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45 of the Best DIY Concrete Project Ideas You Can Do at Home

When thinking about concrete, we imagine these huge cement mixers in the middle of a construction site, and we tend to associate this material by building a house. Surprisingly, working with cement is a lot simpler than it sounds, although you will need some tools for the projects we’ve listed below.

Working with concrete can be immensely satisfying, especially since we’re talking about a durable material which adds durability to your DIY projects. Let’s check out some of the coolest project ideas that can be done with cement as the primary material.

Convenient Portable Device Stand

DIY Concrete iPad Stand

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Those of you who fancy a quick and easy DIY project can feast your eyes on this concrete iPad stand, which should work just as fine for smartphones as well. With this stand, you can have your portable device in front of you at all times, and enjoy your favorite Netflix series, or just browse through YouTube videos and play your favorite tunes.

Playful Geometric Planters

DIY Concrete Geometric Planters

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With just a couple of reusable silicone molds, you can create these gorgeous geometric planters, which can spruce up just about any home or office. Feel free to play with different sizes, and don’t exclude the possibility of painting the concrete planters with lively colors.

Concrete Pumpkin Garden Decorations

Concrete mold created from a plastic pumpkin

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Who said pumpkins are solely meant to be used on Halloween? Who knew that something as trivial as a pumpkin could be used to create a fantastic concrete mold, for decorating your garden, patio, or yard with some unique faces. The materials needed to make these are most likely part of your household already.

DIY Concrete Lamp

As long as you have a hot glue gun, two bowls, and a glass jar lying around the house, you can make your own awesome concrete lamp. It’s definitely something you won’t find in the store and can be quite the decoration in a minimalistic room setup. It’s particularly suitable for studio apartments.

Awesome Concrete Coasters

concrete coasters and trivets made from the lids of plastic containers

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Coasters have turned from practical items to a regular décor piece. The market offers a lot of different shapes and patterns, but nothing beats the satisfaction of making your own. There DIY concrete coasters are perfect for cottages and rustic home decors, not to mention the fact that they are extremely durable and easy to make.

Concrete Garden Numbers

concrete number piece with some grass into the numbers

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Check out this awesome concrete number piece, perfect for every yard entrance. It spruces up the looks of your garden, as an interesting personalization piece for people who want their homes to look different.

Pendant Lamps

Similar to #4, you can also create your very own concrete pendant lamp and have it hanging from your ceiling in style. If you’re willing to sacrifice a couple of empty soda bottles, you can personalize your room with such a lamp, which can even be painted to match the rest of the furniture and room style.

Mushroom-Style Desk Lamps

concrete mushroom-resembling lamps

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Whether you’re looking for a unique gift or idea, or are fascinated with the awesome things you can create using concrete, this set of mushroom-resembling lamps will give your guests something to talk about. They are perfect additions for your desk or nightstand, and their curved shape brings some of that store-bought elegance.

Golden Concrete Planters

DIY Concrete Planters with golden design

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If you wanted to create larger planters made entirely out of concrete or cement, here is another idea of how to make it work. These particular planters feature a golden design, to balance out some of the gray dullness brought by original concrete looks. Naturally, you can add your own personal touch by choosing different colors and patterns to decorate your freshly-made planters.

Hanging Cement Miniature Tables

DIY Round Hanging Cement Table

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And speaking of planters, how cute are these hanging cement mini-tables, perfect for plants, but also other pieces you want to be showcased in a given room of your home? Great for indoor and outdoor placement, the hanging cement tables are an original way to replace shelves, and what you decide to place on these pedestals is entirely up to you.

Lego Concrete Table

Talk about original ideas! How awesome is this concrete table, created using Lego pieces as molds? Not only is the Lego-shaped table different than what you see in most homes, but the pieces used to create the mold can actually be reused for many other projects.

Practical Concrete Votive

DIY Concrete Votive painted in purple

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Both cute and practical, this purple concrete votive is easy to make and can prove itself a really rewarding project. You can paint the end product in a number of colors, and these could make great gifts for the upcoming Christmas holidays. The only problem is you might fall in love with them and start making one too many.

Concrete Ring Cones

DIY Concrete Cones with rings on it

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It may look like a strange ice-cream cone, but this ain’t for eating. It’s a cute little ring holder made with polymer clay and can be quite the centerpiece of your makeup table. It may take a while to get this right because you want the surface of the cone to be smooth, but once the project is complete, you’ll fall in love with how they look.

Stylish Concrete Pots

With just a couple of empty water bottles, some concrete, and a lot of patience (concrete doesn’t dry that easily), you can create your very own concrete pots. You can use these as decoration items for your artificial plants and flowers, but they would also make lovely pen holders for your office desk. As always, your imagination is the only limit.

