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22 DIY Christmas Decorations with Skates and Sleighs

Repurposed and vintage items are often the greatest centerpieces for DIY decor. This Christmas, create your one-of-a-kind decoration using ice skates and sleighs.

We’ve found our favorite ideas that match most styles and themes. While the options are endless and every idea can be customized, check out some inspiration to get your creative juices flowing!

As A Mantelpiece

Christmas Ice Skates
Image credits: JTGrafix via Canva

Position your skates in the center of the mantel and fill with mixed evergreens and red berries. Accompany your ice skate mantelpiece with other Christmas decor and you’ll truly have a unique holiday statement piece.

Winter Door Decoration

Hanging Ice Skates on Wooden Wall
Image credits: Ivonne Wierink via Canva

A simple DIY decoration, even perfect for after the holidays. Position skates to hang in the center of a large, open photo frame. You can paint any frame and choose any style. Top it off with some decorative evergreens and pinecones for a wintery rustic look.

Stair Railing Decor

Pair of White Ice Skates
Image credits: oksana_nazarchuk via Canva

Hang ice skates with some garland and Christmas-themed ribbon from the stair railing for a simple, yet stand out decoration.

Painted Decorative Statement Piece

Christmas tree ice skates ornament
Image credits: Firmafotografen via Canva

Get creative! Paint your favorite Christmas scene or character on the ice skate for a decorative statement piece. Finish with a hint of glitter and some Christmas ribbon and you’ll have the perfect display.

As Part of a Door Wreath

Christmas wreath with figure skate in the middle
Image credits: Julia700702 via Canva

Having ice skates as the focal point of a Christmas wreath is another fun, unique idea. Assemble your Christmas wreath with evergreens and ribbon then tie the skates to dangle in the center. Top with a bow!

As The Door Wreath

Christmas decorated skate
Image credits: oksix via Canva

Stuff the ice skates with everything you’d use on your door wreath. Evergreens, red berries, acorns, then use the laces as the wreath hanger. How’s that for a super simple DIY wreath!

Indoor or Outdoor Planter

Vintage ice skates for figure skating with fir
Image credits: Julia_Sudnitskaya via Canva

Much like the door wreath, you can fill your ice skates with everything you’d use for a planter. You can go classic with evergreens and berries or add pinecones and burlap for a more rustic feel.

Sled and Ice Skates Combo

Ice skates and red sled
Image credits: Meghan McGrath via Canva

This can be as simple or elaborate as you choose. You can simply tie the skates to the sled and finish with a Christmas bow or you can also add evergreens and other decorative pieces to show off your unique Christmas porch decor.

Wooden Door Hanger

Old sledges hang on the wall of a wooden house
Image credits: Andrey Zhuravlev via Canva

For a smaller sled, use it as a charming door hanger. All you have to do is fasten a rope to the front in a position to be hung. Then you can paint it or feature a Christmas bow, some evergreens, and even a festive message.

Christmas Decor Shelf

sledge on the wall with snow
Image credits: mtlapcevic via Canva

Who knew a sled could double as a wall shelf! Depending on the style of sled you have, you may need to add a few wood pieces. Decorate accordingly and finish with your favorite holiday trinkets.

Hand-painted Decor

Snowman with sledge and Christmas tree
Image credits: TrotzOlga via Canva

Customize your sled with this family fun project for Christmas. Paint the sled with a Christmas scene, Christmas colors, or whatever you want! The options are endless. We do, however, recommend a snowman painting for those sleds with wood planks.

Elegant Centerpiece

Christmas decoration with sledge
Image credits: lorenna512 via Canva

Believe it or not, your sled can make the most beautiful winter centerpiece for your dining table. This is another idea where the options are endless, but you can top the sled with evergreens and pinecones for a rustic look or add white roses for winter elegance.

Front Porch Decorative Piece

Christmas Tree and Sleigh on the Porch
Image credits: nikkimeel via Canva

This idea can serve as the centerpiece of your porch decor. Fill the sled with wrapped gift boxes, evergreens, and whatever other Christmas accessories you love.

Countdown to Christmas

Christmas Calendar
Image credits: aristotoo via Canva

Paint the bottom of your sled with chalkboard paint, place it on your porch or in your living room, and start your countdown to Christmas.

Personalized Decor

Vintage Sled Decorated for Christmas
Image credits: JacquelineSouthby via Canva

A great welcoming piece, add a monogram to your sled along with other Christmas accessories like bows, bells, evergreens, or berries and display your sled on the front porch.

Words of Wisdom

Sledge with presents, candles and a sign in the snow
Image credits: miriam-doerr via Canva

Another great front porch DIY Christmas decoration, paint an inspiring or joyful message on the sleigh and display it on your porch to welcome your guests.

Rustic Accessories

old-fashioned sleds
Image credits: liveslow via Canva

Looking for the perfect DIY decoration to complete your rustic Christmas? Us your vintage sled and add evergreens and vintage jingle bells. While this display is perfect for your front porch, it can be placed anywhere in your home.

Outdoor Tree Ornament

Pair of White Ice Skates hanging on the tree
Image credits: jstankiewiczwitek via Canva

If you have bare trees in your front yard, they are the perfect decorating opportunity. String with white lights and ice skates as ornaments for an elegant, wintery look.

Welcome Winter Sign

Winter welcome sign
Image credits: laurha via Canva

What better way to welcome your guests than a DIY Welcome sign. This idea is versatile as you can use any wood sign or even a repurposed sleigh and paint your message. Finish with hanging ice skates and evergreens, giving your decor a rustic, wintery feel.

Wall Hanging

White, winter ice skates hanging on outdoor fence
Image credits: fstop123 via Canva

This charming idea uses ice skates as the centerpiece of a wall hanging! Hang one skate under the other and fill with evergreen or other Christmas accessories. Top the wall hanging with a festive bow.

Photo Prop

Christmas decoration, sledge, santa and presents
Image credits: tatyana_tomsickova via Canva

Many families celebrate the holidays by having photos taken. A sleigh serves as the perfect prop for a winter scene. Some scenes can even use ice skates to accessorize.

Outdoor Display

santa clause's sleigh
Image credits: evrenpamuk via Canva

A classic outdoor decoration for Christmas is the beloved sleigh and reindeer. Set up any sleigh with any reindeer for the perfect DIY twist on a classic.

Skates & Sleighs: The Perfect DIY Finish

Don’t let those outgrown skates or unused sled collect dust in your garage. Get them out of storage this Christmas season and add them to your DIY decor.

Have you made a decoration using skates or sleighs? Share it with us!