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16 Creative DIY Expandable Hose Storage Ideas

An expandable hose is a genius step up from the traditional garden hose— it’s lightweight, stretches up to thrice its relaxed length, and is painless to use. Although this innovation is fantastic, these hoses can’t be left laying around your yard and cluttering your outdoor tap. They need to be stored properly and, fortunately, their holders aren’t difficult to make on your own.

If you’re looking for creative garden hose storage options, here are 16 DIY expandable hose storage ideas you might like! However, if you don’t want to make it on your own, you can always get yourself the best expandable hose reel or holder.

1. Secret Planter Storage

Secret Planter Storage
Image Credit: diyhuntress via Instructables

It is a large cedar wood planter with a secret storage compartment at its base. It’s the perfect place to hide your expandable garden hose, especially if you’re not into the idea of displaying your garden maintenance equipment in plain sight. 

Having this planter also enhances the style of the space and adds another green element to your landscaping. It’s a clever way to attack your storage problem while keeping everything neat and organized.

2. Stackable Crate Tower

Stackable Crate Tower
Image Credit: Elias Stratakos via Instructables

These are simple stackable crates designed with a spacious storage area for your expandable pipe, other important outdoor items, and garden tools. You can place the crates one on top of the other to form a tower. It means you can store all your items in one place and group similar items in a single crate without taking up too much storage space. 

If you use the bottom crates to store larger items, the weight of the items will help keep the tower in place. It’s a brilliant expandable storage solution that you can keep adding to as you grow your tool collection and is ideal for those who lack shed space.

3. Handy Concrete Cook

Handy Concrete Cook
Image Credit: The Oakland Toy Lab via Instructables

Are you looking for a creative garden hose holder that you’d be proud to show off? It is a concrete mold of a real hand that’s installed as a wall fixture. This artsy wall mount can be used as a unique hook for your expandable garden hose. Made from your hands and by your hands yet still surprisingly easy to do. 

While putting this together, you’re free to cast your mold with any hand shape and in any color you choose! You could also have other people in your home join this project and create their own molds to hang their things around the house.

4. Faux Taxidermy Mount

Faux Taxidermy Mount
Image Credit: Snotflower via Instructables

Although taxidermy heads are a popular wall mount, not everyone is a fan of having real animal skulls and antlers in their homes. As an unusual twist to this traditional mount, this one is made of old bike handlebars and a cushioned seat. It gives it an industrial look which you can style to look softer or edgier with some embellishments. 

Thanks to its sturdy handlebar design, you’re safe to use it as an expandable pipe holder and hang your hose around these faux antlers! It’s both a design piece and an undercover hose holder that’s fun to have, especially if you have an old bike laying around.

5. Metal Basin 

Metal Basin
Image Credit: rolltidehank via Instructables

Perhaps the simplest solution for storing your expandable garden hose is by using a simple metal basin. This basin is made of steel and is built for surviving outdoors. To use this, all you need to do is pick up and drop in your expandable coiled hose, helping you have a trouble-free experience while staying neat.

For some added design, you can also set this up on a pallet platform and paint it in your preferred color. It is also a great storage hack for bulky items.

6. Rooster Hose Holder

Rooster Hose Holder
Image Credit: Gavin Anderson via Creative Commons

It is a standard hose holder with metal embellishments shaped like a rooster, adding tons of country charm. The rooster silhouette dresses up the plain hose holder and gives it personality. Even if you’re not a fan of chickens, you can take inspiration from this idea and attach metal or resin shapes to hose holders and pots using heavy-duty glue.

These shapes can be of animals, stars, pixies, or even your initials, all of which can help personalize where you’ll store your trusty expandable hose.

7. Hose on the Fence

Hose On The Fence
Image Credit: FixiPixi_deluxe via Pixabay

Not everyone is keen on mounting something to their walls, interior or exterior. If you can relate to this, consider hanging your expandable hose from your fence! It is a basic hose holder mounted to a fence for an effortless adjustment that’ll keep your walls safe.

It makes cleaning up easy and prevents any clutter near your facade. This method also takes advantage of unutilized vertical space in your garden!

8. Tucked In A Basket

Tucked In A Basket
Image Credit: Wicker Paradise via Creative Commons

For a sweeter old-fashioned approach, what do you think of using a woven basket for your expandable garden hose? It is a great option if you have any old fruit baskets laying around your home big enough for your expandable garden hose. With this design, the woven basket bottom can also drain excess water from your hose, making it easier to maintain.