Concrete Tea Candle Lights Holder

tea light candle concrete holder

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Few things actually beat the satisfaction of having created something with your own two hands, and this concrete candle holder is the perfect example of such a product. Tea light candles (especially scented ones) are now part of every home with at least one aromatherapy enthusiast, so making your own holder can be rewarding on so many levels.

Rope & Concrete Door Stoppers

door stoppers made of concrete and rope

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Alright, these might not be the fanciest or most stylish door stoppers, but the weight of the concrete makes them very practical, as they actually get the job done (compared to door stoppers made from lighter materials). And if you won’t like that slab of concrete lying in the middle of the house, feel free to paint it in the color or style of your choice!

Concrete Holders

conrete vases made from tin cans

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With a bunch of empty tin cans and some cement, you can create practical vases that can double as desk holders for various items. They can be used for pens and pencils, toothbrushes, makeup, accessories, and more. As always, you can paint them to your own taste and use them pretty much wherever you need.

Large Concrete Planters

Looking for a planter with a more generous planting space? Here is an option perfect for your yard. Imagine planting your favorite flowers in these fierce-looking concrete planters on both sides of your driveway. It’s finally time to put those old nightstand drawers to good use!

Concrete Table Clock

custom clock made of concrete

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Just by looking at this picture, I can’t help but wonder: Is there anything you CAN’T do with concrete? This clock has a timeless feel to it, and could also make an excellent gift for times when you’re out of inspiration. The materials needed are inexpensive, so it could also be a great budget option for your best friend’s next birthday.

Concrete Egg Magnets

egg-shaped concrete magnets

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Who knew you can turn a bunch of eggs into these awesome concrete magnets? Finally, something that keeps all those nasty paper clips in place! It’s an original idea that gives you something awesome to do with your free time, plus it looks really cool and will surely draw the attention of everyone who spots your ingenious contraption.

Concrete Doggo Housing

Spoiler alert: this is not your typical dog house, and also not something you can use outdoors. Consider it more of a cool spot for your apartment dog to nap under, as it provides just the side walls and a nice and cozy roof. For pretentious pups, consider decorating the exterior with something fancy.

Cardboard & Concrete Planters

concrete planter made from cardboard boxes

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Grab those cardboard boxes you keep storing in the closet with the hopes of using them someday and start creating your own cardboard and concrete planters. This project uses cardboard to create a concrete mold, which will result in an awesome housing for your green needs.

Smartphone Desk Holder

smartphone on a concrete holder

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Minimalistic, awesome, and easy to make. This is how we’d describe this little DIY project, which helps you create a smartphone desk holder, unlike anything you’ve seen before. Why opt for cheap plastics when you can make your very own sturdy holder, with an opening designed specifically for the charger cable?

Stormtrooper Planter

*insert Star Wars theme song here* Star Wars fans and DIY project lovers from all over the world! Gather round and witness the awesomeness that is this concrete planted, shaped like a Stormtrooper. This is precisely the kind of project that gives your home that drop of personality every owner is looking to give to their crib.

Concrete Letters

concrete letter with gold paint design

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Concrete letters are incredibly easy to make, which means that you can spell your name, or your most inspiring words in an original and intriguing form. You will need to make a cardboard mold for your letter, which is basically the most complicated part of the process. Paint the letters in the color of your choice and you’ve now taken home decorating to the next level.

Concrete Block Planters

Six Neon Concrete Blocks Planter

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Why we have so many planters in this list, you ask? Because plants are awesome! That and concrete planters are easier to make than you’d expect. This ingenious idea repurposes dull concrete blocks, turning them into something that’s both useful and good-looking.

Sunny TableTop

The idea of this project is the following: you take something old and shabby, like a stool that you’ve no longer trusted to use in a very long time, and turn it into a beautiful table. Concrete was used to create this sun-pattern tabletop, and paint has really spruced the whole thing up to a point where it looks just fabulous!

“STOP” at the Door Stop

orange concrete door stop

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A door stop that spells “STOP”. That’s just too darn cute! And all it takes is about five ingredients and five more tools! It can be of perfect use regardless of the room décor, since you can select the font of your choice (as long as the letters are connected to one another), and color it just the way you like.

Hexagon Concrete Coasters

white cup and four Hexagon Concrete Coasters

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Simple, minimalistic, yet so adorable. These hexagon concrete coasters are a perfect fit for any bar or coffee table, so all you’ll need after making them is a strong cup of espresso. Of course, you can make cut-outs in any shape your heart desires, so if you’re a fan of circles, by all means, go for it!

Wood & Concrete Stool

With some concrete, an empty bucket, and a couple of pieces of wood, you can create your own stool, perfect for multiple situations. While you can’t exactly sit on it without a cushion, it can also be used as a small table right next to your favorite armchair, as it can easily hold your book, remote control, coffee, or beer.

Multi-Use Concrete Stool

5 gallon concrete stool

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Here is another awesome idea for a concrete stool, which can double as a planter, triple as a side table, and quadruple as a hidden storage box. Whether you’re looking for a spot to hide that chocolate you’ve been secretly munching on, or want to host a barbecue party and have limited table space, these concrete stools are cool and practical at the same time.

