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18 Decorative Downspout Drainage Ideas for Your Home

There are numerous ways to freshen up your home’s appearance. These methods don’t only make it look more beautiful but can also increase the curb appeal of your whole property. However, as you update your paint or change your landscaping, don’t forget to enhance your gutter downspout while you’re at it.

The downspout is a necessity for proper roof drainage. It prevents water damage but can often disrupt the facade of your house. Rather than leaving it to look like a standard pipe, consider these decorative downspout ideas and make them catch the eye!

Quirky Watering Spout

Quirky Watering Spout
Image Credit: Joe Mabel. via Creative Commons

Have you ever heard of a self-watering watering can? Although this might not be what you had in mind when you imagined that, this downspout design still fits the bill!

It’s a quirky and humorous design feature that can bring a smile to anyone’s face. It is great for downspouts or rain gutters that discard your rainwater in garden beds, especially after heavy rain.


Image Credit: elias_daniel via Creative Common

Are you looking for creative decorations for house exteriors? How about a downspout statue? Clever sculptures will always have a place in any yard, even if it’s just connected to your downspout!

If your downspout is long enough to reach the ground, consider camouflaging its foot using a little free-standing sculpture. It is shaped like a frog and has a wide mouth that allows water to pass through it.

It cleans up your rain drainage area and can be done with various animals and sizes to match your interests better.

Pebbled Landing

Pebbled Landing
Image Credit: Field Outdoor Spaces via Creative Commons

Do you want to find excellent decorations? How about a pebbled landing? If your downspout already looks good, maybe what you need to improve is where your drained water lands.

Building the appropriate roof drainage landscaping is crucial in maintaining the health and appeal of your yard. Instead of letting the water run straight to the soil or on boring cement, add some colorful rocks and pebbles to distribute the water and prevent soil erosion.

Planter Details

Planter Details
Image Credit: NathanielS39 via Instructables

Sometimes, all we need is a touch of nature! This downspout may look ordinary at first glance, but it has a self-watering planter box attached to it.

This mini planter relies on the water running down your waterspout. It’s a simple, small, and versatile addition that matches all designs and brings a lively feel to the space.

Rain Chain

Rain Chain
Image Credit: 5518 Designs via Creative Commons

Although most downspouts are made of heavy-duty pipes, have you considered a rain chain?

Rain chains like these are for both form and function, elegantly hanging from your roof while still reliably draining and redirecting rainwater. Switching to this creates a striking statement for your roof drainage system. It’s also one of the rare outdoor pieces that continue to look lovely no matter the weather.

Etched Pipes

Image credits: Virynja via Canva

Perhaps all you need is an intricate downspout pipe. This pipe has a delicate design etched into it and acts as a simple yet sophisticated touch to any facade.

If you aren’t keen on an elaborate pipe face, you can still achieve the same effect by using decorated wood or metal to cover your standard pipe. This beautiful downspout is subtle but striking in all the best ways!

Complementary Shades

Complementary Shades
Image Credit: Edna Winti via Creative Commons

You don’t always need a detailed plan— sometimes, smart color combinations are enough to be memorable.

The right color combo can level up any space, even if it’s just for your downspout. Using complementary colors on your wall, pipe, and other wall features helps tie them together and keeps everything looking neat and modern.

Ornate Brackets

Ornate Brackets
Image Credit: u07ch via Creative Commons

If you have a downspout, you’re probably also using a bracket. For a more understated appeal, try looking for brackets with bonus design elements!

This classic downspout bracket features an ornate design that can elevate any simple rain pipe. Bracket designs are so rare nowadays that paying attention to this subtle detail is sure to leave a mark on your visitors.

Holiday Climbers

Holiday Climbers
Image Credit: ell brown via Creative Commons

Are you looking for artistic downspouts? Well, who doesn’t love some playful holiday decor? Any holiday presents the best excuse to be creative and deck out your house for this time of the year.

When enhancing your downspout, one idea is to create the illusion that someone’s climbing your pipe. With this, you can play around each season and holiday— easter bunnies, skeletons, scarecrows, and so much more!

