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11 Brilliant Ideas for a DIY Air Conditioner

Looking for a clever way to keep the house cool? Nothing is more affordable, or satisfying than a good old DIY air conditioner made with your own two hands. Made from items like Coleman coolers and styrofoam coolers to box fans, blowers, and oscillating fans, you may already have some of the parts laying around.

Whether working on a school science project or trying to beat the heat with ingenuity rather than your hard-earned cash, one of these 11 brilliant ideas for a DIY air conditioner is sure to tickle your fancy.

Ice Cooler Air Conditioner

In this helpful instructional YouTube video, the narrator shows the audience how to build a cheap and easy DIY homemade ice cooler air conditioner.

Homemade Air Conditioner

In this YouTube clip from Make & Do, the host walks us through the build-to process of this efficient homemade air conditioner, also known as an air cooler.

Ice Fan

This DIY ice fan is a simple build as shown by fixitsam on YouTube. You will need a fan, tubing, foam chest, or cooler, a pump, and ice. If you’re considering a small fan-based DIY air conditioner, you need to see this video.

DIY Swamp Cooler

Perhaps the most widely-used DIY swamp cooler design ever conceived, YouTube user desertsun02 takes the viewers on a step-by-step journey to creating a super-efficient five-gallon bucket swamp cooler.

Fan AC

This YouTube video offers text-based instructions for another great DIY AC made from a fan, a foam chest, copper pipe, and a few other odds and ins, like a fan pump. The cooler is both effective and simple.

Don’t feel like coiling all that copper? Why not consider an outdoor misting fan instead?

Recycled Styrofoam Cooler and Fan DIY Cooler

This video, published by The King of Random, illustrates the King himself, build a popular DIY Air Conditioner unit originally showcased by Household Hacker. This particular DIY has made quite the hubbub in the YouTube DIY community.

DIY Off-Grid Air Conditioner (Portable Battery-Operated Cooler AC)

YouTube Make Everything channel host shares with the audience his creation when faced with the challenge of building a better DIY portable battery-powered cooler AC for an upcoming road trip in 2020.

Plastic Bottle Cooler

For this easy life hack, DIY Vlogs presents a tutorial from Crazy BD Hacker outlining a DIY cooler made using plastic bottles, a fan, and some other items. While it isn’t the most efficient idea on our list, it is at the very least definitely worth considering as an alternative to mass-produced misting fans.

DIY Box Fan AC

In this YouTube video from Ben Tardif, a box fan and ice chest are turned into a simple but cool and effective homemade air conditioner for approximately $100 brand new.

Dual Blower Ice Chest Air Cooler

While this YouTube clip published by Frankencooler isn’t exactly a DIY tutorial, you could easily reverse engineer this awesome dual blower ice chest cooler if you really wanted to build something similar.

Desiccant Based Air Conditioning

For those of you with a bit more time and experience, and more importantly, those who are looking for a more challenging and in-depth DIY project, the desiccant-based air conditioning system, thoroughly outlined in this tutorial published on YouTube by Tech Ingredients, could be a great option. It is reportedly a pretty simple build when it comes right down to it, and it is extremely efficient.

Which DIY Air Conditioner Will You Build?

With so many types to choose from, you should have no problem selecting the best DIY air conditioner build for you and your cooling needs. Whether your aim is throwing something together for tailgating events, BBQing on the back porch, or building an air conditioner to keep the house cool, we hope our list helps inspire you!

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