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70 Creative Ideas for Hanging Christmas Curtain Lights Outdoors

25. Simply Ornamental

Simply Ornamental
Image credits: Maurício Mascaro from Pexels

Stay simple while taking your lights to the next level by sticking on some lovely Christmas ornaments. When you do this, you add a sophisticated glow to your home. It’s incredibly interesting to look at, especially if you use reflective ornaments and hang these lights around your favorite outdoor hangouts.

26. Garlands and Pendants

Christmas Garland
Image credits: Igor Jovanovic via Canva

Adding texture to your lights can go a long way and help you make a lasting impression on guests. Our favorite texture trick is to attach Christmas garlands and pendant lights to the curtain lights. Doing this guarantees that your holiday decor will look like a fairytale landscape come true.

27. Floating Walls

Gold Hanging Light Curtain
Image credits: crisserbug via Canva

Make a bigger impact with your open-walled outdoor living areas using some illusion walls. All you need to do is attach curtain lights to the ceiling and let them hang low enough to cover the top half of the area to make a wall of string lights. This is a captivating sight that gives a romantic vibe and effortlessly calls everyone to appreciate it!

28. Glowing Rails

Christmas night
Image credits: johnxzhang via Canva

Another way to light up your home is by making your railing glow. You can hang a wide variety of curtain lights from a tall wall and then secure each strand to your deck or porch railing. This makes it look like a dazzling wall that simultaneously casts a cozy glow on the area.

29. Floating Flames

Floating Flames
Image credits: Robin Sommer on Unsplash

You can never have too much light, especially during the holidays! Stay classy with your lighting and get yourself some electric candles. Installing these together with your Christmas curtain lights gives the space wonderful depth and dimension. It’s eye-catching, beautiful, and gives off a romantic feeling that’s great for love-filled Christmases.

30. Garden Tree Draping

Garden Tree Draping
Image credits: AdaMacey via Creativecommons

Trees that survive the winter with full leaves deserve to be appreciated! Give it some life by draping your curtain lights all over its branches. This works best to highlight the impressive size and shape of your large trees and give your garden a lovely centerpiece full of holiday cheer.

31. Luminous Vines

Christmas light strings on tree
Image credits: DavidPrahl via Canva

Did you know that if you bunch together a few strands from your curtain lights, they start to look like vines? This quickly elevates your Yuletide lighting while staying unique and elegant. This would look wonderful around gorgeous trellises, planters, and arches, and will give you a luminescent winter garden.

32. Invisible Fairy Trails

Invisible Fairy Trails
Image credits: Spencer Gurley from Pexels

Using wire and strategic placements, your curtain lights can look like twinkling fairy trails floating around your home. All you have to do is hang them haphazardly on wires in a dark part of your yard before lighting it up at night. This fascinates your younger guests, especially when your lights are in blinking mode!

33. Brilliant Arches

Brilliant Arches
Image credits: DAVIDCOHEN on Unsplash

If you have thick arches in your garden, lay your lights flat across its structure before securing them to the arc structure. If done properly, it looks like a golden rainbow in your yard! This helps your different garden features stay visible at night and makes for a fantastic background to your other holiday decor.

34. Radiant Fountains

Radiant Fountains
Image credits: jillsfotoluv via reshot

While fountains and wells look magical in the day, they start to be invisible when it gets dark. Highlight these features with lights draped across its structure. After hanging your curtain lights all over its sidewalls, you’ll have yourself a wonderful holiday centerpiece that makes your garden look unreal at night!

35. Red Twinkles

Red Twinkles
Image credits: Thomas Allsop on Unsplash

Although warm and cool-toned Christmas curtain lights are the most common, these lights can also come in a variety of colors. For this season, consider using bright and festive red lights instead! These will add more warmth and ambiance to an area while looking wonderful spread out across your yard.

