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23 DIY Fairy Garden Ideas for Your Backyard

A few years ago, I moved into a new neighborhood in Chicago, where I saw a gorgeous fairy garden for the first time. I’d heard of them before, but when I saw this beautiful one with glowing colored ball lights, tiny fairy houses, and gorgeous plants of many varieties, I fell in love. And I knew I had to create one of my own someday. This past year during the pandemic, I finally had my chance to start with a balcony fairy garden. Now I’m creating a patio fairy garden with even more loveliness all around.

But everyone has different space options, different climates, and different skill sets, so I thought I’d create a list of DIY fairy garden ideas rather than a specific “how-to”. This way, you can create the right garden for your home, with all the available resources for your home and garden. You might even get some ideas for what to ask for on your holiday wish list.

Gathering the Supplies

Before you start creating your fairy garden, I highly recommend gathering all of your supplies together first. It can help you plot out space, how many plants you want, what types of plants you’d like to grow, and can help you determine if you’re missing any supplies to get started with.

For my garden, I brought together these supplies for my initial thrust into planting.

  1. Fairy houses.
  2. Planters in a range of colors and styles and sizes.
  3. Plants and seeds.
  4. Fairy garden accessories.
  5. Potting soil.
  6. A water goblet for a “fairy bath”.
  7. Decorative garden stakes.
  8. Fun solar lights.
  9. Fairy lights.
  10. Gardening tools.
  11. Up-cycling materials (I used an old floor-to-ceiling shower storage rod and some old bricks).
  12. Watering can.
  13. Gardening wire.
  14. Pinwheels.

Outdoor Fairy Gardens

Most commonly, fairy gardens are created outdoors. We generally have more space for some creative spread of these unique aesthetics.

Adapt Birdhouses Into Fairy Houses

pink birdhouse with moss on roof, painted to look like tiny home, greenery in background
Image credits: Best-start.org

If you’re artsy but not so much craftsy, you can grab some pre-made birdhouses and convert them into fairy houses. They’ve already got windows, doors, and everything a fairy needs, except your handy touches with some paint and maybe even some glue. Paint some flowers, attach some moss or even add some other decorative pieces you think the little flying beauties will love.

Install Some Doll Furniture

tiny furniture made of vine resting on branch of tree
Image credits: cmomentsphotography via Pixabay

Do your fairies need someplace to sit? Well, why not dig through some dollhouse furniture or miniatures to find the perfect pieces for your fairies to lounge about on?

Craft Fairy Houses from Popsicle Sticks

yellow, red, and green popsicle birdhouse or fairyhouse hanging from wire
Image credits: 1137303 via Pixabay

If you’ve got some kids involved in creating your fairy garden, you might want to craft some fairy houses together using some popsicles or craft sticks. They’re easy to put together with some epoxy or even Elmer’s glue, and they’re easy to paint how you want them.

Add Some Cute Statuary

lounging frog prince statue in garden
Image credits: pixel2013 via Pixabay

One of my favorite things as I’ve crafted my fairy garden has been finding some fun, unique statuaries. From frog kings to solar light owls, there’s been a ton of options to choose from at a wide range of prices. And each unique piece adds a touch that helps your garden stand apart from others.

Convert an Old Watering Can

old watering can turned into fairy house
Image credits: Nikske via Pixabay

Another fun upcycle option is converting an old watering can into a fairy house. Obviously, the one in this picture was created from resin, but the concept is still there. Clean up the old can, add some decorations with hot glue, add some paint, or whatever else that adds glamor to attract some fairies.

Add a Cheeky Bird Bath

slender red bird sitting on edge of concrete birdbath with bird ornamentation
Image Credits: GeorgeB2 via Pixabay

Fairies love their fellow flyers, so why not add a birdbath? The bath draws in some birds for additional winged creatures to enjoy in your gorgeous place of serenity and peace.

Add Colorful Flowers to Draw in Hummingbirds

muted green and brown hummingbird sipping nectar from a red flower
Image credits: SteveCrowhurst via Pixabay

One of the most magical little fairies we see on the regular is the hummingbird. I love seeing them hoovering and humming around in the garden, keeping the fairies company as they delicately sip nectar from the hummingbird feeders and flowers they adore.

Convert a Goblet Into a Fairy Bath

fairy house, fairy bed, large mushroom, plant, and water goblet on shelf
Image credits: Backyard Boss

One of my favorite touches in the garden I have is a simple, inexpensive plastic cocktail glass that has become the fairy bath in my little patio garden. I keep the glass cleaned and filled with sparkling water to attract the fairies and often see squirrels and birds taking a sip, too! Add some glass marbles to help stabilize it and add some texture and fun, too.

Build Your Own Fairy House

fairy house made of bark and twigs to look like mushroom
Image credits: Lisa Redfern via Pixabay

If you’ve got some woodworking skills, you can craft your own fairy house from scrap materials. Use some bark or veneer, maybe some gnarly wood like this photo includes. Add some moss or dried leaves for an extra touch of natural beauty.

Install Some Water Features

tiny river running through colorful fairy village
Image credits: vektator via Pixabay

Most of us can’t create an entire fairy village like this one, but we could potentially add in some water features like this stream. You can build your own creek with the help of a DIY tutorial, and who knows? Maybe you’ll attract some ducks to hang out with your fairies while you’re at it.

Go For an All-Natural Shelter

fairy house made of rough wood and twigs
Image credits: lynnrgardner via Pixabay

If you prefer the old-timey fairy houses you’ve seen in old novels and newspapers, consider finding some simple supplies in the backyard for creating an all-natural fairy house. You just need some twigs, sticks, moss, or grass clippings, and a little bit of creativity.

