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20 Creative DIY Fire Pit Bench Ideas

Who’s going to stay beside a fire for long if they can’t sit comfortably? Fire pits are a brilliant backyard feature that’ll go to waste if you can’t sit on a cozy bench. If you haven’t put much thought into its seating, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to improve the design and enjoyment of your fire pit!

It’s time to invest in quality outdoor seating. Here are 20 amazing fire pit bench ideas you can use for your home. Some of these you can even try making on your own— if you have the right equipment!

1. Convenient Log Storage 

Convenient Log Storage
Image Credit: AllanS1 via Instructables

Benches are already useful, but you can get more mileage out of them by using their space as firewood storage! Luckily, you can do it with any bench that has roomy and accessible space underneath. If you chop and organize your lumber properly below the seat, it’ll also make it look more refined. Keep it neat by making sure that the length of the firewood fits into the width of the bench.

2. Integrated Fire Pit Bench

Integrated Fire Pit Bench
Image Credit: nancygribble via Instructables

This stone fire pit style made from bricks incorporates benches into its structure. It’s designed with extending arms that you can use as seating, and you’ll be able to enjoy them even without a fire going. Additionally, this gives your yard a more custom look, and the masonry involved in building this could help increase the value of your house.

3. Industrial Hairpin Legs

Industrial Hairpin Legs
Image Credit: RobotMitchell via Instructables

Some fire pits are installed on solid paving rather than on grass. If this is the case for you, you can take advantage of simple benches with hairpin legs! Using these legs gives your fire pit a clean industrial feel that doesn’t take attention away from the pit itself. These legs also make it easy to move the bench around if you need more room.

4. Palettes and Planters

Palettes and Planters
Image Credit: AmateurBuilder via Instructables

It is made with recycled pallet boxes and converted into a beautiful L-shaped bench and planter. This bench has a clean and simple design that can be easily stained or painted to fit your home better. The planter box also adds appeal to the area when your fire pit isn’t lit up. If you don’t want a planter box, you can treat this part as firewood storage or as a side table for food. You can even recreate this using wood slats! 

5. Refined Wood Logs

Refined Wood Logs
Image Credit: Jzbowmannz via Instructables

If you want a basic bench with a subtle outdoor design, this might be an option for you. This bench uses classic wood logs and planks in an understated way that can give your firepit a modern and inviting look. It pays homage to traditional campfire benches but makes them more appropriate for a home.

6. Popsicle-Style Seats

Popsicle-Style Seats
Image Credit: frasera via Instructables

A quirky take on firepit benches is to make it look like an oversized popsicle stick project. It’s playful, fun, and creative, making it great for those with kids! Designing around a backyard playset can be difficult, but this bench frame can help you tie it in with your fire pit. To make it more mature, you can opt out of vibrant coats of paint and use a wood stain finish instead. Make sure to use the right screws to hold this beauty in place. You can carve wood slats and use sandpaper to make desired shapes for this project.

7. Polished Cement

Polished Cement
Image Credit: rubenrijst via Instructables

If using bricks is out of the question, cement is a fantastic material for outdoor furniture since it is sturdy, robust, and low cost. Block-style polished cement benches help you achieve a rough industrial look without looking unfinished or cheap. As long as you use the correct treatments, this bench is sure to look fantastic next to modern fire pits.

8. Carved Driftwood

Carved Driftwood
Image Credit: JackmanWorks via Instructables

Maybe all you need for your fire pit bench is to leave a mark on it! Traditional driftwood benches already look great with fire pits, but you can personalize and add your touch to it by carving something into the bark. It can be as adorably cliche as your initials inside a heart, or you could go for a more intricate or symbolic pattern to make your bench stand out.

9. Cinderblock DIY

Cinderblock DIY
Image Credit: ChipsWoodShop via Instructables

Here’s a fantastic option for large outdoor spaces. For large fire pit areas that need to seat a lot of people, this uncomplicated DIY project helps you save up on some costly outdoor furniture. Cleverly use cinder blocks as a base for your bench and thread a few strong wood poles, seat slats, or boards through its holes to make an impressively large outdoor bench for your fire pit. To make a comfy bench, you can add cushions and customize it with your preferred paint colors and stains!

10. Curved Planks

Curved Planks
Image Credit: sjbosley via Instructables

Many fire pits come with a round design. You can help this space flow more smoothly if you use curved benches with them. Even if you go for a modestly curved bench, your backyard fire pit area will still look more cohesive and put together. It’s a fantastic bench shape that can come in many designs, sizes, and styles to best match your home design, especially if you have a circular patio!