You can make these baskets more durable by simply coating them with outdoor sealants. These baskets can also be used to store paint brushes, unused outdoor water faucets, and other types of small and lightweight garden tools.

9. Hung on a Sign

Hung on a Sign
Image Credit: Meg via Unsplash

If you’re a fan of cars, road trips, and classic Americana, these road sign hose holders might be the one for you. This is an old Route 66 marker with some hooks screwed onto it and mounted on empty wall space. It makes a striking picture that can hold your expandable hose as well as other gardening tools and maintenance equipment.

You can modify this design for only your hose by just attaching one large outdoor hook. It’s wonderfully unique, and luckily, you don’t need an actual vintage sign to do this, although it certainly would help!

10. Hanging Hose Reel

Hanging Hose Reel
Image Credit: SEB TECH DIY via Instructables

Everyone loves a good hose reel! While most assume that expandable hoses don’t need this, they could still benefit from one, especially with large and long hose sizes. A hose reel is one of the most reliable ways to avoid tangles and damage to your hose. 

This DIY reel is made of plywood and designed to be mounted to the wall, making it easy to build and safe to use. It’s dedicated to storing and protecting your expandable hose.

11. Charming Cut-Outs

Charming Cut-Outs
Image Credit: hebi187 via Instructables

Sometimes, all you want is a classic storage piece with a little character instead of going with the same old boring garden hose containers. This outdoor crate is given a refreshing look thanks to moon and star cutouts and scalloped top, making a memorable impression on people. 

It’s a simple adjustment to your crate that’s a huge help for your outdoor design and also has the potential to show your hobbies and interests, depending on the cut-out shape you choose. Apart from becoming your next garden hose storage project, this DIY can also house important garden tools you use regularly!

12. Handy With Timber Mounts

Handy With Timber Mounts
Image Credit: Johnny Wikk via Instructables

This timeless wooden wall mount was originally intended for hanging bikes but can also be used to hold multiple smaller items and your expandable hose. It has two hands with hooked thumbs attached to an extended board and back mount. 

It means you can use both hands as well as the protruding board to keep important garden equipment. We recommend hanging your expandable hose from the two hands and placing a small watering can or gloves on the protruding board.

13. Quaint Converted Flower Pot 

Quaint Converted Flower Pot
Image Credit: macgeek via Instructables

This garden hose storage solution is great for small expandable hoses. It’s made out of a small flower pot and has a hole cut out at the bottom. It is used to connect your hose to the tap at all times. It’s convenient and has an unobtrusive process that won’t need much effort on your part to accomplish.

It would be great if you’re looking for the most direct DIY storage solution for tucking away your hose without detaching and relocating it from the tap every use.

14. Floating Storage

Floating Storage
Image Credit: craftedworkshop via Instructables

With some elbow grease, hardwood, and trusty tools, you’ll be able to create your floating shelf unit. These floating shelves are a chic storage solution that’s great not only for expandable hoses but for anything that can fit. 

Many people aren’t interested in the winding, reeling, or hanging off their hoses and these DIY shelves are a great alternative. It is particularly ideal for people who store their hoses inside garages and sheds.

15. Industrial Shelves

Industrial Shelves
Image Credit: Workshop Edits via Instructables

It is similar to floating shelves but takes on a more industrial approach to the design. It uses galvanized pipes and stained wood to create a rough and unrefined look that’s great for the outdoors.

These shelves provide storage for all of your gardening equipment, not just your expandable hose, and are an eye-catching piece for your wall. Despite how complex it looks at first glance, it’s surprisingly easy to build and worth giving a shot!

16. Pegboard Hooks 

Pegboard Hooks
Image Credit: dezine via Instructables

Pegboards are popular for organizing your workstation tools. If you have some pieces leftover or are drawn to how it looks and the way it’s used, try using pegboards outdoors as your expandable pipe holder!

It’s an uncomplicated design that’s easy to install and can be arranged however you want. You can also increase your pegboard space as you get more gardening items. If you opt for a larger pegboard unit, this can keep all your items in one place, organized, and ready to go.

In Summary

Those were 16 first-rate storage ideas for your expandable hose. No matter your skill level or the materials and tools you have on hand, we’re confident that you’ll be able to find something that works for you and your home. Don’t be afraid to experiment and mix up different ideas and styles to have the perfect hose holder!