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DIY Outdoor Throw Pillow Ideas

Are you looking for a fun, creative, and low-cost solution to bring new life into your back deck or patio space? If new patio furniture is out of the budget, why not consider creating some fun new outdoor throw pillows to add color or character? Often these pillows can be made using easy-to-find materials or repurposing items that you have laying around the home, making it the perfect budget DIY project.

In this guide, we have put together a list of 14 different DIY outdoor throw pillow ideas to get your creative juices flowing. Whether you find the perfect solution here, or these ideas inspire you to think outside the box, your options are endless.

Most importantly, allow yourself to have fun. When you take on a DIY project, it’s not just about the result. Enjoy the process and tap into your inner creativity. After all, experts say there is a real connection between the creative arts and better overall health and well-being. For more inspiration check out our best outdoor decorating ideas!

Button Up Pillow Covers

An assortment of cream and brown throw pillows including one with buttons along the side
Image Credit: Didriks on flickr

Rather than creating a whole new pillow, consider creating a DIY pillow cover to bring new life to the pillows that you already own. Select a new material that matches the aesthetic of your outdoor space and sew the cover large enough to fully cover the pillow with a buttoned flap to secure it firmly. Not only is this a great low-cost solution, but it’s always easy to clean. Simply take off the cover and throw it in the washing machine.

Shower Curtain Pillow

Have you ever considered creating a pillow using a shower curtain? There are many fun patterns and designs available, and shower curtains are designed to stand up to moisture, making them a perfect option when faced with the elements. Better still, they are a low-cost solution to finding the perfect fabric! In this video from BuzzFeed Nifty on Youtube, you will find step-by-step instructions to transform your favorite shower curtain designs into stylish outdoor throw pillows.

Crochet or Knit Pillow

Close view of a white and beige crocheted pillow
Image Credit: rocknwool on Unsplash

If you are skilled in the fiber arts, such as knitting or crocheting, this is a great opportunity to put your hobby to work and add a personal touch to your space. You can either crochet or knit a full pillow, stuffing it with a pillow insert or cotton batten, or create a decorative cover for your existing pillows. Consider using an outdoor specific yarn so that your pillows are resistant to mold and fading when exposed to the elements.

Mix and Match Leftover Fabric

a small outdoor seating area with chairs and throw pillows of different colors and styles
Image Credit: Louis Hansel on Unsplash

Do you have a few fabrics at home that you love but never enough to do an entire project? If you’re holding onto those special odds and ends, why not consider combining them? Mosaic style or quilted pillows will allow you to combine different colors and patterns to create a fun and special final design. You can also try different patterns and arrangements on each pillow, allowing the common colors to unite them.

Throw Rug Pillow

A brown throw pillow next to a coral rolled up blanket
Image Credit: Rachel Claire on Pexels

Decorative throw rugs are designed to stand up to some serious abuse, with people often tracking dirt, mud, and grime across them day after day. If you find a pattern that you love, why not use the strong, durable construction of the rug to your benefit? Sew your favorite throw rug into a pillow that you can count on to last season after season.

Round Decorative Throw Pillow

Who said that outdoor throw pillows have to be boring? In this video, Makers Gonna Learn shares a fun and funky pattern for a round throw pillow with a button and pom pom details. While these little additions may not sound like much, they come together to make a pillow that is sure to add a whimsical touch to your yard or patio.

Repurpose Old Sweaters or Jackets

navy blue and tan throw pillows on a light colored wicker love seat
Image Credit: Skylar Kang on Pexels

Many people are embracing a greener, more environmentally friendly way of life today. As part of that, we are exploring new ways to repurpose items that may otherwise be sent to the landfill.  If you have some comfortable sweaters or coats sitting in your closet at home that you never wear, why not turn them into functional and stylish throw pillows?

Pillow Made From A Tablecloth

an assortment of different colored throw pillows on a bench made from pallets
Image Credit: ArtTower on Pixabay

We have shared a few different options for repurposing items around the house, but here is one you may not have considered. Many people have fabric tablecloths stored away with full intentions of pulling them out. However, they don’t always see the light of day. Rather than leaving the fun and stylish tablecloths you have collected in the dark corner of a closet, why not stitch them into a throw pillow that will accent our outdoor space? Your friends and family will never guess what they started as!

No-Sew Pillows Using Fabric Glue

If you’re not skilled with a sewing machine, you may find that most of the suggestions on this list are outside of your comfort level. But don’t worry, we didn’t forget about the non-sewers among us. In this video from OnlineFabricStore on YouTube, you will see how to use fabric glue to construct a pillow. You can skip the needle and thread while still adding your personal touch to your favorite patio seating area.

Include Quotes or Phrases

a man and a woman holding pillows that state Mrs Always Right and Mr Right
Image Credit: Maxim Lugovnin on Unsplash

Do you already have pillows, but they seem uninteresting? Rather than completely replacing them, why not use your DIY skills to add a little flair. Whether you enjoy working with a vinyl cutting machine like a Cricut, enjoy creating your artwork with fabric paint, or are skilled in the art of embroidery, adding a quote or phrase to your pillow can be a fun way to make them look new. Consider adding your favorite quote, a funny joke, or a reference to the pets that share your home. Whatever it is, this is your chance to make sure your space screams YOU.

Outdoor Pillows with Matching Cushions

Two dark wicker couches and a chair with matching lime green cushions and throw pillows
Image Credit: terimakasih0 on Pixabay

Why limit yourself to just sewing new pillows? This suggestion is for skilled DIYers looking for a larger project to overhaul their outdoor chairs and couches. For this DIY, you need durable outdoor fabric, pillow inserts, and foam cut to the size of your seating. Redoing both your cushions and pillows can leave your outdoor furniture looking new! Stick with one solid color or mix in some complementary colors to create the perfect color palette.

Repurpose Old Blankets

four different grey pillows sitting in a hanging wicker chair
Image Credit: Skyler Smith on Unsplash

If you have a cozy favorite blanket that is starting to get a little rough around the edges or has recently developed an unfortunate hole, it’s a great alternative to letting it go entirely. Identify the parts of your blanket that are still in great shape and use them to sew a special pillow for your patio chair or hammock. Not only will your pillows be soft and comfortable, but they will also have special meaning.

Bolster Pillow

Bolster pillows are cylindrical-shaped pillows designed to look stylish while providing much-needed support for different parts of the body such as the back, neck, or knees. If you suffer from back pain, this is a great way to make your backyard space more comfortable. Following this video tutorial from OnlineFabricStore, you can make easy bolster throw pillows to complement any décor.

Pair Up Pillows from Old Patio Sets

A dog sitting on a lime green couch surrounded by a variety of throw pillows of different colors and patterns
Image Credit: Matt ODell on Unsplash

Okay, this last suggestion isn’t a DIY, but it is a great way to make the most of your existing outdoor throw pillows. Often, we discard a set after one or two pillows or cushions give way, upgrading to a new complete set. However, the remaining pillows may still be in great shape. Look at the pillows that you still have stored away, matching them up to create a new, fun, and unique set. You may be surprised by how well they can all work together!

Other DIY Throw Pillow Ideas and Inspiration

While there are many fun ideas on this list, this article is only the beginning. The world of DIY empowers us to put a personal touch on every aspect of our décor. Why should our outdoor décor be any different? Do you have any fun, unique or creative throw pillow ideas to share? Have you recently created your own amazing DIY throw pillows? We would love to hear all about your projects and inspiration in the comment section below.


Feature Image Credit: ghansela on Pixabay