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Best 15 DIY Outdoor Christmas Decor Ideas

Looking for some great DIY outdoor Christmas decor ideas for this holiday season? We’ve got you covered with a roundup of some of the best outdoor DIY projects for this Christmas that’ll have every neighbor in the neighborhood envying your yard.

Is DIY Outdoor Christmas Decor Worth It?

There’s nearly an unlimited amount of DIY outdoor Christmas decor ideas that are more than worth exploring, aesthetically speaking. Money-wise, DIY outdoor Christmas decor ideas are also very much worth it.

From simple DIY outdoor Christmas decor ideas as hanging store-bought wreaths on the front doors and windows to quick ideas like lining the sidewalks and flower beds with festive Christmas lights and inflatables, DIY outdoor Christmas decor ideas are fun, easy, and rewarding.

That said, DIY outdoor Christmas decor ideas can also be much larger scale and take up far more of a budget and time. For example, a full-on winter wonderland on your front lawn and home, with decorations such as giant outdoor Christmas trees with ornaments, copious strands of garland, and loads of lights.

In this article, we’ll share with you several of our very favorite DIY outdoor Christmas decor ideas, both big and little, as well as some of our best pro tips to help you get your home looking great for the holiday season.

Our Favorite DIY Outdoor Christmas Decor Ideas This Year

Here it is, the list you’ve been waiting for; our picks for our favorite DIY outdoor Christmas decor ideas this year. Don’t have much time for setting up decorations? Our pro tips for each of the DIY outdoor Christmas decor ideas on our list are equally easy alternative outdoor Christmas decor ideas that look great and take hardly any time.

DIY Christmas Wreath Trio

Classic Christmas Wreath Trio diy tutorial
Credit: Tried & True

Triple the fun this year with this DIY Christmas Wreath Trio Tutorial from Tried And True. It’s three wreaths in one!

Hanging a wreath on the front door is a classic Christmas decoration, along with green leaves and red berries. It’s also one of the easiest Christmas decorations to put up and longest lasting. The lifespan of artificial wreaths is also quite impressive. Most wreaths last for several Christmas seasons.

This particular Christmas Wreath is handmade and comes with beautiful and lifelike green leaves and red berries. Nothing says “Christmas” like the colors red and green, which is one of the reasons we chose this wreath over the scores of products available online. Once you hang this wreath on your front door or elsewhere, there is no maintenance or upkeep required. Even more, it’s covered by a limited warranty, including a money-back or replacement guarantee. It is a great candidate for the Christmas wreath trio DIY project.

Mistletoe Christmas Ball

mistletoe and box Christmas ball diy tutorial
Credit: Gardener’s World

Can’t make up your mind between mistletoe and fairy lights this holiday season? Combine both with this adorable mistletoe and boxwood Christmas ball By BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine.

A nostalgic throwback to classic Christmas decorations is this Mistletoe Hanger. Hang this little guy outside your front door, or whenever you prefer, and watch the magic it creates. No-fuss necessary. This Mistletoe Hanger consists of vivid green leaves and white and red berries made of plastic, and a working Christmas bell dangling from the bottom. It adds a genuine atmosphere to your seasonal decor, no matter where you place it.

Tomato Cage Christmas Tree

In case you haven’t heard, tomato cage DIY Christmas trees are all the rave. Don’t believe us? Check out this easy DIY tomato cage design.

If you like to be creative with your DIY Christmas decor and really get your hands dirty, so to speak, decking out tomato cages with your choice of Christmas lights is a great project. These tomato cages are a bit taller than typical cages. The lights we recommend to use are Outdoor Fairy Twinkle style Christmas lights with multiple flashing colors.

Place these cages in your yard, drape your chosen lights on them, and call it a day because that’s all it takes. That said, you can also use lights you already have (or cages, for that matter).

Christmas Light Balls

Love how these Christmas balls look? They would look even better in YOUR front yard.

Pro tip: Christmas balls are a great idea for leftover lights. If you don’t have any around, these Quick Clip Christmas Lights are some of the simplest to put up and secure. No tools are required for these lights (so you can forget the hammer and nails this year). All you need to do is quickly clip them to the edges of your roof or gutters. Even more, the clips’ quick-clip technology is adjustable up to 180-degrees. They’re also just as easy to remove as they are to install.

Outdoor Christmas Light Tree

10 ft christmas light tree decoration diy tutorial
Credit: JacobC135 at Instructables

If you have never tried your hand at putting together a light tree, you are missing out on a fun and easy outdoor Christmas decorating project for the whole family. This simple tutorial for the 10-foot outdoor Christmas light tree shown here is simple enough to make even if you aren’t particularly crafty.

For some extra DIY flair, wrap up empty boxes with Christmas themed wrapping paper and some clear cellophane. Then, place them under your outdoor light tree for a genuinely vivid and exhilarating display of DIY outdoor Christmas decor.