36. Curtain Accents

Curtain Accents
Image credits: XMas Italy on Picspree

It’s not a problem if you don’t have enough curtain lights to cover your house! Instead, you can be strategic and only attach it to specific details that you want to highlight, such as simple doorways or light fixtures. Add these to conversation starters and anything you want your guests to notice.

37. Canopy Stars

Canopy Stars
Image credits: Matthew Henry from Burst

How do you feel about staying under a canopy made entirely of lights? Loosely hang your string lights from a circular centerpiece and create a galaxy to hover over your garden. This helps your outdoor spaces feel more intimate and comfortable while still giving guests a view of the night sky.

38. Christmas Car Lights

Christmas Car Lights
Image credits: Luka Susak from Pexels

If you’re someone who has an unused car lying around your home because you can’t store it for the winter, incorporate it into your design. Dress it up with some pretty Christmas lights and holiday-themed decorations. This keeps your home merry and neat, even with a car you’re not using stuck in your yard!

39. Twinkling Trees

Twinkling Trees
Image credits: Steven Van Elk on Unsplash

Scattering modern illusion Christmas trees around your garden elevate your yard and are easy to appreciate. This is a smaller-scale version of the Canopy Stars idea and should be much more manageable to accomplish. This is great for empty spaces in your yard that need a little bit more pizazz.

40. Trunk Wrapped Pixies

Trunk Wrapped Pixies
Image credits: Matthew Brodeur on Unsplash

Since Christmas lights are also called fairy lights, if you wrap them around tree trunks, it starts to look like pixies live in them! this looks wonderful will all kinds of trees and is a great alternative design if your tree is too tall for you to decorate around its branches.

41. Bright Tree Lines

ฺBlurred Decorative outdoor string lights hanging on tree
Image credits: piyaphun via Canva

It’s not uncommon for snowy areas to have bare trees during the winter. In these cases, you can lean into it and outline your tree with reliable outdoor LED strip lights while hanging your curtain lights from its branches. This makes your naked trees look ready for the season of merriment!

42. Gingerbread House Lighting

Gingerbread House Lighting
Image credits: Michelle Raponi from Pixabay

Don’t forget the power of colorful Christmas lights! Instead of letting the multicolored strands of your curtain lights hang down from near the gutters, try bunching up the strands to form a thick line. This outlines the shape of your roof and makes your home look like a real-life gingerbread house!

43. Ceiling Drapes

Ceiling Drapes
Image credits: Magda Ehlers from Pexels

Exposed beams are not only a gorgeous feature in homes, but it also gives you lots of opportunities to be creative. Take advantage of this by hanging your lights from each beam like ceiling drapes. This gives the area a decadent look that’s perfect for the warmth of Christmas time.

44. Rooftop Lights

Outdoor Christmas lighting
Image credits: tommaync via Canva

If you want to use everything at your disposal, don’t forget about your rooftop! Many people ignore this empty real estate when laying out their holiday decor but that’s a huge mistake. Decorating your roof allows you to use your lights to form pictures and write messages that show off your personality.

45. Miniature Fencing

Miniature Fencing
Image credits: adrian keith

Not every fence is tall— some that are just meant to border your home or outline walkways can be shorter than your knees! To make these miniature fences more Christmas-appropriate, you can rely on short Christmas curtain lights. Attaching these lights help tie in your decor and ensures your space looks cohesive.

46. Draped Skies

Draped Skies
Image credits: Picography in Festive

With some wires, you can hang up twinkling ceiling drapes wherever you want, even under an open sky. We love to line our pathways with this technique to stay safe at night and lead guests to where they need to go. Just imagine walking through your garden under these gorgeous lights— isn’t it lovely?

47. All Flagged Up

All Flagged Up
Image credits: Daniil Silantev on Unsplash

Stringing flags across spaces is a universal way of showing off your festive spirit and you can do this in your home too! After attaching your Christmas lights over your yard, contrast them with colorful flaglets in between each row of lights. This adds texture and movement to your garden and makes your home more welcoming.