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70 Creative Ideas for Hanging Christmas Curtain Lights Outdoors

One of the best parts of Christmas is walking around and seeing all the cheerful holiday decor.

Outdoor holiday decor can be classy, funny, simple, quirky, and everything in between, depending on who owns the houses! Unfortunately, it can also be repetitive, especially if you don’t look for creative ways to stand out.

If you want to have the merriest house on the block, shine a jolly light on your home with these Christmas curtain light ideas for your home!

1. Fringed Gutters

Outdoor Christmas Lights
Image credits: Speed-Light via Canva

One of the best ways to use curtain Christmas lights is to hang them from roofs, like a sparkling fringe for your gutters! This gives your roof a clear outline and effortlessly bedazzles your home. This style works best for short curtain lights and looks amazing when you match its color with the other lights in your holiday decor.

2. Hedge Blankets

bush with lights at night
Image credits: vestenskov via Canva

If you’re in the habit of lovingly shaping, caring, and tending to hedges and bushes, don’t let your hard work go to waste! You can highlight them at night by molding solar-powered or battery-powered lights to their shape. This shows off your garden and brightens up your home without having to use loads of lights.

3. Curtained Arches

Boho Arch and Dessert Table on Outdoor Wedding
Image credits: omelnytskyi via Canva

Garden arches look fantastic with delicate sheers fluttering in the wind. To add to that holiday feel, you can use your curtain lights instead! Hanging long outdoor string lights from arches can even be treated as a regular curtain, tying the light strands to the side or draping it to give it a magical touch.

4. Dreamy Sheer Curtains

Christmas lights in the window.
Image credits: SVproduction via Canva

Looking for something dreamy for your home? If any of your outdoor living areas, like porches, patios, or decks, have sheer curtains hung up, you can elevate it by adding in your Christmas lights. Doing this also diffuses the light much more gently at night and looks lovely in the wind.

5. Lit Up Frame

Lit Up Frame
Image credits: Adriaan Greyling via Pexels

A fantastic way of installing fairy lights is by using them to highlight the frame or structure of any outdoor space. If you have a gazebo or a covered deck, attach the lights by following the lines of its frame for an incredible light display. This dresses up the space and easily matches all types of Yuletide decor.

6. Privacy Lights

Golden Blurry Christmas and New Year Lights of the Evening City
Image credits: Aesthetic gallery via Canva

With Christmas comes back-to-back holiday parties and special events — some of which you might be hosting! To help guests feel more comfortable talking with one another, hang dense layers of curtain lights from ceilings and wires to separate the different areas of your yard. This displays the feeling of privacy while keeping your yard freely flowing.

7. Shining Railing

Christmas Lights Covered in Snow Oh House Railings
Image credits: Prime Stock via Canva

A simple way of cheering up your home is by installing lights from your balcony and deck railings. By doing this, you’ll kill two birds with one stone by dressing it up for Christmas and making the railings more visible at night. It’s a visitor-friendly addition that keeps things safe and stylish!

8. Starry Entrance

Starry Entrance
Image credits: Andy Holmes via Unsplash 

Christmas isn’t complete without some stars! If you want to jazz up your entrance with some curtain lights but want a more unique take on it, look for star-shaped lights. Decorating your entrance with these delicate lights gives your home the perfect amount of charm, especially if you don’t have a large backyard.

9. Dazzling Window Planters

Dazzling Window Planters
Image credits: StockSnap via Pixabay 

If you’re looking for creative lighting ideas, how about using your planters? If you’re fortunate enough to have planter boxes outside of your windows, balconies, or porches, accessorize it with some pretty holiday curtain lights! Fitting them around your planter boxes or even threading them through your winter plants is a clever way to add both light and dimension to the area.

10. Origami Lantern Drapes

Origami Lantern Drapes
Image credits: Milan Ivanovic on Unsplash 

Although the basic Christmas lights use tiny twinkling bulbs, you can level it up by adding some paper lantern fairy lights to your design! Alternate your curtain lights with lantern string lights to add more dimension and character to the space. This looks especially charming when draped across your ceiling!

11. Twinkling Messages

Twinkling Messages
Image credits: Jonathan Meyer on Unsplash 

Are you a fan of interesting lettering and typography? If so, this idea might interest you! By strategically organizing your 3D twinkle lights to form letters and words, you can send some literal messages to anyone passing by your house. This kind of statement piece is also an undeniably unique feature in your decor.

