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53 DIY Bird Bath Design Ideas

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Assemble a Birdbath Using a Candlestick and a Pot Lid

Image credits: Agzam from Pixabay via Canva

Another simple recycled bird bath, this option requires nothing but a tall candle holder and an old pot lid. Using an industrial adhesive or a standard glue gun, attach the top of the candle holder to the lid so that the handle of the lid is resting inside the space designated normally to hold a candle. This will offer some additional security to keep your pot lid from falling off if the adhesive ever fails. Depending on the style of your pot lid, you may need to seal the center of the lid where the handle is attached to make it watertight. Finally, to create a unified look, spray paint the whole bird frame in the color(s) of your choice.

Stack Glass Jars and Dishes to Create a Birdbath with a Fun Light Effect

Glass jars
Image credits: Matauw via Canva

For those that love the delicate and decorative appearance of glass or crystal, here is a DIY bird bath that you can create using odds and ends from your local thrift shop. All you need is a collection of glass jars or drinking glasses and 2 glass platters. You can stick with one style of glass if you can find several that match or choose to mix and match with different styles that complement one another.

To assemble your bird bath, start by turning the first platter upside down. Using a commercial or industrial adhesive like E6000, glue your first glass or jar to the center of the platter. One at a time, add the rest of your glasses or jars, gluing each securely in place. Finally, glue the second platter on the top, this time so that it’s sitting upright creating a shallow bath basin.

It should be noted that this bird bath is more delicate and fragile than most of the other options on the list. For this reason, you want to be intentional about where you are putting it. Avoid setting your bird bath next to a rock that it may fall over and hit. You can also help to secure it against the winds by packing dirt around the bottom platter to weigh it down.

Easy Milk Can Birdbath

Milk cans
Image credits: emapoket via Canva

Another fun and unique object that you can use for the base of a bird bath is an antique milk can. Many homeowners are already using these cans as a form of decoration in the yard or garden, but the addition of a bird bath on top will take it to a new level. All you need, in addition to your milk can, is a large plastic, metal, or terra cotta saucer, and any decorative elements that you want to include such as rocks in the basin itself, or a ribbon tied in a bow around the milk can. Before assembling your bird bath, consider adding rocks or sand inside the milk can to add weight, preventing it from being knocked over or blown over in the wind. Attach your basin to the milk can using a glue gun or strong adhesive. You can spray-paint the whole bird bath to create a unified look or keep the natural look of the milk can itself for a more traditional look, whatever suits your style.

Set Up a Birdbath on a Log or Tree Stump

New Tree Grow Up on Stump
Image credits: Lucas Pezeta from Pexels via Canva

If you prefer a more natural look in your outdoor décor, why not build your bird bath using a large log or even an existing stump? Secure a platform to the top of the log to create a place to set a bird bath securely or attach the bird bath directly to the log. If you are securing a serving bowl or platter to the top of the post using a screw or nail through the base, make sure to seal off the space around your connection with silicone to make sure that the bath basin is watertight before filling your bird bath for use. Add color to your new bird bath display easily by playing brightly colored flowers around the base of your log or stump.

Reuse Old Bricks to Assemble a Masonry Birdbath

Image credits: Gagliardi Photography via Canva

Whether you’ve recently demolished an old garage space or tore up a brick pathway, old bricks are often piled up with the intention of using them for something down the road and then forgotten about in a corner of the yard. This year, you can take those bricks and craft a sturdy bird bath that will stand up against the elements. In addition to the bricks, you will need 2 concrete patio pavers and a large terra cotta saucer.

Place the first patio paver in the location where you plan on building your bird bath. Using the bricks, stack them creating a rectangular structure, reaching your desired height (we recommend 8 rows with 4 bricks per row). When you’re happy with the height, place your second patio paver on top to create a solid, flat surface. Fill your terra cotta saucer with water and set it on top. The best part about this option? It’s so easy to clean when needed! Simply take the saucer off the top and bring it in to your sink to scrub it and refill it.

Create a Display Piece with a Glass Vase Snowglobe-Style Birdbath

Glass vases
Image credits: Susanna58 via Canva

This is a beautiful, decorative option for those that want to create a conversation piece for their patio space or garden. You will need two glass platters, a large glass vase, and a small glass wine or cocktail glass. Take your first platter and place it upside down. Using a glue gun or heavy-duty adhesive, put a thin line of glue around the top of your wine glass and place it on the platter, upside down, to secure it in place. The bottom of your wine glass will serve as the platform for your snow globe-like display. You can use a single porcelain figurine or combine multiple items to create your scene. Just be sure to secure each of the items that you add to the bottom of your wine glass to keep them in place.

