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9 Super Easy DIY Garden Fence Ideas

When it comes to your garden, the love and care that goes into it is no small feat! As such, having pests like deer or rabbits make a feast of your efforts is potentially devastating. Can you relate? Whether it’s to keep pests out, or to keep the family dog in, consider garden fencing.

These barriers can be both functional and beautiful with plenty of options you can build yourself! Do-it-yourself fences make protecting your garden accessible no matter the budget and most importantly, fun! Take a look at these easy DIY garden fences for design ideas!

Wattle Fencing

Wattle fencing is a great way to use resources around you and it’s extremely cost-effective if you can source all your material in nature! The unique and earthy look of a wattle fence is perfect for keeping a natural feel to your garden space. Choose the height to create a full fence or garden edging.

This type of fencing uses sturdy rot-resistant posts (like cedar) with small branches woven between them. Willow branches work well and need to be long enough to weave around three posts, which secures the branch in place. Push the branches down as you weave to create a solid barrier.


Do you have access to pallets? These pre-made wooden flats make an easy do-it-yourself option for garden fencing. Pallet fencing is great for larger animals due to the height they provide, however, depending on the design of your pallet, smaller animals like rabbits or squirrels may still be able to enter. You can remedy this by adding an extra measure such as chicken wire along the pallets.

To create this look, use wooden posts that are secure in the ground to attach the pallets too. Then, connect a few pallets with screws between posts and continue for the length of fence you require. Simple and effective!

Premade Fence Panels

The ultimate in easy DIY, premade fence panels are a quick fix for garden fencing. The panels can be purchased in varying designs and materials and will typically need to be connected and then placed around the garden or edging. This type of fencing is not only quick but portable, allowing you to move it if you need to. This is great for protecting your raised garden beds!

Wire Fencing

Another simple solution to a garden fence is a material like chicken wire, hog wire, or plastic netting that gets secured along metal posts. This type of fencing may not be fancy but provides a quick, low-cost solution, especially for large spaces!

Wire fencing provides varying heights depending on what type of pest you are trying to keep out, as well as a small grid pattern to ensure animals such as rabbits do not get through.

Lattice Fence

Whether you’d like a visual or functional barrier, lattice fencing is an easy DIY that provides both! Either leave it bare, paint it a unique color, or allow vegetation to cover it up, the choice is yours!

Frame the lattice and attach it to posts to create a fence around your space or erect just one or more panels to form a privacy screen.

Bamboo Fencing

Bamboo is a great resource to use for fencing, whether it is living or not! Depending on the type of garden fence you’d like to achieve, consider planting bamboo to create a living wall or build with the shoots.

Design ideas are endless with bamboo, from short garden borders to tall fences. Just let your creativity flow!

Gabion Walls

Gabion walls are visually unique as well as functional. These rock-filled metal cages can house raised garden beds or act as a physical barrier between your garden and the wild! Build these in varying heights and lengths to get the perfect fence for your space.

Recycled Material Fence

Using readily available material is a big part of do-it-yourself projects, and this recycled material fence falls right into that category! Things like old wood or metal sheets are perfect fencing materials and even work beautifully when you incorporate both! The differing textures create an artwork of its own, another example of functional beauty.


Growing hedges to create a barrier may not be a quick fix, however, it is worth the wait! Choose a plant like cedar trees or boxwoods to create a living wall in varying sizes. Hedge fencing may keep some pests at bay depending on the size and provides the wow factor as a visual border to your beautiful garden space.

All Fenced In!

No matter the reason, garden fencing provides both practicality and visual interest. While some fence options like pre-made panels or chicken wire fencing are quick and effective, other options provide natural beauty and functionality like wattle or bamboo fencing. All of the options are fun do-it-yourself projects that personalize and protect your hard work.

Do you have a garden fence? Share your experience in the comment section below!