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18 Budget-Friendly DIY Hot Tub Steps for Your Outdoor Spa

Even the best hot tubs are useless if you can’t get in them! When looking for a tub, remember that most above-ground tubs are too tall to crawl into it. You need to budget and invest in some hot tub steps that boost you into your tub and also match the rest of your home and yard. 

Since a tub can already cost a pretty penny, save up on your tub accessories with these 18 DIY hot tub steps that help you customize them to your space and save a few bucks too.

1. Integrated Hot Tub Deck

Integrated Hot Tub Deck – hot tub steps
Image Credit: skiedra via Instructables

This hot tub is surrounded by a multipurpose raised deck that smoothly incorporates stairs that lead up to the tub. It’s built with pine boards. It features a lovely arbor and swingset, as well as empty areas for a firepit, hammock, and an impressive birdhouse. With this DIY project, your hot tub pool area will immediately look more inviting for everyone to enjoy!

2. Reclaimed Wood Steps

Integrated Hot Tub Deck – hot tub steps Reclaimed Wood Steps – hot tub steps
Image Credit: good_apollo via Instructables

This rustic dual-level step stool is made with reclaimed wood boards and brings a countryside vibe to your hot tub. These steps come with handle holes in their sides, making it possible to move around when convenient. Although you can make it with easy-to-find scrap wood, it’ll be easier to accomplish with reliable woodworking tools. If you live in harsh weather, try getting sturdier reclaimed hardwood to help it last longer.

3. Striped Stool

Striped Stool – hot tub steps
Image Credit: dpmakestuff via Instructables

If benches are your thing, this stylish stool brings you a step up closer to your hot tub pool and acts as an attractive design element for this outdoor relaxation area. It has a simple yet striking design that features a frame that looks clean and neat. It has an understated appeal thanks to the use of its sturdy boards and incorporating a tasteful stripe down its center.

4. Tiny Stepper

Tiny Stepper – hot tub steps
Image Credit: jclimpson via Instructables

On a budget? This simple step stool requires minimal carpentry skill, time, and materials to complete. It’s a tiny stool that’s great for tall families that need just a little lift to get into their hot tubs. This useful step is made with only a meter-long plank, which is around 3.28 feet long. It’s handy not only for your hot tub set up but can also serve other areas of your home well, around the hard-to-reach cabinets and shelves.

5. Wooden Step Ladder

Tiny Stepper – hot tub steps Wooden Step Ladder – hot tub steps
Image Credit: ThMilherou via Pixabay

Perhaps one of the most classic approaches to hot tub stairs is to use a step ladder. The beauty of step ladders is that they have a sturdy A-frame step design that provides lots of stability on uneven ground. It’s a tried and trusted approach to hot tub comfort and is great if you want a lot of height. This tutorial uses a foldable design that allows you to store it neatly. As long as you measure the length of your hot tub, you won’t have to worry about using step ladders to climb in and out of your outdoor hot bath!

6. Motion Sensor Light

Motion Sensor Light – hot tub steps
Image Credit: douglasroyal via Instructables

If lights are your thing, the highlight of this step stool is its built-in motion sensor light that makes climbing in and out of your hot tub safer for everyone. It is a practical tool that only lights up when you need it. It is also great for evening spa tub time. Additionally, you can use this motion sensor light idea with any stepper, stool, and ladder design!

7. Swivel Spiral Steps

Swivel Spiral Steps – hot tub steps
Image Credit: dalegribble via Instructables

It is a triple-layer stepper and is fantastic for tall tub walls in tight spaces. The beauty of this DIY hot tub step is that it’s made with a compact design that tucks the bottom two layers under the top step, helping to take up as little floor space needed when your tub isn’t in use. When it’s time for a hot bath in your tub, just pull out the bottom steps to form miniature spiral stairs for your tub.

8. Non-Slip Varnish

Non-Slip Varnish – hot tub steps
Image Credit: jleslie48 via Instructables

We feel that the major factor in choosing your hot tub steps is making sure it’s safe for everyone. Since we’ll be dripping and slippery when we leave the tub, it’s crucial to minimize any risk of slipping. This tutorial shows you how to mix a homemade non-slip varnish for your hot tub steps. It is a precaution that, fortunately, can be done with any wood stepper design.

9. Custom-Fit Spa Steps

Custom-Fit Spa Steps – hot tub steps
Image Credit: Pezibear via Pixabay

Many wonderful hot tubs are curved! One of the best ways to give them steps is to choose something that seamlessly blends into the tub design, particularly something that fits against its contours. Using curved hot tub stairs enhances its overall look and makes it look expensive and sophisticated. Building this is similar to creating a curved bench that’s short enough to comfortably step on.