Make it Pop

House Rain Gutter Downspout
Image credits: Kevin Brine via Canva

Colors are important— everyone knows that! However, when people choose colors for their home, they usually stick to matching shades and forget how big of an impact contrasting colors can make.

By painting your downspout a striking color, you call attention to it in a way that shows it off as a modern industrial design detail. Bright colors give it a contemporary edge that not a lot of homeowners dare to try.

Into the Barrel

black rain barrel with gutter downspout and hose
Image credits: Justin Smith via Canva

Don’t let your rainwater go to waste! Rainwater is a free nutritious water source that your garden loves. It keeps your plants healthy and is easiest to collect using your roof drainage system. 

Attach your spout to a cool water barrel for a practical and tasteful approach to your downspout design.

Classy Like Copper

Copper downspout
Image credits: Rick Van der Poorten via Canva

Copper is one of the most gorgeous metals to have in your home. Although it can be quite an investment, it pays off.

Copper downspouts start in a warm metallic shade before slowly transforming colors based on air and water exposure. It’s a high-value item that not only improves curb appeal but could also increase your home’s value.

Pretty Perch

Pretty Perch
Image Credit: exfordy via Creative Commons

If you’re looking for DIY downspout ideas, another way to enhance your downspout brackets is with some big 3D attachments. Using only a standard metal bracket, you can use your metalworking skills to attach some interesting figures.

This example features a bird perched on a metal branch, but you can also do this with an outstretched arm, a hanging birdhouse, or even an empty metal branch for real birds to perch on!

Colorful River

Colorful River
Image Credit: out of ideas via Creative Commons

Even if you don’t need to collect your rainwater, a colorful water collection area is a wonderful addition that’s sure to catch everyone’s attention.

It is an ordinary cement-covered catch area that swaps its plain grey stone look for a vibrant paved finish. It uses broken tile pieces with bright colors and creates a gorgeous mini river on rainy days.

Simple Basin

Simple Basin
Image Credit: lenalindell20 via Pixabay

Need more downspout drainage ideas? This metal basin is a surprisingly stunning downspout rainwater catch area.

It’s a great way to add a rustic industrial touch to the space without investing too much time or money into it. Even with minimal efforts, this does the job wonderfully and prevents downspout rainwater from muddying up that part of your garden.

Zen Water Collector

Zen Water Collector
Image Credit: scott*eric via Creative Commons

If you desire original downspout designs, another fun way to spice up your downspout is by adding a hint of Zen to the space.

Instead of setting up a landscape to catch your water, this downspout chain redirects rainwater to a stone pot filled with smaller pebbles. It’s a touch of nature that effortlessly adds texture, dimension, and sophistication to the area.

Rustic Wood Enhancements

Rustic Wood Enhancements
Image Credit: dun_deagh via Creative Commons

The rustic style is here to stay and, if this is something you want for your decorative downspout, here’s one way you can do it!

Using reclaimed and old wood pieces, encase your downspout using this lumber to give it a rough finish. To go further, you can also use an old wine barrel to collect rainwater while keeping with the rustic theme. It is an easy style adjustment that fits in with any country-style home.

Fun With Sprinklers

Fun With Sprinklers
Image Credit: ThrasherDave via Creative Commons

How about a downspout rain garden? Since your downspout is going to release water anyway, why not let it double as a sprinkler? This downspout foot attachment is great for pipes that lead to garden beds.

With this addition, you’ll be able to evenly dispense your rainwater to your plants without any hassle or stress. Not only is it highly functional, but it also looks adorable by your flower beds!

In Summary

There are tons of ways to take advantage of your downspout and use it as a decorative piece! By doing this, you’re enhancing your curb appeal and giving your house more character.

Your downspout could also be used as a terrific conversation starter for when you have guests over for a fun get-together in your yard.

Not only will this make your home look better, but it also reflects amazingly on you as a homeowner. If a detail as small and overlooked as a downspout was given this much thought, it’ll speak well of your character.