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15 DIY Outdoor Plant Stand Ideas

Do you have a favorite plant you would love to showcase in your garden? Perhaps you are interested in a designated place to grow herbs. Whatever your reasons are for expanding your plant collection, outdoor plant stands are a great way to maximize space and add character to your garden.

Similar to DIY indoor plant stands, when it comes to outdoor plant stands, the ideas are limitless. Whether you’re repurposing old furniture or creating something from scratch, there are endless ways to make a plant stand pop. Regardless of whether you’re looking for a large unit or a smaller accent piece, there is a DIY option that is sure to suit your needs and desires.

15 DIY Outdoor Plant Stand Ideas

Wooden Trio

They made this outdoor plant stand from recycled wood pallets. Mixing and matching different colors of pallets would add a unique and funky touch. Simply saw the pallets to your desired size and shape, then drill the pieces together. This design is perfect if you have a corner in your garden that you want to fill. In addition, the height difference between the plants is appealing to the eye.

Garden Boots

Have an old pair of hiking or gardening shoes that are too worn to wear? This is the ideal DIY project for repurposing old footwear. To make this outdoor plant stand, it’s best to use large shoes that reach above the ankles and are wide enough to place a pot inside. This is a versatile option as it can be positioned anywhere in, around, or near the garden! Here’s a cool tutorial to help make your own garden boots!

Cinder Block Plant Stand

If you are looking for a strong and small addition to the garden, look at this cinder block plant stand. This is a great project for beginners because of the size and scope. The good news about this design is that it only requires cinder blocks and wooden slabs to make the magic. This unique feature can be easily DIYed by placing wood and cinder blocks together to create the shape of a bench.

Rustic Pallet

Looking for a low-maintenance plant stand? This is an excellent option! You can make this plant stand from one wooden pallet. You can pick up a similar pallet from your local hardware store or industrial area. Once you’ve acquired a pallet, most of your work is done! Now it is time to find an area in your garden or patio to place the pallet and start planting flowers or herbs in-between the wooden slots.

Modern Bookshelf Plant Stands

Is your garden near a wall or fence? If so, incorporating a bookshelf plant stand can make the most out of the space in your garden. They made this plant stand from wooden boards. Alternatively, if you already have a small, lightweight bookshelf that you don’t use, but don’t want to give away, this is a great way to give it a second life. One thing to keep in mind if you choose this option is what direction the wall is facing. If you place it on a wall that does not get much sunlight during the day, it might affect the health and success of your plants. Here’s a tutorial to help you create this DIY 2×4 plant stand!

Wooden Trellis Plant Stand

When all else fails, wooden trellises are at your service! This plant stand is perfect for those hoping to add a refined and classy embellishment to their garden. They achieved the sleek look of this plant box by using wooden trellises and dowels. You can even use a dark stain to finish for a more modern look. The assembly is simple, even if you are a beginner DIYer. Here’s a cool tutorial on how to turn basic wooden trellises into a stylish outdoor plant stand.

DIY Modern Plant Stand

If you love everything modern, you’re going to love this DIY modern plant stand that’s easy to make. You’ll need wooden boards, a jig saw, a miter saw, a pocket hole jig, wood glue, and screws. The finished product looks like a minimalist stool that has enough space in the middle to house your favorite pots. Get creative with the color of your pots and stain the wood according to your preference.

Pop of Color

This plant stand is perfect for bringing a pop of color to your garden. Use any matching cinder blocks and paint them the color you desire. Then take wooden boards and color them in a color that speaks to you; whether that be baby blue or hot pink. To make this, place your upright cinder blocks three feet apart. Apply a generous amount of construction adhesive to the top of the blocks. Place a four-foot wooden board on top of the cinder blocks. Once the adhesive has dried, repeat the process on the other two cinder blocks, only this time, you’d be applying a generous amount of construction adhesive to the top and bottom of your second cinder blocks, so they stick together to make one structure.

Plant Wall

Looking for a larger-scale DIY project? Try making this plant wall! This wall comprises a large frame with various rectangular planters placed at different heights and positions. This design is impressive because you can easily alter the positioning or color to appeal to your style.

Tiered Plant Stand

For those with an artistic flair, this three-tiered plant stand is a creative way to show off your plants without trying too hard. To make this plant stand, you’ll need a framing square, a handsaw, tape measure, and water-resistant glue. And of course cedar! Here’s a detailed tutorial to help you make these three-tiered plant stands.

Vintage Wagon

This repurposed wagon makes an unexpectedly fabulous plant stand. If you have an old wagon lying around, this would be the perfect way to make use of it. If you don’t have an old wagon but love this aesthetic, try looking at antique or thrift stores. You may be surprised at what you find. The shape of the wagon is an ideal plant stand as there is ample room in the center of the wagon to grow many plants.

Trellis Stand

Trellises are super common in gardening and frequently used for plants that like to climb as they grow, such as ivy, clematis, and even tomatoes to name a few. However, in this DIY project, the trellis is repurposed to become a stand for hanging plants. This is a very low-maintenance project. All it requires is some hooks to attach plants to the trellis and some paint if you want to add a bright, cheerful touch to the garden.

Wheel Plant Stand

This is another creative way to repurpose an old wheel. However, this project uses the tire itself rather than the metal parts of the wheel. There are only a few supplies needed for this DIY project: an old wheel, some sisal rope (or rope of your choice), and a wooden board. The board is attached to one side of the wheel and the sisal rope is wrapped around the rubber exterior of the tire. For an additional flare, consider adding some wooden legs to the plant stand to elevate it from the ground. To use this as a plant stand instead of a planter, cover it up with a round-shaped wooden board and place your plant on top. The final product should look like a stool!

Gabion Plant Stand

This outdoor plant stand is sure to impress, and it requires practically no skill to pull together. All you need to do is stack three 4-ft tall heavy-gauge wire tomato plant cages together. Align and tie them up with 16-gauge stainless steel wire. Cut the anchor legs and fill it up with fieldstones. After filling it up, center a 10-inch paver, and voila! Here’s a tutorial to help you put the gabion plant stand together.

Ladder Plant Stand

Every seasoned gardener has a ladder or two hanging around. If you have one to spare, try transforming it into this crafty plant stand. Whether your ladder is wooden or metal, adding a new coat of paint in your desired color can create a whole new look. This DIY project is neat as there is ample room to store all kinds of plants and garden accessories on the various rungs of the ladder. Here’s a cool video of how to make a ladder plant stand.

Caution: In the above video, the expert doesn’t wear any protective gear, which is something we don’t recommend. When you’re building something, please prioritize safety. You shouldn’t wear sandals in the workshop regardless of the number of years of experience you have. When working with tools, please wear appropriate clothing to ensure safety. Safety should be your topmost priority!

In Summary

Incorporating a few outdoor plant stands in your garden is a great way to create more space for growing even more plants. Countless DIY projects can be unique and stunning additions to any garden. Whether you have a large garden or a small patio, there is a plant stand that creates new space for planting, no matter what your setup is like.

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