DIY Christmas Garland

Garland is a true Christmas decor staple. Making it with your own two hands makes it that much more memorable. Garland, ornaments, and lights are more often than not the glue that holds Christmas decor together. Why not start with this lighted garland and florist’s kit. If you’re looking for an easy outdoor Christmas decor idea to add to your front porch, balcony, or yard, it doesn’t get much better than this.

DIY Glass Stained Christmas Window Ornaments


Have young children or toddlers in your household? This family-fun DIY Glass Stained Christmas Window Ornaments is not only a blast, but it looks awesome as well. We like these bold geometric tissue papers in Christmas colors for this idea, but of course you can use anything you like!

DIY Lights Snowflakes

unusual outdoor xmas decor lighted snowflake

If you’re into Christmas lights as much as we are, another great DIY with lights at the core are these DIY Lighted Snowflakes by DIY Network.

For outdoor decor, it’s essential that your lights are outdoor-use certified. We like these Twinkle Star String Lights that come with 100 LEDs. Each strand measures 49ft in length.

Shooting Star Lighting Idea

Shooting Stars Outdoor Lighting diy tutorial
Credit: Martha Stewart / Victoria Pearson

Martha Stewart is the creator of one of the most aesthetically pleasing outdoor Christmas decor ideas on our list. These Shooting Star Lights are to die for. Why not give them a try this year? They look great as a centerpiece or as an addition to your winter wonderland. These star forms are a good starting point if you don’t have the supplies or time to make your own.

All-Natural Ice Sculptures

DIY Holiday Ice Lantern tutorial ice sculpture
Credit: House of Joyful Noise

With a bit of greenery, some citrus fruit and berries, and the one thing winter has in spades (cold weather), you can make some ice lanterns or ice sculptures to decorate your yard. Any form will work; we love these tall ones made from plastic pitchers, Best yet, when the weather warms and your creations melt, the birds and woodland rodents can eat the leftovers.

Pro tip: Add a bit of wild bird food to the base of each sculpture, or add a layer to the top and cover with water after the molds have frozen. This will give your local fauna a bit more insurance for spring and their congregation in your snowy yard will bring you lots more holiday cheer.

DIY Wooden Plywood Christmas Decorations

Christmas Reindeer and Angel Wooden Yard Decorations DIY

Plywood cutouts come in every shape and size, of course, but we’re enamored with these reindeer—especially their glittery gold antlers and red bows. The tutorial couldn’t be simpler, and before you know it you’ll have a lawn filled with heralding angels, too. If reindeer and angels don’t do it for you, no worries. We have tons of patterns in our Christmas Yard Art roundup, too!

Winter Porch Pots

winter porch pot greenery deccoration idea diy tutorial
Credit: House of Hawthornes

With some dirt (or a hibernating mum from fall), some simple greenery, and this no-fuss Winter Porch Pot tutorial, you can pull together a showstopping front porch topiary in under a 30 minutes. The curly willow really steals the show here, but we admit to a fondness for birch branches in natural arrangements for winter.

DIY “Winter is for the Birds” Wreath

Bird Seed Winter Wreath DIY Tutorial
Credit: Whipperberry

You can probably see by now that we really have a thing for birds. It’s true. Christmas is about family but winter is for spotting cardinals and blue jays in the woods, and what better way to fill your bird-watching bingo card than by attracting them to your yard? This super-simple DIY Bird Seed Wreath is only marginally more difficult to make than it is to fill a bird feeder, and its festive air really has us swooning. To make your own, get some bird seed appropriate for your location, and some wreath forms. We like these metal wreath frames better than the foam option featured in the instructions. You can reuse them forever!

DIY Mailbox Decorations

DIY Christmas mailbox swag tutorial
Credit: Grace Monroe

If bird seed and buckets of branches aren’t your thing, that’s okay too. We love these over-the-top mailbox swag decorations from Grace Monroe Home. It’s like garland just for the mailman. We can’t think of a more deserving recipient of holiday cheer, or a more neglected location for decor. What’s not to love?

Enormous DIY Poinsettia Decorations

Mesh Poinsettia Christmas Decor
Credit: The Sits Girls

With a few yards of mesh and a handful of shatterproof ornaments, you too can be the proud owner of a giant mesh flower decoration. What we love about these Giant Mesh DIY Poinsettias is that they really are insanely easy to make, take no special tools or skill, and are so big and showy that even just one hung on the door will brighten up the whole yard.

Choosing a DIY Christmas Decor Idea For Outdoors

With so many outdoor Christmas decor ideas for the outdoors and products on the market, it’s challenging to pick the best Christmas decorations for you and your family. Hopefully, our ideas help you come up with some great DIY Christmas decorations for the outdoors yourself!

Do you have a favorite DIY Christmas decoration idea for outside? Let us know in the comments section down below!