When you’re happy with the scene that you have set up on the base of your wine glass (paying careful attention to the opening size of your vase), carefully place your vase over the scene and secure it with your glue or adhesive to the original platter. Finally, attach your second glass platter to the top to create the bath basin. This is a beautiful bird bath that will add to the décor in any outdoor space.

Add Some Color with Glass Aquarium Rocks

Fire Glass Rocks
Image credits: yhelfman via Canva

A fun way to create a bright, bold bird bath is by using glass aquarium rocks. These small crystal-like rocks are often made from acrylic or glass, making them a durable and versatile option. They are available in a wide variety of colors, meaning that there is an option that will work for nearly any style or space. Start with a basic terra cotta saucer and, if desired, spray paint it to create a base color. One at a time, place your aquarium rocks, securing them with strong glue or adhesive. Experiment with different colors or patterns, making a unique bird bath to suit your space. When you’re finished, allow the glue to dry then add water and set your new basin out on your porch, on the ground, or on an elevated pedestal.

Build a Minimalist Country Wash Bin Birdbath

plastic wash bowl
Image credits: dangphoto2517 via Canva

A simple bird bath that will suit most spaces due to its minimalistic nature, this bath is built using nothing but a wooden base, a fence or banister post or spindle, and a basic washbasin. Carefully sand the ends of your post or spindle to make the ends flat for assembly. If you’re deciding between different post options, keep in mind that the decorative aspects of your post are the only decorative features in the base design of your bird bath. Secure the wooden base to the bottom of the spindle making sure that it’s sturdy enough to stand upright on its own even with the additional weight that the bath basin, water, and the arrival of birds will add.

On top of the pedestal, secure your washbasin either through gluing it in place with a commercial adhesive, or drilling a hole in the bottom of the basin and using that to place a screw. If you are opting for the screw solution, seal the connection inside the basin using silicone. You can spray-paint your bird bath or decorate it if desired, using vines, flowers, or by adding a sign. This makes it easy to match your existing outdoor décor.

Stack Teacups, Saucers, and Teapots

Image credits: michellegibson via Canva

If you’re in the process of clearing and decluttering your kitchen cupboards, this could be a fun bird bath option. To make this bird bath you will need to collect a full-size plate, a full-size bowl, and a selection of teacups, saucers, and teapots to build the pedestal. Place the bowl upside-down to create a base for your bird bath. One at a time, you will add your teacups, saucers, and teapots to create a pedestal, securing each with an industrial adhesive or glue gun. Be cautious while building to ensure that the bird bath is still well-balanced and can stand securely on its own. When you’re happy with the height, glue your full-size plate to the top to serve as the bath basin.

Transform an Old Chair into a Birdbath

old chair
Image credits: FooTToo via Canva

A unique bird bath design, there is a good chance that you won’t find anyone else with the same piece in their own garden! This bird bath is constructed using the wire or wrought iron frame of an old chair. Remove the cushion from the chair and in its place, place a large terra cotta or metal saucer or tray. Depending on the structure of the chair itself, this saucer can either be secured to the chair using an industrial adhesive or simply set in place allowing the weight of the water in the bird bath to hold it in place and prevent it from being blown out of place.

Bring the Beach Home with a Seashell Birdbath

Seashells in Glass Vases
Image credits: AudreySmiths via Canva

For those decorating a coastal home (or decorating their home with a coastal theme), seashells likely play an important part in your décor choices both inside and out. This fun and decorative bird bath uses a clear glass vase, a glass saucer, and a selection of your favorite shells. You can fill the vase with shells or start with some beach sand on the bottom followed by shells. When you’re happy with the arrangement of your vase, carefully secure the glass saucer on top using a strong adhesive or glue. If you are interested in extending the height of your bird bath, consider adding a second or third vase (filled with shells). You can also incorporate glass plates to help add structure between the vases.