Create a Vertical Patio Fairy Playground

container garden on patio with flowers, fairy garden pieces, solar lights, spinners, and more against wood panel wall
Image credits: Backyard Boss

For those of us tight on space, a vertical fairy garden is ideal. I found some old bricks on Freecycle to add some levels and a glass and metal table in an alleyway. I purchased some lovely little pre-made fairy homes and garden stones. I inserted my solar lights and garden stakes. I planted an assortment of flowering plants, decorative leaf plants, and some herbs and veggie plants. It’s all pretty easy and inexpensive. You just need a little time.

Go Totally Floral

close-up of red lily with dew drops on the petals
Image Credits: Ulrike Leone via Pixabay

One of the most important components of your fairy garden is the plants. You need some lovely greenery and flowers to attract fairies into their homes. Think bright, vivid colored flowers and lush ferns where they can catch some shade in the hot sun.

The Subtle-Tree

fairy house at base of tree, made of twigs
Image credits: BadDogDesignz via Pixabay

Here’s an easy one for the kids to make. Grab some sticks and a little string, and find a knot towards the bottom of a tree trunk in the backyard. Add the wood pieces to create a doorframe, maybe pile some pebbles at the doorway for a walking path or steps up to the doorway. Then, in the “back”, string up some of the smaller sticks to create a fenced-in yard for your fairies to keep their pets in.

Recycled Homes

milk jugs lined up
Image credits: Plastics SA via Pinterest

This idea works indoors or outdoors. Find some old milk jugs, soda bottles, yogurt containers, or practically anything else and cut doors and windows into them with an Exacto-knife. Then, add some Sculpy to create some texture around the doors and windows, paint as desired, and finish with some moss, twigs, or just about anything else for the perfect and easy fairy garden home. Easy fairy houses the kids can make!

Pre-Made Fairy Garden Pieces

Fairy garden house nestled in with violas and other plants
Image credits: Pretmanns Store via Amazon

For my garden, I purchased some fairy garden pieces from Dollar Tree and Amazon to get things started. I’m handy with certain things and have spent many hours painting ceramics, but I wasn’t ready to commit to a ton of creative pieces this past year. So, if you’re tight on time or not incredibly crafty, you might want to consider doing the same to flesh out your fairy garden quickly and easily. Then maybe you can expand as you develop some skills and find other ideas you love.

    Fairy Boot House

resin boot-shaped fairy house
    Solar powered light-up boot-shaped resin fairy house

    Pretmanns Fairy Garden House

Fairy garden house with stairs leading to front door
    Resin fairy house with steps

Indoor Fairy Garden Ideas

For those who don’t have much space outdoors in their yards, balconies, or patios, an indoor garden for fairies can be a lot of fun. I’ve crafted an indoor garden with some of my more delicate plants and pieces for a nice touch in the office.

Create Fairy “Yards”

Image Credits: normwear via Pixabay

For each potted plant you’ve got, you can create a fairy yard. Set up a home, some fencing, maybe adds some toadstools or a fairy bench. Then, in the next pot, choose a different house, pathway stones, and a swing. Each one can be as unique as each fairy you’d love to have taken up residence inside.

Fill a Farmyard

miniature cow and windwill on tiny gravel
Image credits: CakeWorld001 via Etsy

One of the fairy garden kits I got came with some little farm animals like sheep. So, I crafted a farmland gathering in an herb plant pot for the fun of it. You could mix the critters with a combination of kits or a specialty kit, like this adorable one from Etsy.

Broken Pot Fairy Garden

Fairy garden moss lifestyle
Image Credits: Gabriele Schneider via Pixabay

If you haven’t gotten around to disposing of some broken pottery, you can put those pieces to good use, creating an indoor oasis for those fairy friends. If you’ve got multiple sizes, you can create a multi-depth garden by placing successive pots inside each other, filling the edges and sealing them, then building up in each layer with decorations, plants, and more.

Teacup Fairy Garden

resin miniature frog, turtle, and dog around fire in teacup
Image credits: Backyard Boss

Another “collection” of fairy garden pieces you could create for the home is by using teacups and saucers to create little vignettes to place around. Make sure to glue the saucer to the teacup to avoid any catastrophes!

Sculpy Garden

Mini polymer clay white unicorn with colorful hair and golden horn sitting on mirror
Image Credits: Rudy and Peter Skitterians via Pixabay

Here’s another fun one to do with the kids. Get out that Sculpy clay, craft some little critters like snails and frogs and unicorns, and decorate your indoor fairy garden containers with these tiny creatures who love hanging out with fairies. There are some great Sculpy animal tutorials that you can follow. For extra fun for the kids, toss in some Lego characters.

    Sculpy III Oven Bake Clay Sampler

Polyer clay kit in multiple colors
    Sculpy brand polymer clay, multi-colored kit

Picnic Basket Fairies

picnic basket with tea towel hanging out, sitting in grassy field
Image Credits: Christian Calhoun via Pixabay

For an extra indoor fairy garden, up-cycle an old picnic basket with some plants and soil. Then, add in mini teddy bears, a picnic blanket (super easy to make with Sculpy or a scrap of fabric), some critters, and maybe even some tiny food pieces.

Fill an Old Suitcase with Fairy Glee

Brown teddy bear hanging halfway out of vintage suitcase
Image credits: Pixy.org

For the world traveler, using an old suitcase is the perfect home for your fairies. Fill the suitcase with soil and use it as a planter for your mini garden, then plant your fairy house and mini garden within or set up an international scene like a French café for fairies.

Fairy Gardens for All!

A combination of the various ideas, from pre-made pieces to homemade Sculpy unicorns, will get you the best results for your garden. Have fun. Mix it up. Blend natural and artificial materials or go straight-up all-natural. Whatever you fancy will draw in the fairies you’ll want to hang out with all summer.