DIY Landscaping Projects for Your Yard
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DIY Landscaping Projects for Your Yard

Sometimes the yard needs a refresh – but coming up with ideas of how to DIY that landscaping can be challenging. Do you work on the patio (or add one), do you focus on flowers or trees? Add a garden path or try new edging?

These ideas should help guide you along the way, offering a variety of styles and updates that could be the perfect way to update that front or backyard.

DIY Pergola Patio

If you’ve got a patio (or want one), adding a pergola could turn that bland spot in the yard into an incredible, cozy, outdoor space of delight. Add seating, lights, tables – whatever you find best – beneath for the perfect spot for reading, listening to music, daydreaming – whatever you’ve been thinking of for your special space.

Don’t forget to grab amazing outdoor pillows to add some comfort to benches or chairs, maybe some curtains for a breezy bit of privacy, and add some nice flowering trees around the edges for a secret garden sort of feel all your own.

Easy DIY Firepit

Another great DIY project for updating that yard space is adding an easy firepit where the family can gather and enjoy cooler evenings. A firepit is an amazing addition that makes a house a home. Grab some marshmallows and graham crackers, hotdogs, cups of cocoa, or even a great book while you and the kids huddle up. The project is a pretty easy DIY to follow.

DIY Flexi-Form Stepping Stones

If you have a particular vision in mind for your walking path and can’t find the right pavers, check out this tutorial for a Flexi-form garden path stone. You use a plastic blind for your form, shape it, fill it with concrete, and voila – the perfectly shaped stepping stone path. The best part is, that you can reform and reshape as much as you like to create a uniquely uniform yet varied path with shapes varying to fit the space or your design ideas. Find concrete molds on Amazon!

Easy DIY No Dig Border

Sometimes, the best way to update your yard is through simple edging. This DIY project is a no-dig option, making it super easy to add this attractive addition without a lot of work. Line your flower beds, build up edging around a mailbox landscaping project, finish off a retaining wall flower bed, and edge the garden path. The possibilities are nearly endless. And since there’s no digging, you can experiment a bit to see what suits your taste best.

Natural Planters

Using stumps, fallen logs, and other naturally existing “stuff” around the backyard is a great way to beautify your place without having to spend extra on planters. Converting these natural wooden “planters” is a great way to save money and take care of unsightly stumps and fallen trees.

DIY Watering Can “Fountain”

For a very specific, fun way to add some splash and light to the backyard, consider this fun watering can light “fountain.” You’ll need some old watering cans and galvanized buckets, some string lights, and a few other supplies to create it. You can take the concept and add similar features around the yard for a whole thematic thing, or just focus on the one piece and sculpt your plant plan around the feature.

Recycled Tractor Tire Pond

If you’ve got a bit of space and a bit more time on your hands, you can do this amazing DIY project. Find an old tractor tire to get started (check Freecycle, Craigslist, construction sites, or even Facebook Market). Follow the tutorial and grab the remaining supplies for a great landscaping feature that will be the envy of the neighborhood – while also recycling old materials. Sculpt your landscaping around this awesome feature, then, with benches and potted flowers, or pond plants and even some koi in the pond.

Your Best DIY Landscaping Ideas

The best thing about all these ideas is that they can be mixed and matched to create an incredibly beautiful, comfortable garden or yard space for you and the whole family to enjoy. Picture the pergola seating area near the pond and firepit. Or a new, gorgeous stepping stone path leading to the natural planters surrounded by benches and that “fountain.” If you do the right combo, you’ll truly have the most amazing yard in the neighborhood.