Transform a Wall Sconce into a Wall-Mounted Birdbath

Wall sconce
Image credits: Maksim Korobov via Canva

Bird lovers that prefer a wall-mounted bird bath option may be interested in this simple solution built from a wall sconce designed to hold a large pillar candle and a glass dish. Many of these wall sconces have a small spike on the candle tray to hold the candle in place. Remove this to create a flat surface. Onto this surface, secure your glass dish. When choosing your dish, keep in mind that birds prefer a shallow basin over something deeper. For this reason, a wide, shallow bowl or saucer is often preferred. After the glue or adhesive used to attach the basin is allowed to dry, hang your new bird bath on an outdoor post or exterior wall and add water.

Use Branches to Make a Natural-Looking Birdbath

Green Branch
Image credits: Geoffrey Dallaire Gagne via Canva

Another cute option for a more natural-looking bird bath, this piece is created by combining a large wooden basin with 4-6 strong, sturdy branches. Use a clear coat to spray down your wooden basin, providing a watertight seal before introducing water. Hammer your branches into the ground at least 2 inches each to prevent them from moving or being knocked over. They should be assembled in a circle, sized to hold the bowl securely without the need for nails or adhesives. Balance the bowl on top of the pedestal that you have been created and fill it with water.

Assemble a Tiered Bird Bath with a Small Pump

Bath pump room
Image credits: moira_42 via Canva

Knowing that birds are attracted to moving water, you may be interested in incorporating a water feature into your own design. One fun way to do this is by setting up a tiered bird bath with a small pump that moves water from the bottom tier back up to the top again, allowing it to continue to cascade down from tier to tier. To create this, you can purchase a pre-existing bird bath and retrofit it with a pump, or build your own using PVC piping, three different sized basins, and a wooden base. Cut your PVC piping into three pieces – one longer piece to serve as the pedestal for the bird bath and two small pieces to space out the tiers. Using a strong adhesive, secure the long piece to the wooden base. If you’re concerned about stability, you can incorporate a large spike or wooden dowel that extends up through the inside of the pipe as well. Drill a hole near the bottom to feed the piping for your pump through.

Carefully drill a hole in the bottom center of each of the basins, large enough for the hoses on your pump, and a second hole in the largest basin. Feed your hoses up through the hole in the base. As you assemble the bird bath, the output hose will feed all the way up to the top basin, while the input hose will go into the second hole in the largest basin to collect the water. Use your adhesive to glue the PVC piping to connect each of the basins with the hose running through the center. To seal off the hose connections in the top basin and the second hole in the bottom basin, seal around them with silicone. When you turn on the pump, it will collect water from the bottom basin and pump it up into the top again creating a moving fountain.

Create an Elegant Birdbath with Parts of a Chandelier

Bright Elegant Chandelier - Isolated
Image credits: DAPA Images via Canva

For those that prefer a more decorative and fancy aesthetic, this is a fun twist on the previously shared light fixture solution. Instead of just saving just the glass light fixture cover, you will want to save and repurpose additional pieces of a larger chandelier setup including any decorative crystal elements. Carefully drill 3 or 4 holes evenly spaced around the exterior of the light fixture cover and attach a length of chain to each using a split ring keychain. Bring the chains together at the top with a larger split ring keychain or carabineer to create a hanging point. From those same points, attach your hanging crystals. Depending on the style of the crystal, they will either hang straight down from these points or loop beneath the glass fixture to another of the holes on the edge. Not only will this hold water for your bird friends, but the crystals will catch the sunlight, adding a beautiful touch to your porch or garden.

Build a Fun Flowerpot Topiary with a Birdbath

Image credits: Jupiterimages via Canva

We often associate the idea of a topiary with the holiday season, but you can make a fun spring/summer-themed topiary using a selection of flowerpots! To create this display, you will need a large terra cotta pot for the base, a selection of 5-6 smaller pots, a large wooden dowel to run up the center, and a bowl to use as a basin on the top. If you are working for a specific color scheme in your outdoor décor, spray paint all the pots and give them time to dry fully before proceeding.

Fill the largest pot with potting soil, burying the base of your wooden dowel in the center so that it stands up securely from that point. One at a time, feed the pots onto your topiary through the drainage hole in the center, angling them in an alternating pattern so that they rest on an angle revealing most of the pot off to the side. When you get to the top pot, use your potting soil to secure it in place so that it is held straight on the top. You can then go back and add soil to each of the other pots.