11. Rustic Lumber

Rustic Lumber
Image Credit: littlewaffles via Instructables

Sometimes people prefer a stylishly rough bench to go with their fire pit! This wood bench uses recycled wood planks and is made with an eye-catching back made of logs. These unrefined logs are assembled to show off varying heights, textures, and colors, purposely giving it a charming cottage look that’ll be a gorgeous match for rustic or farmhouse designs. You can recreate this wooden bench frame using boards and concrete blocks as a base.

12. Elegant Cantilever Seating

Elegant Cantilever Seating
Image Credit: craigdn via Instructables

cantilever bench refers to seating that’s only held up by its point of contact with the wall. It’s a mounted bench that looks high-class and grand. It’s a fabulous choice for those whose backyard firepit sits by an empty wall. The cantilever-style bench requires some hard work, but it’s well worth it in the end as it can truly transform your backyard space.

13. Cement and Timber Pair-Ups

Cement And Timber Pair-Ups
Image Credit: homemademodern via Instructables

If you have a brick fire pit and looking for complementary fire pit seating ideas, here’s a brilliant idea. This mixed-material bench has a robust modern design that uses complementary textures. Since they used concrete block bases to support a thick board made of refined wood planks, its end product become a grounded approach to modern minimalism. It’s a straightforward bench that can bring a valuable feature to your empty fire pit space.

14. Sculpted and Striped

Sculpted And Striped
Image Credit: seanrubino via Instructables

There’s always room for elegance, even in your fire pit! If you want to build a bench but only have mismatched wood planks, this design is for you. It’s made using several planks with different grains and textures. After gluing them together, it’s gently sculpted to fit your bottom and is given a rich stain for an extra bit of sophistication.

15. Revamped Wood Pieces

Revamped Wood Pieces
Image Credit: davethewoodworker via Instructables

In case you enjoy flea market flip projects, this can help you indulge in that. If you see an interesting headboard, an old door, or even an unused closet in your local market, you can transform these wood pieces into benches, chairs, or a cozy outdoor sofa! These give your fire pit a natural charm that’s unique to your home and will be a great conversation piece for first-time guests! Make sure to use the right screws to hold this charming bench in place.

16. Reclaimed Planks 

Reclaimed Planks
Image Credit: AmateurHour via Instructables

It is another project that gives new life to old timber. It uses reclaimed wood planks to create a lovely outdoor sofa for your fire pit without requiring any complicated processes. You could use this idea to create your dream chairs using wood slats. This design is full of character and shows off the age and history of your wood. It also helps you save up on the cost of wood materials and ready-made outdoor furniture.

17. Mini Tree Trunk Bench

Mini Tree Trunk Bench
Image Credit: seamster via Instructables

Firepits will forever be lovingly associated with campfires! If you’re going for that budget-friendly cozy vibe, a garden bench made from tree trunk logs can help capture that without looking too unrefined for a residential home. You could also go small with this design using tree stumps to give children their own stools to use around the fire.

18. Luxurious Sculpted Seating

Luxurious Sculpted Seating
Image Credit: ADintheStudio via Instructables

While many are happy with plain benches, some would rather have a more luxurious bench design. This beautiful garden bench is made from plywood boards glued together and sculpted into an interesting shape. It’s a statement piece that doubles as art and seating— just imagine how enchanting it would look with firelight reflections! Anyone who wants an architectural or high-fashion bench will undoubtedly be interested in this.

19. Hanging Benches

Hanging Benches
Image Credit: redkrypton via Instructables

If you have the space for a hanging bench structure around your outdoor fire pit, go for it! It uses a wood beam construction with attached swinging porch benches. Building this helps you have more fun gently swinging by your fire and, even if you choose not to light your pit that night, you can still sit there and enjoy what you’ve made. For a big and memorable impression, this might be the one.

20. Gazebo-Style Bench

Gazebo-Style Bench
Image Credit: swimspud via Instructables

Though swings are not for everyone, the gazebo-like structure might have caught your attention. If you want something big for your cozy fire pit with extra seating, consider this. It uses a similar wood beam frame and features a low-lying cornered bench attachment to it. This bench helps create an intimate ambiance around your pit and is a stellar yard feature for your home.

In Summary

Fire pits are a place of relaxation and casual bonding that can be quickly cut short by poor seating. To maximize it, a bench makes a tremendous difference. These 20 ideas for your fire pit bench can elevate the area and help you create warm and lasting memories around a cozy fire. Take inspiration from what you loved and ignore what you didn’t. It is your chance to make your fire pit stand out in all the best ways!