12. Layered Stars

Layered Stars
Image credits: Couleur from Pixabay

Everyone loves looking up at the stars! Have some starry skies every night by stringing your curtain lights across your backyard in several layers. Since curtain lights hang freely, it’ll give the area dynamic lighting that shifts and changes with the wind. Overall, it’ll look like a permanent meteor shower over your garden.

13. Cramped and Jolly

Cramped and Jolly
Image credits: Matthew Henry from Burst

Minimalism is lovely but, sometimes, we need to go extra! Houses that look like they’re bursting at the seams with holiday cheer are always delightful to see. If you want a yard overflowing with Christmas decor in all the best ways, remember to use curtain lights with a lovely glow to border your property as a cheeky finishing touch.

14. Climbing Lights

Climbing Lights
Image credits: Trey Ratcliff via CreativeCommons

Are you one of those gardeners who tended to beautiful climbing plants during the growing season and was sad to see it go when winter arrived? If so, you might have some unused trellises laying around. Take advantage of that and replace your vines with some holiday lights hanging from these structures!

15. Porch Fringe Lights

gutter with ice and turned off christmas lights
Image credits: Giorez via Canva

Another festive take on holiday lighting is to wrap your Christmas ball lights around your posts. Doing this highlights the area and gives it a more whimsical appeal that’s great for staying jolly. It may be simple but it’s very striking, especially when paired with more curtain lights hanging by the gutters.

16. Mixed With Tinsel

Tinsel and Christmas lights
Image credits: NVV577 via Canva

Traditional Christmas decor uses tinsel just as much as lights. You can use these two staples together in your design by attaching holiday-themed foil curtains to outdoor walls and entryways before layering them with your favorite curtain lights. These adorable lights will brighten up outdoor areas and are fantastic for Christmas parties!

17. Fences and Sparkles

Christmas lights outside on fences and trees
Image credits: Robert Moore via Canva

With how pricey fencing can be, it’s definitely one feature that you wouldn’t want to be ignored during the holidays. To highlight them and keep them on the merry theme, just hang up some Christmas globe lights! We recommend finding curtain lights that match your fence height for a more put-together final look.

18. Delicate Window Curtains

Illuminated window with Christmas light
Image credits: dimarik via Canva

While Christmas can have the loud and bright decor in some homes, don’t ignore designs that focus on the little touches! These delicate little mini lights are hung from the top of a window and connected to swinging shutters, forming a canopy of fairy lights. This minimalist window lighting is a little detail that can add lots of personality to a design.

19. Starfall Yard

Outdoor Christmas Lights Hanging from Trees
Image credits: Craig McCausland via Canva

Want a canopy of twinkle lights? Large garden trees look incredible and can add so much character to your home and backyard. There are tons of approaches to decorate these trees for Christmas and one way is to hang streams of curtain light sets from branches of trees, making it look like stars are raining down on your front yard.

20 Deck the Lights

Christmas festival light garlands decoration on house porch in city
Image credits: JANIFEST via Canva

Outdoor living areas are must-haves for any home and deserve to be outfitted for the season! A clever decor approach and backyard makeover are to drape curtain lights or big-bulbed string lights all over the space, from the ceiling and down any walls. Doing this can also help you ease into holiday decorating and kickstart your creativity for the season!

21. Starry Lantern Wall

Starry Lantern Wall
Image credits: Miriam Müller from Pixabay

If you love the stars but want a creative way to show them, try attaching some gorgeous DIY 3-dimensional stars to your curtain lights. It could take some time to complete but, by the end of it, you’ll have a stunning wall of stars that’ll be completely unique to your home.

22. Covered in Lights

Covered in Lights
Image credits: Thanks for over 2 million views!! via Creativecommons

On the off-chance that you’ve somehow found yourself with more Christmas curtain lights than you know what to do with, go the extra mile with it! Use up all of them to blanket your home with lovely multi-colored fairy lights. This brilliant idea can also help your home stand out without any other added decor.

23. String Light Tent

String Light Tent
Image credits: 32games from Pixabay

Add some cover to your garden with this tent made entirely of light! Anchor your Christmas lights from a tall point and attach the ends of each strand to your garden or a fence. This looks best with a dense light cover and is a new way to brighten up your yard.

24. Colorful Stars

Colorful Stars
Image credits: Hakan Nural on Unsplash

Another starry idea includes using colorful curtain lights! Hang these lights anywhere around your home to give off a playful impression and make your home look more inviting. Personally, we love hanging these from entryways to quickly give guests an idea of what to expect when they come inside your home.