Except for the top pot, plant your favorite flowers up and down the topiary to bring in a pop of color. If you are looking for a solution to attract more birds to your yard and your bird bath, try incorporating bird-friendly flowers in these spaces to give them another reason to visit. On your top pot, using a strong glue or adhesive, secure the basin. You can then add water and place it out in your yard for the birds to enjoy.

Stacked Stone Bird Bath

Bird bath with stone frog in a Yard
Image credits: Robert West via Canva

This is another basic or minimalistic bird bath, built through stacking garden stones. To build this bird bath you will need to collect approximately 5-10 large, flat stones depending on the height that you desire for your finished project. If your stones are very flat, you may be able to stack them without any concern for them falling over or tipping down the road. However, if you’re unsure, you can always use a heavy-duty adhesive to secure them in place. When you’re happy with the height, top the pile off with a plastic or metal tray or bowl to serve as the basin. You can attach the bowl to the stone pile using an adhesive or, for easy cleaning, simply weigh it down using a heavy rock in the center.

Create a Birdbath Out of Old Equipment

Old equipments
Image credits: Ekkaluck via Canva

Farmers, here’s a fun suggestion that will certainly stand out as a one-of-a-kind bird bath. Why not embrace the farm aesthetic in your home and create your bird bath out of an old, retired piece of farm equipment? While some equipment obviously isn’t going to work well (a cultivator isn’t going to hold water), You could repurpose the blade of a plow or harrow to create a unique piece. Just be cautious of sharp edges, either sanding them down or covering them in some way to keep others from getting hurt. A simple way to cover a blade edge is to use a thin rubber hosing, cutting down one side of it and sliding it onto the blade carefully. These would work well as a standalone bird bath option, setting them on display on top of a platform or large rock in your yard, or add a small submersible pump to transform your new bird bath into a water feature.

Build a Stone Pillar Birdbath

stone pillars
Image credits: Joseph Thomas Photography via Canva

To build your own stone pillar bird bath, you will need a large collection of stones, a length of chicken wire with holes that are small enough to keep the stones contained measuring approximately 3 feet (or higher if you want a taller pedestal) by 5 feet, but large enough to allow the stones to be the main focal point, and a terra cotta or metal saucer or tray. Shape your chicken wire into a cylinder, attaching it with small pieces of wire down the back of the pillar. Make sure that all wire ends are tucked away to avoid harming people or wildlife that may brush up against it.

Place your chicken wire frame wherever you want your bird bath to be. Keep in mind, this isn’t an option that can be easily moved after assembly, so you want to take the time to think about the location before going any further. When your cylinder is in place, you can now start placing your stones. To keep everything securely contained, place larger stones around the outside border of the pillar with smaller stones in the center. Continue until it is filled almost all the way to the top. Set your basin into the pillar so that it dips down slightly below the top edge of the chicken wire and secure it with stones around it as well as a heavy stone in the center. Your new bird bath is now ready to use.

Cast Your Hand for a Unique Birdbath

Sculpture Hand
Image credits: gaiamoments via Canva

The process of hand casting has been gaining popularity with people creating solo castings, couple castings holding hands, castings of their children, and even castings of their pets. However, you may not have considered how you can make these castings functional rather than just decorative. To create your own hand-casting bird bath, start with a basic casting kit. Following the provided instructions, you can create your casting for a bird bath in a couple of different ways.

First, you will need to decide if you want to do a single hand or both hands. Second, ask yourself: Are you going to incorporate a bowl as a basin, as if your hand is holding it, or just use the hand itself as the basin? If you’re incorporating a bowl, you will want to cup your hands in a more open way to allow space for the bowl. However, if you’re using just your hands, make sure to keep your fingers tight together and create a shallow hollow area to hold the water. After the casting, seal everything with a clear coat and, if necessary, silicone to patch any holes where water may escape.

Use a Step Ladder for a Decorative Birdbath

Step Ladder
Image credits: DonNichols via Canva

Another cute option for a bird bath is to repurpose an old stepladder. Many of us have an older wooden ladder sitting in the back of the garage, unused since we upgraded to a more durable metal design. Place your ladder out in your yard or garden where you want your bird bath to be located. On the top of the ladder, place a terra cotta saucer to serve as the bath basin. You can weigh this down using decorative stones if desired. Finally, complete the look by using the steps as shelves, display plants in terra cotta pots. If you have small garden sculptures or gnomes as a key part of your outdoor aesthetic, you can also incorporate them into the overall display for a fun final look.

