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5 DIY Fairy Garden Ideas For Your Backyard

Fairy gardens are not just for kids, but for everyone. These gardens can foster your inner child and your imagination. They can bring memories of whimsical times when you were young and believed in everything! Your fairy garden is not complete without traditional garden figurines: fairies, angels, gnomes, and toadstools to name a few. Placing these items in your garden will not only help visiting fairies, but they will also make your backyard plants thrive. Here are some creative DIY ideas to get you started.

Before planting, envision your backyard space and what plants grow well outside. Next, look for arts and crafts to build your garden. Your imagination is the only limit!

Driftwood Fairy Garden

Create a beautiful fairy house garden display with driftwood!

If you live near an ocean, you can collect the driftwood on the shoreline, or there’s the option to purchase some at your local craft store. Look for interesting shapes and textures in the wood pieces and colors that match your aesthetic. First, find large enough pieces to form the base of a small home. Cut a large pinecone in half to make the fairy home roof and frame your doors with light-colored twigs to help it stand out!

To make it more interesting glue lightweight, flat wood chips on two branches to make a ladder. You can even add small mushrooms to look like a fairy garden! But don’t forget to add a fairy character to your house.

You can place the house-dried leaves with stalky plants as a backdrop or add ferns. A driftwood fairy house and outdoor ferns go hand-in-hand; Visit your local garden center or nursery and buy some perennial ferns to plant in spring or autumn.

This display has a rustic feel as the pinecones, driftwood, and leaves all blend together in a warm brown color.

Fairy Chapel

Take a walk to the chapel! You can make a lovely display for your garden friends with simple items. Grab some cinder blocks to make a foundation for your house. Use various sizes to build your entrance and sides. The elongated wood chips glued together create very realistic shingles to mimic a roof.

To make your chapel one of a kind find some colored glass or fake gems to stick above the entrance. You can even add a plastic angel sitting at the front entrance or a small wooden or plastic bridge to access your fairy’s space.

Plant some wildflowers around the sides and you’re good to go!

 Christmas Fairy Garden

This colorful fairy garden is fun to make with family around the holidays!

Buy a galvanized tub and fill it with cotton balls to represent snow and place the tub on a flat, wood surface outside. Sort through your Christmas decorations and pull out cute plastic figurines like Santa, snowmen, and elves. Don’t forget the toadstools as chairs for Santa’s helpers. You can make these from twigs and acorn caps or buy some small white polka-dotted red toadstools from a Christmas ornament store. Lastly, no Christmas house is complete without white and green frosted trees!

To frame your garden, plant some small cyclamen plants in the background. The showy flowers come in pink, red, white, and lavender.

Succulent Fairy Oasis

If you have a sunny backyard, why not design a fairy succulent garden? Boulders and large rocks provide a background and good support for your house, while also maintaining your succulents. Place your plastic or ceramic fairy house on a flat rock and cover it with moss or small wood chips. Place a small welcome signpost along the pebbled path for weary fairies who need a pit stop.

Succulents thrive in rocky areas of your backyard and provide colorful, eye-catching displays. Good choices for succulents include compact echeveria and hens and chicks with rosettes. They range in colors from red, pink, and blue.

Fairy Bird Bath Paradise

If you have a broken plastic or concrete bird bath, you can turn it into a delightful fairy garden. Bird baths can be expensive, so try your local thrift store for bargains or make your own from repurposed objects.

Layer the bath with good potting soil and add some colorful stones on top. As your focal point, use a small metal garden bench — it’s perfect for fairies. Next, buy or DIY some painted birds and get to designing!

A good idea is to plant mini fuchsias in the soil as they attract pollinators and hummingbirds. After all, isn’t that what your fairy bird garden is all about?

Who Doesn’t Need a Little Pixie Dust?

There are many DIY fairy garden themes out there; Create one that you’re passionate about and then you’ll see the magic of fairy dust in your backyard!

Will you try growing one of these ideas in your garden?  Leave any tips or tricks in the comments below.