Concrete Magnets

assorted concrete magnets

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If there’s anything I’m obsessed with collecting, it’s fridge magnets. And here is an idea on how to create your very own concrete magnets. You can make them in any desired shape, as long as you have an ice cube tray made from silicone. Stars, lightning, fish, flowers, whatever you can find. They are practical and so very cute!

Concrete Walkway

One would think that making your own walkway is complicated and requires tremendous amounts of skill. All you really need are the right tools and patience for concrete to dry. If you have these two aces up your sleeve, you can make your own awesome walkway, as long, short, narrow, or wide as you want it to be.

Concrete Planter & Bottom Plate

purple concrete planter with a concrete saucer

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More awesomeness on the way, now with its very own concrete plate. Check out this elegant concrete planter, perfect for all kinds of plants, herbs, and flowers. It can be used to decorate the patio or gazebo tables, but can also be placed directly on the ground. It gives every garden a very classical look, and it’s a project that you can tackle even if you’ve never worked with concrete before.

Large Concrete Numbers

DIY concrete table number for wedding

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Similar to the concrete letters we’ve talked about earlier, you can also create your very own giant numbers. They can be used for numbering tables at an outdoor wedding, or they can serve as a permanent yard decoration. Just be super-careful with their placement, this can literally break a toe if it falls on it.

Children Concrete IKEA Chair

Turning a children’s IKEA plastic chair into a mold for a concrete one? Sounds like a Saturday afternoon! With just a couple of tools, a plastic chair to spare, and a good bag of cement, you can make a bunch of these cute chairs that could easily be paired with cushions and be used by your guests at your upcoming barbecue.

Wood & Concrete Nightstand

Modern DIY Concrete Walnut Nightstand

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This is a great example of how you can achieve so much with so little, as long as you have the time and the imagination to work on projects like these. Take an old drawer, some wood, and some cement, and create a solid block that serves as a minimalist nightstand. With three levels of storage space, this concrete nightstand occupies little space but gives you just the right amount of storage.

Elegant Lace & Concrete Votives

concrete votives with lace design

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If you liked the cement votive we’ve shown you today, you are going to love this new idea which allows you to create concrete votive with lace patterns. These are super-easy to make, and the lace patterns give them a very delicate look, which isn’t exactly a term one would normally associate with concrete.

Concrete Fire Pit

If you’ve ever had to improvise a firepit in the past, then you’ve probably used some concrete block to do so. Now you won’t have to do that anymore, as this project shows you how to make your own blocks of concrete for a firepit. This process is a bit more complicated, as the tutorial uses a CNC machine for cutting and making the mold from pieces of plywood, but you can improvise and use something else.

Heat-Resistant Concrete Fire Pit

Modern DIY Concrete Fire Pit

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If the last concrete project didn’t impress you, here’s another idea on how to make your own firepit. This one is deeper and uses brick and lava rock on the bottom, which helps absorb the heat. This can prevent the concrete from overheating, which could leak to crack, or even explosions.

Cement Centerpieces

Cement Centerpieces with gold triangle design

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Whether you want to decorate an event table or simply want to occupy your time with a nice little project that you can be proud of, here are some ideas on how to create your own concrete centerpieces. They can be used as planters, vases, or holders for other types of items.

Pumpkin Fire Pit

Concrete Halloween Pumpkin Fire Pit

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This DIY small fire pit turns an average Halloween candy bucket into a mold for something awesome. When lit up, this mini-fire pit can make quite the spooky garden decoration, perfect for getting trick-or-treaters into the ghastly Halloween spirit.

Concrete Dog Feeding Station

Pet accessories can be expensive, and not having a feeding station for your dog/cat equals dragging the bowls all over the floor, making a mess and a bunch of weird noises. You can rest assured that this concrete feeding station will stay in place, and it also has a neat design that you don’t see in every pet-owning household.

Concrete Shelves

Concrete Shelves on the wall

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There are so many cool benefits of having concrete shelves: they are durable, sturdy, easy to make, and can be made in various widths and lengths, to hold just about anything you want them to. Just looking at this tasteful idea makes you want to start working on your own shelves ASAP.

Coffee Maker

This is literally the next level in DIY concrete projects. Using a Lego mold, you can create your own coffee maker. With a beautiful arch and a baseplate, all you’ll need is a tempered glass funnel to support the coffee filter, the coffee, and the water, and you’ve got yourself a cool-looking gizmo which gives you the much-needed dark morning fuel.


Boy, picking favorites sure are hard! We’ve seen some really amazing ideas today and discovered that concrete is quite the versatile material. However, concrete projects may take a longer time to complete, mostly because the material has to completely dry out before the mold can be removed.

If you had to tackle on one of these projects this weekend, which one would you choose and why?

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