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10 Creative Ways To Display Succulents

It’s no secret that succulents are popular houseplants. They are low-maintenance and easy to maintain. Plus, they thrive in many homes’ warm, dry conditions! Whether you’re a new plant parent or consider yourself a seasoned pro, when it comes to the world of houseplants, you may still be looking for new ways to display your plants.

Fortunately, there are many unique ways to display succulents. From altering your furniture in a show-stopping way to turning household objects into something unique and beautiful, there’s a simple yet creative option for everyone.

Terrarium Table

coffee table
Image credits: A Beautiful Mess via Pinterest

What better way to enjoy your coffee than next to an array of succulents? This unique display combines the beauty of a terrarium with the functionality of a coffee table. With a glass top, the second shelf of this table is decorated with an abundance of succulent varieties.

You can either plant all the succulents together in a large pot that covers the lower surface of the table or place individual containers close together for the same effect.

Succulent Seashell

snail shell
Image credits: jggrz via Pixabay

You may have heard that she sells seashells down by the seashore, but did you know you can make your own succulent seashell? For this option, choose a large sea shell that can accommodate as many succulents as you’d like.

Then, place the small pots with drainage inside the shell and top them with a layer of stones or gravel to blend them all together. Put the shell in a bathroom or windowsill for a nautical touch to any space!

Living Artwork

Living succulent picture or vertical succulent garden in a frame on the wall
Image credits: Mykola N via Shutterstock

If your walls are looking empty, but you can’t settle on a piece of art, consider creating living artwork with some succulents, a hardware grid, soil, and a frame! The frame should be a shadow box to ensure there is ample room for the plants to grow and establish roots.

Place your hardware wire grid in the frame, add well-draining soil, and place cuttings of succulents or root systems of succulents in the soil. With that all done, you can hang your new artwork! Remember to water once a month or spray every so often with a mister.

Succulents Light the Way

Very wonderful Christmas cactus zygocactus with pink blooms in front of blue lightning lantern and little lights around
Image credits: Hosak via Shutterstock

If you’ve got a few empty lanterns lying around, it’s time for an upcycling project. You can make this one simply by placing a succulent or two inside the lantern or zhoosh it up a bit! Try repainting the lantern with chalk paint for a more chic and personalized look, or add fairy lights to create dainty and sweet lighting for your patio or backyard.

Driftwood Succulents

Succulents arrangements in a driftwood planter
Image credits: Chua Han Xiang via Shutterstock

Driftwood is easy and affordable to source, and many people add it as a centerpiece or decoration in their homes. A great way to add a bit of personality to a piece of driftwood is to place some succulents into the mix! Opt for a piece of wood with a hole which you can fit a few succulent pots. Then, top with gravel or decorative stones for a more cohesive look.

Succulent Centerpiece

Woman's hands holding a potted plant
Image credits: Dominic Alberts via Pixabay

If your dining table is missing a little something, try creating your very own succulent centerpiece. All you need is succulents, moss, candles, and mason jars. You’ll also need a large but shallow pot to plant your succulents. From there, the creative freedom is up to you!


Succulent plants
Image credits: HelloRF Zcool via Shutterstock

If a cup of Joe in the morning isn’t your thing, there’s a good chance you’ve got a few too many tea cups lying around. Fortunately, you can easily reuse them and plant your succulents in them! Whether you like the look of one on the shelf or want to hold a tea party of succulents, this DIY is easy and affordable — not to mention cute.

Tiered Pots

Succulent plant tower made of stacked ceramic pots and large white gray stone potter
Image credits: Omi Works via Shutterstock

If you’re a fan of container gardening, put a little spin on things by stacking your pots! By planting on the outskirts of each container and adding another layer, you create a dimensional and unique, yet practical and classic, look. The best part is that you can choose any pot you want, keeping things similar and seamless or putting a few different pots together!

Succulent Shelf

assorted succulents on window sill
Image credits: Rov Camato via Pexels

Sometimes a new shelf is all you need to display your plants. While it seems simple, the way you layer and decorate with your plants makes this unique. Remember to place taller plants next to shorter plants to create dimension. The same goes for larger pots and smaller-sized ones. Hanging and climbing succulents will make plenty of contrast for an appealing look.

You can either attach a shelf to your wall or use a classic bookcase or shelving unit. Use different color pots and textures to add a personal touch to the whole thing!

Succulent Wreath

making wreath with green succulent roses
Image credits: AZERBAIJAN STOCK via Shutterstock

If you want to add a little greenery to your front door, try creating your own succulent wreath. For this DIY, you’ll need a sphagnum moss wreath form, succulent cuttings, and greening pins. To make the moss easier to work with, start by soaking the wreath for about 15 minutes.

Then, start laying your cuttings to determine the design. Then, attach the succulents with the greening pins. Finally, adhere the wreath to your door and enjoy the compliments from visitors!


Succulents are the perfect addition to any houseplant collection. They’re easy to care for and even easier use to decorate! And if you’re looking for new ways to display your succulents, hopefully, one of these ideas appeals to you. They’re all easy to DIY, not to mention simple and affordable, so why not try one out?

Do you know of any unique ways to display succulents? Share in the comments below!

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