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12 Creative Ways to Display Your Plants

No matter the style of your house or garden, plants can always match it and make them look prettier. It also doesn’t matter how many of them you have already, since there is still room for new ones. However, sometimes you might feel overwhelmed with their amount because they are displayed improperly.

To avoid the wrong arrangement of your plants which affects the appearance of your home or yard, we prepared this list of the 12 creative ways to display your plants. Go ahead and find some inspiration!

Outdoor Plants 

Wall Planters 

If you have an empty wall in your yard, do not leave it like that and hang some wall planters. They will allow you to cover this space with beautiful plants making it more appealing. Thanks to that, you will also save a lot of space you would have to use for displaying your plants anywhere else in your garden.

Container Gardening

Container gardening was, is, and probably will be the most popular way of displaying plants outside. Thanks to this method, you can place almost any plant anywhere in your outdoor area. There are plenty of different containers, so no matter the size of your yard, budget, or preference, you will be able to find something suitable. And remember that you should feel free to transform any old object into a container for your plants. 

Fence Planters

Your fence doesn’t have to be boring, and the best way to make it stand out is by adding some fence planters. You would be surprised by how many different designs you can use to beautify it. The sky is the limit, and the more original idea you choose, the cutter your fence will be. 

Window Planters

Window planters can not only beautify the view, but they also attract animals, such as butterflies or bees you can observe from your house. They are especially great if you live in apartments because the flowers outside the window can replace the view of the garden. You can buy new planters or build them using the materials you have at hand.

Old Furniture

Do you have an old desk or chairs in your shed, and you hesitate to throw them away? Instead of doing it, give them a new life for displaying your plants. Place it in the center of your outdoor space and enjoy the view of your plants anytime you go outside. If you like this idea, but do not have old furniture at hand, try to find them at your local flea market.

Wooden Pallets 

Almost everybody has some unused wooden pallets in the garage, and it is really a shame to let them rot there. Instead, use them for accomodating your plants by bringing them back to serviceable condition. Simply add some new paint, and that’s it. You can arrange your pallets, both horizontally or vertically, depending on how much space available you have.


Hanging Plants

One of the simplest yet most elegant solutions for displaying your plants at home is hanging them. There are many ways to hang your plants. The most common and practical choice is the ceiling, but do not be afraid of using other options, such as a curtain rod. Just make sure that what you have chosen is durable enough to support the weight of your plant and prevent it from falling.

Wall Shelves

When you display your plants on wall shelves, you automatically turn your room into something gorgeous. With such a variety of shelves available on the market, you will be able to find something suitable for yourself with ease. However, if you don’t want to spend money on a new shelf, you can build it by yourself with a little effort. However, before you place your plants on the shelf, check twice if they can support their weight.  


Instead of adding new spaces for your plants, use the existing ones. And if you have never mixed your books with plants, it’s time to do it. To change your ordinary library into something more interesting, just place your favorite potted plants next to the books. You can also add some decorations or souvenirs on shelves to make it look even more engaging.


Giving new life to old objects is the essence of proper space management. If you have a ladder that you no longer use and that clatters your house, instead of getting rid of it, use it for displaying your plants. This decoration will beautify your room and catch the eye of your visitors. However, if you don’t have an old ladder or don’t feel like building one, do not worry. There are numerous decorative ladders you can purchase out there!


How could anyone pass by such a beautiful cabinet indifferently? Since it is probably impossible, change your old cabinet into this gorgeous plant display to make your house stand out. If you are not sure what plants will be best for this idea, use plenty of different ones to make it look even more fun. Arrange the drawers the way you like, and when you get bored, simply organize them differently.


The idea of displaying your houseplants wisely at home consists of using what you already own, and stools are a perfect choice. If your apartment is small, you can always use them to seat your guests by putting your plants on the floor for the duration of their visit. Another great benefit of this solution is that whenever you feel like changing something in your house, you can place your stool display in a different place. 

To Sum Up

As you can see, adding new plants to your interior and exterior area is not that difficult. With a little bit of inspiration, you will be able to accommodate them without pointless use of space. Do not be afraid of mixing various ideas to make your house and yard look even cutter, and have fun doing it!

Let us know which way of displaying plants you like the most, and as always, please share!