space available in your house

Hexagonal Firewood Storage Racks

Create this aesthetic hexagonal firewood storage rack for your backyard using wooden boards. You can build as many hexagons as you need depending on the amount of wood you need to store. 

Then, mount these hexagons over one another and sideways to create an aesthetic wood storage rack. Do not cover the hexagons from behind and front to allow complete air circulation. You can even keep your plants inside some of the hexagons to enhance the look of this creative firewood storage rack. 

DIY Firewood Fence 

Give your backyard a unique look by adding a bulk firewood storage fence in it. This storage structure will be placed on the boundary of your backyard or if you want to create a separate seating area in your backyard then you can use this storage structure to create a boundary for that area.  

Build one or more wooden rectangular racks. Attach a metal sheet on the outer sides of the rack for extra durability and protection from the elements. You can use stainless or galvanized steel. 

Then, place these racks in one line to create a boundary. You can keep some space between the racks and add plants in between for a more aesthetic appeal. Now, add your wood logs and complete your firewood storage fence

Do not forget to keep the rack a little above ground level. Also, keep the rack open from the back and front sides to allow air and sunlight circulation. 

Store Firewood With Style 

Beautiful and aesthetic displays can be created with simple firewood logs. Try these creative ways to store firewood and add a pinch of decor to your house! However, ensure that the storage also protects the firewood from elements. 

How do you store firewood in your house? Share your tips in the comments below.