10. Wood Stump Stool

Wood Stump Stool – hot tub steps
Image Credit: Anielskaanieladiy via Instructables

If your backyard design is full of nature-centric pieces, this wood stump stool could be for you. It’s made from a wood stump and sturdy stick legs, making it convenient as both a stool to sit on and a step to lift you into your hot tub. Depending on the stump and legs you choose, you’re sure to have a unique piece for your beautiful yard and your outdoor hot tub.

11. Neat Building Steps

Neat Building Steps – hot tub steps
Image Credit: Bruceaulrich via Instructables

It is a modern stepper built with a neat and simple design. It has two steps, and you can create it using easily accessible materials and woodworking tools. With a bit of carpentry skill, you can replicate it effortlessly to sit in different areas around your house. It also has practical handle holes on its sides for hassle-free movement. It is a clever hot tub stepper choice if you have curious kids and pets walking around that might climb into your tub when you’re not looking.

12. Hot Tub Ladder

Hot Tub Ladder – hot tub steps
Image Credit: JON-A-TRON via Instructables

A hot tub ladder looks very similar to your average leaning ladder but is made with the dimensions of a hot tub wall in mind. This ladder is only a small part of this DIY portable hot tub project. It’s an unbelievably helpful tutorial that’s great for anyone on a tight budget who wants to learn more about the hot tub creation process, not just for steps.

13. Geometric Metal Steps

Geometric Metal Steps – hot tub steps
Image Credit: IanM35 via Instructables

If plastic steps aren’t your thing, how about metal ones? These metal steps have three layers and are assembled in a hexagonal shape that can serve as stylish hot tub steps or as an additional stool. Since it’s made out of metal, this attractive spa step project requires slightly more advanced equipment and techniques. That said, if you have a way to do this, it’ll be a great addition to your hot tub space, especially if you live in warm areas without snow. Also, when you’re not using it, cover it with a towel to prevent it from heating under direct sunlight.

14. Convenient Railing

Convenient Railing – hot tub steps
Image Credit: www.metaphoricalplatypus.com via Creative Commons

Something practical that’s uncommon in hot tub steps is handrails. Installing railing along your steps provides stability when going in and out of your tub, especially if you can be quite clumsy. It is an overlooked safety feature that you can build painlessly with any permanent hot tub step feature.

15. Charming Stencil Stool

Convenient Railing – hot tub steps Charming Stencil Stool – hot tub steps
Image Credit: Mark Montano via Instructables

This attractive step stool gets its unique Parisian charm thanks to its unique design on top. These sweet designs are made with the help of stencils and outdoor-rated paints that help create a clean, unique, and uniform finish. Even if you’re not a fan of the French style, feel free to play with stencil patterns and paint combinations on any stool you have. The painted steppers could also be used to effortlessly tie in your hot tub area with the rest of your outdoor lounge area.

16. Dovetail Details

Dovetail Details – hot tub steps
Image Credit: Donjek via Instructables

Design is in the details! The best way to vamp up your pieces is to focus on the different details that differentiate them from the rest. Some people prefer a subtler approach to their outdoor features, and that includes their hot tub steps. For understated elegance, this two-layer step stool comes with interesting dovetailed edges. The dovetailing in this beautiful project also has a purpose, to help secure each plank to one another as effortlessly as possible.

17. Modern And Easy

Modern And Easy – hot tub steps
Image Credit: bulletgirl via Instructables

On the other hand, some people love an attention-grabbing design approach. This stepper has a sleek modern look and is painted in cool gray and a splash of bright yellow. This attractive spa step is a trendy piece for fashion-forward homes and fits into contemporary hot tub setups. With this style, you’re also free to play with different fun color combinations to match your vibe better!

18. Personalized Type

Personalized Type – hot tub steps
Image Credit: myerswoodshop via Instructables

Sometimes, the only design you’re looking for is a personal touch. This stool has a name laser-engraved into the wood, for a clear and eye-catching finish. You can do this with the names of your family or with words that spell out your values, interests, or favorite quotes. Even if you’re unable to laser-engrave into your wood, using paint is a much simpler alternative. So, if wide steps are your thing, why not personalize it?

In Summary

By now, we’re sure that at least one idea has caught your eye. Luckily, we’ve linked all the relevant DIY tutorials for you to easily bring your ideas to life. When building your hot tub steps, don’t be shy to mix a few ideas and play with its design. Since this is your space, no one knows what hot tub steps you need better than yourself. As you move forward, we hope you have fun with this project and that you enjoy your next soak!