Make a Funny Birdbath with a Toilet Plunger

Green rubber toilet plunger
Image credits: djmilic via Canva

For some, the idea of adding a bird bath isn’t just to elevate the aesthetic with something elegant or pretty. Instead, you may be searching for something a little more fun or humorous as a joke to share with your friends and family. If that’s your intention, this is the perfect solution! To create this bird feeder, you will need a large (preferably unused) toilet plunger and a wooden sign (so that your friends know what it’s for). The toilet plunger needs to be the traditional type with a wide opening, not a beehive or tiered plunger. Bury the end of the plunger’s handle in your garden. If you’re concerned about it not being secure enough, you can attach a wooden base to the handle and bury that for additional stability. On the front of your toilet plunger, hang your ‘Bird Bath’ sign. Finally, fill the cup of the plunger with water and you’re good to go.

Create a Staked Birdbath with a Glass Dish and an Empty Glass Bottle

Yellow Glass Dish
Image credits: LeticiaRose via Canva

Create a beautiful glass bird bath with the stability of a staked metal base using this glass bottle technique. All you need is a large metal garden stake, an empty (and fully cleaned) wine bottle, and a glass platter or tray to display on top. If you want to add an additional decorative element, consider a small glass figurine of a bird for the center. Using an industrial-strength adhesive like E6000, attach the bottom of the glass bottle to the bottom center of the platter. Hammer your garden stake into the ground wherever you want your bird bath to be located and simply slide the bottle over the top of the stake. You’re now ready to add water to the platter.

Galvanized Pail Birdbath Planter

Metal galvanized planters in Lunenburg
Image credits: Redheadedhornet via Canva

Another great way to incorporate bird-friendly flowers into your bird bath creation while still maintaining a more country or rustic aesthetic is to do so using a large, galvanized steel or wooden pail. Place your pail in the garden or along your walkway where you want your new bird bath to be seen. Fill it up with potting soil. Carefully hollow out a spot in the middle of the soil to place your basin so that it is half-buried and half extending up from the soil, offering a perch for your bird visitors. In the center of your basin, you can add a solar-powered fountain for an added water feature. Around the exterior of the basin, plant bird-friendly flowers to further attract your feathered friends to the area.

Beaded Hanging Birdbath

Tufted Titmouse on a Hanging Birdbath
Image credits: LizMinkertJohnson via Canva

Do you have a decorative china platter or play at home that you’re unsure of what to do with? Whether it is something that was given to you with sentimental value or simply a beautiful piece that you found at your local thrift store, you can give your china new life by transforming it into a hanging bird bath. Using a tile or glass drill bit, carefully drill four evenly spaced holes in the outer edge of the plate. Take 4 long pieces of cotton string or twine and tie them securely in a knot, leaving a decorative tail. Feed each string through one of the holes in the plate and pull it tight, placing the knot in the bottom, center of the plate. Next, give your new bird bath a personal touch by threading beads onto each of the four strings before tying them together to create a hanging loop high enough off the plate to allow the birds to have easy access to the basin.

Recycled Speaker Hanging Birdbath

Image credits: imai iori via Canva

Anyone in the music industry or passionate about music, this is a great way to incorporate your passions into your home décor. All you need is 5 lengths of utility chain (4 long, 1 shorter), a split ring keychain, 4 s-hook chain connectors, the basket from a broken speaker, and a bowl the right size to sit easily in the basket. Carefully drill 4 holes through the exterior ring of the speaker basket large enough to accommodate an s-hook chain connector. Secure one end of each of the 4 chain connectors in each of the 4 holes that you made, connecting the other end to one of the longer lengths of utility chain on each side. Gather the other ends of the 4 lengths of utility chain and feed them all onto a split ring keychain. Feed your shorter length of utility chain onto the keyring to serve as the hanging point. Place your bowl in the middle of the speaker basket and hang your new bird bath from our porch or a nearby tree branch.

Attract More Birds to Your Yard this Winter with a DIY Birdbath

With so many great DIY bird bath options, there really is something for every style and space. This is a great way to add an additional element to your already bird-friendly yard or outdoor space, attracting a larger number of birds to come to visit and offering the perfect opportunity for bird lovers and bird watchers to fully enjoy all that their backyard has to offer. Pair your bird bath with a few different types of bird feeders and a selection of bird-friendly plants to create a true backyard oasis that will keep your feathered friends coming back week after week.