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5 DIY Outdoor Christmas Decorations You Need to Make Now

‘Tis the season for greenery, Christmas trees, and everything cozy for winter. Now that Thanksgiving is over, it’s time to start putting up the lights and decorating the house. But don’t forget that Christmas curb appeal! Outdoor Christmas decorations are a great way to add holiday spirit to the exterior of your home.

Ready to put up some outdoor Christmas décor? There are plenty of simple DIY decorations to create that festive atmosphere outside! Take a look at these five DIY outdoor Christmas decorations you need to make now!

Christmas Light Trees

Use your favorite Christmas lights and some PVC piping to make trees — no actual trees required!

First, decide how tall you want each Christmas light tree to be. Since you’ll use sturdy PVC pipe to form the center and foundation of your tree, select a pipe length that matches the desired height.

To make the tree, stake your pipe in the ground and cut a few indents at the top. You will place and hold your strands of string lights in these notches. Place a string of lights in an indent, extending it down and outward to create a diagonal line. Stake the lights into the ground. Repeat with as many strands as you want to create a circular, tree-like shape around your pipe.

Ta-da! Just like that, you have a lighted Christmas tree for your front yard!

Tree Gnomes

Transform your outdoor shrubs and trees into giant Christmas gnomes. (Yes, you read that correctly!)

To make these oversized tree gnomes, all you need is ribbon, white yarn, and a large round item (such as an extra-large ornament, ball, or pumpkin).

The ribbon you choose acts as the gnome’s hat. Wrap it up in a giant ball or bow to place it at the very top of the tree. Secure it in place with ties or wire. Next, wrap more ribbon around the tree, about three-quarters down, to make up the base of the hat. The wider the ribbon, the more prominent your gnome’s hat!

The next step is to add your gnome’s nose. Place your round object of choice just beneath the hat. The size of the object you select will vary depending on the size of your tree or shrub.

For the final touch, use yarn to create the gnome’s beard. Smaller or miniature shrubs only require one skein of yarn, whereas large trees will likely require two or three skeins. This amount will vary depending on the thickness of your gnome’s beard and the size of your tree.

Take your yarn and cut it into strips of different lengths, some long, some short. These differing lengths will make up a V-shaped beard once all hung together. With each yarn strip, create a fringed beard by tying it onto another long string of yarn. (Think of a macramé wall hanging!)

Once all your macramé-style beard strings are attached, position your beard on the tree. Then use any excess yarn to secure the beard by tying it to sturdy tree branches. Your gnome now has its famous facial hair!

Pallet Trees

Don’t have the space to grow evergreen trees? No problem! This DIY pallet tree decoration is a fun way to add trees to your yard!

Begin your project by first breaking down the back half of the pallet. Once the backboards are removed, draw and measure out a triangle for your tree, outlining it with tape. Draw your tree so that the pallet’s center stringer is in the middle (it acts as the tree trunk). Then using a jigsaw or circular saw, cut out your triangle.

Next, use the leftover pallet wood to create a sturdy base to help your tree stand. Do this by creating a cross with two pieces of wood. Also, cut two smaller pieces of wood and attach them to the base of either side of the top cross board. Doing so ensures that your stand is balanced. Join the stand with either screws, nails, or wood glue. Then, secure your pallet triangle tree to the new stand!

The final step is optional! You can paint your pallet any color(s) you wish, or, for rustic-Christmas lovers, leave the wood as it is.

Set your pallet trees to stand tall in the garden, lean against the front porch, or stagger along the driveway. For greater effect, enhance them with decorations or lights!

Winter Greenery Planters

Who says that planter pots are only for summer? Take this opportunity to fill empty gardening pots and planters with fresh winter greenery!

There are dozens of winter greenery options that will survive through the worst of the season. The greenery adds natural décor and pops of organic color to your home.

Seek out healthy branches of juniper, fir, spruce, colorful berries, pinecones, birch branches, and more. Or, if you want a reusable Christmas planter for years to come, use some fake greenery too!

Once gathered, put your assortment of greenery into planters and place them on your front porch. But why stop there? Make as many as you want to decorate your garage or embellish the walkway to your home!

Winter Wonderland Silhouettes

Bring the magic to your yard at night with these beautiful winter wonderland silhouettes!

This DIY project is that it is adaptable to any style or scene you would like to display outside. Choose silhouettes of trees and mountains, Santa’s elves in the workshop, or snowmen and reindeer!

To create your silhouettes, choose thin sheets of plywood that are large enough to complete your scene. On the wood, draw your items and cut them out using a jigsaw or Dremel tool. Once cut out, paint your silhouettes your desired color.

Lastly, attach strands of colored string lights to the back of your silhouette. Do this by using a low-temperature glue gun or adding utility hooks.

Once your silhouettes are completed, set them up close to your home. Either create stands with leftover wood or use brackets or bracers to attach them to the house. (Make sure there is a gap between the silhouettes and your home’s exterior!) Now turn on the lights and observe the glowing magic!

Time to Get Decorating!

With a few materials and your merry spirit, these Christmas decorations will easily adorn your home’s exterior.

Use existing trees in your yard to create magical gnomes! Use pallets, plywood, or PVC pipes to add trees and scenery to the garden. Want something natural? Design your very own living winter planters to greet guests as they walk to your door!

Any of these five DIY outdoor Christmas decoration ideas will prepare your home for the holidays! How are you planning to decorate the outside of your home this season? Comment below with your ideas for outdoor decorating perfection!